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Golden Boy

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2165

Warnings: Smut - NSFW

Summary: After playfully sending suggestive pictures to Chris right before he presents at the Oscars you realize that you are in for the night of your life.

Author’s Notes: This wasn’t planned. I had no idea Chris was going to wear a velvet bowtie to the Oscars. I’m basically CEvans Trash. I literally just wrote this – instead of watching the freaking Oscars – so if there are any ridiculous grammar errors – please forgive me… I am tired and hormonal. This is probably trash, ha!

I tagged those of you that liked my initial post asking about this (along with some others). Soo yeah…..

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You hummed to yourself absentmindedly as you applied the rest of your makeup. Chris had promised his mom that he would take her to the Oscars this year, and you had agreed that it was a good idea. After the show was over you were to meet up with him to go to the after parties – which, let’s face it, were always the best part of the night. As you rapped your knuckles lightly on the bathroom countertop your phone dinged – alerting you to an incoming message. You reached for it as you finished putting on your lipstick. Of course it was from Chris.

“Miss you beautiful. Can’t wait to show you off to everyone.” You couldn’t help but smile at this. Of course he would send you something sweet. He had panicked that you would be upset about not going with him to the show, but you had assured him over and over that it was fine.

You had watched him get ready earlier that afternoon – the sight of him in his fitted suit and velvet tie had left your panties soaked. While you had secretly hoped for a quickie before he left for the show you had reasoned with yourself that there wasn’t time. Even the thought of the way he looked caused the tingling between your legs to start again. You checked the time on your cellphone before smiling. If the show was running on time Chris would be presenting within the next five minutes – you turned towards the television playing in the hotel bedroom for confirmation that the scheduling had not gone askew. It hadn’t and you couldn’t help but think how perfect the timing was. You were still only wearing your lingerie – not willing to wear your beautiful dress in fear of getting makeup on it. You positioned your hand over your panties, suggestively touching yourself, and formed a pout before snapping a picture.

“Wishing you could give me a hand.” You texted as you sent the picture. You could tell by your notifications that he had immediately seen it and you couldn’t help but smirk to yourself as you sat your phone down and finished getting ready.

“Jesus Christ,” Chris muttered to himself as he opened your text.

“Everything okay?” Someone beside him asked.

“Oh yeah… yeah,” he nervously blundered as he secured his phone safely back into his pocket. He was due to go on national television any minute, and was now also secretly praying that he could quell his body’s response to your text long enough to present. He chuckled nervously to himself. He knew you had done it on purpose. He had told you when his presentation was, and who it was after so you wouldn’t miss it. “I swear to god, Y/N. You’re going to be the death of me,” he mumbled to himself as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Mr. Evans are you sure you’re okay?” A stagehand asked nervously.

“Never been better!” He announced a little too enthusiastically. Causing his co-presenter to jump beside me.

“Great… you are on in five….four…”

That was fine – he thought to himself – two could certainly play this game and payback was going to be a bitch.

You were nervous. After your text you had never received a response from Chris, but you were sure that he had saw it. Initially you had laughed during his presentation. He seemed maybe just a little flustered – most people wouldn’t have noticed, but most people hadn’t taken him to bed before either. As you exited the limousine you looked around nervously – nearly jumping out of your skin when a warm arm wrapped itself around your waist.

“Hey Babe,” he whispered into your ear – giving you a quick peck on the cheek. You looked up at him and he graced you with one his dazzling smiles. It was only when you really looked into his eyes that you realized he had definitely seen the picture, had certainly reacted to it, and the game was totally on. You swallowed hard – trying to bottle up your excitement as he smirked at you while you walked towards the entrance of the venue. “Just for the record,” he whispered – his beard tickling your ear – “I had to masturbate in the bathroom during the Academy Awards, because of you.” He gave your ass a quick slap which caused you to straighten up in surprise. You couldn’t help but smirk back at him – this was certainly going to be a night to remember.

“Sebby!” Chris shouted as he waived Sebastian over to your table. Sebastian said his hellos before taking a seat between Jeremy and Chris.

“What was up with you tonight?” Sebastian asked with a smirk. His eyes seemed to twinkle with humor as he offered you a wink.

