celebritys in highschool

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pairing: destiel
rating: M
tags: implied hs!au, sam pov, shipper!sam

Sam witnesses it all.

In all honesty, Dean really should have seen it coming, but when the stream of water hits him directly in the face, all he can do is stand there gaping at the culprit.

Castiel doesn’t look guilty at all, as he stands there with a cheap water pistol, a challenging smirk creeping up his cheeks.

“You’re a dead man, Novak.” Is all Dean says before lunging for the water balloon bucket and chucking balloon after balloon at his best friend and Castiel laughs with delight, trying to block them from hitting his face.

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The growth of Scydia saved me

When Scott turned around in his chair and he and Lydia did that cute little hand hold thing to celebrate being done with highschool, my heart grew like the Grinch’s when it broke that measuring device.

I graduated highschool today

Just wanted my mutuals that I don’t talk to much to still know.
I miss you guys. 
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I’m deeply sorry if I forgot anyone, it’s 2 AM and I just got back from all my grad stuff and I feel like hell

AN: I caved and posted the first chapter of the Mama!verse fic as a thank you for 3,000 followers :) 

“Ma, why are you doing this to me? I’m you’re only son; why do you hate me?”

“I’m not doing anything to you honey,” Ma hummed in reply, busy preparing dinner. “You promised me you would take your sister trick-or-treating -”

“No I didn’t,” Steve whined, following her around the kitchen. “Please don’t make me do it! For the very first time in my life, I actually have friends. I have a date, Ma, please don’t make me -”

“If this boy likes you, he will understand that you had a prior commitment. I’m not sure I like you dating a boy that doesn’t understand the importance of family.”

“Well he wouldn’t know, considering his parents are never around,” Steve muttered, and then swallowed thickly when his Ma looked up sharply. For a moment, she just gave him an assessing look, and then -

“Why don’t you invite him to trick-or-treat with you?”

Steve whined loudly. 

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Guys I have reblogged things about this and I will continue to do so. Tumblr is a HUGE community that fights for social change and this is our chance to make history and push society in the right direction.

Alex is a girl at my school. She is super nice and has been through a lot. She identifies as a boy and understands that that can make some people uncomfortable. He is graduating in May and asked the administration if he can wear a tux UNDER his cap and gown at the ceremony. Alex was told that if he does not wear a dress he will not be allowed to walk across the stage or graduate on time.

This is ridiculous for several reasons. First off, we have a program to prevent bullying in school called Project U. Their slogan is Keep It Classy In The Valley. The administration backs the program 100% but is doing the very thing that said program fights to prevent. Second, he wouldn’t be breaking dress code because last time I checked there was nothing against girls wearing nice suits. I could understand this if he asked to wear a bikini or a loin cloth or something like that but a SUIT? That actually covers more skin than a dress and sometimes looks nicer than one. There’s also the fact that he will still be wearing the suit under the cap and gown. The uniform look of the student body during the ceremony would not be compromised in any way and it would in no way be a distraction. Parents are allowed to scream and make an insane amount of noise for their child and that’s not considered a distraction but a student in a suit and tie is?

Alex has worked hard for 12 years to get to graduation. The entire thing is supposed to be a celebration of finishing highschool. It should not matter what anyone is wearing as long as it is worn with modesty and class. The school administration is attempting to deny a student to celebrate with their friends due to showing up in one of the classiest things I can think of.

The point to this entire post is that this is a huge social injustice being forced upon a transgender student. This is our chance to stand up and make a change. This is our chance to start abolishing gender roles. The students at my school can’t do it alone and we need help. Do what you feel comfortable doing. Tweet using #ATuxForAlex. Email the administration (I’ll be reblogging the contact info for this again in a moment). Email, tweet, facebook, instagram, snapchat, message celebrities in any way you can think of about this so that they can help too. Signal boost the crap out of this. ANYTHING. Help us make our voices heard and help us make it LOUD. This is our chance to make history and now is the time to take it.

The situation of #ATuxForAlex is currently being discussed and hopefully resolved. I’ll keep everyone updated as I get new information. Thank you everyone for adding all of your voices to our cause. We truly were heard.

Those who initiated the #ATuxForAlex have started another tag to be used for the topic of transgender discrimination if you would like to continue discussing it. It is #TheresNotJust2.

Thank you thank you THANK YOU for everyone’s help and support. It means the world. :)

Summer Celebrations || close rp || highschool AU

It was the start of the summer, and in the school started to make the summer celebretions. Shay was one of the singers. they make a little sorprise to the others kids in school. 

one morning Shay walked to the middle of school wearing yellow dress and amplifier in her hand. she plugged in her phone and started a song. (hear the song here.) she took a speaker that connecet to the ear and started the song. she staerted dance and singing. slowly a crowed of kids was around her and more girls in yellow dresses join to her.