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A Cat Called Room 8 - In 1952, a cat wandered into a classroom at Elysian Heights Elementary School, Echo Park, California, and there began the story of one of the world’s most adored cats. After this cat came back to the same classroom each morning, the children decided to name him “Room 8″ after the number of their classroom.

Room 8, just like the children, left the school for the summer and would always return on the very first day of the new year. This pattern continued each year until his death in 1968. Room 8 became a celebrity in his own right, receiving letters from fans worldwide after appearing in Look Magazine, and even inspiring a book entitled “A Cat Called Room 8” and a song entitled “Room 8: The School Cat.”

Following his death in 1968, his obituary in the Los Angeles Times ran three paragraphs, like any other well-loved celebrity. His obituary even ran in papers as far away as Connecticut. He is buried in the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park in Calabasas, California, and Elysian Heights Elementary School has a wall mural and etched tributes on the side walk in commemoration of this wonderful cat that taught a lot of young children a lesson in love, friendship, and compassion.

Happy Birthday Mayam Bialik !!

Mayam Bialik

DOB: December 12, 1975

She was a child star, having had success early on in Bette Midler’s Beaches (playing a young Bette) and then starring in hit comedy Blossom. After that run, instead of descending into drinking and drugs like a lot of other former child stars, she studied and earned a PhD in NEUROSCIENCE and had a few kids. Since then, she’s continued acting, most recently joining the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

anonymous asked:

1 I just really hope liam has been throwing up non stop (poor baby, but i don't want this to be another stunt) 2 wtf with brimama having the fake baby? are they going to kill it saying that it was born too soon?

I really don’t want Liam to be sick but if he is I hope it’s just a 24hr bug.

As for babygate, the article seems to be a birth announcement–not miscarriage related. It can’t be viewed in full, but it’s still sitting out there. It still comes up on google 4 hours and counting later.

It’s probably a pre-written story ready to go when the baby drops. Media outlets do that. The New York Times is famous for having their celebrity obituaries written years in advance. But why is it still sitting there semi public hours later? Should they not have caught this fuck up by now? That’s why I think it may be intentional. InStyle is a US based publication. Could the new team be trying to expose 1DHQ’s narratives as the prefabricated shams they are?

I’m wondering since it came 2 days after this:

Same band. Two high profile narratives. Two articles likely referencing what’s yet to come from 1DHQ. And just prior to Perfect, the 1D media narrative was pretty much all Lilo. Too coincidental if you ask me. Either the new team is exposing 1DHQ and throwing their plans into chaos or 1DHQ is floating test balloons to decide how exactly how they’re gonna wrap these two narratives up. But one thing’s for sure, both these narratives are fake af.