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it’s so weird to see people online say that they think all gay people are prone to “morally judgmental black and white thinking” when that’s just… not the lived experience of any gay people I know. most of us if not all of us are constantly interacting with people who hold a low level hatred for us and we don’t have any kind of choice in that. most of the time it’s “my coworker told me she thinks all lesbians are ugly and gross but most of the time she’s really funny so I forgot about it” or “my relative told me he thinks all gay people should be sterilized and put through conversion therapy, but he’s usually pretty nice to talk to at family functions”. like as gay people we’re constantly compromising on our safety/comfort/mental health for the sake of convenience and familiarity so maybe if you think we all judge celebrities or tumblr users too harshly based on a few microaggressions maybe consider the fact that in real life we hardly ever get to control the kind of environment we live in

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How would Eliot fare in Cutthroat Kitchen?

I think he’d be cranky to be on it in the first place tbh, because for Eliot cooking is something really emotional and personal. He’ll do it commercially, like I assume sometimes he cooks at the brewpub, and he’ll do it for a con, but to do it on a television show like that, I think he’d find it crass (not that I do, but Eliot would). So he’d be on it for a con, I assume, and that’d make him cranky. MURDER EYES. And the con probably would hinge on him losing, but it’s real easy to win by accident on Cutthroat Kitchen, so he’d probably go home with all the money AND a win, forcing Hardison to take his place backstage and do the shit he was supposed to do after losing. 

I bet at one point Eliot serves an empty plate in an attempt to lose and still wins because “if he couldn’t make it perfectly he wouldn’t serve me substandard food, and I love the glimpse that gives into the mindset of the chef.” – The Guest Celebrity Judge. 

listen y'all. i’m lazy. like “eats yogurt with a fork because i didn’t feel like washing a spoon” lazy. so, although no one asked, i made this post about how i lazily study languages! obviously this might not work for everyone, so experiment and find what works best for you (also i’m not a photographer so my pics kinda suck, sorry).

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All Rise For The Birthday King👑🎉🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈

On this exact day 23 years ago at 2:56 am the Gemini King was born 😈. I ain’t never have the luxury of knowing my parents so I’ll give a special shout out to my Nana who raised me to become the man that I am today😼🙌🏽.Without her I don’t know if my mindset would be the same way that it is today so, Thank you Nana I love you. I would also like to give another shout out to @classymarzia a.k.a, the unicorn🦄👑Queen Lmao for taking the time out of her day to do this photo shoot for my birthday, I appreciate it ma 😈haha. Happy Fucking Birthday To Me!!! I’m bout to get turnt haha


undertale belongs to toby fox

when you find out about your friends weird egg hobbies

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taakitz & blupjeans fall-themed double date (apple picking or some other romanticized autumn activities?)

Silence fell upon the living room where a pair of twins eyed their significant others, dressed warmly and endearingly in fall attire. “You want us to—“ Taako’s voice drifted.

And Lup picked up seamlessly right after, “double date?” They shared a collective look that didn’t seem as pumped as their counterparts. Personally Taako had big plans to …do nothing all day and Lup thought she and Barry were going to kanoodle around in private. “I don’t know I mean, double dates are kinda lame, where would we even go?”

“Well, there is an autumn festival happening in town. We can check it out…” Barry smiled at Lup who’s face went from unsure to completely uninterested, he decided to sweeten the pot a little. “There is a ‘dunk’ game where you toss balls at a target and dunk a person into a vat of port wine.”

Lup’s eyes seemed to gleam with a unsettled fire for mischief. “Ooo~” She purred already quite interested. “And who are we dunking?”

“I believe the person who volunteered was Magnus. Its for charity and…OFT!” Before Barry could finish Lup had bounded over to him and linked arms pulling him towards the door.

