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Either of your mains getting a soulmate (or having an s/o) who is a TOTAL opposite of them? like for junkrat, reader is a bit prim and proper and stoical? maybe even Lawful Good™?and for zenyatta, someone self-serving and has little issues with hurting others if it meant getting their way/achieving their goals? maybe they're even a mercenary or a talon agent? idk but basically, no matter how very different they are, they still get so drawn to each other or fall deep in lov. can be HCs or fic! 😊

This was sent in when I really was a Junkrat/Zenyatta main T_T so sad that I’m now more a Zen/Mercy main.  Maybe deathmatch will change that!  Anyway, here you go!


  • Would not understand his feelings for this person at first

    • They’re everything he’s not, so why is he drawn to them?  They’re so clean and quiet, and they somehow always smell like flowers

    • The exact opposite of everything he’s ever known so far

    • Really wants to mark them up, not in a violent way, but just see them get dirty or lose their temper a bit

  • Is kind of shocked when this person is willing to work with him, or even talk with him

    • Excited about it

    • Jokingly sets off explosives to get them covered in soot or ash

    • Always trying to get them to admit their darkest secret (secretly hoping it’s their love of explosives)

  • Doesn’t understand why they’re so happy to help others and expects nothing in return

    • Where’s the fun in no reward???

    • No shiny gold or jewels to celebrate victory with?

  • Likes how good they are, but it causes some self-confidence issues

    • Jealous when he sees them with someone else like them

    • Gets right in there and thinks he’s being subtle in hiding jealousy but it is the most obvious thing ever

      • His hands on their waist at all times

      • Calls them every nickname he can think of to show that they’re with him

      • Needs a lot of reassurance

      • Roadhog will hear about this

  • Constantly talks to Roadhog about them, questioning their every move and word and what it could “mean”

    • Like when they said he was funny, did that mean he was funny or funny??

    • Why are they always trying to wipe away the dirt on his face?

    • What did it mean when they said, “Oh, you have freckles!” and avoided eye contact????

  • Loves to leave black handprints on their ass or anywhere on their nice clean clothes

    • Is confused when they retaliate by cleaning his clothes

    • Likes the fact that his clothes now smell like them

  • Insatiable for their attention

    • Roadhog is happy that he no longer has to bear the brunt of Junkrat’s attention

    • His s/o could be right next to him and he would miss them

    • Hates to watch them leave but will wolfwhistle as they go

    • Makes for LONG goodbyes


  • If he can reach Genji he can reach anyone

    • Personal challenge to get this person going on the right path

    • Respects their decisions, to a certain degree but has trouble concentrating when they go away on “missions”

  • As a mercenary his s/o is free to take whatever work they want, so he encourages them to take jobs that lean towards helping people

    • No judgement, just disappointment

    • Also tries to get his s/o to stay with him more

  • Loves to travel with them, especially if he gets to have them involved in his “work” helping people like he had Genji

  • He knows they aren’t evil, and is comfortable explaining that to people who question their relationship

    • It would be hard on him if they and Genji didn’t get along

    • Genji would probably get along with them fine though, as even he doesn’t have the cleanest past either

  • Though not in his nature, has trouble understanding the connection they have

    • He wants them to understand he isn’t with them because he’s trying to “fix” them

    • He also wants to know why they’re with him, but is a little afraid to ask

      • Meditates on it a lot

  • Bandages them up after a job gone bad

    • Hates seeing them hurt but likes knowing they come to him for healing instead of the “traditional” medicine that Mercy might have

    • “I’ll always come back to you.”

    • “I’ll always be with you.”

    • Will suggest he goes with them if they ever need any help, and seeing them work will not change his opinion on them, or how much he loves them

  • Relishes when his s/o says “I love you”, because they probably wouldn’t say it too often

  • Late night talks or walks around the compound

Kiss the cold away

Characters: (cursed)prince!Yoongi & princess OC ft. Snow Queen Elsa

Setting: based on Andersen’s Snow Queen with characters from Frozen

Genre: angst (but nobody dies because of that cliché thing called true love)

Warnings: -

Words: 4630

“The first kiss is to shield him from the cold
The second kiss is to make him forget all
The third kiss would be the last in row
Taking his life away once and for all.”

