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I'm truly, honestly so baffled by this liam situation. When i saw the pics i legit froze with my hand on my head for a good couple seconds. Not even babygate 1.0 got that reaction from me. This makes no sense. None. Was the press in her uterus??? How the heck could they have known for months that she was pregnant? Liam isn't even 25 yet and at the start of his solo career, why would he want a kid this early? He saw what "happened" to louis, you'd think je'd be more careful. What a MESS

Showbiz is very stunty. You’re talking about an industry populated by people who specialize in creating spectacles, telling stories and doing the ol’ Hollywood car wash on anything that doesn’t fit the masterplan. It’s always hard for us regular folks to wrap our minds around this. But major in real life celebrity stuntin’ and wild as hell baby drama has been happening since entertainment became big money. 

  • Passing off the child you gave birth to as adopted to avoid killing your career. (Loretta Young) 
  • Adopting kids as a PR move while being an absolutely horrible mother. (Joan Crawford)
  • Lying about who the babydaddy is to protect your career. (Diana Ross)
  • Lying about the babydaddy to protect the kid. (Bebe Buell)
  • Passing your child off as your niece to protect your career. (Janet Jackson, suspected) 
  • Faking the timeline of your pregnancy to match up with your fakelationship (Katie Holmes, suspected)
  • Publicly faking a pregnancy while your surrogate is pregnant. (Beyonce, Kelly Preston and Janet Jackson, suspected)

So as crazy as it seems, this kinda thing is not unheard of. Whatever the reason, celebs have a squad of people ready to assist in putting whatever narrative they want out there. Just watch it play out…  

Beyoncé's Muse

When Beyoncé’s surprise self-titled album touched down last month, a minor mystery quickly shot out from the forest of the album’s liner notes. Among the usual suspects—Timbaland, the-Dream, Pharrell, Hit-Boy—someone by the name “Boots” was everywhere on the record. He wrote and produced “Haunted”, “Heaven”, and, perhaps most strikingly, “Blue”, the song dedicated to Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter. He sang backup vocals on and performed many or all of the instruments on several songs. In an interview, Beyoncé name-checked him as “an innovator,” while a member of her creative team tweeted the only currently available picture of Boots, with the note that he had “co-produced 80 percent of the album.” Within seven days, the query “Who is Boots?” had racked up 452,000,000 Google results.  

So who is Boots? When I meet him at a Brooklyn restaurant down the street from his apartment, I have already agreed to some ground rules: I can’t ask about his real name—even though ComplexThe Broward Palm Beach New Times, and now even his freshly-minted Wikipedia page identify him as Jordy Asher, a Miami-based musician who spent time in a number of rock bands, including Blonds. He doesn’t want to talk about any of the projects he’s worked on before now. And he’s cagey about how, exactly, Beyoncé discovered his demo, saying only, “That’s for Beyoncé and me to know.”

But Boots isn’t trying to be coy, just practical: Turns out that having the celebrity-hunting industrial complex descend upon you en masse can be terrifying. “When the album came out, people were calling my parents’ house within days,” he tells me. “A dude was trying to sell pictures of me—just crazy shit that I’m not trying to bring into my life. It got rabid for a second. I know the information is going to get out there at some point; I’m not stupid. But I don’t know that I want to be the one to just hand it over to everyone. It can become a weird world real quick.”

Later in the evening, after several cabs and bars, the conversation loosens, as it tends to. At one point, he pulls out his phone in the backseat of a car, starts up "Partition”, and sings along to every word. He tells me he what a “beautiful person” Frank Ocean is. In fact, one of the night’s takeaways is that for someone who arrived with so much seeming mystery surrounding him, Boots is endearingly bad at anonymity. He tells me his real first name readily (adding that it’s off the record). And if you go to RapGenius, you will find Boots-verified explanations of his own lyrics. He also seems to lack the true introvert’s distaste for being spotted: When an overgrown labrador of a bartender leans over and asks him eagerly, “Hey, is your name Boots? I’m a songwriter/producer too,” Boots rolls his eyes at me when we walk away, but his glowing face and big grin tell another story.

As for his life pre-Beyoncé, he obligingly sketches out some details. He grew up in what he calls a “lower-middle class-type situation” in Miami. As a musician, he is completely self-taught, starting with making his own beats. His nickname came from the footwear he preferred as a young breakdancer. (“I couldn’t glide in Nikes.”) He spent years estranged from his parents and dropped out of high school at 18 in a fit of pique without getting a GED. “My parents instilled really good values in me, but the value was never ‘Go get yourself a really good job,’” he says, laughing.