“Well come on, babe! I want to get first dibs to sink that meathead into some good sherry~”

Barry chuckled allowed himself to be carted off by his beloved. He gave Kravitz and Taako a small wave and yelled out, “we’ll meet you guys there!” And just like that they were gone. Kravitz bashfully turned his attention to Taako who was still on the couch, sprawled like a model waiting to be painted. He carefully looked over his nails showing the same amount of distant disinterest as before.

“Like I said, I-I-uh had some serious plans to do…nothing, absolutely nothing. Now I have to reschedule for some…outdoorsy, folk thing?” Taako rolled his eyes at Kravitz’s direction. “Plus if I wanted to see Mangus doused in wine I could have done that myself without throwing a thing.”

Gently and with very minimal touching Kravitz sat down on the couch by Taako’s feet. “Actually I was hoping you’d walk around the apple orchard with me. Pick some fresh, seasonal apples.” He spoke with a softness that made Taako’s ears droop and flush at the end of them. Kravitz gently placed his cold hand on Taako’s covered arm. That devilishly handsome face combined with the wholesome sweetness that coated every inch of his expression, it was downright unfair.

“Apple picking might be nice…pie season is among us.” He began to melt a little.

“And I believe there is going to be a pie tasting contest and…” just as Lup had done to Barry, Taako was suddenly on his feet. In one fluid motion of getting up he had also transformed into another outfit. An orange, thick knitted sweater and high waisted shorts, even his hat changed colors and was decorated with pinecones and twigs for a more festive look.

“What are we waiting for, Taako is making a surprise debut~”

The fall faire was pretty much as one would expect it to be. As promised Magnus was shirtlessly displayed, sitting on a geared platform that would drop and dunk him into a vat of old port wine. Somewhere around Lucretia and Davenport were discussing coolly the tragedy of the wasted wine once Magnus’s body tainted it. To everyone’s surprise it was a fairly hard target to hit. Not at all charmed by Angus who Magnus asked politely to help him, a charm that would have been detected and demolished the second Lup stepped up to the plate. Magnus, who was dry at one point was at the mercy of Lup and without fail she managed to dunk him each and every time he took his seat back on the top of the stool.

There were after little stands, mostly food and candles, trinkets that were homemade. Taako and Kravitz enjoyed some quiet apple picking. Taako spoke only to talk about the different traits and qualities of the types of apples. Sampling each one without the intention to pick most of them, a free sample was a free sample. They would have stayed longer around the trees if the two didn’t run into Merle having a very intimate conversation with a Granny Smith. With Kravitz’s hand in his, Taako very slowly retreated out of the orchard with a small basket of goodies.

The day was nice, Taako would admit and having Kravitz on his arm was well, eye candy for miles. But his grasp on his boyfriend was loosened when the sign to a ‘pie bake off’ was put up and just like that, Kravitz found himself partnerless.

“Taako! Oh gosh, TAAKO!” Ren waved from a table where her, Angus and Mavis were setting up prep work.

“Ren, Aggie…Mauve?”

“Close enough.” Both Angus and Mavis adjusted their glasses with a small smile. “Are you gonna be baking here too, sir?” Angus beamed.

“Well i—“

“That would be a tad unfair to the rest of us, Taako baking we might as well pack up shop.” Ren smiled with only a smallest defeat in her eyes. Taako had planned on joining in …but she had a point, it would have been a waste of time for everyone involved if Taako was going to enter. Taako pondered for only a second, tapping a slender finger against his lips.

“Actually” he smiled constructing a natural lie, “I’m here as a celebrity judge~”

“Really?! What an honor!” Ren clapped her hands together, the defeat replaced with unmatched ambition to impress her long time idol and her current mentor and business partner.

“Oh yea, I wasn’t going to join because nat, would have won by a landslide. I figure I could uh-uh use my vast knowledge of the cooking arts to uh-you know, eat some mad rad pie.”

