celebrity philanthropy

This little #Syrian boy (former Syrian refugee) celebrates Albanian Philanthropy in Prishtina. The joy in his eyes is typical of a child feeling safe, loved and nurtured in our environment!

One day this handsome little boy will tell the world that he and his family found a home in #Kosovo.

But until then his #Syrian peers need the world to stop the genocide against them.

What made me smile this week:

Sunday: I wore sweatpants all day today. Have you guys noticed a pattern in my Sundays yet? This weekly exercise is making it pretty clear that I become an enormous slob almost every Sunday. Oh well, it’s important to relax every once in a while! It made me smile.

Monday: I watched The Wild Thornberries Movie with my friend Jessie tonight, and if you don’t know what that is, it means you probably were not a kid during the 90s. It made me smile.

Tuesday: I ordered 800 new superlong bendy straws because I just ran out of my last batch. They arrived in the mail today, and I was delighted to discover they are even longer than the previous ones! I can basically drink from a cup that’s in a separate room from me with these badboys. It made me smile.

Wednesday: I was a co-emcee at a National Philanthropy Day celebration this morning at DeSales University. I was the tiniest bit nervous about performing well in front of about 300 people, but everything went smoothly! Thank you to the awesome people at the Association of Fundraising Professionals for letting me be a part of the day. It made me smile!

Thursday: Sarah brought Swedish meatballs for lunch and they smelled like puréed garbage. It made me smile and gag.

Friday: Ida and I had a wild night out on the town that consisted of Ta'chos (tater tots with nacho toppings) and Ida nearly crashing my van about 26 times (kidding, you did great!). It made me smile.

Saturday: I posted something on my personal Facebook seeking help next Friday while my parents went away with friends. Within minutes, my phone and FB inbox were blowing up with messages from people wanting to help–friends, family, and many strangers. I am a very lucky individual to be surrounded by this much love. Thank you everyone! You made me smile!

What made you smile this week?