if you could rb this esp if you’re non-muslim, it would be very appreciated. 

i’m always happy to see people supporting muslims. however, as the month of ramadan approaches, i’ve noticed a lot of the “nsfr (not safe for ramadan)” posts popping up. these are mainly made by white people, although some by muslims.

the whole point of ramadan is to be surrounded by food, water, swearing,(NSFW things are excluded from this post, those should be tagged) etc, and resisting the temptation to participate in anything. ramadan is about recognizing what we take for granted everyday and learning to appreciate it. we mindlessly feed our bodies food we don’t necessarily need everyday. to be able to let yourself be thirsty and hungry gives an insight to those who live like that daily, with no end to it. they do not get to just wait until the sun goes down to be able to eat a big meal surrounded by family. they continue to be hungry, regardless of what time of day it is. it reminds us of the struggles that poor and/or homeless people face. 

the point of fasting is to submit to Allah for as long as humanly possible, which is from dawn to dusk. fasting is indeed incredibly hard, that is true. seeing water when i fast is very difficult for me. however, people in countries who mass celebrate ramadan, go to work in the 100+ degree F weather, the kids at school don’t stop fasting just because they’re in school, etc. it’s slightly offensive that these posts are made “uwu!! be safe!! it’s hot out!!! don’t let yourself pass out!!!im tagging everything i can!!! uwu!!!” because most of those posts are made by people asking for notes rather than those who actually care about muslims. 

i’m going to wrap this up because it’s long, but please, don’t treat muslims like babies. we are mostly capable of seeing such things you guys tag during ramadan and not being affected. if you DO reblog posts about NSFR things, please do so FROM AN ACTUAL MUSLIM. 

thank you.

Happy pride month to those who won’t be able to attend any pride events, whether it’s because of not being out, not feeling confident enough, disability/illness, money issues, lack of time or whatever else! I’m almost certain I won’t be able to myself. It’s still our month, and I hope you can celebrate in whatever way works for you! Or if you don’t do anything special, that’s fine too and it doesn’t invalidate your identity.

Calling All Witchy Writers.

It’s getting harder and harder to connect with witches who are also writers. It is so, so important for us all to band together and form a helpful community where we can all celebrate each others’ works and give advice.

Doesn’t matter if you’ve been published on Witches & Pagans, posted fanfiction online, or have written in a journal you only keep to yourself. If you’re a witch who writes, I want to hear from you. 

Use #witchywriters to connect to each other on Tumblr and Instagram.

This hashtag is hardly ever used, so we might as well take advantage of that. And of course, reblog this to boost the word.

I want to connect! Make more friends! Read more work! Change the world one witchy writer at a time!! 

NHL!Bitty, Part IX - ‘Loose Lips Sink Ships’

(Alright, you guys voted for #2, so enjoy!)

Eric gets hit on in a hotel bar during All-Star weekend. For the first time in a long time, it’s not because he’s a famous hockey player.

It would be very flattering, except the man trying to seduce him works for Jack’s PR firm, and bro is playing fast and loose with some seriously confidential information. 

NHL!Bitty Masterpost!

It’s been a long, exhausting day. Between the flight, check-in, the press junket, the photo ops, all Eric wants is to get a little bit drunk with the guys, grab some dinner, and fool around in Jack’s hotel room. Hopefully in that order, but he’s open to fooling around whenever.

He must have a dopey smile on his face thinking about the debauchery he’s been looking forward to all week when he realizes someone is watching him from across the bar. 

Tall, nice hair, professional, and he’s looking at Eric, no, at the empty chair next to him. And he’s walking over. 

“Is this seat taken?”

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Reasons you should be watching The Bold Type

The Bold Type is a new show on Freeform about three girls working at a feminist fashion magazine, just trying to live their lives. On first glance, it looks like the epitome of white feminism, but I think it will prove to be much more than that. Here’s some reasons too tune in:

1. Aisha Dee is in it. She’s amazeballs and if you haven’t seen her in Chasing Life or Sweet/Vicious, you’ve been missing out on life. She’s completely the reason I tuned in.

2. They had a Muslim woman actually explain why she wears her hijab. And why doing so makes her a feminist. When have you ever seen that before?

3. Did I mention that said hijab-rocking woman is a lesbian activist? Who it looks like is going to have a romance with Aisha Dee’s character?

