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Is Geico Getting Stale? #NotInMyHouse

Sure, the little gecko endures. But what happens when gigantic Dikembe Mutombo joins forces with the insurance biggie? Solid advertising. Mutombo’s unique voice, finger waggle and saying follow his signature move: blocking the shot. Only here he’s not on the basketball court, but in other unsuspecting environs – like the laundromat or grocer store, where he decimates a kid’s cereal box. It’s funny and, surprisingly, it makes sense for Geico.

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Report: Ford and 'Dirty Jobs' pitchman Mike Rowe part ways [w/videos]

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Former Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe has one less job as of today - the pitchman is no longer a pitchman for Ford, with yesterday’s announcement from Rowe ending a seven-year partnership between the TV host and the Blue Oval.

Rowe made the announcement to political pundit Glenn Beck, saying the two are “going in different directions” and wishing Ford “every possibly success that any car company could ever have,” according to The Detroit News. Rowe and Ford got together in 2005, right around the time the 51-year-old came to prominence as the host of Dirty Jobs and the narrator for Deadliest Catch, two of the Discovery Channel’s most popular shows.

Take a look below for a few video snippets of Rowe’s tenure at Ford.

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As illustrated below, Lidl continues to publicize its blind test tastes around the country for the - Shop A Lidl Smarter - campaign, of which there are a great number of examples in both TV and print this week. The sheer quantity of ads supporting this campaign (3 TVCs alone) is reflective of an enormous ad spend which, as we have discussed in previous weeks, completely dwarves the other retailers. 

Lidl also presents a cheerful TVC promoting gardening tools which features celebrity chef, and Lidl spokesperson, Ian Orr. 

Finally, the #MondayHighlight promotes cordless power tools at low prices.

Over 26 Million People Have Used Facebook’s Rainbow Pride Filter

Over 26 Million People Have Used Facebook’s Rainbow Pride Filter

Following Friday’s Supreme Court decision, over 26 million people on Facebook used the social media site’s Pride filter to create a rainbow filtered version of their profile picture to “celebrate Pride.” Although Facebook spokesperson William Nevius has said that the social network’s rainbow flag profile image campaign was “not an experiment or test,” research suggests such campaigns could lead…

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Show Review | Craig Moritz 

Craig Moritz is a down to earth country singer/songwriter. He is a Medicine Hat native but now calls Calgary home. He is an animal advocate and the celebrity spokesperson for Cats and Dogs International. So it’s so surprise that he feels so strongly about promoting green spaces within the city. Craig recently played a free set right in the heart of downtown Calgary with TD friends of the environment. I headed down to the show on Tuesday afternoon to give you a feel of his live show and the cause behind it.

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