celebs flipping the bird

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Chef Chang Anon: (part 1/ of?) so he's so enamored at how these two idiot boys can't like... get over their own baggage to just get together. Steven is so awkward and Andrew is playing it too cool for school (but Chang sees right through him). Imagine how excited he is when he gets a call from Steven about the Fried Chicken episode and them wanting to feature his restaurant... like he gets another chance to play wingman!

Chef Chang Anon: (part 2/ of 2 ) and what adds to it is that David Chang is notorious for not taking any reservations at all. So his staff is floored when he reserves time for this group of kids to come over. Chang has turned away celebs and politicians with a loud laugh and a flipped bird, but he’s so sweet to these young men. And the staff is constanty like “?????” while Chang is basically chin-hands.

this is …. Such A Concept, holy fuck. honestly I need more fics with chef Chang because he’s literally the biggest standrew shipper, like I guarantee you he tried his damnedest to get them together