“It was no one’s fault but my own, but my life instantly got super-miserable,” he remembers. “For four years I was virtually homeless and one year I was really, really homeless. I lived in a van. In Miami, it’s really hard to stay asleep in a car for more than four hours before it gets wretchedly hot, so I would try to catch a few more hours in the bathroom of Walmart before someone banged on the door. I was too prideful to let anybody know what was really going on. I joined a gym; that was my rent money, and it’s where I would shower.” Of this experience, he says simply: “I learned real young that you can fuck your own life up, and I did, for a while.”

The road from this moment to signing a publishing deal with Roc Nation last June is a murky one, but I don’t push the issue, mostly because I am far more interested where he is now: At the center of the richest and best record Beyoncé has ever made. Boots is the secret ingredient of Beyoncé: In many ways, he embodies the album’s distinctive sound—hooded and contemplative, lined with rhythmic trap doors, lonely hallways of space yawning open in the arrangements. It is moody and twilit even when it’s exultant or carnal.

“‘Haunted’ was the first thing she ever heard from me, and she heard it in a very innocent and pure way, without any label heads or any of that,” he says. “It was originally called 'I’m Onto You’, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t get it at all at first. I was like, 'What is she hearing in this?’ because it was just me sounding sad as fuck, singing by myself. I recorded the piano with my iPhone as a voice memo—and that shit made it onto the damn album, by the way. It was a loose idea, but the feeling was there. I had written a bunch of songs that could have been 'Beyoncé songs,’ whatever that had meant before now, but she wasn’t interested in those. There was something about what I had to say that resonated with her.”

He singles out playing Beyoncé the stream-of-consciousness rap on “Ghost” as another early communion moment between the two of them. “When she heard that, her eyes widened, and she was immediately like, 'That's exactly what I feel like,’” he says. “She just started talking about her experiences in the record industry, people telling her what they think her sound should be. She got signed to a crazy contract when she was young.”

Boots recalls writing the song after coming home livid from an infuriating meeting with a potential label: “The things people say in those meetings would take your breath away. After a while, I didn’t even feel like I was talking to people anymore, I was just talking to chairs. So I went home, it was five in the morning, and I just started typing shit out—everything I hear on the radio isn’t inspiring; I’m not inspired by anything I’m doing; these people have no idea what’s happening. It was just a stream-of-consciousness. I woke up the next day and realized I needed to do something with that. That’s what eventually became that rap.”

As far as the music on “Ghost”, he says he “made the beat from a dreamlike, hypnotic place, because that’s where it began for me. I started with guitars, just building the layers until they resembled Aphex Twin soundscapes. And then I completely contained them within the beat. [Aphex Twin’s] works like that are more floaty, more without than within, but I made mine grounded in that thumping beat, so you can’t get out of that feeling.”

He cites Aphex Twin as an early discovery that shaped his sensibilities. “His soundscapes and drum patterns always blew my mind,” he says. “If he wasn’t over-the-top technical with his drum patterns, he was really sparse and beautiful. It was like there was no middle ground. It was very either/or. That to me was so amazing. It took me a long time to figure out the 'sparse and beautiful’ side of that equation. I was trying so desperately to achieve that feeling, but everything I did as a kid was really chaotic. It’s easier to be chaotic.”

He ended up working on nearly every song on the album. “Jealous” was “just some drums and that synth” when he got to it. He added the high melody—"if you’re keeping your promise I’m keeping mine"—because “it seemed like a shame something more melodic didn’t happen in the song.” He is also responsible for many of the album’s intimate, diaristic details: on “Blue”, he inserted a recording of the birds chirping outside the studio into the mix. (You can hear them, faintly, in the last 30 seconds of the track.) “It was such a special day,” he remembers. “Blue was talking so much—from the moment that I met that kid until then, the amount she said tripled. People were watching her making connections; she started telling everyone that the two dinosaurs she was running around with were mommy and baby dinosaur. The birds were like a stamp for the song; I wanted to remember that day.

