before learning about the mcelroys I’d never been a huge fan of any real actual human beings before. 

Like, I love the stuff they make but I really just love them as creators even more than I love their creations, they could make/do anything and I’d like it just because I like them as people. 

HONESTLY~ i’d have been disappointed in the whole kylux fandom if i hadn’t gotten a request like this! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD and you KNOW i’d have had to turn in my own kylux card if i’d made that milkshake any color other than blue! HAHAHAH!! (-^   O ^-) hope you all like it! 1 down~ MANY to go! LOL! LOL!


 Tia Wood’s red dress old style jingle special for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women at Gatherings yesterday

bill is so lovely and pearl is such a wonderful actress and I love sarah dollard that episode was delightful asjfjd that first scene where bill was enjoying the fair? Adorable! also she looked so cute!!! god I love this show asdfghjkl its ridiculous and cheesy but I love it so much ajdjks

Doctor Who fans relish punch for racist character

Doctor Who fans are cheering on the Time Lord for attacking a racist character in Saturday night’s episode.

The episode entitled Thin Ice saw Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and his sidekick Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, travel to 1814 London where they tackled the issues of racism and child slavery.

The Doctor and Bill confront a racist (BBC)

At the beginning of the programme, Bill said: “Regency England – bit more black than I realised.”

The Doctor replied: “So was Jesus. History’s a whitewash.”

That white wash exposé though. #DoctorWho

— devon (@lgbtbillpotts) April 29, 2017

The Twelfth Doctor wearing a top hat AND calling out historical racism is my favourite thing. #DoctorWho

— Tia Owen (@BlazingOptimist) April 29, 2017

Later in the episode, the time-travelling pair visited the house of a rich businessman who insulted Bill and shouted at her for not standing up when he entered the room, telling her that she should “respect her betters”.

The 12th Time Lord, who had been trying to verify whether the man was human or alien, punched him to the ground for the comment.

Bill commented: “Pretty convincing racism for an extra-terrestrial,” and the Doctor replied: “My thoughts exactly.”

twelve punched a racist, will honestly never ask for anything ever again #DoctorWho

— ellie (@bernieswolfes) April 29, 2017

I really love that the real monster of the ep was the white privileged racist man and not the sea serpent #DoctorWho

— luke 🏳️‍🌈 (@gallifreyboi) April 29, 2017

wouldn’t necessarily say it was the best *story* but it definitely had quite a few punch in the air (& one in the face) moments #DoctorWho

— Maj (@1outside) April 29, 2017

#DoctorWho was incredible. Brought up some important issues regarding racism and representation. + racist human as villain? Spoke volumes

— Moneer Elmasseek (@MoneerElmasseek) April 29, 2017

:: Doctor Who continues on May 6 at 7.20pm on BBC One.

jujubeats  asked:

The gang decides to play dnd for the first time.

Prompt fill for my Follower Celebration! Will also be posted on Ao3 under Towards the Sky.

Juju, my love, bless you for this. I have had this experience in DnD so many times and so has Clint McElroy (Dad, that’s a D8).

I stole Lance’s bard name from my party’s lovely bard @baking-accident, aka Ferebdir Lowlander, which is actually just anagram for Freebird Wonderwall. I feel like Lance would appreciate that.

Did y’all know that @melonbugg actually invented the moon??? She’s amazing like that.

“Roll a dexterity saving throw.”

Lance looked down at the pile of oddly shaped dice in front of him and back up at Pidge.

“Which one is that.”

“Lance, it’s the D20. It’s always the D20.”

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