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Dead Men Send No Tweets

I just thought I’d share this with y’all since some stubborn fans still think for some reason that Social Media Managers are an urban legend. This tweet came from Alan Thicke’s account 2 hours AFTER he passed away. And it was clearly composed to give fans the impression it was actually him tweeting.

SMM’s, scheduled tweets, not the actual celebrity tweeting. Yes, it’s real. It’s a necessity. It’s business.

RIP, Alan Thicke. Professional til the end.

Yes, Mariah wants you to think FameFlynet just happened to stumble upon her and her new piece on a private beach in Hawaii. Typical celebrity stunt. 

But it’s quite hypocritical for Cosmopolitan to call out Mariah, but play along with Zigi, Douis and Chiam’s staged stunts. Could that be because Mariah is 46 and isn’t as popular with their target demographic as the 20-somethings? 

Now Cosmo readers will think they report the truth and aren’t afraid to call out fakery. So when they publish some fakery going forward (they’re already back on Chiam this morning), their readers will readily accept it. This helps strengthen their relationship with the young hot celeb’s team, which translates into access and $ £ €. Typical gossip press stunt. 

 This is how the game is played. It can’t be pointed out to this fandom enough.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I was wondering what your thoughts are on what Zayn says on Twitter? I just recently found out that a bunch of the stuff we see is bull and I have become aware of PR stunts, beards, etc. I actually unfollowed Zayn because of a lot of the things he tweeted, and I basically just want to know if you think he actually tweeted about the BLM thing, and the tweet where he told Louis to basically get a life.

Nope. Contrast what you’ve seen and heard from all of the guys over the years in comparison to what comes from their social media. I find it impossible to believe every tweet, especially ones that are obviously a bad idea to tweet, are from 1D themselves. In reality, a celeb is probably gonna do their best to swerve on controversy, not invite it. That’s common sense.

1D is unique in that their social media is used to in an effort to control them. It seems clear to me that at times, twitter has been used to punish and/or discredit them. Since 1D’s fans are addicted to drama, it’s not as risky as it would be for some other celebs. It may seem hard to believe that people would be this intentionally sadistic, deceptive and dishonest. But hey, look at who the President of the United States is and how he also operates in an intentionally sadistic, deceptive and dishonest way on a much bigger scale. Social media is a platform for massive lie telling driven by many different motivations. Your neighbor may be doing it. Your fave celeb’s team may be doing it. The President is definitely doing it. This is the new normal.

on rationalizing complicity

whats also rly fucked up about promoting oppressive ppl is that they already have some level of celebrity status in certain organizing communities. so not only is it problematic to promote their work because its rooted in oppressive ideology, but its also problematic because why do we need THEM in order to have the “useful work” that they have produced? why are marginalized people never promoted for their insights and contributions to resisting oppression? why do people with massive privilege continue to be regarded as “authorities” on certain issues?

fuck the celebrity industrial complex, fuck derrick jensen, fuck deep green resistance, fuck lierre keith.

not going to throw marginalized people under the bus in order to support an analysis that we can and already do have without the bigotry.