celebs go home

The other day, I had this discussion with a friend where we attempted to identify the most truly definitive 90s pattern in the world. What we came up with (WHITE DAISIES) is deftly presented to you here by Ms. Anderson, looking pleased as punch.

I almost wish the Duchov wasn’t in the shot, smugly distracting us from this classic casual poly-blend button-up. But then again, his plaid shirt has a zipper in place of buttons so we may as well give him a free pass, forever.

Because the whole, “fame changed Camila because she preferred to go to a celeb party over going home.” Like, fuck that girl is her friend. FRIEND. Her friend who happens to be a celebrity, because - get this - Camila is also a celebrity. (let’s wait for that to sink in…) Okay, now that that’s been established, people need to take other things into consideration. 1.) Camila is most likely heartbroken, she’s not being herself? Her first ever relationship has just ended & she’s fucking hurting. She’s hurting & a vast majority of her fans are being fucking idiots. So that brings me to 2.) maybe she’s tired of being sad & maybe she wants to go out & have a good time with her friends instead of going straight home where she’s more likely to overthink everything. The Ally thing I can see, okay I’ll give her that. But saying that Camila has changed because she went to a friend’s birthday party is complete bullshit.
—  The words of a pissed off @emmontano in response to everyone’s reaction over Camila at Hailee’s party