“What do you mean?” Chris asked as he tried his hardest to keep a straight face – failing miserably.

“You seemed a little flustered is all,” Sebastian shrugged as he laughed. “Can’t imagine what would cause Chris to lose his cool,” he added to which Jeremy chuckled.

“I was a little distracted by something,” Chris added seriously as he turned his gaze to you. You knew the more his friends joked the more you were going to pay once you were alone with him.

You smiled shyly as you brought a glass of wine to your lips. “I guess you need to work on that babe,” you shrugged before turning your attention back to your conversation with Jeremy’s wife.

The following hours seemed uneventful – at least where Chris’s revenge was concerned. You gushed over celebrities like Emma Stone, as he politely introduced you – never taking his eyes off of you as you interacted with his friends. Everyone continued to drink – the alcohol seemed endless. Each time a bottle was finished at least two more arrived to replace it.

“Everyone should be dancing!” Sebastian declared as he rose from his chair.

“Oh come on man,” Chris muttered as he shook his head. His face was tinged pink from the amount of alcohol he had consumed. “I don’t know if I can even stand right now,” he laughed.

“Y/N?” Sebastian asked as he offered you his hand. You took it willingly looking over his shoulder to see Chris’s reaction. He was watching you like a hawk – good.

You left the table with Sebastian hand-in-hand. Out of all of Chris’s friends you liked Sebastian the best – probably because you had known him before you had ever met Chris. “You are going to have hell to pay,” Seb laughed as you danced against him.

“A girl can only hope,” you laughed as you smirked in Chris’s direction. He was already rising from his chair – his eyes trained only on you and his best friend.

“That didn’t take long,” Sebastian laughed as Chis meandered his way through the crowd. As he neared Sebastian shouted, “She’s all yours,” before laughing and walking back to the table where everyone else had stayed.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” Chris muttered into your ear as he pulled you roughly into him. He placed his hands on your hips –guiding them to grind into him as you felt his growing erection. “You kill me,” he muttered breathlessly against your neck. You could feel the wetness between your legs grow as he continued to harden against your contact. The feeling caused you to let out a soft moan. “Oh do you like that,” he whispered seductively into your ear.

“Yes,” you responded breathlessly. “Chris, I…” but he cut you off.

“Follow me,” he demanded as he took your hand, guiding you towards one of the many private bathrooms. Being a celebrity had its perks – at least you had a room to yourself.

You sighed as Chris looked the bathroom door behind him. You were ready. Ready for him to ravage every part of your body.

“Not so fast,” he chuckled as he pushed you gently onto the couch – you never quite understood the need for couches in bathrooms, but for once you were glad to have one. You pouted quietly as Steve took you in. “Now listen here baby girl – you’ve been torturing me all night. Sending me that naughty picture of you and grinding yourself up against my best friend. Now it’s my turn,” he muttered softly as he slowly removed his tie. “Give me your hands,” he commanded. You obeyed giving him your hands. He took them in his hands and tied the velvet material around them securely. He spun you on the couch – making you lay on it fully before raising your hands above your head. “These better not move, do you understand me?” He asked. You nodded as you whimpered your assent. You would do whatever he said if he would help the aching feeling between your legs.

He smirked as he worked your dress up to your waist – admiring a portion of the lingerie he had seen earlier in the picture. He slowly planted kisses up your leg causing you to squirm uncontrollably. More than anything you wanted to twist your fingers through his hair and you soon found your hands moving from their position. “What did I say?” he asked calmly as you placed your hands back above your head. “Good girl,” he hummed – kissing your wet core through your panties. “I think we can get rid of these,” he murmured against your skin as he worked your panties off. He gently circled his thumb around your sensitive clit causing you to buck your hips. “Mmm, my naughty girl. You’re so wet,” he remarked as he slid a finger inside of you causing you to moan out his name. “That’s right baby, you’re mine,” he said fiercely as he added another finger – pumping them in and out of you as you squirmed with pleasure. You could feel your walls tightening at his touch and your moans became louder. You didn’t care who heard you. “Not yet baby,” he whispered as he removed his fingers.

