celebrity sighting


So I met Dianna Agron today at Erewhon Natural Foods Market in Beverly Blvd., and I may have whispered her name too loud (I was so excited and freaked out) that she looked at me and smiled (she’s so cute pushing her push cart and being awesome lol), and my aunt (bless her) actually said hi and that gave me the courage (yes, courage) to actually speak up (and smiling like a total weirdo) saying “Hi! Can I get a photo with you?” And she said “Yes, of course!” with that beautiful smiling face of hers. She parked her push cart and boom! I mentally crossed out an item off my LA bucket list—meet and have a photo with a celebrity. Lucky me! (Maybe I should hangout at Erewhon more often… Bahahaha!)

P.S. Adding her photo with my brother because their photo looks better than mine. Ouch. I took that, btw. Sigh. 😜