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The Ethical Sugar Baby

Brilliant news – your Sugar Daddy wants to take you shopping for some new designer gear -but wait – how do you know which designers are ethical?

It’s a complete myth that every Sugar Baby dreams of owning a fur stole and python skin handbag; there are plenty of Sugar Babies that don’t support the fur trade or cosmetic testing on animals, many more are concerned about environmental factors and the issue of child sweat shops.

With this in mind this article will provide you with a list of cutting edge and luxury designers, who won’t put a blot on your conscious.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (Vaute Couture) – the former Ford Model’s brand Vaute Couture (the v stands for vegan!) aims to create high-end fashion that is vegan, created from recycled fibres and produced locally. The brand is favoured by the likes of Emily Deschanel and Alicia Silverstone.

Vivienne Westwood – Doesn’t use real fur in any of her designs.

Tommy Hilfiger – Stopped using real fur in 2007.

Calvin Klein – One of the early adopters of animal friendly designs, Calvin Klein has opted for fake fur since 1994.

Shrimps – The zany London brand uses bright colours and faux fur to create a bold statement. A coat will cost around £600

Huit - an ethical swimwear brand committed to transporting goods by sea rather than air thus reducing their carbon footprint. Celebrity fans include; Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.


Olsenhaus – Brainchild of Elizabeth Olsen, Olsenhouse creates shoes that are animal product free. Shoes range from £100 - £250.

Beyond Skin – Brighton based company selling vegan footwear. There’s a wide range of styles available. Prices start from £80 – £250. Natalie Portman has also been spotted wearing them.

Noah – Italian vegan leather - sounds like a dream come true! Noah offers a range of hand-made Italian shoes that are 100% vegan. Prices start from £100 - £250.  

Cult of Coquette – Vegan shoes that are made out of the most environmentally friendly materials available. The brand states its handmade shoes are for women who aren’t afraid to rock a heel.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Matt & Nat – The name Matt & Nat stands for Mat(t)erial and Nature, which is the ethos of the company. Patrons of the brand include Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman.

Melie Bianco – An affordable, chic, animal friendly range of handbags for every occasion; think Balenciaga, Celine and Miu Miu styles, but without the cruelty.

Wilby – All products are animal friendly and the brand is well known for being eco, and environmentally friendly. Prices Range from £40 - £120.


Mirabelle - Worn by the likes of Kate Middleton, Mirabelle makes handmade fair trade jewellery. Think pretty pendants at reasonable prices.

Helen Moore –brightly coloured, patterned and innovative designs. She creates faux-fur clutches, muffs, collars and scarves. One of these fun accessories will cost £40 - £150.

Polly Wales - Polly uses vintage and rough jewels to produce unique and imperfectly perfect rings, necklaces and earrings. Her designs use ethically sourced gems that shun the use of child labour in diamond mines.

Please be aware that this guide is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time. If you’re in any doubt – it’s best to e-mail the customer services department of the brand you are interested in and ask for their policies and commitments to animal and human welfare.

I hope this guide was useful and you (or your Sugar Daddy!) can enjoy shopping for some ethical high-end luxury!

~ KittensPeach ~ x

Is She Evil? Nope, Just Misunderstood, Says ‘Handmaid's Tale’ Star Yvonne Strahovski
Yvonne Strahovski from Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ (Photo: Getty Contour Images)

Yvonne Strahovski wouldn’t blame you for loathing the version of her you’ve gotten to know.

In The Handmaid’s Tale, the gorgeously grim yet impeccably timely miniseries now streaming on Hulu, she plays Serena Joy, the very joyless wife of the Commander in dystopian Gilead — a barren woman forced to rely on the services of a Handmaid (Elisabeth Moss) to bear a much-coveted child. Critics adore the show, and there’s talk of additional seasons.

The task of humanizing Joy — who spends her days clipping flowers and select nights watching her husband “have sex with another woman,” all in the name of procreation — fell to Australian actress Strahovski. In Gilead,  what was once the United States, women occupy very specific positions in society that are denoted by their clothes: handmaids wear red; wives wear green.

But the heaviness of the subject matter actually belies how much Strahovski loved filming it.

“I got to play a lot with the wardrobe. I was one of the very few characters who had variation. I love those silhouettes. It’s oddly freeing, in a way, to be comfortable. They’re not restrictive. That’s what I’m about in my daily life,” says Strahovski.

Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy. (Photo: Hulu)
Yvonne Strahovski (Photo: Hulu)

The same aesthetic applies to Strahovski’s beauty regimen, another thing she loosely has in common with Joy.

“That’s the one thing I can relate to with Serena … the fact that she doesn’t wear makeup,” says Strahovski, 34. “It’s very light. It’s a little layer of foundation and a little mascara. I love it. To be honest, I feel freer. The more gunk I have on my face, the less free I feel.”

In person, Strahovski is warm and earthy. She could be a walking campaign for a skin care brand, so peachy and dewy is her skin. She uses only soap and water, followed by inexpensive oils.

“I don’t eat sugar. I eat fruit. I grew up with horrible skin. I had cystic acne ever since I can remember. I ended up finally listening to those people who say you are what you eat,” she says. “Sugar was the only thing my skin responded to when I quit it, and it’s been six years.”

She filmed the series during her first Canadian winter, and like Joy, she learned how to knit, crafting a scarf that she gave to the showrunner as a wrap gift. Picking up Joy’s hobby helped her connect with her character, in a way.  “Because it’s so unrelatable to me, I’ve had a hard time trying to understand her,” says Strahovski. “What made her heart hurt, and what made her heart happy?”

The miniseries explores Joy’s backstory in greater detail then the book, showing her earlier life in flashback scenes, when she had a career as a champion of traditional values, and a platform — and hot, passionate sex with her husband (played by Joseph Fiennes). She’s a former author who, as were all women, was forbidden to read and write.

“I see a woman in Gilead who had been stripped of a lot of her identity,” says Strahovski. “That’s a lot of empty shell. She’s at the top of the food chain, but she’s one of the people that helped create this society.”

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