"Nonetheless, Boots makes abundantly clear that the only real visionary in the room was Beyoncé, who saw potential in scraps that bewildered him. He admits he thought "XO” was “average” at first, until producer Hit-Boy added his drums. “I loved ‘XO’ melodically; it’s so beautiful. But Hit-Boy brought something different to it. I remember hearing the finished song from the next studio over from where I was working. The chords sounded familiar, and finally I said, 'Is that … 'XO’?! Because that doesn't feel like 'XO’.” And when the creative team was casting about for inspiration for the “Jealous” video, Beyoncé sent along the clip for L.A. garage rocker Hanni El Khatib’s “Roach Cock”. “She said, ‘I’m inspired by how this feels—can you bring a little bit of that to 'Jealous’?“ I was more than happy. So there’s this gnarly fuzz guitar ripping in the background. It was awesome to get a video like that from her.”

And she wouldn’t leave "Haunted” alone. “She just kept saying, 'It doesn’t feel like how I want it to feel like yet,” he remembers. Her directive? “This shit has to knock harder than any rap album out there.” More than anything else Boots worked on, “Haunted"—the second track onBeyoncé—seems like a key to the album’s mood. "It’s like that song is leading you by the hand, but you’re blindfolded and you don’t know where you’re going,” he says. “You’re scared and you’re not sure what to expect from it, but as the album unfolds, we take the blindfold off and you realize it’s a surprise party for you.”

Later on, he plays me something of his own that affirms just how distinctive his stamp onBeyoncé was. We are in a basement studio in the East Village, and the crowd is small and intimate. I ask to hear one particularly haunting track a second time; it’s chorus, which goes, “When I’m with you/ Who am I/ When I’m with you/ All through the night,” closely resembles the “What goes up/ Ghosts around” section of “Haunted”. Paired with a quaking low end and an off-kilter knock that brings to mind James Blake, it is soulful and chilly, intricate and fluid. Each fine-grained sound is separated by miles of distance. When it’s over, Boots grins into the silence. Then, he cues up “Partition” again, and starts dancing wildly around the room.


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I mean Bradley Cooper is very talked case in Hollywood. Pretty much everyone knows (or believes) he is closeted (the exact same way his bff Leo plays). His closeting is even more known than any of the 1D boys and if you google it there are so many receipts of how not straight that man is. So the anon has no reason to be so offended by it, it is not like you invented this gossip all by yourself.

I think a lot of people struggle to understand that it’s not a shiny happy world out there where everyone is embracing queer people. That is still, sadly, far from the truth. And yes, that includes “liberal” Hollywood. Because they create content for the masses and the masses still ain’t ready.

People have such a naivete about how queer people in Hollywood cope. Sure, some have chosen to live openly. But think about it. How many A list Hollywood hunks are out? I mean damn, connect the dots. It’s the same hear no evil/see no evil/speak no evil attitude they have towards the challenges POC face. I think it faux absolves them of guilt or any sense of responsibility or something. There is no injustice or prejudice to address. It doesn’t exist. Everybody loves Ellen. Homophobia in Hollywood is over. Yeah, right.

Therefore, if as a queer man you just wanna keep your private life private for any number of reasons but you also want a biological child, what are you to do? Do people think this issue has never ever come up? Do people think no one has ever come up with a successful workaround? Do people think no other queer people have taken note of that workaround and repeated it for themselves? Do people think, period?

Instead of being steeped in denial and getting angry about queer people who are also closeted existing, think of the reasons why someone would choose this route. Maybe get angry about the homophobia they continue to passively support, which is why some queer people feel like they have to choose this route.

Yeah, there’s many rumors about Bradley. The rumors about him being Victor Garber’s sugarbaby once upon a time are legendary. Plus, let’s not forget that one time he shaded his own stunt, a stunt Liam and Sophia later copied. Welp.

Yes, Mariah wants you to think FameFlynet just happened to stumble upon her and her new piece on a private beach in Hawaii. Typical celebrity stunt. 

But it’s quite hypocritical for Cosmopolitan to call out Mariah, but play along with Zigi, Douis and Chiam’s staged stunts. Could that be because Mariah is 46 and isn’t as popular with their target demographic as the 20-somethings? 

Now Cosmo readers will think they report the truth and aren’t afraid to call out fakery. So when they publish some fakery going forward (they’re already back on Chiam this morning), their readers will readily accept it. This helps strengthen their relationship with the young hot celeb’s team, which translates into access and $ £ €. Typical gossip press stunt. 

 This is how the game is played. It can’t be pointed out to this fandom enough.

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All 5 boys follow that professional fan on twitter

Sure do.

And what do we have here?

