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Fitz in the Flesh

Unfortunately I did not take any pictures. I was walking from my office to the Men’s department. At first I walked passed him, but did a double take & realized for sure it was him. I kinda froze but then carried on downstairs to “look” for this item. I watched him walk around upstairs on the 2nd floor landing, he has this doofy kind of walk. When I got back upstairs he was at the cash wrap, checking out. He’s so delicious. He was talking to the cashier. And then he took his bag, gave a soft smile in my direction while leaving the store.


  • he had on a black puffer jacket, blue jeans, & black boots — really casual
  • he bought a few small items; gifts & Dylan’s Candy 
  • his hair is le perf
  • he smells clean… ordinary… manly but ordinary 
  • if his energy while shopping for candy is this enticing — i totally get why there’s an #Olitz dilemma
  • sweet baby jeebus

I didn’t take any pictures because I was obviously fanboing, and because he was so adorable. He also didn’t stay too long. By time I walked back to my desk for my phone, he was gone. So delicious.

And he was holiday shopping. I didn’t want to be that fan that fcuks up your off-day outing.


So I met Dianna Agron today at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Beverly Blvd., and I may have whispered her name too loud (I was so excited and freaked out) that she looked at me and smiled (she’s so cute pushing her push cart and being awesome lol), and my aunt (bless her) actually said hi and that gave me the courage (yes, courage) to actually speak up (and smiling like a total weirdo) saying “Hi! Can I get a photo with you?” And she said “Yes, of course!” with that beautiful smiling face of hers. She parked her push cart and boom! I mentally crossed out an item off my LA bucket list—meet and have a photo with a celebrity. Lucky me! (Maybe I should hangout at Erewhon more often… Bahahaha!)

P.S. Adding her photo with my brother because their photo looks better than mine. Ouch. I took that, btw. Sigh. 😜


Here’s what fans say to celebrities on the street

An investigation by Vanity Fair 

This is Tyler Hoechlin. Have you seen him in MTV’s Teen Wolf? Well, out of all of the “celebrities” I’ve met over the years, he has got to be one of the most charming and friendliest people I have met. Opening the door, introducing me to his brother, and even holding up the "Zot" sign for his UCI pride… I’m glad to have found myself meeting and eating some sushi with this man tonight. He was super nice and such a gentleman, I couldn’t quite believe this was happening!

I guess I was at the right place at the right time. ;)


Out of all of my–sometimes, and at first, awkward–celebrity encounters, he had to be one of the sweetest. I never even really liked him/had a crush on him before… But, after meeting him, I can definitely see his charm. That says something. :’)

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After years of loving Cappie from Greek & now Leo in Chasing Life & Kristoff in Once Upon A Time, I can’t believe I met Scott Michael Foster in Disneyland!!!!!!!!! I saw him walk past me & freaked out about that. Then HE CAME BACK & bought chapstick from me (really big deal, I know). We started chit chatting & I asked him what brought him to Disneyland. (disclaimer: as a cast member, we are not supposed to act starstruck with celebrities. We are taught to treat them like normal guests because mos of the time that is all they want.) He told me it was his friend’s first time here so he was showing him is favorite ride – Space Mountain. I gave him a “First Visit” button for his friend & he told me he needed a button too! He was just as attractive & charming as he is on TV. Moral of the story: we’re now in love