“What?” Your head snapped forward at this. He couldn’t just get you close and then stop. “Chris,” you whined as you tried to sit up. He pushed you back gently with a smile before moving his face between your legs. He smirked up at you before burying his face into you. As he lapped at your wetness you moaned his name louder causing him to suck on your sensitive clit. As you bucked your hips he slid a finger into you. His mouth and fingers were too much – causing you to cum all over his face. He lapped away your orgasm – causing more moans to fall from your mouth – before he broke away with a smirk. His beard was glistening with the remnants of your pleasure which immediately made you ready for round two.

“Stand up,” he demanded as he stood and offered you his hand. You placed your bound ones in his and he helped you to your feet. “I want you to bend over the sink,” he explained as he motioned over to the sink. You did as he commanded – your bound wrists stinging softly as the velvet bit into your soft flesh. You watched in the mirror as he removed himself from his pants – stroking himself a few times before approaching you from behind. He lifted your dress to your waist again before nudging your legs apart with his own. As he slid into you fully you groaned. He began to thrust into you as he held on to your hips tightly. “God – you are so tight,” he exclaimed as his thrusts began to become more disjointed. You groaned as your body reacted to his thrusts – you could feel your walls tightening again with the promise of a glorious orgasm. When he began palming your sensitive clit you came undone around him – your orgasm spurring his own. He stiffened as he filled you with himself. He sighed softly into your hair as he kissed the back of your neck affectionately before removing himself.

“So that’s what happens when I send you nudes when you’re at the Oscars?” you asked with a laugh as you sat shakily on the couch.

“I guess so,” he chuckled as he plopped down beside you – wrapping his arm around you and bringing your head to his shoulder.

“Well I guess I should do that more often,” you shrugged as you both laughed.

“Oh hell,” Chris sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“What is it?” you asked alarmed.

“Seb and I had a bet on who would have sex at an Oscars’ after party years ago. I never thought it would be me so I’ve given him hell for years about it,” he grimaced.

“Well I guess it’s time to pay up,” you chuckled as you both rose from the couch.

“It was worth every last fucking penny,” Chris responded as he pulled you into him – planting a soft kiss on your lips.

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Ezra Miller attends London Fashion Week Men’s June 2017 collections on June 12, 2017 in London, England.

Ezra Miller looks a lot like Richard Ramirez.

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Assumptions Assumptions (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry that I took so long to upload haha, I’ve just been so busy with my job, I’m so sorry!! Anyways, this is a lot long than my usual fics and wow was it a ride to write haha and I’ll just like to say that if there’s any mistakes I’m sorry and I’ll correct it when I have the time😅 Enjoy!!

Request: a bucky/reader request where they both like each other but they don’t know so 1 night Bruce goes sees the reader to ask her advice on how to ask Nat out but Nat walks in on them and thinks there’s something going on between them so she uses Bucky to get Bruce & the reader jealous but it backfires bc then the reader and Bruce start becoming close friends to help each other get over their heartbreak? so then they go to Tony’s party (Bucky & Nat go together) & the reader is dancing to “I’m not gonna teach him how to dance with you” all silly with Bruce so Bucky & Natasha get jealous of how happy they look.Reader & Bruce go back to the tower early so Nat thinks that they’re going to have sex.BUT the reader & Bruce are just watching movies until the reader goes to check on Nat and sees her and Bucky making outand Bruce walks in to get the reader & sees to.Reader gets mad at Nat but then Nat tells the reader that she knew that she liked Bruce so the reader ends up yelling at how Bruce was trying to ask her out and how she would never betray Natasha like that bc she’s her best friend. so Nat & Bucky have to apologize to Bruce & the reader. Nat ends up with Bruce and the reader w/ Bucky. sorry its so confusing it just popped into my head. Xoxo

Warnings: some cursing

You sat on your bed with your back against the headboard as you looked through your phone, scrolling through Instagram as you hummed to a tune. It was a quiet night in the tower, and you actually enjoyed it, having some time off to yourself. You had just came back from a rather tiring mission so now you’re finally getting the rest you deserved.