Kravitz didn’t intervene much. He did look over at Lup and Barry, hand in hand constantly as she howled with laughter, tossing flaming baseballs at the target and dunking Magnus before he even had a chance to fully reset himself on his seat. Kravitz noticed, truly, how different the twins were in personality. Lup was raw power, raw emotion, everything she felt and she was clear on the surface like a crystalline raging river constantly moving and powering through. He looked away from the inseparable pair at his boyfriend and saw something different.

If Lup was a raging riptide of glass like translucency then Taako was a misted lake. Taako was still water lake, murky and misted with emotions. He knew Taako had many fronts, the ones he wore so perfectly like a second skin. He wore the part of over the top celebrity, acting as though this was all his original intentions. He spoke, joked, teased and smiled living for the publicity in them moment. Kravitz enjoyed observing him, he had for a while and that hadn’t changed even now while they were together.

Watching Taako, the century old enigma that stole him away from what was supposed to be a pretty bleak eternity.

“Ugh…” Taako groaned leaning against Kravitz. The both had stolen away after Taako had completely destroyed Lucas with criticism over his pie. Of course, Ren and her team managed a pie so good Taako might have taken more than one piece. “I’m stuffed.” He laid back on a bile of hay watching the warm, orange sunset settle by the tops of the tricolored autumn colored trees.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have went in for thirds of Ren’s pie.”

“They roasted the cinnamon themselves, you can taste the difference.” Taako smiled up at Kravtiz, “this was fun.”

“But?” He gently wrapped his arm around Taako making sure not to touch any bare or exposed skin.

“But nothing, I’m happy.” Taako paused and then chuckled a bit, “huh…you know its weird to say that outloud. Like I’m pretty fucking stoked about life these days.”

Kravitz turned slowly, his head inclining towards Taako who was already semi beginning to coil himself around his reaper. “I wonder why”

“I wonder~”

“TAAKO” Lup pulled Barry around and paused finding her brother with a deadpan expression and his leg half hitched on a now embarrassed to death Kravitz. “Oh…”

“This better be hilarious”

“Magnus is purple.” She answered immediately, then started to bite back tearful laughter. “I dunked him—so much…he’s actually stained purple and-and Merle and Carey and trying to …hose him down in front of everyone—PFT AHHAA” She held her side again and started to laugh.

“Babe…Lup…you’re actually going to laugh yourself to death…” He spoke with some concern that Lup’s physical form would give out.

Taako’s eyes lit up a bit and he unfurled himself from his boyfriend. “I gotta see, this, my god this is great. I’m totally going to transfigure the water into wine again.”

“OH GOD, TAAKO THAT’S HILAROUS” Lup roared in joyful laughter and abandoned her link with Barry to link arms with Taako and take off to cause more mischief.

“…those two are going to terrorize the town if we let them.” Barry watched their happy, retreating figures. A sight everyone would have died to see.

“Its…pretty great.” Kravitz stood by Barry with a smile.

“Yea…yeah it is.”


Bakery AU Masterlist

#baristalife fan_nerd

Summary: Victor, proud owner of Muse café and roastery, goes searching for a local bakery to buy sweets for his store. When he does, he finds Yutopia, a quaint little place tucked away in a small part of town.The good news is, he quickly becomes business partners with the lead patissier, Yuuri.The bad news is, he finds Yuuri heartbreakingly, disastrously attractive.

Chocolate Cookies and Cooking Critique Lunarlooroo

Summary: Yuuri’s new neighbour is beautiful, kind, friendly, affectionate and totally out of his league. However, he is pretty bad at baking.Or: Viktor keeps trying to woo Yuuri with cookies, but Yuuri thinks Viktor just wants the professional opinion of a baker.

Disheartened Snowflakes -  saltyynoodles

Summary:  “Watch me skate?”
Those three words changed uninspired baker and ex-skater, Katsuki Yuri’s life forever. A story of two people who just happened to meet at the right time (100% uncliche).

Flightless Birds -  Ameliesshit

Summary:After the death of his mother, Yuuri spends his days in the family bakery, and skating with Phichit and Minami, until one day when he sees a mysterious silver-haired figure leave the ice.