4. They all work at a magazine and the boss is giving off serious Cat Grant vibes. Like badass woman with hardcore bonding heart-to-hearts with Katie Stevens’ character.

5. Oh yeah, Katie Stevens is totally in it. Faking It throwback anyone? She’s a new writer for the magazine who would rather cover serious topics than frilly ones.

6. They talk about owning your sexuality, with one of the girls standing up to her friends about it being her who gets to decide whom she sleeps with. Not to mention they talk about vaginas and vibrators. And a woman literally gets arrested for possessing sex toys.

7. THE FRIENDSHIP. The three main leads are adorably close. They bring champagne to work to celebrate a friend’s promotion, give random pep talks in the middle of the night, and help each other stalk exes, and its kinda hilarious?

8. I’m not going to deny it has some wrinkles to iron out, but if you don’t give it a chance to grow we may never see that. This is honestly the feminist show everyone is always wanting, so give it a chance before it goes the way of Sweet/Vicious, and we regret the missed opportunity.

One does not need to tell the whole world about one’s skill in order to feel confident about them. Celebrate your skills, but celebrate them in silence. Work hard on your skills, be proud, but do not push this onto others, and thus, remain humble. There will be opportunities given to you in which you will be able to show how talented you are, which by all means, show the world your strength! However until then, simply remind yourself every now and again of how amazing you are, and live knowing that you’re trying your very best with this beautiful development of your character.

Happy Birthday Rihanna!!

Some of you already know, but Rih was actually the first celebrity to show my work love! She saw my sketches on Twitter back in 2010 & i’ll always remember the feeling when she followed me & dm’d me… “Yo dude! I’ve been seeing some of ur designs! Ur sick wit it!” ❤ Many ongoing & surreal convos later…next thing, she had my work as her Twitter profile picture, and in 2011, she invited me to one of her LDN Loud tour dates where we finally got to meet each other. She even told me to bring my work. Her loving embrace was like we had known each other for years! She is truly a beautiful, humble & genuine soul! This is a long ass caption, but I wanted to share what a cool person she is. I’ll always be grateful for her support & can’t wait for us to collaborate one day! Keep continuing to kill it & enjoy your Birthday Rihanna, you deserve all the blessings ❤❤❤

Lie to me? Steal my work? Have fun going from 52K a year to minimum wages.

(warning: long story)

Takes place back in 2014, long read with a lot of buildup to revenge. I was about a year into my job and was being recognized for my talents and promoted pretty regularly. I was constantly being used as the liaison between my company and the client companies we had business and contracts with, and literally have saved our contract companies hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Then I was approached by Amy, who was in another department, for a job opportunity in the next month or so. She was going out on medical leave and was going to train me to take over her position in the interim and then fully take it over once she came back and moved into a new role. I was ecstatic because I knew she had a salary position and that’s what I really wanted. Most of the salaried positions in the company were the kind you had direct reports and in my industry there is a lot of stupid and handholding so I was not looking forward to have to deal with that stuff, but here was this angel offering me the salary I wanted and the stepping stone I wanted to get further in the company, all without having to deal with stupidity on a daily basis! So for the next 3 weeks I’m pulled from my current duties about twice a week to train in her position. In the beginning it was really menial stuff to get aquatinted with her department but then we started getting into the bigger Excel stuff. Now her job was 90% Excel based, but in having her teach me her job and the duties and deadlines for certain things I realized she was basically flying by with basic Excel knowledge (I’m taking formulas to do math and VLOOKUPs were the majority of what she used in EVERYTHING). Now I was really okay with it and knew I could bring a lot more to the position with my knowledge and really help out the management team and showcase my expertise to them.

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WANDS - creation, action, desire, strength, primal

PAGE | new project, excitement, inspiration
®* | enthusiasm with lack of planning & direction
KNIGHT | man of action, passionate pursuit of a vision
® | anger, impulsiveness, recklessness
QUEEN | confident, determined, fiery, joyful, leader
® | jealous, selfish, demanding, angry
KING | leader, visionary, driven, passionate, mature
® | unachievable expectations, overbearing, domineering
ACE | burning fore of intention, desire & passion, creation
® | lack of energy & passion, boredom
II | planning, moving forward, direction
® | disorganization, bad planning
III | rapid growth, expansion, establishing strength
® | obstacles, delays, frustration
IV | community, homecoming, celebration of hard work
® | tension, discord, & instability in home/family
V | competition, battle between rivals, playfighting
® | avoiding a potentially beneficial conflict
VI | success, victory, accolades & honors
® | self-doubt, lack of recognition, punishment
VII | defensive, maintaining control over victory
® | feeling overwhelmed, yielding, giving up
VIII | rapid action, motion, things manifesting quickly
® | delays, waiting, slowing down
IX | resilience, pushing forward, home stretch
® | exhaustion, burnout, close to goal but fatigued
X | responsibility, burden, accomplishment
® | inability to delegate, lack of priorities

