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The signs Bollywood CV


- Holds a Doctorate in (Bsp) Bollywood Spotifying- Can sing and do the dance moves to any song from 1960-present

- Currently running the #StopMovingToHollywood Campaign

- Runs a the wedding planner agency Dulhania Designer Le Jayenge


- Degree in (UCr) Unique Creations, creatively makes all Bollywood content their own by adding their own lyrics to the songs and their own words to the dialogue

- Chef at the 5 star restaurant Kabhi Khana Kabhi Gaana

- Director of the Life Insurance Company Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara


- Founder of the dessert Chain at Jab Tak Hai Jamun

- Heart Surgeon at the renowned specialist heart clinic called Dil Dhadakne Do

-  Part of a theatre group called Tamasha


- Degree in Scriptwriting Founder and Teacher at Bollywood Scriptwriting school called Learn Aaj Kal

- Part time Fashion Critic for Vogue India

- Recently launched their organic baby food brand called Baby Ko Broccoli Pasand Hai


- Owns the farm with renowned  horse-race horses as well as other farm animals called Barn Barn Dekho.

Regularly calls out celebrities on their twitter account @bollywood_ki_teigen.

- Can recite every dialogue for every movie that their faves have acted in


- Can do the dance steps to Kala Chashma, Kamli and Sheila Ki Jawaani

- Degree in (BOp) Box Office Psychology, investigates box office trends and is head stock broker at Bollywood Stock Market.

- Writes for a gossip column under the handle @bebo_said_it


- CEO of the CCU- Copycat Claims Unit. Investigates any copying from moving and regularly encourages film makers to create new content

- PHD in Khan-tology, did a dissertation on the so called last batch of superstars called the Khans.

- Gossip source to all newspapers, 12M followers on Twitter -@the_ranbir_kareena_karan_gossip_vortex


- Doctorate Degree in (BHi) Bollywood History, expert on Bollywood History

- Has curated a collection of writings inspired by Javed Akhtars poetry. Trying to get SLB to read their script.

- Dance Instructor at dancing school- Ae Dance Hai Mushkil


- Organises a marathon run each year titled Bhaag Mankind Bhaag

- Part of the LCP- Logic Critics Panel, tries to find the logic in convoluted movie plot lines

Degree in (BGe) Bollywood Geography, regularly posts photos of new movie locations on their instagram @bade_bade_deshon_mein


- Can recite entire films including dialogue recitation and singing the songs by heart

- Degree in (PIn) PR Investigation- Head of the PR Nonsense Investigating Unit which specialises in investigating PR planted stories and uncovering the truth.

- Founder of the Twinkle Khanna Fan Club. Currently trying to trend the hashtag #GiveTwinkleATVShow 


- Currently touted to be the next biggest Bollywood reality TV judge

- Founder of the BMA, Bollywood Meme Association

- CEO at a firm that recruits recruiters called Tujh Mein Recruiter Dikhta Hai


- Degree in (ASc) Action Science, works with scientists and mathematicians to find the logic in action sequences. 

- Has watched Hum Apke Hain Kaun 2435 times

- Activist for the sequel movement, a movement that seeks to encourage film makers to make sequels to hit films. Currently trying to convince Zoya Akhtar to tell us what happens to the Mehras in Dil Dhadakne Do.

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The signs Bollywood CV


- Holds a Doctorate in (Bsp) Bollywood Spotifying- Can sing and do the dance moves to any song from 1960-present

- Currently running the #StopMovingToHollywood Campaign

- Runs a the wedding planner agency Dulhania Designer Le Jayenge


- Degree in (UCr) Unique Creations, creatively makes all Bollywood content their own by adding their own lyrics to the songs and their own words to the dialogue

- Chef at the 5 star restaurant Kabhi Khana Kabhi Gaana

- Director of the Life Insurance Company Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

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Wake Up and Pay Attention

Why do people persist in thinking that Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Liam’s Twitter accounts are any less controlled than Louis’?  I’ve seen at least 2 or 3 people that I normally respect assume today that Liam is just over-sharing with all the drunk tweets.

