well, we’re happy to do this for you, annie, but i have to say? my school had plenty of shows like this, and i think sitting through them drove me to drugs.

make me choose → wrenegadeandmagicath asked: community season 2 or season 3?

“Do you think bees eat their own honey?”

“I’m sure they’ve at least tasted it." 

– Abed Nadir and Troy Barnes, "Celebrity Pharmacology”

> Castiel as Abed

Headcanon: Castiel and Abed set out to see if bees eat their own honey. Abed just wants to film the bees, manages to convince Castiel that a bee suit is the perfect, calming camouflage. Castiel insists on being one with nature, and strips down to mingle with the bees. The end result: Castiel gets his honey and Abed gets a lot of footage.