*® = reverse card meaning*® = reverse card meaning

Tarot Cheat Sheet #1 - Major Arcana

Tarot Cheat Sheet #2 - Wands

Tarot Cheat Sheet #3 - Cups

Tarot Cheat Sheet #4 - Swords

Tarot Cheat Sheet #5 - Pentacles

Lammas Masterpost

Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, is a celebration of the first harvest of the year, marking the annual festival of wheat. 

Originally posted by sunbursts-and-marblehalls

Date: August 1

Themes: The first harvest, blessings, hearth and home, celebrating hard work and accomplished goals, abundance, transformation and change, prosperity

Lunar Phase Association: Disseminating Moon

Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow, Green

Herbs: Ginseng, Rosemary, Sunflowers, Chamomile, Mints

Stones: Amber, Citrine, Sardonyx, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz

Scents: Fresh Bread, Sweet Preserves, Flowers, Mint

Foods: Corn, Peaches, Pears, Bread, Berries, Beer or Mead, Honey, Rice, Apples, Jams, Cookies, Strawberries, Corn Bread, Potatoes, Pies

Offerings: Roses, Sunflowers, Buttercups, Wheat or Corn, Beer or Mead, Myrrh, Beeswax Candles, Mint, Sweet Wine


- Traditional Irish Soda Bread

Things to Do:

- Crafting 

- Baking (Bread in particular) or make preservatives

- Make a Bonfire

- Donate time or money to a food drive

- Make Sun Water

- Celebrate the Sun

🌧celebrations which work for every sabbat🌧

here’s a list I comprised of activities which can used to celebrate any of the sabbats, if you’re a bit lost on what to do or are in a bit of a rush to plan things

Originally posted by villekullart

💐connect with nature- this could mean taking a nature walk and observing the seasonal changes that surround you! Or lawfully and respectfully collecting flowers, pinecones, sticks, stones etc! Or meditation in a park/garden! Or Planting new herbs or flowers! Or Giving your plants some love! Or give suitable offerings to the wilderness!

💐baking and cooking- you could bake traditional foods and cakes for the time of year for yourself, loved ones or covenmates! Or host a bbq or dinner party, honouring the sabbat with friends and family, all sharing traditional foods of the season! Or if you work with deities, perhaps create treats to give them as offerings!

💐altar arrangements- redecorate your altar following the themes and colours of the season! Or decorate with the natural beauties you collected earlier!

💐grimoire- perhaps journal about your experiences, observations and thoughts on the seasons! Or write out the history and correspondences connecting with the sabbat! Or simply continue recording your studies about whatever you choose!

💐art- seasonal changes are surely inspirational, so harness this to create art, in the form of paintings, sketches, writings etc!

💐self-care- take the time to have a relaxing bath, meditate, practise yoga, perform self-love spells, glamours, cleansings, treat yourself to your favourite foods, carry with you crystals or herbs for self-love, put up your shields, journal about your feelings and what your grateful for, visit loved one etc!

💐manifestation- write out a list of things you want to manifest by the next sabbat! Reflect on what has and hasn’t worked since the last one!

💐clothing- wear clothes that remind you of the season! Or use only the colours you see in nature!

💐music- listen to witchy playlists or music that reminds you of the season! Or create your own playlists inspired by the sabbat! Or if you play an instrument, play music that helps you connect with the season!

💐magick- sabbats are a great time to performs any spells you’ve been planning! Or maybe write or perform one based on the correspondences of the season!

feel free to make additions!


Bts reaction to being jealous

Request 1: queendanielle-98 - Hey! Can I request angry sex with bts? Lol sorry if this sounds weird, like they’re angry for some reason and fuck you into oblivion?

Request 2:  jihope-taoris - Can I,get a jealous rap line, where they are scared to lose you because your ex comes back and tries to get back with you.

