celebs that copy

I think I might actually jump off a cliff. I hope P.O.T. is proud of himself for ruining Bam Bam’s career. There he was just trying to live his life wearing thick rimmed glasses that serve absolutely no purpose but to look cool- and BAM! P.O.T. comes in a destroys everything. Big Bong needs to control P.O.T. This is out of control.

ultimate jeongguk shitpost

since a few anons asked me 2 talk about jeon jeongguk’s stupid ass face

in chronological order of my favorite most hated selfies:

we’re starting things off strong, with a rare pic from guk was like 12. he probably wanted to send this to his crush w/ the txt ‘thinkin bout u’ and accidentally sent it to jimin

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I’m crying for JB right now. Big Bong’s members have no chill. First P.O.T, now T Dragonfly! Who will be next to make an offense?

Dream High was a time where JB’s fashion hit rock bottom. It was terrible. Now T Dragonfly has made his pathetic attempt at becoming relevant again by copying that ugly fashion. It’s sad really. Why couldn’t he just find another way? Shame on you TD…shame on you.

This is just unacceptable! Namjoke, Jay Pincinic-in-the-Park, and Vermit the Frog all stole Mark’s incredible donut hoodie. This was a classic look, and they all had to go and destroy it. Tsk tsk…and you thought we wouldn’t find out. Better luck next time girls.

Breaking News! The ex vocalist of irrelevant boy group Expo Marker, Krispy, has decided to copy poor Yugyeom by drinking at the airport! Yugyeom is obviously the only one allowed to be thirsty. I am appalled! He thinks now that he’s escaped SM that he can do whatever he wants. Newsflash Krispy, it’s not going to work.


Euroscum Marina and the Pubic Zirconiums copied Lana Del Rey at.. well basically everything. The two claim to be best friends since childhood. What is a bad memory for Lana, is a chance at fame for our little Marina Dickamandis. She constantly mooches off of Lana’s fame, and is a name dropping whore. She also fakes a British accent! Who are you, Madonna? This Primadonna Bitch won’t be getting away with it anymore.