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for the 5 headcanons thing! Werewolf au (either s/o or the heroes) (plz include 76 i am thirsty for dog dad) (also i friggin love ur writing my heart goes warm when i read ur stuff)

Anon, you’re making me blush

Also, I chose to do this as the heroes aren’t really in control as a wolf and don’t really remembers what happens while they’re in wolf firm

- 76 got bitten when he was part of the super soldier program, before Overwatch and the Omnic Crisis had begun

- He was ashamed of it at first, until he met another werewolf in the group who assured him that there was someone out there who would love just the way he was

- He stopped believing that when he became Soldier 76, until he met you

- The wolf seems to know you’re a friend and lets you pet  his fur, and Jack is relieved because he knows the wolf won’t hurt you and won’t let anyone else hurt you

- You know how some dogs have that one place where you scratch and their leg goes crazy? Jack has one, it’s on his lower back. It’s there in human and wolf forms

- Ridiculously soft fur

- Reinhardt was born a werewolf, his mother was one

- He’s never been ashamed of it (Mama Reinhardt saw to that) but he is aware that not everyone is so accepting and comfortable with the idea, so he’s cautious about telling people

- Makes subtle jokes about, like if he’s looking for something he says he’s like “hound on the hunt”

- Is a terrifying looking wolf who actually just wants belly scratches

- As a wolf he also tends to jump up on people and luck their faces

- Isn’t quite sure how to tell you, so he decides honesty is best, and tell you. Is very confused when you start laughing

- Is overjoyed when you stop laughing long enough to tell him that you’re a werewolf too, and that you’d been trying to figure out how to tell him

- Fareeha was turned into a werewolf when an enemy of Ana targeted her

- At first, Ana wasn’t sure how to help her 7 year old daughter

- The transformations hurt, and there wasn’t anything that Ana could do to help (she did punch the guy in the face before Reyes dragged him off to prison)

- When asked, Fareeha says that the worst transformations weren’t the first ones she had, but the first few after her Ana “died”, because she had always been there to comfort her.

- But she learned how to cope with it

- But she’s reluctant to let other people be near her during the transformation

- She’s very moody as a wolf

- Lucio was bitten at a very young age, when he was about two

- It was an accident, the other werewolf was very new to the whole thing, and thought they could control themselves as a wolf. They were wrong

- He’s pretty chill about it these days, but he had a couple years there where he hated it

- He goes out into the wilderness to transform, he enjoys the solitary walks to and from

- Has gotten inspirations for some of his best songs on these walks

- Doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a werewolf, and becomes a celebrity spokesperson for people who are werewolves

- Symmetra was bitten as a young girl. Old enough to remember it happening and the pain that came with it, but not old enough to remember the details of why it happened

- She hates being a werewolf


- She sees it as she becomes a dirty uncontrollable monster every full moon

- Vishkar probably has special rooms that their werewolf employees get locked into every full moon. The rooms are in shreds by the end of the night

- It’s one reason she doesn’t like Lucio. He’s so comfortable being a werewolf and she doesn’t understand it, how can he feel like it’s an acceptable outcome in life?

- Doesn’t understand why her s/o would be understanding, or supporting, of what she is

- She’s not sure why you don’t view her as the monster that she sees herself as

- Is terrified that she might hurt you on accident if she’s not locked up during the full moon

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Couldn't SOHO London or that Farmhouse hire M as some type of "Celebrity Spokesperson", or something like that? I think they can. Maybe, already did? I think that's why that house-hunting article came out because it's nothing more than a SOHO advert. M/MA merching SOHO?

Yes they probably can anon. That article is an advert for Soho and they used MM and PH because they did spend a couple of days there last year. Well the problem is that I don’t know if a position like that is on the list of jobs you can apply for a working UK VISA if she want’s to spend more then 6 months in the UK.

thanks anon😊👍

How America Ferrera Connects The Dots Between Feminism And Immigrant Rights
America Ferrera was one of four women to win the Feminist Majority Foundation’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Global Women’s Rights in Los Angeles. During her acceptance speech, the actor-producer made a point of thanking a woman she looked up to, one of the women to introduce the Ugly Betty and Superstore star.
By Ariane Lange

“It makes it all the more surreal to be awarded this by one of the only role models I had growing up who looked like me, Dolores Huerta,” Ferrera said, facing the iconic civil rights activist and United Farm Workers co-founder onstage at the Director’s Guild of America headquarters. “To grow up a tiny Latina in California with an outsize dream that nobody really saw as possible for me - to open my textbook and to see you was so incredibly impacting in ways that you will never know.”

Because of her activism and her high profile as a Latina role model, Ferrera was honored at the ceremony along with executive director of U.N. Women and U.N. Under-Secretary Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka; actor-producer and abortion rights activist Amy Brenneman; and recently elected Flint Mayor Karen Weaver.  

