Acchan, Takamina and some others seen practicing RIVER between recordings on Shukan AKB.

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I wasn't around when Acchan was constantly center but did people still get annoyed at her being center all the time? Because right now, I am pretty annoyed at how they (Jurina and Sakura) are literally being shoved down our throats. I know that they are supposed to be the future of the 48G but I feel bad for all the AKB members who were originally called the next gen ace.

Atsuko’s famous line, “Even if you hate me, please don’t hate AKB48″ doesn’t come out of nothing. She had tons of haters right because she was the most popular one - actually, the most popular one together with Oshima Yuuko. I’m pretty sure some of Yuuko’s supporters couldn’t stad her right because of that reason. Shimazaki Haruka was “originally” called next gen ace, too. The first period of her pushing, which worked exactly as Sakura’s right now (I feel like Jurina’s pushing has never truly stopped since day one, tbh), I can’t even name you how many people were constantly throwing shit at her and calling her bad names. They even called her “useless”.  There even was a Paruru-anti blog here on tumblr which posted awful and shitty things about her. 
The reason why both Sakura and Jurina are being so much pushed, and constantly “shoved down our throats” is because, clearly, they sell good. They’ve got thousands of fans, they manage to get more and more people to like them in a very short time. If other members were able to do that, I’m sure management would start/go back to push them, too. Back at the time of Shimazaki’s push, that’s exactly how it worked. She sold very good, many people got super into her salty-yet-super-cute-character. I got fished by her too at the time. Management pushes only girls they think can work well, girls who they think can bring into more and more fans, which will of course mean more and more money to them. If Mukaichi Mion can’t do that, if anyone else can’t do that, then they’ll try with someone else until they get another Matsui Jurina or another Miyawaki Sakura. That’s how it works. That’s how it has always worked.

Not doing so well in the tug-of-war event, Team A does a last minute self-suggestion strategy in hopes to give them some extra strength for their next match by continuously chanting “We are strong!”

Now that’s a good way to boost your team’s confidence.

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I was not from that era so do you know why people insist so much about Acchan being so ridiculously mad in love with Takamina? Seeing some old photos from shows it looks like a very caring friendship, nothing more.

If the photos you’re talking about show Atsuko looking at Minami like she’s the most beautiful thing she has ever seen, with a smile that looks like the one of someone that’s so stupidly in love, then I don’t know what to say. XD

to be honest, it’s just the way she stares at Minami. This has happened many times, at her own graduation concert and graduation theater performance, to Minami’s own grad concert and graduation theater perf., it’s just… The way she looks at her. I look at her, I look at MaYuki, and personally just realize that I’ve never looked that way to my best friends ever. Girl-BFFs and males, it just never happened to me. 

So I look at her and I’m like, “what’s that stare?”. 

In my opinion, this is why people keep saying that Atsuko is madly in love with Minami. Of course, if we don’t include the many times in which Atsuko acted like a tsundere toward Minami, or said that she wanted to get married with her, or date her - those things she said more than once. 

I don’t know, I feel like shippers are just gonna ship. XD