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Ezra Miller looks a lot like Richard Ramirez.

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hello there! my name is Alan, and i’m an 18 year old college student. i’m a trans boy too, and so i decided to make this blog to vent about some of the little frustrations and celebrate the little perks that come with being trans, along with getting in some comic drawing practice. hopefully you’ll be able to relate to what i’ve drawn, or at least find some humor in it. if you’re trans masc and have any suggestions for a comic idea, let me know!

My first set of preferences! Hope you like it guys! 

One Direction Preference - wedding series:

Liam: Cake Taste Testing

You had been planning details for the wedding for months now and the day Liam had been looking forward to the most, the cake testing day, was finally upon you. Liam didn’t really know all the work that went into planning a wedding but when you had finally got a wedding planner and mapped out everything that had to be done he was at first overwhelmed, then very excited.

So when he’d found out that cake testing was a real thing he had the planner book one of the best bakeries in London so that he could fully enjoy the experience.

You couldn’t believe you were marrying a child.

He was giddy with excitement all morning and walked hand in hand with you inside the bakery. It was early morning on a Wednesday and they had closed it especially for you both to enjoy the experience. Marrying a celebrity had its perks.

You were given a list; Liam’s eyes widen at all the choices. You giggled to yourself. You had been making a lot of choices about the wedding but you knew today it was going to be all Liam.

You heard Liam ooh and aah at the list, numerously repeating things like “What about this babe?” and “Oh my god that sounds awesome babe we have to try that.”

Liam eventually narrowed the list down to 6. The head baker bought out 6 slices and two small silver forks for each slice and laid them out on the table. Even this was over the top for you, and you had previously been dress shopping at the best bridal shop in London.

You giggled to yourself as you saw Liam enjoy a rather large bite from every slice, but you knew him too well and knew exactly which slice he was going to pick. He pointed to it with his fork and you nodded.

He looked up at the baker and smiled. “The chocolate one’s good.”

You giggled again and kissed his cheek. He was a child but you loved him anyways.

 Louis: Lingerie shopping

Louis couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the event that had just popped up on his calendar this morning. You had recently synced your calendars in order to make it easier to work around planning the wedding and both yours and Louis’s work commitments and this had to have been the best news he had received all week.

Louis didn’t know exactly how much work went into planning a wedding, so he would frequently ask why you had to do this or that. He didn’t mind what you did, it was your special day and he wanted to do everything for you but some things just blew his mind.

This event however blew his mind in a completely different way. He texted you to find out more.


You saw the little bubble come up on your phone at work. You giggled knowing what it was about.

Yes Lou Lou?” you replied.

You’re going shopping for lingerie at Victoria’s Secret next week for under the wedding dress?”

You chuckled. You could imagine his face. “Yes Louis. I need to wear underwear under the dress.

I just didn’t know that was a thing you did for a wedding.

You giggled to yourself. “Well someone at work suggested it and I thought it was a good idea.

Can I come?

You laughed. You knew he’d ask but you knew he knew the answer.

No way. You’ll have to wait till our wedding night to see it.

Not fair.” He replied. You knew he must have been pouting.

I’ll get something pretty I promise.” You were teasing him now and he knew it.

He decided to tease you back. “Screw pretty. I want sexy. But I’m gonna rip it off anyways so don’t be too picky.

Two could play at this game. “No way. You are not ripping my expensive underwear. I’m going to take it off slowly. Very slowly.

Somehow you knew that would never happen but it was worth a try.

We’ll see.

As it turned out he did rip it off but he bought you a whole new collection of lingerie in your favorite colors and styles so you forgave him.

Harry: Dress shopping

You were marrying the man of your dreams (Liam/Louis/Niall) and the day had finally come for you to go dress shopping. You had been watching reruns of Say Yes to the Dress and looking at every bridal magazine on the market for weeks now, trying to figure out the perfect style for you, and you’d finally get to put all your thoughts together.

Being both your best friend and (Liam/Louis/Niall)’s best friend, Harry had insisted on coming with you to pick the perfect dress. It may have seemed weird to other people that you were bringing a male with you but Harry’s opinion meant everything to you, and you knew he’d be completely honest, unlike some of your girlfriends who would just ooh and ahh at every garment.