It’s not a hard concept: if one part of the band is controlled, it’s likely that applies to the rest of the band as well.  The only conclusion I can come to is that people are blinding themselves by focusing only on Louis and Harry and assuming that only Louis and Harry are important.  Why else would they go against their own logic that they’ve posted time and again.

“Don’t trust anything that’s on social media” they say.  "Videos or it didn’t happen" they say.  "One Direction is a brand, not just a band" they say.  "The boys have constructed images in the media" they say.  "All celebrities have very controlled Twitter accounts" they say.  

Look at your own damn statements.  What?  You assume Liam loves to go out and get drunk because of all the pictures at Funky Buddha?  Harry goes out to parties as PR but Liam does it only because he wants people to take lots of pictures of his wasted face?  Louis advertises Yorkshire Tea and Domino’s but the amount Liam mentions Funky Buddha in particular has nothing to do with a promo deal?  

What?  You think that Harry is painted as posh on purpose when that’s not entirely true and Liam is painted as not that bright because he’s clearly an idiot?  You think that even Louis’ football tweets, which would seem in character, may be planted, but Liam’s tweets about being drunk and bored are 100% him?  You think Harry can see us talking about his Instagram photos but Liam can’t see us talking about how cringe-worthy and unprofessional “his” Twitter posts are?

There are plenty of people working on Twitter analyses for Louis’ Twitter.  Until I see an equivalent project with hard data for how likely it is that any of Liam’s tweets are his versus ones for promo or ones with an official agenda, I’m going to need people to get their heads out of their asses and open their eyes.

I’m working on one for Niall.  I challenge you to do the same for the other boys.

anonymous asked:

I almost feel sorry for Hayden cause he is at that age where you explore a lot of different opinions and say really stupid shit and think you have the whole world figured out and probably do annoy and piss off a lot of older people near you. But also he has a whole celebrity twitter account to fuck up like that on. At the same time, omg he's annoying, you just wanna slap him.

I don’t  feel sorry for him. I had enough sense at his age to not act like I knew everything. He’s old enough now, kid gloves are off, teen gloves come on. No time for coddling.

Anonymous said:                                                                      How do you think that’s going to play out? Callie and Jude used to be really close and I don’t see Maia and Hayden working together like that again. Maia really has had enough and to be honest it seems like most of the cast. Jude should go to study abroad or something             

I don’t think they’ve worked together much in a while. In fact, I think Teri was the only cast member he worked closely with, other than the other immature teenager on set (sorry guys).

What was shocking today was Sherri standing up for Maia. Sherri is super nice, and if she’s had enough, then … trouble.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Wow Sherri retweeted Maia’s shady tweet towards Hayden. I wonder if sherri knew she was talking about him             

I have to assume Sherri follows both people, so she saw it. Furthermore, Maia has since directed it at him, so she knows now.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Hayden use to be so sweet. I don’t know what happened to him. He’s just like his mom and it’s sad. His Dad might not be any better. Someone needs to set him straight. Is Jude rude to Callie because Hayden is rude to Maia. He’s young and ignorant but his parents are adults. They probably don’t care about how he acts. A while ago Jake T Austin liked a tweet about Hayden’s mom and her not be a good influence or something similar to that. So he must know stuff. No excuse for Hayden acting that way.             

I don’t know if he was ever sweet, but he used to keep his great “opinions” to himself. His ego grew through the course of the show which probably culminated in what he perceived as a win with the demise of Jonnor (total speculation). It also grew with people calling him mature, but he wasn’t. He was just opinionated. Hayden’s mom called Jake a drug addict on social media, everyone saw her fight with Jake, so that’s where his beef was.

