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Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whiteley at the ‘Fate of the Furious’ premiere in New York at Radio City Music Hall.


For whatever reason The New York Post has a problem with Beyoncé and her fans being happy about her pregnancy. They posted two articles in two days, that did nothing but show how much hate lies in their hearts. How can you even tear a women apart for being happy and confident while pregnant. You don’t have to like Beyoncé or her music to know that this is gross and unnecessary. Having a baby is miracle for all women, but to attack a woman who has previously suffered a miscarriage for being happy and healthy, while carrying twins at 35 lets me know you are truly sick. Beyoncé and all women deserve to be happy about becoming a mother and they all deserve to feel like goddesses! GO FUCK YOURSELF IF YOU DON’T THINK SO!


Prompt: “How about you leave me the fudge alone!”

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1177

Warnings: Dean gets hurt, pregnant reader. Tooth-rotting fluff

A/n: Written for @deals-with-demons 200 follower challenge! This was the first challenge I’ve participated in so I’m really excited! This is such a fluffy fic. Seriously I think this is the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written in my life, I’m such an angsty person so… I apologize if this is terrible. 

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You’d finally had enough, this was the last straw. You paced around Bobby’s kitchen, where you have been and would continue to be cooped up while your husband and brother-in-law grounded you from hunting until further notice, leaving you to FBI and research duty. They said it was only until everything was safe, which… meant you would be here forever. Not that you didn’t love Bobby, but with your condition you’ve been even more grouchy than him lately.

The current reason for your ire was standing in the doorway leading to the living room, and he couldn’t figure out why you were so angry. You finally shouted, “How about you leave me the fudge alone!”

Your husband put a hand to his forehead. “Oh I’m having flashbacks.” Dean shuddered a bit before coming up behind you to wrap his arms around you. “When are you gonna stop being mad at me?”

“When you replace the apple pie and vanilla bean ice cream you inhaled after I’d told you that I’ve been craving it.” You turned around in his arms and glared into his eyes. “Your son isn’t making me crave anything weird, the least you can do is not eat his fudging pie!”

“Okay babe, I know you’re mad. And I understand, - I do -  but…” Dean furrowed his eyebrows. “Why are you censoring yourself with pagan god-approved curse words? Our bun is still in the oven, she can’t hear your dirty girl mouth.”

You smacked his chest and smirked up at him. He began to sway you both back and forth in the middle of the kitchen. “Actually Winchester, he can hear us talking just fine at this stage. But that’s not why I’m watching my language.”

Grinning, he said, “Oh really? Well you wanna share with the rest of the class, sweetheart?”

You shrugged. “Just trying to kick the habit of using the fuck word,” your hand covered his mouth when he opened it to interrupt you, “among other bad language words. The last thing I want is for our son’s first words to be ‘Son of a bitch!’” He chuckled and tried to spin you. “You know there isn’t any music playing, right?”

He shrugged. “So? Pretend we’re that couple from that sappy movie you roped me into watching that one day.”

Dean pulled you back to his chest and began to hum a song you didn’t recognize. “You mean The-“

His lips were on yours instantly. “Just shut up and dance with me.”

You laughed. “You just don’t want to admit that you actually liked-“


“Dammit Dean!” Bobby helped Sam guide Dean as best he could into the house and onto the couch. “What the hell happened!”

Dean coughed when he tried to laugh lightly. “You cussed… sweetheart.”

“If you weren’t possibly dying, I might kill you Dean.” You told Sam to get the first aid kit, whiskey, and some towels. “What happened, Bobby!”

“Honey it was something unheard of. No one could have figured out it was two wendigos, they just don’t pair up like that.” He sighed, putting more pressure to the claw marks on Dean’s chest. “Your idiot husband got cocky.”

You were worrying over Dean when Sam came back with Cas in tow. “Even better than a first aid kit.”

Dean groaned. “Can I still have the whiskey?” The light from Cas’s grace brightened the room. You moved and wrapped your arms tightly around Dean’s neck, his hand went to the back of your head to pull you closer. He kissed your head. “I’m okay, sweetheart.” He looked up at Cas. “Thanks for saving my ass… Again.”

He nodded to his friend. “Dean you were very lucky…. Let us hope that your daughter is not as foolish,” the angel muttered.

Your head whipped over to face him. “Say that again Cas?”

He was confused before it dawned on him. “You didn’t know… I apologize-“

Instantly you were hugging him. “Don’t you dare apologize. It’s a girl… You’re sure?”

“Well yes, I’m more than fairly certain.” He smiled softly and reached out to your growing bump. “She is… content. I would say happy, but she does not yet know such a feeling.”

You cleared your throat to help keep yourself together, but the tears in your eyes gave you away. “Thank you, Cas.”

He smiled at you and then at Dean. “Congratulations. I am happy for the two of you.” The fluttering of his wings indicated the angel’s departure.

Sam hugged his brother, patting him on the back. He looked at him for a moment before grinning widely. “We were right!”

“I know!”

Bobby just shook his head. “Idjits.” He gave you a one-armed hug. “I’m happy for you, honey. I know you were banking on a boy but… Hell I’m getting a granddaughter! I don’t even care that it means the tweedles were right.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” You whispered. “Me either.” You laughed and he bid you all goodnight.

Sam hugged you and told you congratulations before going upstairs for a shower, and finally you and Dean were alone. “Hi…”

He sat on the couch and pulled you into his lap, kissing you fiercely. “Hi,” he said deeply.

“You feeling okay, sweetheart?”

“I’m so much more than okay right now. I’m fan-fudging-tastic.” He smirked at you.

You laid your head on his chest, soothed by his heart beating. “I hate how much I worry about you, and Sam. Especially now that I can’t be there to watch your backs… I know Bobby is more than capable, but-“

“It’s not the same.” He finished for you. “I get it, sweetheart. Ever since we first met and you told me you ‘Worked solo, because I don’t need any pretty boy hunters thinking they can boss me around.’

You chuckled. “You remember what you said to me?”

He nodded. “’You think I’m pretty?’

You smiled and kissed his jaw. “Prettiest damn hunter there is.”

“Do you even own a mirror?” He scoffed.

You kissed his jaw before falling into a comfortable silence. After a while you said, “I love you, Dean Winchester.”

He kissed your head. “I love you too, Y/n Winchester.” His hand went to your belly. “And I love our tiny bean too. It wouldn’t have mattered if it was a boy or girl, I just want her to be safe and happy…” His voice trailed off as his mind wandered.

You knew he was worrying himself about how to protect the both of you. The only conclusion he could ever think of was to get out of the life, but trouble always followed the Winchester name, and you’d be back to square one.

You leaned up to kiss his lips. “Come back to me, Dean. We’ll worry about it another day.”

He sighed. “Okay.”

“So…” You grinned, trying to lighten the mood. “Since we know it’s a girl, I was thinking about the name Ally-“

“If you finish that sentence, I’m breaking every copy of that movie I see from here on out.”

Congratulations to Queen Bey and Jay Z! The couple will welcome twins in September and we’re guessing the pregnancy cravings are likely in full force. People Magazine reported Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Basil is Beyoncé’s favorite pasta dish—so, enjoy in honor of Bey tonight. 

Spaghetti with Fresh Tomato Sauce & Basil

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