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Peter Gene Hernandez // What I like about Elvis is the same thing I like about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Prince. These guys, back in the day, there was no smoke and mirrors. It was just raw talent. They would step out onstage and command an audience. Talk about awesome. (insp.)


AU: Michael has done the exact opposite of keeping his crush on you a secret. He’s basically screamed it to the whole world, and you’ve heard over and over again time after time. Finally you decide to creep him through social media and Youtube, only to develop a crush of your own. Seems Michael’s straight forward shameless crush ended up working out for him. 

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It's interesting to see so many people put actors on such a pedestal. Especially in regards to The 100 or any YA oriented show. Eliza has been a blessing with fans & the response with Clexa & yet people aren't satisfied but there's only so much she can do. Frankenfingers is still young & new to the game that I think fans expect so much from her. I feel like she's going to end up like Sarah Michelle Gellar who didn't really embrace her role as Buffy or that fandom until later in life. 1/2

Alycia obviously is wanting to get past her role as Lexa & start her career which more power to her but she has an established fan base with that character. Eliza too. And I hope they have a long & fruitful career but a lot of people are going to remember them 4 that because it meant a lot to the fans. SMG now has gone to cons & continuously talks about Buffy on Twitter/interviews but back then she wanted far away from it. I think as Alycia gets older she’ll realize just how big her role and Eliza’s role/characters were in a lot of ways for a lot of people. I just see people expecting so much of ADC but I always think of SMG or the fact that ADC is super young. This comes from her saying it’s weird for her with dealing with crying fans & other things. ET gets it but ADC doesn’t really get it as much as Eliza. At least, IMO. I hope they have big careers, I do but I feel like in the long run they may always have a bigger impact because of Clarke/Lexa. Sorry for the randomness 

I’m putting my answer under the cut because I unintentionally went off lol.

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I hate when fans are rude or demanding of celebs. I guess it's kinda crazy to meet your fave but like... If they're on the phone or like busy talking to someone... like throw them a thumbs up and either wait or like bugger off? That's a real human person. Chill. Don't make their possibly only interaction with you be negative?

yeah i think the excitement of it all makes people forget their manners and approach them even when they are on the phone

all manners seem to fly out the window when its a celeb  i guess :\

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she is so close to him they look like a couple and imagine her wiping away her lipstick from his face wtf annabel

I saw her instagram. She likes to get ‘reeeeal close’ to hot celeb guys. I guess she saw her chance and took it and is now gloating about it. I am pretty sure she got her fake tan on Cole’s clothes along with her lipstick. 

Just because he’s nice enough to pose for a picture doesn’t mean you have to paw him the first chance you get. Show some respect and class, young lady. 

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Do you think other women Celebs are Jealous of the way Tony speaks about Kerry ? Us normal people on tumblr would love to be praised by him in that way makes me wonder what others must be thinking when they hear it

I think any woman would love to have someone talk about them like Tony talks about Kerry. I don’t think female celebs are any exception. I guess if you’re lucky you find that person who sees you as their ideal, perfect to them, and drags out the dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia to find new ways to express themselves. I think that’s part of why intelligence is so sexy. 

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Amy: “We threw a party after the Golden Globes and I got there early and the first guest to show up was Joaquin Phoenix.”
Seth: “Which is a great first guest.”
Amy: “A great, great, weird first guest, and he was so lovely and funny…”

one of those things where u reblog this and i draw u????

i talked about this the other day, but i need more practice drawing diverse faces, and i just got a brand new sketchbook i need to break in before i leave for summer camp. the sketches will end up looking something like these, god willing. pointers:

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  • make sure you’ve got a pic without a filter that flattens out your face. candids with a legit camera are nice but phone selfies are fine too
  • i’m sorry in advance if it looks bad

ok that’s it i guess?? i’m gonna cap this at fifteen right now because i don’t have the stamina lmao

update: i don’t think i’m gonna be able to do more than the 15 i said, sorry guys!! :( i leave for camp om rhe 13th so if you don’t have a picture in your tag by then i probably won’t be able to get to it…

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You know what I really like? How sometimes his natural hair and beard look really dark but sometimes look kind of redish. I wonder what he'd look like as a full on red-head.

same ???

but those pics where people photoshop different hair colors on celebs is a sin. i guess we will never know. we can just see hints of it.

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