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How to name a stuffie

Method 1:
Pick a color you like
Pick a cute food you like
Method 2:
Find the names of foods in other languages
Ex: Peach translated to Japanese: Momo
Method 3:
Puns on celebrity names
Ex: Rabbit Downey Jr.
Method 4:
Sweet names
Ex: Charlotte, Abby, Jasmine, Belle/a, Mimi (names in other languages too: Rin, Yuki, etc.)
Method 5:
Two words thrown together
Ex: Bubblelace, Puffbow, Mooncloud

No one is perfect—never mind

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Heck, even Ezra thinks Eddie’s purrfect.

Chanyeol B-day Countdown ; Different Sides of Chanyeol

D-14: modyeol


Everybody Please Take A Moment Out Of Your Life To Look At This Man Dressed As A Crab, As He Is Now My Son

One follower away from 100?????

How the heck did this happen I only really came on this last October

Just wanted to say thanks to wonderful group of nerds!!! I guess one could say we’re a Gross of nerds XD

*waits for someone to get the reference*

Any of y'all interested in a little celebration? Time to enjoy a bit of fun ^^

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