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Interesting how you seem to be "Neutral" on when it's basically proven that JonTron is a white supremacist? I wonder why that is? Maybe you have a tendency towards racial politics and fascist ideology? You do seem to act like that

Look man, I really could care less about internet celebrity drama, and I really don’t see how that makes me a whatever the fuck you think I am

The bar was mostly quiet, with the exception of a Turian who had obviously had too much to drink and was celebrating something. He was accompanied by a rather small quarian who looked less than amused by his antics, and was definitely not drinking. “Erik…. Please.” She tried, giving the other people in the bar in embarrassment. The Turian huffed and leaned against her for a minute. “I’m fiiiiiinnneee. I’ll walk back myself, see?” He assured, standing up and taking a step, before falling forward and ending up falling right against another Turian. All he managed was a slurred apology before he slumped and fell to the floor, earning a sigh of defeat from the quarian. “S-Sorry about him…” She began, looking from the passed out drunken turian to the one he had collapsed against.