Anonymous said:                                                                      I bet Hayden’s mom doesn’t care how he acts on Twitter. Someone needs to set his straight because I’m sure his mom won’t. Probably partly her fault hr acts like this.            

He is following her example. The thing is, if he wants to be an actor, he needs to clean up his act or he’ll never get another good gig again.

Anonymous said:                                                                      Wait what happened with Hayden? I don’t really pay attention to the actors, just watch the show and I’m curious           

Hayden read an article and thought that made him an expert on birth control. His male right activist self thought that women were mocking men for dropping out of a male birth control pill study due to side effects. Women, rightly so, have mocked this study because women have been dealing with these symptoms for decades. Instead of listening to women with personal experiences, he insisted that female side effects were either due to a placebo effect or “not a big deal.” Maia called him out on it, and he got pissy and how he’s asking why don’t more women become scientists and doctors if they care so much about women’s health.

He’s a misogynist.

anonymous asked:

People cannot seem to accept the fact that Calvin is the type to manipulate and change his mind at any given second for basically very little reason which is strange since the whole Twitter rant about TIWYCF and his behaviour afterwords is the perfect (public) example of him acting in such a way.

ok i’m gonna try and provide a quick run down of the situation for those of us who are either too young or too dense to connect the dots

1. corporate hackysack becomes distant and cold towards the end of his relationship with taylor swift.

2. taylor recognizing that she deserves more decides to leave the relationship after at least a small amount of time trying to stick it out.

3. taylor almost immediately enters into another relationship with tom hiddleston, i’m assuming in small part because he provided her with what corporate couldn’t/wouldn’t towards the end of theirs and it helped stop the bleeding.

4. fans and then media figure out that taylor swift probably co wrote and recorded background vocals for corporate’s most recent hit this is what you came for. when asked, instead of lying, taylor and her team confirm that the rumours are indeed true.

5. corporate, a self revealed douchebag who clearly continues to feel some degree of ownership over taylor swift, rants on twitter and claims she is deliberately trying to bury him because she’s bored and therefore isn’t truly happy in her new relationship.

6. taylor remains silent as she usually does in these situations until it is revealed she wrote little big town’s latest single ‘better man’. the lyrics are revealing to say the least.

7. in a desperate attempt to make himself look better, corporate feels the need to retweet a stan twitter account celebrating the success of tiwycf by @ ing taylor and thanking her for her involvement….please refer to point 5 if you can’t recall why this is complete and utter bullshit and listen to the song ‘better man’ to see how this kind of behaviour is completely in line with his character.

anonymous asked:

Dude im really new here. The one thing that makes no damn sense to me is why are there anti HarryLouis shippers? Like im currently following a bunch of Narry, LiLo and Hazoff (now Xarry, go figure) and they all genuinely think Harry and Louis are with those people. But i haven't seen blogs- either to hate on Narries et al, or to discuss why that ship isnt real. One argument i read was about how its difficult to casually ship Larry - since they dont interact on stage. But you could say the same +

(2) thing about Narry as well. But nobody is spending countless hours trying to disprove it? I’ve never been in a fandom where something is so vehemently antagonized. The only thing i have gotten out of this anti larry BS is that people find the NEED to disprove it- and that is only cuz they think that is the only ship with a semblance of being real.

I’ve certainly NEVER seen anything like this. Shipping members of a band together is not a new phenomenon. It’s been going on forever, and yet I’ve NEVER seen it responded to this way. Normally, you see the two band members even playing it up or joking around about it. They have fun with it. A lot of it is fan service. It’s really, really harmless. Most bands don’t react negatively to rumors of two of their members dating AT ALL. They play with it. They throw their fans a bone. They have fun with it.