Highschool fluff story Keira_Atko

Summary:  Yuri and Otabek are two dorks that bond over ice skating. Yuri finds out that beka helps out at his family bakery by accident. After this much fluff ensues.

Komorebi cosmiceleste

Summary: Yuuri seduces an unabtainable bachelor with depressive issues without even remembering it.Viktor falls in love with a baker who worries about most everything, but doesn’t remember him.

Like a Fairytale -  lucycamui

Summary: In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing).“The crown prince of the Nikiforov kingdom, infatuated with a mystery pastry chef he’s only just met. This is exactly the kind of scandalous love story my life has been missing… So, what’s he look like? What exactly is Prince Victor’s type?”“…Sweet.”“Well, he does make pastries.“

pas de bierock -  leenk

Summary: Yuuri is a baker. Viktor is a ballet dancer. They fall in love. Tragedy strikes- but hey, Viktor knows just how to fix things!OR: The 'Pushing Daisies’ AU no one asked for.

Ptichye Moloko -  lilithduvare, Melody_thysoulandthylove

Summary:  Viktor is a two time Academy Award winner actor who, while shooting a movie in Japan accidentally found a small cake shop Agape & Eros and instantly fell in love with the stunning desserts on display. He, however, did not expect to fall in love with the gorgeous but shy man who ran the shop.

Roses Are Pink FlishFlash121

Summary: A baker and florist au.Yuuri is a baker, and Viktor is a florist.

The Sweet Taste of Love SpazzticRevenge

Summary:  A whisper of a moment is all it takes for Yuuri to ensnare Viktor with his charms. But the moment is swept away with the rise of a new day and Yuuri’s memory goes with it. When Viktor comes to find him at his humble bakery, all Yuuri can do is panic. He’s just your average nobody, after all. What would a figure skating prince want with him?

These Foreign Lands -  Midknighted

Summary: Viktor Nikiforov, the crown prince, rules his country with stubbornness and obliviousness, often never willing to listen to anyone around him. It drives Yakov, his advisor, and Yuri, his brother crazy.Nobody has ever been able to change his mind before. Until someone does.

These Streets -  Nishinota

Summary: Viktor Nikiforov is a celebrity. His life consists of rigorous dance lessons, world tours, and a strict manager. Viktor has been joking about ditching St. Petersburg for years, but nobody actually thought he’d do it until now.Yuuri Katsuki is a baker. Every morning he wakes up to posters of Viktor plastered on his wall. Before the sun is up, he’s handling flour, dough, and sugars to keep his family bakery successful. He often dreams about leaving the quietness of Hasetsu for something more action packed and adventurous, yet he has never taken a step on foreign ground.Viktor wants peace. Yuuri wants experiences. Both of them realize what they want is not always what they get.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach -  futuresoon

Summary:  In desperate need of a new job and a new apartment, recently unemployed baker Yuuri Katsuki moves to a part of the city he doesn’t know much about and gets a position in a family friend’s bakery he’s never been to. But the people there are kind of weird, and the bakery gets some strange orders. At least one of his neighbors is nice. Probably not human, and has weird eating habits, but nice.

We Don’t Go Together At All Demiboy_Bread_Loaf

Summary: "Good morning, Yuuri!” Viktor smiled.“Viktor, you’ve already called in the orders and reminders for today.” Yuuri sighed. “How many times have we gone through this?”(Or, Viktor is hopelessly in love. Yuuri is, but he doesn’t know it.

Who Smells of Lemon Balm -  kingkoblih

Summary:  A Cupid!AU where Emil Nekola is a cupid failing at his job and Michele is the most handsome baker in Italy.