Ferrera, who produces NBC’s Superstore in addition to starring in it, focused her acceptance speech on role models.

The very first film I did, Real Women Have Curves, received a response from so many — not just women, not just Latinas, all kinds of people from around the world who saw themselves. And I realized what I already knew as a young person, the power of seeing ourselves, being shown ourselves, being shown our own potential as women, as human beings, as people of color, as people from disadvantaged backgrounds. It was life-changing, to know that what I love to do and the talent that I had so desperately wanted to express had the potential to be a tool. A tool for helping other people find their voices. It was then that I went from wanting to be a famous, successful actress to wanting my work to matter. … It’s not easy out there for most of us who don’t look like the one thing you are supposed to look like in this industry. To find roles that honor our intelligence and our humanity and our passion, and our real-life roles. When you find them, it really is a gift, and when you find people who are willing to also dedicate their time and their lives and their careers to creating those types of images, not just for us, but for our children, it’s such a gift to know them and to work with them. … I was moderating a conversation once among young women, and there was something that a young girl said that has really stayed with me. She stood up and she asked one of our panelists — she was in junior high — and she said, “I was on the chess team. I was really good. But I was the only girl on the chess team, and it felt hard to be there, so I quit.” And I haven’t been able to shake that. Because if we can’t get our young girls to stay in the room for the chess team, how are we gonna get them to stay in the room to be leaders in business, leaders in politics, leaders in medicine, leaders in science? We have a really big job to do, and part of that is creating role models. Creating people that our young women and young men can look up to and say, “I can be that.”

Ferrera, who is a celebrity spokesperson for voter mobilization nonprofit Voto Latino, also addressed DREAMers (undocumented people who came to the U.S. as minors) in the forthcoming national election. 

“When you talk about the immigration issue, immigration is a feminist issue as well, and we need to start thinking about it as such,” she said.”

Read the full piece here

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Is Geico Getting Stale? #NotInMyHouse

Sure, the little gecko endures. But what happens when gigantic Dikembe Mutombo joins forces with the insurance biggie? Solid advertising. Mutombo’s unique voice, finger waggle and saying follow his signature move: blocking the shot. Only here he’s not on the basketball court, but in other unsuspecting environs – like the laundromat or grocer store, where he decimates a kid’s cereal box. It’s funny and, surprisingly, it makes sense for Geico.

~ @AdvertGirl

USS CARYL - I Can’t Believe It’s Not Canon: The Bigger And Better Version

There’s no use of denying that the beginning of Season 6 has been little underwhelming for Carylers BUT instead of focusing on what we didn’t get in that one episode, I think our time is better spent concentrating on what we already have and what we know is coming up in our not so distant future.
The very fact that the original “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Canon” post required an update, shows that the CARYL relationship and its outside perception is progressing further along and slowly moving forward in significance.

We have MORE to celebrate and MORE to add to this LIST because OUR SHIP has gotten STRONGER and has received MORE RECOGNITION within TWD world.

Bottom Line Is That - We Simply Have Even More Reasons To Believe In CARYL’S Chances Of Reaching Full-Blown Romantic Canon!

The Best Is Yet To Come!


Reason #1

*Did you know that Pizza Hut kind of self-declared themselves as the unofficial USS CARYL Corporate Sponsor?


Reason #2

*Did you know that CARYL is now featured on Official AMC merchandise and the number of products featuring ‘Carol and Daryl’ or CARYL associations just keeps going up?

We now have: mugs, posters, stickers, official autograph photos and even a Cherokee Rose wallet.


Reason #3

*Did you know that now even the official Carol and Daryl’s action figures are connected with one another? 

Carol Peletier’s 2 action figures now come with Daryl Dixon’s crossbow!


Reason #4

*Did you know that CARYL actually has a Ship Anthem, written and composed by the actors behind the characters - Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride?

It dates all the way back to Season 2 - “Carol is sterile, Daryl is feral. A match made in hell"

The CARYL song was preformed LIVE by Norman and Melissa TOGETHER on Conan.
Their first recorded performance can be seen/heard in the BTS bonus material of TWD Season 2 footage, as well as Greg Nicotero’s ‘Zombie School’ documentary, which aired in 2014. It should also be noted that Norman, himself, preformed the song SOLO in various interviews and appearances - one of which was Access Hollywood.


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The CARYL “Consumed” Weekend Just Keeps Getting Better!

Who Better To Represent Carylers On Talking Dead Than Our Very Own Celebrity Spokesperson Yvette Nicole Brown?!?!

*And Look She’s Already Started the Caryling Campaign On Twitter!!!

CARYL On My Lovelies - The Best Is Yet To Come



if your feminism isn’t focused on decolonisation then your feminism was trash to begin with
If your feminism is focused on celebrating a spokesperson of the idf playing an iconic and coding it as representation over the hundreds and thousands her coloniser politics has killed then your feminism was shit to being with