Second play with him and I JUST GOT SHO’S THIRD PICTURE!!! /explodes I don’t know if choosing your point of view matters… Just in case this is what I did:

1) my point of view for the drama shooting
2) my point of view for the best new artist arc
3) choose happy ending over sweet ending (in sweet ed I got the fourth pic of you both lying on his bed)
4) /squeals

***spoilers ahead***
In the happy ending, Sho gets so excited you’re going to his house and spend the night that he got an anticipation fever XDD and it’s the cutest thing ever!!

Waaah don’t know who’s route play next~ also want to end the kiss event so badly!!

When Destiny Comes Knocking Thoughts Part 2: Rheo’s Main Story and Other Thoughts

Although Rheo’s not a bad person, his intentions for taking pictures of the MC and interacting with her aren’t revealed until later in his route. As with several Voltage characters, he’s more of an expy of some such as Yuzuki Kitaoji, Ryota Miike, Kyosuke Nakanishi, Sho Kiriya, and so forth with different personality and ethical treatment toward people and work.

Competition for him and the MC are fairly low, but the route does include female models who all want Rheo’s attention. The guys are more herbivores since they aren’t actively trying to spend more time with the MC and turn her love for Rheo around.

However, the route fails to address the issue with the MC’s ex-boyfriend, shifting to where she feels a kind of first love fo Rheo.

Anyhow, the MC can be compared to Kagome and Kikyo from Inuyasha. As with Kagome, they have their supportive female friends to talk about their lives and their love interests. Both the MC and Kagome have some spunk in them, but with this app, it depends on the decisions the player makes for the MC. These two are also insecure with how their love interests feel toward them due to the mixed signals from Rheo and Inuyasha.

Takatomi has a similar role toward the MC like Kagome’s grandfather does in Inuyasha in different areas.

Still, how does the MC remind me of Kikyo? It’s only a minor part of Rheo’s Main Story, but here are a couple of screenshots from today.

Kikyo was the guardian of the Shikon Jewel and her life was targeted for it, but she fell in love with Inuyasha and both were tricked by Naraku, who had disguised himself as Inuyasha and fatally wounded her. Naraku’s deception made her feel betrayed for wanting to live together with Inuyasha, and the MC felt the same way for being used for Rheo’s love song, as Kikyo had felt before her death.


The only surprising thing in Rheo’s Main Story comes from having a family member, to which I had thought from the prologue and most of his route that he is an only child. Voltage has proven my thoughts wrong, but did surprise me that he has a specific family member I’ve been thinking of giving my MC for this app for days since reading the prologue. Voltage also gave the last sub-story for one of their other apps included in Love 365 an idea I had thought of since I first wrote one of my fanfics in 2014, and that fanfic is still a work in progress for me in 2017. I feel a bit closer to Voltage because I’m a fanfiction writer with similar ideas that I come up with which I find later on when the company releases apps and routes.


Love Scramble in the new characters in Main Story 2!

Takuto Hirukawa from Love Letter from Thief X
CV: 江口 拓也 - Takuya Eguchi
Haru Shindo from Celebrity Darling for Gree
CV: 内田雄馬 - Yuuma Uchida
Eduardo from Pirates in Love
CV: 立花 慎之介 - Shinnosuke Tachibana
Nomura Tadanobui from Metro PD: Close to You
CV: 三木 眞一郎 - Shinichirō Miki
Miyabi from Enchanted in the Moonlight
CV: 寺島 拓篤 - Takuma Terashima
Leon from Star-Crossed Myth
CV: 津田 健次郎 - Kenjiro Tsuda
Kakeru Kamui from 10 Days With My Devil
CV: 小野 友樹 - Yūki Ono
Haruhito Amano from 10 Days With My Devil
CV: 細谷 佳正 - Yoshimasa Hosoya


This song. Makes me smile.


Don’t know why, but I love it.

And Yoshito’s voice is cute. And Kyosuke’s voice is hot and cute too.


Oh god.

Well I’m sure I posted something like this before, but I’ll just do it again so it’ll stay on my tumblr as long as my account is around. Anyway, here’s just a post for Natsuki Orihara, who never got to have a debut for his English route in the GREE version of Celebrity Darling!