She always helpfully places their location. You don’t even have to send a follow-up tweet to her to find out. There’s so many people on social media who’ll assist with fan service for a little access and some freebies. And in 1D’s case, assist with pushing the official narrative as well since 1DHQ is obsessed with having us know that when Boyfriend A is over here that Boyfriend B is over there. Because God forbid we fans think they might be in the same place at the same time. 

<begin sarcasm> That’s just crazy talk that’ll lead us to thinking they’re in love and making the sex together. I mean, this fandom is so DELUDED! Too much imagination! Too much time on their hands, amirite? Anyway all fans are evil and must be neutralized. <end sarcasm>

It’s so pathetic and transparent at this point. It’s potentially misleading too because a professional fan will also hold a pic and release it into the wild at the requested time. 

This was definitely done because Zayn was recently seen (on purpose) in L.A. Niall was recently seen (on purpose) in L.A. Harry is rumored to already be in L.A. for work. And Louis is likely to turn up in Vegas soon. So when no combination of Zarriall materializes publicly, Louis is spotted partying with his beard and his stunt crew and Liam is back in London doing whatever, collectively it has the effect of reinforcing the 1D is over narrative. Tactics. 

But ok, official narrative Liam location update has been received and noted. Carry on…  :P

Dead Men Send No Tweets

I just thought I’d share this with y’all since some stubborn fans still think for some reason that Social Media Managers are an urban legend. This tweet came from Alan Thicke’s account 2 hours AFTER he passed away. And it was clearly composed to give fans the impression it was actually him tweeting.

SMM’s, scheduled tweets, not the actual celebrity tweeting. Yes, it’s real. It’s a necessity. It’s business.

RIP, Alan Thicke. Professional til the end.

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The VS show was very stunty. But at least Zayn dodged that bullet.

Yes, that was a little something to celebrate. Once again, Gigi had to solo stunt which is always hilarious because it’s so thirsty and pathetic.

I’m sure he dots his I’s with little hearts and sprays Versace cologne on them too. LOL  

And this recycled phone nonsense right here…

For why would she just be staring at a pic of Zayn on her phone?? She’s not trying to navigate to another screen. Of course not. That would block the view. And it’s not even an unseen that could be passed of as personal and sentimental. That’s also by design because how else would the garbage press and Zigi shippers be able to show you the match? Lame. 

But maybe Zigi was backburnered because Babygate 2.0 just popped off. Can’t divide the fandom’s attention too much. 

AND Bella Hadid was stuntin’ with The Weeknd.

Lord, are these two gonna fake get back together after their second fake break-up? The suspense is killing you, right? *eyeroll*  But a stunt queen’s gotta do what a stunt queen’s gotta do. Especially if your main competition is your stunty sister who is successfully stuntin’ like crazy. 

AND professional beard Irina Shayk announced her pregnancy to coincide with the VS show.

How feminist of VS to have a pregnant model on the runway. *sarcasm* We all know this is all about the publicity. Commence bump watch. Suck it, Cheryl!

I suspect Bradley is pulling a Jeremy Renner. Is successful. Is not getting any younger. Wants a kid. Is not straight. Is famous and closeted. What to do, what to do? She’s gorgeous. She’s gonna give him a beautiful baby. This graduate of the Cristiano Ronaldo School of Fakelationships has officially stepped her game up. And then comes the break-up and babymama drama headlines. Mark my words. That said, I think the kid is gonna be fine.

AND there was Kendall’s first official public outing with her new lips.

So yeah, with all this action, no wonder Gigi was relegated to backstage stuntin’. 

LOL  But no, no, no, no. Just kidding. Gigi, please don’t go there while you’re stuntin’ with Zayn, k? ENOUGH!

Wow, this is actually a great example of the celebrity machine doing it’s thing. Over the years, VS has managed to turn this show into a real stuntapalooza. But this year may be the stuntiest. Should we laugh or cry…?   

on rationalizing complicity

whats also rly fucked up about promoting oppressive ppl is that they already have some level of celebrity status in certain organizing communities. so not only is it problematic to promote their work because its rooted in oppressive ideology, but its also problematic because why do we need THEM in order to have the “useful work” that they have produced? why are marginalized people never promoted for their insights and contributions to resisting oppression? why do people with massive privilege continue to be regarded as “authorities” on certain issues?

fuck the celebrity industrial complex, fuck derrick jensen, fuck deep green resistance, fuck lierre keith.

not going to throw marginalized people under the bus in order to support an analysis that we can and already do have without the bigotry.

