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As much as I shudder about how uncool people can be in terms of Larry on the internet, I am far more annoyed when celebrities troll the fandom as a set-up for insulting them. And ESPECIALLY when it's an LGBT celeb acting like it's insanity to think that anyone might be closeted. It's ugly.

yes i agree. she knew exactly what she was doing by liking that comment in the first place.

and like you said - she knows how fucked up the industry is and how much of it is fake/built on lies and she still decided that gaslighting the people who see through the bullshit was a cool thing to do.

i’m not impressed.

Mymanifesto Magnified

OK peeps, it is the weekend, I was out all day and just checked out the Twitter drama created by this @anniefannie70 against Bunny and HKN.

I am not on social media 24/7 unlike some stalkers and haters, I think they are just talking about themselves when they ‘accuse’ me as such. So, I went and look at her tweets, and only bothered to ‘study’ her TL over the last 24 hours.

All I can see is a repetitive harping of the word Proof…Proof…proof…’ examples:

OK, anniefannie70 wants proof of RK. When she couldn’t get them, she says HKN and Bunny are both liars and racists etc. When she couldn’t provide proof they are liars or racists, SHE provided her own LIES and SLANDER (without PROOF MIND YOU) about seeing HKN in KKK Hood on Instagram and also her brother knowing HKN’s mom in ‘Klan Meetings’.

Here, she starts crusading for the ‘private lives of Rob, Kristen and Twigs’, ohhhh….how rich.

One hand asking for proof of private information of celebrities at the other hand asking for respect of their private lives.

Hypocritical much?

And you know what? I did look up the definition of harassment:

Underlined words are EXACTLY what anniefannie70 is doing; threatening Bunny, with systematic and continued unwanted annoying actions,  merely to gain sadistic pleasure from making her fearful and anxious.

Asking to proof OVER and OVER and OVER again:

When she couldn’t make the racism, liars or haters labels stick because she has no proof, she tries to go at it again saying it is a cult. Again, proof is not necessary on HER side of argument, not even when she accuses someone being seen in a KKK hood or attending a Klans meeting.

Calling some group a cult because we couldn’t, wouldn’t, didn’t, shouldn’t, basically NOT our call to prove and hey, what about R/K private lives huh?

When she still couldn’t prove anything she said so far in the last 24 hours, she DEMANDED more proof:

Then she goes on accusing HKN tweeted hate to Twig’s friends and business associates, and that Bunny is not related to Kristen. Hello? Proof please?  BTW I have more than 50 first cousins scattered all over the world, I can’t provide proof they are my cousins, (not that it is anyone’s business or benefit) does that mean they are not my cousins? I couldn’t afford so many DNA tests and reports you know. (*sarcasm*) and honest to God I met one cousin randomly on a business trip in a foreign country, and only knew that he is my first cousin after exchanging name cards and background stories and discovered we have the same grandfather. NOT JOKING. But then it is not any of your business nor should I owe YOU anything proof to my story. Get my drift?

You mean issues like Race and Racism are not REAL and important enough to be discussed and resolved? That proving two well-known strangers’ marriage is of more importance in COURT? Why is her well-being, existence and integrity hinging upon the marital status of strangers? What are the charges? Who are the defendants and plaintiffs? Is her livelihood dependent on R/K’s marital status?

The best part is calling others Liars and hypocrites who hurt other people. You want proof of my last statement?

Slightly more than a day ago, anniefannie70 retweeted someone’s report to Twitter about being harassed (assuming it is out of goodwill and being a good citizen to call out bad behaviour), The following threats are self-explanatory, and also could be proof in court of law for slander if Bunny wants to pursue it.

Just curious, what is anniefannie70 going to say to the ‘kids’ parents’ if she managed to reach them?

Before she is able to reach them, she has already infringed the confidentiality clause of students’ and employees’ data of said school. Or you mean unless she intended to stand outside the school gate and shout out for those parents ‘whose kids are under Bunny Sherman?’ , or she intends to hack into the school database to mass-email parents? Then she is spamming, harassing and breaching of data. There is ALL KINDS of wrong in that ‘stated intention’ tweet of hers. And IF she managed to jump through all those legal hoops and managed to reach them is she going to say ‘hey your kid is being exposed to a lie that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are married and have kids’, detrimental to their learning environment and intellectual development because it is perpetuated by one of your staff?’

Want to repeat this statement a few times to make herself sound absolutely certifiable? It is almost guaranteed a place for mental disorder (including the traits of stalker’s  slanderous social media behaviour to instil and incite fear, anxiety and damage of potential livelihood of complete strangers).

Ok, these last two points are bonus:

Personal agenda right there, it is never about R/K’s privacy, happiness etc, it is about exposing someone due to her own hatred. So much so that if she had the money she would want to waste it on something so stupid like addressing bloggers’ content and social media musings. You mean not to help more refugees or homeless in DC (like she tweeted), or support her political parties? You know like putting money to make a difference in real lives issues? She’d rather spend on ‘exposing’ someone’s happy thoughts on social media about two actors they like? I can’t wait for a lawyer or accountant to give her a figure on how pointless and futile that effort will be.

So the whole time we are harping on PROOF PROOF PROOF. I would be really interested to know if she could provide proof that she went through an oral surgery (please tell me the dentist and procedure, what,where,when…just like proof is needed for Kristen’s pregnancies) Come on it is only fair. She could be a swindler asking for ‘Go Fund Me’ for her oral surgery.

Oh and PROOF that she has a husband. You know marriage certificate and all? She could be a serial killer sitting in the basement with a  thousand cats eating little children and puppies for fun, just saying. You know since it is only fair when she needs proof that Rob and Kristen are married. Yes, go take pain killers, she will need plenty for the mind bogging proof of concepts, lies and ideas in her head, and oh to digest those hate along with it, sharing with her like-minded followers. 

This is my version of Saturday Night Life Entertainment. A 24-hour observation and tweets analysis in the psychology of a stalker and hater named MyManifesto@anniefannie70 on twitter.

23rd Jan 2016

I don’t understand the point of hating on Geminis. Some are two-faced, but we have some cool folks.

Yeah, there’s Iggy Azalea and Donald Trump, but we have Morgan Freeman, Marilyn Monroe, Chris Pratt, LAVERNE FREAKING COX, and some other cool folks.

If anything, we should be redirecting our hate to Sagitarrius “people” instead. All they have is Miley Cyrus and she’s a cultural appropriating brat. Same with Taylor Swift. And before anyone goes “but muh nicki minaj” let me tell you SHE IS A SCORPIO FROM NOW ON.


Also, I’m not a troll