Yuri!!! on Icing wecarryoninmindpalaces

Summary:  Katsuki Yuuri, a rising star in the world of cake decorating, starts a tentative collaboration effort with his idol, celebrity cake decorator and judge Victor Nikiforov. Now if his idol’s bratty protégé, his Instagram obsessed best friend, and their local shopkeeper could mind their own business until Cake Fair- well, that would be a sign of the apocalypse. Or: the bakery!AU no one asked for.

I need your… Pink Cupcakes -  emojicon

Summary:  Yuri Plisetsky is a scholarship university student trying to stay sane while balancing work, life, and money.
Victor is a creepy baker who might just make a good friend.
Sala wants to take everyone to the farmers’ market.
And, Mila just wants to be able to eat meat.

Machine Art

#tbt to 1934: Visitors to Machine Art were startled to find three floors of utilitarian, machine-made objects, such as springs, pots and pans, and scientific instruments, displayed on pedestals, elevating them to the level of sculpture. This reverential display revealed the considerable aesthetic allure of these industrial objects, which the Museum capitalized on with a beauty contest judged by celebrities such as Amelia Earhart and the philosopher John Dewey. Dewey had argued that a person’s experience of things is shaped by the context in which they are viewed, a concept that curator Philip Johnson employed in his groundbreaking design for the exhibition. Johnson took unusual steps to show the objects to their greatest effect: he screened the walls and ceilings of the Museum’s second location in a 19th-century brownstone in order to hide its decorative molding, creating a sleek, clean atmosphere that set a new standard for the display of design objects.

Read the out-of-print catalogue and see images of this pioneering exhibition at mo.ma/52exhibitions. 27 of #52exhibitions #MoMAhistory

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Yeah I see some Melissa hate on blogs that I like and I get that they might be unhappy with Melissa but man I love her so much and it's just disheartening to see that lmao

It is disheartening, especially since the criticisms I know of for her are: inaccurate (that she played a woc- the muslim character she played was based on a real white person), in my opinion too harsh (that she was in Patriot’s Day- a typical american propaganda film that’s meant to be ~inspirational~ that most people don’t really realize can have negative ramifications), or just ridiculous (angry that she’s dating Chris Wood???).

Please do not contact me with other bad things you dug up about Melissa.

Honestly, I love Melissa, but she’s just a normal person. 

So are all of the actors we love. I think we need to stop vilifying people for making one or two choices that we disagree with (often choices that we, as strangers, do not have the full picture of at all) just because they’re actors.

(Relatedly, we should also avoid putting them on pedestals, because either they’ll fall, or we will, in trying to hold them up under the weight of their mistakes by adjusting our values to agree with them.)

Now, there are certainly lines that, once crossed, warrant a severed tie. Johnny Depp’s recent actions, for instance, as an obvious example.

Some things are just human mistakes, and some mean the end of our endorsement of a celebrity. So where do you draw the line?

Well, I judge them how I judge my friends.

Now, I don’t mean you should cut ties with the celebrity when you would cut ties with a friend, because friendships can last through a lot of things you wouldn’t accept from a stranger.

What I mean, is: cut ties with a celebrity when, in a friendship, you would just… begin to really think differently of them. Less of them.

You know that things are really against your values when that happens.

In a friendship, you stick around a bit past your values. Your love of them keeps you there until another, further along line is crossed, and you end the friendship.

But celebrities, we hold to a higher standard than our friends because of their influence. 

But not so high of a standard that we forget they’re human. 

So, a middle ground. 

Looking at celebrities the way I look at my friends allows me to be compassionate and understanding, but also allows me to recognize when my values are really crossed.

And, of course, I’ll still voice my disagreements with them every step of the way, just as I do with my friends (to their annoyance).

Celebrity crush~ Aaron Judge Imagine

Y/N is throwing the first pitch and gets especially nervous when she hears Aaron Judge will be the the one catching… based off this request (word count 850+) 

You were currently doing on Ellen doing a promo for the new season a show you acted on,  “Y/N, we heard you’re throwing the first pitch at the Yankee’s game this weekend, is that true?”