Your fingers stopped as you saw a picture your friend had posted of herself and her boyfriend visiting Italy together. Looking at the picture, you wondered how it’ll be like if you went with Bucky to Italy or just travel together in general. You thought about how both of you would visit beautiful landmarks together, take cute pictures and hold hands but sadly it was just all a wistful dream.

Sighing, you locked your phone and placing it beside you before you slid down until you were in a weird position with your shoulders still leaning against the headboard but your back on the pillow. You let out another pitiful sigh as you wished you could tell Bucky about your feelings. You couldn’t help but fall for him the moment he gave you that bright smile after you two started talking more and more.

“What if he doesn’t even like me that way and I ruin our friendship by telling him?” You asked yourself. Keeping quiet, you sat up and ran your fingers through your hair. “Now you sound like some lovesick idiot, you weirdo…who even talks to themselves and acknowledges it like this? Hm, this is stupid.”

You turned your head to the door as you heard a knock, tilting your head slightly you called out. “Door’s open.”

The door opened and Bruce stepped in looking side to side before looking at you confused. “I thought there was someone else here, I heard you talking to someone else.”

You gave him an awkward laugh before clearing your throat. “So, what’s up, doc?”

Bruce scratched his head and gave you a sheepish look which piqued your interest, you moved to sit on the edge of your bed as you patted the space beside you for him to sit. He took a seat and breathed in before looking at you. “I know you’re Nat’s best friend that’s why I’m here and I-I’m planning to ask her out and I don’t know how to do it.”

You gasped as you clapped your hands, shocking Bruce as you gave him a big smile. “Nat would be so happy, I can’t believe you’re finally asking her out.”

Bruce gave you a wry smile. “Was I really taking too long to ask her out?”

You gave him a ‘yeah, you did’ look and he winced slightly. You chuckled and placed your hand on his shoulder. “Have no fear, doc, I’ll help you but just know that no matter what you plan, Nat would love it.”

“You think so?” Bruce ask, sounding a bit unsure and you nodded.

Suddenly the door opened and speaking of the devil, Nat walked in, making you and Bruce look at her in surprise by her sudden entrance. “Hey, Y/N, do you want t-Bruce?” Nat, noticed your hand resting on Bruce’s shoulder before turning her gaze back to the both of you.

You stood up with a grin, excited for your best friend, she’ll finally be able to go out with the guy she liked. “Nat, you came at an almost right timing, I-”

“Seems more like the wrong timing, sorry,” Nat said, cutting you off before turning and walking out of your room, closing the door behind her. You stared after her, slightly speechless.

“Maybe, I should’ve find you in the morning?” Bruce commented, breaking the silence as you turned to see him get up.

You stared at the door before looking back at the doctor, not really knowing exactly what to say but you just gave him a smile. “Maybe she’s just tired from the mission, y’know how cranky she can get.”

Bruce nodded. “I’ll talk to you in the morning, rest early. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” you replied as you watched Bruce leaving your room. You frowned as you thought about Nat’s actions. Shrugging, you decided to talk to her tomorrow, you walked to bed and switched the lamp off at your nightstand. You yawned, I’ll handle everything tomorrow.


You dragged your feet through the hallway, tying your hair up to a messy bun in the progress. It was you rest day today so didn’t bother dressing up well or styling your hair. As you entered the kitchen, you saw Bruce sitting there with Bucky, Bruce reading certain files pertaining to his and Tony’s new finds while Bucky was drinking coffee while kinda just zoning out.

Walking towards them, Bucky broke out of his reverie as he turned to look at you, a smile on his face. “Good morning.”

“Morning.” You smiled back, your face warming a little. It was too early and your brain isn’t exactly functioning now until you had your coffee but you know one thing for sure, and that’s Bucky looking way too good right now.

Bruce cleared his throat and you looked at him, he raised a brow and looked at you amusedly. You shuffled into the kitchen and grab your cup, feeling your face heat up more. “Shut up,” you mumbled.

Bruce chuckled. “Morning to you too.”

Nat came in soon after, immediately taking a seat beside Bucky. You noticed and grabbed her cup as well. “Morning, Nat. Coffee?”