A/N: I know that like an hour go I said I won’t upload anything, but my muse came and I feel responsible for your requests and patience, so despite the fucking cramps, your mommy is going to write.


He didn’t want you think he was jealous and that was driving him mad. So when you made a move since you were really horny, Jin catched your hand and fastly wrapped his fingers around your neck pulling you down in the couch. “You are a little slut? Aren’t you? I saw your ex wrote to you? Guess I’ll have to show you how things are in reality. I’m fucking you.”


Min Yoongi, subliminal messages are his things. He wanted you to know, he knows about the ex and that he was looking for you. The fact that jealousity and anger got him, he didn’t want you to know. On one of those lazy make out sessions in bed, he asked you about your ex and you said you haven’t  heard form him. His anger got the best of him, you lied to him. His hand tightend behind your neck, aynking you close to him. “You dare lying to me? On all fours baby. We are going to teach manners tonight.”


Your ex met you in the afternoon to tell you that he wants you back, but you said no. You had Namjoon and you didn’t need anyone else. Jimin was apparently in the same caffee, saw you with your ex and told Namjoon. Just to let him know. Namjoon tried to be rational, but anger and doubt were getting the best of him. He decided to show you exactly who your boyfriend was. When you got home, Namjoon was on his throne sofa drinking whiskey, only in THE ripped jeans. The once he wore when you were having fun in the bedroom. And you knew, he knew about the meeting. “Kitten, undress.”


Hobi got simply upset with your ex bothering you. You dismissed his worries, saying that they made absolute no sense. You loved Hobi and that was a fact and nothing less. But as wye know, Hobi thinks less of himself than he is, so he was having doubts and was insecure he might lose you. And what was meant to be love making turned in him fucking the shit out of you, proving himself to you. “I love you princess. But I feel like I have to prove this to you. So, remember when you see him, how I fuck you and how much I love you.”


Jiminie rarely got angry or upset. But he was bothering you and he knew it. One day on the streets when you were with Jiminie, you saw him coming to you. When you two were about to cross paths,Jimin noticed him. Your boyfriend pulled you flush against him and kissed you. It was a passionate kiss and btoh of you forgot about the others. “Baby, let’s go home. Fuck him. I need to bend you on the tableand fuck the shit out of you. Now.”


Taehyung was insane. Full of rage. How could you even think about inviting this filthy bastard in your shared apartment and what was your explanation; “We put our differences apart and now we are friends?” Honestly, out of everything, you say this. “I don’t know why are you so worked up about it.” “Why am I SO WORKED UP? Y/N, this is our home and you bring your ex in here as if its nothing. What if something happend? What if he tried to kiss you? What would’ve you done.” You laughed and told him. “You are in a deep need of a blowjob.” Taehyung smirked evily. “I need to fuck you into oblivion baby.” “So do it Kim Taehyung. Do it.”


He didn’t say anything for weeks. He knew you and your ex became friends again and that bothered the shit out of him honestly. But, he didn’t say anything. He tried to keep it in himself. But it just didn’t work. With everyday he got more and more worked about it. Until the bubble bursted. One night you stated that you’re going out with your ex to celebrate his success in work. And that was it. Jungkook had enough. You even wore his favourite mini dress. “Y/N, turn around, get in the room, undress, and wait for me on the bed. I’ve had enough. I feel like we’ll have a reminder on who is your boyfriend. Tell your new friend, that the plans are cancelled. You are enable to walk. Tell him this.”


Request if you have the patience. Those who request one-shots, darlings, I’m working on them. I won’t write anything fast and shabby. I made that clear. Quality before quantity. 



“I want people to remember me as a full on entertainer and a good person.”

16 years without you 💔  I can’t put into words how hard these past days have been. Aaliyah Dana Haughton was born on January 16th 1979 and was sadly taken away from us on August 25th 2001. Today we’ll celebrate The hard work, the success and the dedication she painted out for us fans throughout her music, visual and albums (career) that will be cherished forever. The times she was exhausted she would never let us down. Her legacy, beauty, & fashion will forever live on. I cry almost everyday because I can’t believe shes not here with us living on but her legacy is still here!

Aaliyah thank you for sharing your true talent to the the world, In 2018 The Aaliyah MAC collection will be here which means better things are happening for our angel. We miss you so much baby girl. You will be missed forever. Rest In Heaven Aaliyah, Again Thank you!