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How to name a stuffie

Method 1:
Pick a color you like
Pick a cute food you like
Method 2:
Find the names of foods in other languages
Ex: Peach translated to Japanese: Momo
Method 3:
Puns on celebrity names
Ex: Rabbit Downey Jr.
Method 4:
Sweet names
Ex: Charlotte, Abby, Jasmine, Belle/a, Mimi (names in other languages too: Rin, Yuki, etc.)
Method 5:
Two words thrown together
Ex: Bubblelace, Puffbow, Mooncloud

It’s that time… where I have to vent my plance feels:

I know that for many people plance is not a slowburn, but for me it is. It’s a quiet slowburn with a hidden but important development.

They didn’t had a great start, mostly because Pidge was trying to concentrate on her mission, but you can see she didn’t want that. She didn’t want to be rude and she didn’t want to leave.

it would’ve been so much different if it wasn’t for the situation she was in.

Lance was probably one of the first persons that at least wanted to bond with her. Lance doesn’t care about science, he doesn’t fully comprehend it, but he’s not like Pidge’s classmates, he supports her and is amaze by her. He tried to understand science when Pidge explained the importance and beauty she sees in it and that’s new! That’s new for Pidge because someone who doesn’t care about science in the way she does actually think she’s great.


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My amazing friends did a fun song!
You might get a hint that we’re really into science.

By: https://m.facebook.com/jonyoonmusic/

What’s it like to date Shawn Mendes

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Ask Anything: {Here}

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  • You are a YouTuber
  • You do challenge videos
  • You met during Magcon you were a guest on the tour
  • “You know you were there from the start and I still don’t know why I didn’t fall you for you sooner” “Shawn I love you and that all you got to worry about”
  • “Whoopsidaisies!" “What did you do now (Y/N)” “I just casually dropped the bag of flour on the ground and now your kitchen looks pure white” “I don’t- I can’t” *leaves kitchen*

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                    Champ & Stinger Appreciation

                                      october 1st - 31st

every ranger deserves their time to shine so that’s why few of us have banded together and we want you to join in! whether its gifsets, fanfic, fanart, a collection of headcanons, fanmixes, or liveblogging your favorite episode - don’t hesitate to show this months ranger ship some love!

tag your posts with ranger lovefest so we can all find each other and reblog!

this month’s ranger ship is: Champ & Stinger (Uchu Sentai Kyuranger)

(because october’s a special month, we’re having a special DOUBLE LOVEFEST!  Check out the month’s other ship here! )