“Yes, thank you,” Nat replied as you poured yourself a cup and poured a cup for her as well. Nat turned to Bucky as she placed her hand on Bucky’s forearm, leaning closer. “Bucky, would you like to go lunch with me? I heard about this new restaurant that just opened a few blocks down and I wondered if you’ll like to go.”

You glanced at Nat as you took a seat beside Bruce and placed her cup in front of her. Bucky looked slightly confused before looking at Nat, seeing her give him a look to agree. He nodded as Nat smiled as she moved her hand up to his shoulder and gave him a squeeze.

Gripping the coffee cup a little tight, you felt a slight pang in your chest but you ignored it. You moved and stood up, your chair dragging against the floor and making everyone look at you. Giving an awkward smile, you grabbed your coffee cup. “I just realized that I have some things to do, you guys have fun.”

Once you reach your room, you place your cup on your nightstand as you plopped down in bed. Your mind wandered to Nat and Bucky just now. You frowned, Nat didn’t seem to be just asking Bucky out for a friendly lunch, she had her charms on, she was acting as if Bucky was a target she had to seduce.

You shook your head, she won’t do these kinds of things to you, she’s your best friend, she knows you like Bucky, of course she won’t do anything like that.

The knock on the door gained your attention, you stood up and walked to the door, thinking it was Nat but when you opened the door, it was Bruce. You felt a slight sense of disappointment but the relief of him here was more overpowering as you felt that you didn’t want to be alone right now.

“Y/N, are you sure Nat likes me back?” Bruce asked after he shut the door. “Because just now she seemed more interested in Bucky.”

You felt the pang of hurt in your chest come back again but you pushed it aside again. “No, she wouldn’t do that to me. She’s my best friend, we’ve been through so much together. She wouldn’t do that, would she?”

Bruce seemed to have sensed you getting more agitated by it and he gave you an assuring smile. “I trust you, Y/N, and I know you trust Nat. You’re right, Nat wouldn’t do something like that.”

You looked at Bruce and he opened his arms out to you, knowing you’re the type of person who likes hugs. You hugged him as you let out a sigh. You hoped that was the case.


You leaned against the bar as you sipped on some champagne, trying to find Bucky or Nat.

“Do you see either one of them?” You asked Bruce as he stood beside you, a beer in hand.

Bruce looked around the party, it was one of those parties which Tony organizes every time there’s something he thinks it’s worth celebrating for. Bruce perked up when he heard a catchy song playing, he smiled and place his beer on the table. “Com’on, let’s just have some fun tonight.”

You looked at him with a raised brow, he placed his hand out and you thought about it for a while before accepting, a smile lighting up on your face as the song ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You’.

“I have to warn you though, doc, I can’t dance,” you said.

Bruce grinned. “Neither can I.”

Both of you laughed as the two of you just danced randomly to the beat of the song, doing stupid dance moves to make each other laugh.

Bucky and Nat watched from across the room, seeing how happy the both of you looked. Nat felt hurt, she never thought her best friend would do that to her.

Bucky felt his heart clench as he watched you laugh as you danced with Bruce, hating that it wasn’t him making you laugh like that. He didn’t break his gaze as he asked. “They seem really happy, don’t they?”

Nat turned to glance at Bucky before looking back at Bruce, not replying as the song started to end, watching as the two of you made your way to the bar and talked, smiles on both of your faces. It wasn’t long before the two of you moved through the crowd and left the party together.

Bucky looked away, the pain in his chest almost unbearable as he turned to Nat. She continued staring at where the both of you left. “They’re probably going to her room.”

“Let’s go to the bar,” Bucky said. Nat didn’t want to think about what the two of you were gonna do in your room but she knows that she wants you to feel what she’s feeling. She glanced at Bucky as she thought to herself, she hoped you still had feelings for him.


“I’m glad we left that party early,” you said as both you and Bruce sat on the floor as the end credit of a movie played.

“Having a movie marathon honestly sounds so much better but I had fun dancing just now,” Bruce replied and you chuckled.

“I couldn’t agree more.” You stood and stretched, a thought coming to mind. “I’m gonna go to Nat’s room, I haven’t had a chance to properly talk to her, you can put up the next movie first.”

