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Big News Everyone!

Rapid Pixel Adventures is about to turn 1 year old!

On June 11th we will have @rapidpixeladventure’s birthday bash!

We are accepting fan art and the ask box will be open for commands all week long!

Reblog this so new readers can start: HERE to read the whole series!
For new readers: “It’s an interactive animated webcomic about a tiny ball of clay that comes to life in a vast and uncaring fantasy world. Readers can use the ask box to submit commands for the protagonist to perform and work together to solve puzzles. Lost civilizations, hordes of strange monsters and ancient arcane mysteries await you and your team-mates!” 

Together we have made more than 350 pages in a year! That is amazing and I love all of my amazing fans!

WE Did It

I’m completely serious when I say- I never, in my life, expected anything like this to happen.  It’s been less then a year now since I joined this wonderful community, and today this dinky, little blog reached 1,000 followers!  I’m still in shock.  Guys.  Thank you!  Your support means the world to me- I doubt I would’ve gotten this far without it- and to now see that number.  GAH!  It’s insane!  

I wish I could thank every single one of you without cluttering up your feed, but just know that you are appreciated more than I can say.  Your encouragement, understanding, and kindness has made me feel so at home here, and I wish I could hug you and thank you in person for what you’ve done.  

And since this is such a huge landmark for this blog, I want to do something special to celebrate!  Something for you guys!  If you have any ideas of something I could do on this platform to thank you all and mark this occasion, please don’t hesitate to message me or send in an ask!  

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you all for helping me grow as a writer and individual!  

I love you all!

Ellie 💜

“People Will Stare. Make It Worth Their While” Harry Winston 


Imagine #167

Imagine you are a princess, next in line to the throne, and Tom proposes to you outside your home, Buckingham Palace (Imagine your inside the gates and with less people around)

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Myself and I

Hello all! I am creating a blog dedicated to celebrating all of the beautiful people in the world and I would like your help.

Since this is a new project, I do not yet have anything to post yet. I know that Tumblr has many wonderful users and I was hoping that a few of you would be open to sharing your stories with the world.

If you would like to be featured on this blog please submit your name, a picture of yourself, your age, and a story you would like to share with the world about how you came to love yourself, about your struggle to find your beauty, or any tips you have for people still struggling to love themselves. 

This blog is also welcoming of all races, genders, sexual orientations, etc.

All are welcome!

My goal is to spread the love and encourage others to find within them the beauty that we all see.

Submit here


Happy new year~^^ The hanbok has become much smaller…

remushlupin  asked:

hi there i voted for you to keep this one! ⚡ and congrats on 6k you're awesome!

Thank you so much cutie !

COMPLIMENT: (okay why wasn’t I following youuu ?? I was 1000% sure I followed you ??) Ahhh I love your url tbh and your icon is very very very pretty ! Also I just love how organized your blog is and basically evertyhing you post is just super pretty + I love your update tab !

6k celebration