You nodded, “Yes, I’m a bit nervous though.”

Ellen leaned forward in her chair, “Why is that?”  

“I did not play softball or baseball growing up, so we’ll see how this first pitch really goes,” you said.

“But you’re very athletic, your show requires you to be,” Ellen pointed out.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just worried about embarrassing myself,” you admitted

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but your a big Yankees fan, correct?” Ellen asked.

“Yes,” you said.

“So I’m guessing you heard about what Aaron Judge said about you?” Ellen said.

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “no, is it bad?” you asked.

Ellen laughed, “Not at all, here check it out,” she said directing your attention to a screen. 

The video on the screen was of Aaron Judge, he was in the Yankee’s locker room and was out of his usual baseball uniform and wearing a light green shirt with hot dogs on it. Unlike his usual locker room interview which normally consisted of questions about the game, the interviewer was asking more personal and amusing questions, “Aaron, who is your celebrity crush?”

He smiled, rubbing his chin, “I’d have to say Y/N Y/L/N, she’s an actress on my favorite show….” Aaron continued to gush over you, “She’s beautiful and she seems like she has a very genuine personality.”

The interviewer nodded, “Good choice, you do know that she is throwing the first pitch on Friday night’s game?”

Aaron grinned again, “Really?” he said, “… I guess I’ll have to be the one who catches it.”

“Well if he is going to be the one to catch then I’m going to be really nervous,” you admitted.

Ellen laughed along with the rest of the crowd, “Well, he had a lot to say about you.”

You blushed, “I think he’s really cute.”

“Does Y/N have a little crush on Aaron Judge too?” Ellen asked, as the crowd cheered.

You giggled, “maybe a little, he’s just so cute and sweet.”

“I guess the feeling is mutual between you two,” Ellen said.

“I was already nervous to throw the first pitch, but now that Aaron is catching it and he’ll know I have a crush on him,” you said.

“I’m sure you’ll do great,” Ellen reassured you.

It was Friday night, the night on which you would throw the first pitch at the Yankees game. You reminded yourself that it wasn’t that big of deal, if your through was totally off no one would care. You just hoped that you didn’t embarrass yourself in front of Aaron.

You were now on the field, just moments away from the first pitch when someone came up too you, “Y/N, this is Aaron. He’s going to be catching for you today.”

Finally meeting Aaron made you a little starstruck, standing this close to him you realized that Aaron was just as cute in really life, and although you knew Aaron was really tall, but he looked even taller in person.

“Hi, Y/N I’m actually a huge fan of your show” Aaron said.

“Really?” you said, “Thank you, to be honest I’m kinda nervous about throwing the first pitch tonight.

“Don’t be, just treat it like you’re playing catch in the backyard” Aaron smiled.

“Y/N, we need you now” one of the cameramen said.

“You’re going to do great, remember it’s just me and you playing catch” Aaron reminded you.

“Here we have Y/N Y/L/N here to throw the first pitch,” the crowd all clapped and cheered.

Standing on the pitcher’s mound you took a deep breath, ‘it’s only catch,’ you started to calm down, ‘but with the Aaron Judge who is extremely cute’ you mind made aware. You looked down at the baseball in hand, ‘let’s get this over with,’ you threw the ball with as much aim and precision as you could. Aaron reached up and caught it with ease, running over to you he said, “see I told you that you would do great!”

You grinned, “I guess I got lucky.”

Aaron handed you the ball as the two of you posed of a picture, “hey, are you staying for the rest of the game?” Aaron asked.

“Of course,” you said.

“Do you have any plans afterwards?” Aaron said.

You thought for a second, “Not that I can think of, why?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to come with me to go grab something to eat” Aaron said.

“I’d like that,” you replied.

Aaron flashed a toothy grin, “great, so I’ll see you after” his arm reaching out to hug you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder bringing you in close for a friendly, (but not friendzone) hug. When Aaron pulled away he said, “by the way I saw your interview on Ellen.” 