So at 11am on a Saturday morning you gave (Liam/Louis/Niall) a passionate kiss goodbye and met Harry outside in a town car, both of you practically buzzing from excitement. Or maybe it was just you buzzing.

As soon as you got to the boutique you were greeted with champagne and then led to the many racks of dresses with your size.  

At first Harry just looked over your shoulder, making faces – both good and bad – but it soon started driving you insane so you suggested he go and look for some dresses too. He knew what you were looking for, and an extra pair of eyes wouldn’t hurt.

After half an hour of searching you picked out 6 dresses.

The first four were ok. You’d liked them on the rack but you weren’t entirely sold on them when you put them on. Each time you would put on a dress you would walk out to the mirror and see Harry’s eyes light up, saying how pretty or how sexy or how cute you looked. But then his most honest comments would come out and you knew that none of them were right.

It was the fifth dress that was the perfect one. As soon as you put it on you looked like a princess, but felt like a queen. It made you feel pretty but powerful and you knew as soon as (Liam/Louis/Niall) saw you walking down the aisle he would swoon.

You were lead out by your assistant to the mirror where Harry was waiting.

Your eyes met his and your faces matched. From his first reaction alone you knew this was the dress.

“Wow,” he said. You walked in front of the mirror and Harry stood behind you, examining both your front and your back. “Y/N you look beautiful.”

You couldn’t believe how shaky his voice was. You looked up at him and that’s when you saw it, actual tears in his eyes. You’d made Harry Styles cry with a wedding dress.

You pulled him into your arms. “Harry don’t cry.”

He laughed. “I’m sorry you just look so beautiful and I’m just so happy for you and (Liam/Louis/Niall). I can’t believe you guys are actually finally getting married.” He stopped for a moment just to look at you again.

“And I just can’t wait until I get to marry someone who I love as much as (Liam/Louis/Niall) loves you,” Harry added.

You took Harry into your arms again. “It’ll happen one day I promise and I’ll be going tux shopping with you and I’ll cry.”

You were both laughing and crying by this point. When you had finally calmed down the assistant stood forward asking you the most important question.

“So this is the dress?”

You looked at Harry and he nodded.

“Yes this is definitely the dress.”


Niall: Your wedding day

It was finally your wedding day and you were nervous as hell. No matter what people said to you or what you said to yourself you were shaking. You didn’t really know why. Niall was perfect. You had fallen in love with him three years ago and when he had finally proposed it was one of the happiest moments of your life. You loved him unconditionally, you guys hardly ever fought and he was your best friend. You had got on so well before you got into a relationship that actually being together was such a breeze compared to your past relationships.

You had had your moments though. Hate from the fans, feeling lonely when you needed him most and he wasn’t always there and his sometimes too-positive attitude were the most negative parts of your relationship but you had worked through them.

So why were you so nervous?

At 20 minutes before the service was going to begin Liam came to see you, hearing from your bridesmaids that you were a nervous wreck. You were sitting in the dressing room in the church when you saw his sympathetic face come through the curtain.

“What’s going on love?” he came to sit next to you, putting his hand on your shoulder. Liam had been like a rock to you for the past two years, one of your closest best friends so you needed his support right now.

“What am I doing Liam?” you asked looking up at him, tears rimming in your eyes.

“What do you mean love?” he asked. He knew how much you loved Niall so this was so unexpected.

“Am I doing to right thing? I mean what if I’m not a good wife? Niall deserves so much better then me.”

Liam’s face seemed to twist and turn into so much confusion it made you sit up. Even you didn’t know what he was feeling and you knew him better than anyone.

His face turned serious.

“Now you stop that right now,” he started. “Niall loves you more than he has loved anyone in his entire life. The relationship you two have gives he hope that I’ll find someone some day that makes me as happy as you make each other.”

You had begun to cry. He was right.

Liam left a few moments later so you could compose yourself and you were almost ready to walk down the aisle.

It was then that you got a text from Niall.

I know that we aren’t allowed to see each other before the ceremony but I heard you were a little nervous so I wanted to text you. I love you so much and I so excited to make you my wife today. I can’t wait to see you walk down that aisle. I can only imagine how beautiful you are going to look, but I know you’ll look better than I could imagine in my wildest dreams.

I’ll cya soon princess.

You couldn’t help yourself. You had a tear fall down your face and you had a little chuckle. You texted him back.

Yeah cya soon. I’ll be the one in white.