NEVER have I seen a band react to those rumors in a way that would make them lose money. Because that’s the dice that 1DHQ rolled with. Not only did they shut down rumors, but they BULLIED their own fans. They made fans who had spent hundreds of dollars on the band (and would have continued to spend tons of money on the band) feel like they were doing something wrong by shipping Harry and Louis. That’s so abnormal. At the very least, if they were bothered by gay rumors, they could have just slowly phased out the friendship. No reason to go to the press about it. No reason to have lash outs on Twitter. It would have been far more organic, and they would not have risked a gamble with losing a segment of their fanbase. There is no financial business reason that makes sense for their course of action. ZERO. In fact, it probably would have been more profitable to continue to play up Larry - even in a joking manner. You’d have some segment of the fanbase that thought they were dating, but I’m sure the majority of people would have thought it was just two mates messing about. It would have been a bit of fun for the fans. Nothing to be taken seriously. That option or a slow phase out makes the most business sense. No member of any band should turn around and tell fans that they’re not a ‘real fan’ and INSULT them by demeaning their intelligence for some harmless shipping. That’s incredibly homophobic. They didn’t have to embrace the rumors if it made them uncomfortable. Again, like I mentioned, a slow phase out would have done the job. There’s no reason to turn around and insult your own fanbase. There’s no reason to create a hostile environment where bullying and calling names is acceptable, as a member of the band and his friends/family were doing so.

But, that’s the reason we have the environment that we do. That’s the reason Larry shippers are hated, and that’s the reason ‘anyone but Louis’ exists. This fandom has been trained that if they like Larry, they are not real fans, and the band hates them. THAT’s what 1DHQ taught their fanbase. It’s VERY effective. If your idol tells you something like that, you immediately run from the source of anger as fast as you can. Like. Look at Seaworld! Harry hates Seaworld, makes a comment about it, and Seaworld’s hate mentions go THROUGH THE ROOF and they blame Harry for a major decline in sales. It WORKS. That’s why products associated with 1D sell well. If 1D doesn’t like something, their fans don’t like it either. If 1D likes something, their fans like it, too. So, when Louis and his family and his friends said they didn’t like Larry, the fanbase didn’t like Larry either.

It should have been handled like any other ship. You have people that think Zayn and Liam are together, but there is no treatment of that ship like Larry has been. Narry, Lilo, Niam, Nouis, Zouis, Lirry - you can ship ANYTHING, and it’s encouraged and played up by the band. But, you can’t touch Larry. Had they treated Larry like any other ship, the rumors most likely would have died out. People would have assumed that was just the way they were. But, instead, they made it taboo if you believed, and fans have been taught to hate it and lash out. So, that’s why there are “antis.” Because they were taught that such was the attitude they needed to have.

Why that was the avenue to go down when other ways would have been far more profitable is a different question altogether.  They could make more money off of 5 straight boys than 3 straight boys and 2 in a relationship with one another, with their target audience at the time. You stop people from digging and finding out the truth by making them feel like a bad person for doing so. If there was nothing to the rumors, then it all would have been harmless fun for fans. But, the fact is that you don’t hide something if there is nothing to hide. Especially with this team. If there’s money to made somewhere, they will capitalize on it. And they could have capitalized out the wazoo on Larry. You see that now. You see gossip sites, news sites, Twitter accounts, celebrities, COCA-COLA trying to make a buck off of Larry. You’re telling me that ALL of those sources realize that this a goldmine, but 1DHQ didn’t? No. If there was nothing there, they would have had made money off of it. They didn’t because the price of the truth, at the time, was too much of a risk. They didn’t want people finding something out, so they made them stop looking. That’s why Larry is treated by this fandom the way that it is. That’s why everything else is okay, and Larry isn’t. And if you’re not asking WHY that is, especially when it’s not profitable, then I don’t know what to tell you.

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it's really no secret that tons of people have access to celebrity Twitter accounts. even Adele said she doesn't manage hers because she kept tweeting things she shouldn't. can't they eventually say, after paternity is denied, that someone jumped the gun with those tweets and Louis always knew the truth?

Imagine if, among all the shit that comes out, is open talk about how their twitters have been used to attack the artists and the fans.