celebrity sighting

Now that the holidays have passed, figured I’d share a fun moment I had. This picture was taken a few days before Christmas. My good friend was in town (hey, @sjohn164) so we went in to Manhattan (I live in Queens) to shop and see the Star Wars exhibition, among other things. We were walking down a pretty deserted street and it was pouring out, when I spotted what I thought was a familiar face standing under an awning. I walked past her but stopped at the end of the street and told my friend I though that it was Anna Kendrick that we had just passed. I mean, I hadn’t gotten a really good look at her so how could I possibly know. Anyway, my friend wasn’t convinced and she didn’t want to go back but I couldn’t help but think about it. So I turned around (without my friend, which she regrets) and approached this woman. What do you know, it was Anna Kendrick and her brother(??) or some young guy. Ahhhhh!

She was so sweet and generous and asked for my name so she could greet me with it! Then she shook my hand, with her small dainty hands (they are so little!!) and we got to talking for a few minutes. When I asked if I could get a picture she asked if she could turn her hat around for it because it made her look cooler. She wished me well and told me to try to stay dry and we parted. Such a lovely person and I’m a big supporter. I meet a lot of A listers because of the work I do….but to finally meet an idol of mine just randomly on the street….that’s NYC for you.

OMG Guys!

I totally saw Patton Oswalt at Disneyland today!! We were waiting in line for pictures with the Mad Hatter, and he got in line right behind us with his daughter! I wanted to ask for a picture, but I didn’t wanna be that creeper guy. Also, I figured I’d just let him have his family day at Disney. Anyway, cool things happened that warranted a blog post. Carry on.