celebs on drugs

jack zimmermann is such a soft bro. like, he “bros out” his accent. he wears tight shirts and gym shorts as like a default. he lives in a thinly veiled frat house. but hes also a history major who likes photography and oldies. he’ll chill alone in his room instead of joining in on the sick party right downstairs.
media/sports analysts think hes an irresponsible celeb kid + drug addict, but really hes a quiet dude with an anxiety problem who just wants to play hockey and read about the american civil war.

Damian Marley bought a former state prison and has awesome plans for it

in a new venture, Damian Marley is bringing his knack for symbolism into the real world — and using it to affect real change in one California town and beyond. Billboard reported Monday, that Marley acquired a California state prison that once incarcerated drug offenders and is giving it a beautifully ironic new purpose.

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anonymous asked:

do you have a list of celebs that DON'T do drugs?

Well yeah some don’t do but that doesn’t mean have never tried. Every celeb has tried something that was a drug. Ever. Celeb. At. Least. Tried. Something. But there are some who just don’t do it and some who are sober.

-Greg sulkin
-Emma stone
But yeah lol that’s not all or even close but it’s what I can remember.