Notes: a.k.a what if Elsa turned evil and became the Snow Queen feared by everyone? And yes, Daegumor is the fairytale kingdom name of Daegu I made up. Finally, it’s here, Yoongi’s part of my Once upon a fairytale collection.


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A Fairytale Beginning (1/9)

When @timetravelingpotatoast proposed a Captain Swan Enchanted AU, I couldn’t believe it hadn’t already been done (and apologies if it has), and I just had to take a crack at it. A Captain Swan romance involving Enchanted Forest AU, modern day AU, and 21st-century-man goodness? Um, YES PLEASE. So here it is - my take on a OUAT version of the lovable Disney movie (though, like all things OUAT, it’s a little darker than the Disney movie; Killian Jones is decidedly not a fairytale princess).

Special thanks to @lenfaz for letting me run my preliminary story outline by her. Chapter 1 is fairly short, but I promise the rest will be considerably longer. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for reading!

Find it on AO3 and FFN.

Summary:  Killian Jones, the notorious Captain Hook, has been on a quest to kill the Dark One and avenge the death of his first love for over one hundred fifty years. But when he crosses the Evil Queen, he’s magically transported to New York City, a strange land full of fascinating wonders, the foremost of which is Emma Swan, a cynical single mother with no time for fairy tales, real or imagined. A Captain Swan Enchanted AU.   (Captain Swan modern AU, Captain Swan Enchanted Forest AU.  Romance & Adventure.  Rated G.)

Also tagging @piratesails at her request.

The thunder of hoofbeats fills the air as the roan mare gallops down the wide earthen path in the shadow of the needle-like spires of the Evil Queen’s castle.  Her rider urges her on, perched in the stirrups and leaning forward into the wind, his black leather duster jacket aloft behind him. The beginnings of a storm are curling on the horizon, the air heavy with the smell of coming rain, and, as accustomed as the man is to being soaked to the skin, he would still prefer to weather it from inside, rather than outside, the castle.  Besides, he’s survived quite an adventure to secure the prize that he carries now, and he’s eager to get his hand on the magical compass he intends to exchange it for.

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Animorphs is an iconic cultural landmark of the 90s and if it ever gets adapted into a series again it has to be set in the 90s. remember that one book that was like “my name is Cassie, just Cassie, but only because I can’t tell you my full name, it’s not like I think I’m a celebrity like Jewel or Brandy or Beck”

Gwyneth Paltrow was styled in PLATINUM jewelry by Tiffany & Co. for the “Blue Book” event in New York on April 18th. Platinum is popular on the red carpet since it holds diamonds and colored gemstones most securely. -Platinum and round diamond earrings ($400,000) -Platinum bracelet with sapphires and diamonds ($130,000) - Night-blooming flowers gather in a dramatic prelude to evening in a bracelet of Montana sapphires and diamonds.   -Platinum butterfly brooch with black opal, sapphire, and diamonds ($110,000) - A butterfly takes wing in elegant form. Brooch with black opals, Montana sapphires and diamonds in platinum.
Love yourself like Kelly Clarkson loves herself

Listen, this may or may not deserve its own post, but unfortunately, I am in control of this ship, and I decide what nonsense we spend time on, so we’re gonna talk about this ring that Kelly tried to buy in 2013. Specifically, Jane Austen’s ring.

One of the only known possessions of the brilliant author, one of only three pieces of jewelry that she once wore, and Kelly paid over £150k to own it, not as a collector’s item or a display piece, but to wear as her engagement ring to then-fiance, now-husband Brandon Blackstock. Unfortunately, the British government got all up in arms about “history” and “national treasures” or whatever, and the ring was held until the Jane Austen House Museum raised the funds to outbid her. 

Get mad at me all you want, but personally, I think it’s pretty admirable to wear an artist like Austen’s personal jewels to celebrate your own marriage. The sheer confidence and self-esteem that it takes to claim that with a shrug… whoa. She was called entitled, and a lot of other worse names, and I’m not saying it’s the best use of the ring, but it does show a level of self-love that I, for one, have been working pretty hard in therapy to even come close to reaching.

Blackstock, stand-up guy that he is, had a replica made for her, though, so at least we can all relish the sight of her wearing it and remind ourselves of a long legacy of lady heroines with great taste in jewelry. And she’s still got a first edition of Austen’s Persuasion to keep her warm at night.