Bruce shook his head as he stood. “It’s okay, I want to go see her too.”

You nodded as both of you headed to Nat’s room. You didn’t know why but the closer you walked the more nervous you got but you shook the feeling off. As the both of you reach her door, you knocked and waited for a while before calling out. “It’s me, Y/N, Bruce is with me, I’m coming in okay?”

No one replied and you opened the door and stepped in. You froze as you saw the scene in front of you. Nat was straddling Bucky as they made out, Bucky’s hands on her waist.  

Bruce entered after you, his eyes widening as he saw them as well. You clenched your fists, feeling as if someone just slapped you, hard. “Nat, what the fuck?”

Nat and Bucky pulled apart, Nat looking at you before looking at Bruce. “Ah, I see both of you are done with your little session.”

You couldn’t help but get angry as Nat practically sneered at both of you, striding forward, you grabbed her wrist and pulled her off Bucky. “What the hell is your problem?!”

Nat shrugged your hand off her as she glared at you. “What the hell is my problem? What the hell is your problem? You stole the guy I like and now you come barging in and getting angry at me?”

You growled as you grabbed both her shoulders. “Listen, I don’t care that you’re a highly-trained assassin or what not but I can’t believe that you would assume that I’ll do such a thing.” You knew that you were practically shouting in her face but you didn’t care, you were mad. “I thought you out of everyone would know that I would never do that.”

“But the two o-”

“Shut up and listen,” you shouted as you cut her off and let go of her shoulders, pointing at Bruce. “I was helping him because he was trying to plan a damn date and he didn’t know how to ask you out.”

Nat was speechless and you continued. “I would never, never, betray you. But it’s sad to know that my own best friend doesn’t even trust me.”

You gulped as you took a step back, Nat and Bucky looking at you, and for the first time in a long while, Nat had tears in her eyes. “Y/N, I-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. How can I ever make it up to you, I just saw him in your room and I…I shouldn’t have assumed, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry as well,” Bucky spoke up looking at you before looking at Bruce. “I shouldn’t have assumed as well.” Bucky looked at you and you stared back.

Nat turned to look at Bruce. “Bruce, I’m sorry, I was being childish and I shouldn’t have done what I did. I still really like you and I’ll do whatever to make it up to you.”

Bruce looked at you but you were looking at Bucky before looking to Nat, letting out a sigh. “Com’on, Natasha, let’s go discuss it in another room.”

Nat glanced at you before she nodded and followed Bruce, closing the door behind them, leaving you and Bucky behind.

“Y/N,” Bucky started as he took a step towards you.

“I like you Bucky.” You looked down as tears filled your eyes as the pain in your chest started fading, relief settling in. “I want to go traveling with you, I want to take cute pictures, I want to hold hands and visit beautiful landscapes with you. I-I…”

You couldn’t speak anymore as Bucky reached out and pulled you into his arms and held you close, kissing the top of your head, repeating that he’s sorry the whole time.

You pulled back slightly to look at him, a crooked smile on your face. “I should’ve ask you out long ago.”

“I should’ve too,” Bucky said. “This wouldn’t have happened.”

Bucky tucked a stray lock of your hair behind your ear as he gave you a small smile. “I like you too, Y/N, a lot actually and I hope that you’ll give me a chance and go out with me?”

You stared at him before breaking out in a smile as you tilted your head up and pecked him on the lips. “As long as you promise never to make out with my best friend again to get me jealous and pissed.”

Bucky’s answer was immediate. “I promise.”


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Mettaton's reaction to a s/o who is crazy about cute people&animals&things and always hugs those people/animals/things if permission is given? (Ofc Metta himself gets lots of hugs from them too ^^)


He’s constantly barraging you with cute things. Your room is stuffed with adorable merchandise (mostly MTT-Brand, but that’s to be expected). You’ve got a lot of…uh, “chibi”-inspired Mettaton plushies & figurines all over the place. Let’s just say that dating a celebrity has it’s perks, because you have met, seen, & hugged many a cute (& famous) person/animal/etc.. Including Mettaton, who considers himself the cutest of them all.