I really liked writing this one 



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This season is revolutionary, first out from the beginning Trans woman,Peppermint, First celebrity guest judge, Gaga, first gay competitor Sasha, and first latinx to ever exist Val


Bake-Off: 5

Part 5 for the AU challenge from @yourtropegirl

Bucky, Wanda and Pietro look confused by the grim expressions on the rest of your faces. Oh god what are you going to do?
“I don’t get it.” Pietro says, “It’s just another bakery.”
“It’s not just another bakery.” Clint says looking over at you, “It’s a Stark Bakery.” You can see the worry on Clint’s face.
“They’re all over the world.” Natasha clarifies as she starts to pace the length of your kitchen. “Tony Stark and his wife Virginia Potts have built an empire. TV shows, cook books, a magazine. Your little baker is right. We’re screwed.” You walk over to Clint and he opens his arms to you.
“I think her exact words were we’re fucked.” Bucky points out swiping some frosting from the bowl with his pinky.
“This isn’t funny Bucky.” You mutter, dropping your head to Clint’s chest with a soft sigh. While Clint has always been a little bit of a train wreak sometimes he’s always been able to calm you down.
“She’s right.” Steve says as Clint’s arms wrap around you. “Stark could ruin us all.”
“Alright. How can I help?” Bucky asks.
“Even the famous actor James Barnes can’t help us.” You tell him from where your head is buried against Clint.
“Come on Doll. Don’t throw in the towel yet.” He urges and you look over at him.
“Do you think I want to? Stark is a giant. We’re no match for him and his resources, he did the cake for the inaugural ball, he did the wedding cake for that actress you worked with, Carol Danvers. Her wedding.” His face drops.
“That was a damn good cake.” He mutters running his fingers through his hair.
“Oh my god.” Wanda says, her face lighting up. “You’re never going to believe this. Stark Bakery does a baking challenge. If you win they have to promote your store in their local shop.”
“What?” You stare at her moving away from Clint.
“Yea. He has a TV show with him, Pepper and their adopted son Peter. You do three deserts and celebrity judges decide who is the winner.”
“We only do cupcakes.” You sigh rubbing your temples.
“But we don’t.” Steve says looking from Natasha to you.
“Really Cap?” Bucky snaps, “You’re just going to hang Quiver Cupcakes out to dry?”
“No.” Steve growls folding his arms across his chest, “I was suggesting we team up.”
“You, you want to team up?” You ask astonished.
“Yea. If you and I represent Quiver Cupcakes and they,” He gestures at Clint and Natasha, “Represent Star Spangled Bakery we’ll have both our shops covered so if either of us win, we all win.” You blink at him in surprise then look at Clint who gives a small nod. Steve holds his hand out, “So what’s it gonna be?” You slip your hand into his and shake.
“You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Season 10 of dragrace

I know this is fan fiction, but here I go.
For season 10, I want the drag alumni to guest judge the challenges. Example, Alyssa helping and judging the dance challenge ala Bitch Perfect and Kardashian the musical.

We have 9 winners + 2 all stars winners. Why not use them? Raja on sewing, Jinx on acting, Bianca on the roast, and more. They have all done this before, so they know the deal.

Also, a lot of younger fans don’t know who Bebe and Tyra are. This’ll be a good way to reintroduce them.

We have had a lot of good celebrity judges, like Kesha and Joan Smalls, but sometimes it’s like… why are you here? What do you bring to the table?

I would also be happy to see one winner be a judge all season long, like Michelle.
The queens experience is so valuable, often I feel like Ru is the only judge with actual drag experience.

After season 9, where this experience is most needed, is the lipsincs. The leaps between the good stage presence and the not so good where huge.
If you don’t have stage presence, you don’t have CUNT.

In summary; let the past contestants and winners back! We wanna see more of them, how they have changed. Not all of them at once, but more then a cameo here and there.