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Im interested in your thoughts on zayns billboard article....

Anonymous said:

I’m sure you’ll get a lot of asks about this but I hope you answer this. We’ve constantly received the OT4 vs zayn narrative. Liam himself (poor boy) had to repeat it multiple times. Louis says they haven’t talked in a while and both say he has “distanced himself”. now Zayn says people (Louis/Nourry) have changed their nos. so what is the truth? and what was with the no homo promo. we get it you are straight. god. and he didn’t have to be rude about mitam. I am a little sad.

Anonymous said:

Could it be a possibility that Zayn actually did want to leave the band, and management forced him out early, also trying to sabotage his reputation? Idk I know it’s what we’re being fed by the media, and print quotes could be entirely fabricated, but perhaps this stems from his actual desire to leave, but this just wasn’t the intended way. They’re making him seem rude, petty, distant, and “too-cool.” I hate this. I can’t believe any of it happened.

I’m not a fan of protesting too much with the too-cool-for-school weed, women, booze, anti 1D bullshit. Please don’t tell me you’re keeping it real when you in fact are keeping it very fake. Please don’t tell me how you were labeled the “bad boy” when you’re low key still playing that role. I love Zayn, but I’m not trying to play with him like that. Not after all this time and already having endured so many lies.

I get this is just the Celebrity Industrial Complex™ doing its thing again. I get the strategy is to kill the boyband thing in order to get a new audience to be receptive to him. But yeah, I still don’t like it. The misleading things about phone numbers being changed and messages not being returned irked me. Whose numbers?? Who got messages? ¾ say they spoke with you post leaving, so wtactualf?? If 1 snubbed you then call ‘em out! Don’t be a little bitch, bad boy. Also coming at MITAM sideways (God knows he’s probably never bought a single 1D album–he wouldn’t need to), taking a little dig at the “fangirls” (they’ve taught me NOTHING!) and the bullshit about liking GYRLZ®, LAYDEES™, WIMMIN© (I cook for the curvy gals!) was not necessary, imo.

The smart thing to do would be not to alienate 1D fans. But this certainly isn’t gonna help. I suppose they’re betting on Zayn stans and new fans. I just don’t think this is the right way to go about things. There doesn’t have to be any enmity. It’s cheap. It’s shady. I dunno what unholy conflagration (new team/old team madness?) resulted in that article. I just know it was a another fail.

every woman mentioned in Medium's music magazine launch, plus the context in the article
  • Sandra Trim da Costa, Miles Davis’ publicist (facilitating an interview)
  • Taylor Swift (being interrupted by Kanye)
  • Rihanna (being abused; using social media)
  • Miley Cyrus (making better music as Hannah Montana — interesting, if they mean it, but a tangent — becoming Miley2K3)
  • Madonna (getting sub-Facebook-posted by deadmau5, “[representing] everything awful about the commercial music industry and celebrity industrial complex”)
  • Paris Hilton (being tweeted about by deadmau5)
  • Ronnie Spector (being abused)
  • Kim Kardashian (being married to Kanye)
  • Laura Palmer (a fictional character)
  • Britney Spears (marrying Kevin Federline)
  • Bianca Jagger (apocryphically riding a white horse into Studio 54)
  • Blondie (is a band, but at this point I’ll count it; making “extremely satisfying uptempo songs)

Aside from Trim da Costa, who’s referred to periodically doing publicist stuff, and Miley Cyrus, who gets a couple sentences, everyone here is an offhand mention. 

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Hmm I'm not that sure I agree it's just modest, luke and niall actually seem like they're friends

Anonymous said:
niall is actually friends with luke

Lemme be blunt: Please don’t send me asks like this. It’s 2016 and I’m wayyyy past this naive foolery. It. Does. Not. Matter. If. They’re. Friends. Or. Not. It’s still promo. The Nice Guy is very pap friendly. Meaning, they don’t shoo away paps loitering and trespassing and blinding other patrons with flashes. That’s because they know the celebs are allowing themselves to be papped on purpose. Why? Promo. So photos circulate… 

…and articles get written… 

…and tweets can get tweeted…

…and celebs can maintain a certain profile because out-of-sight-out-of-mind apparently is a thing. For The Nice Guy, it’s great promo too. They’ve gotten the word out that famous people hang out there, which attracts customers who wanna celeb watch. Often, places like this pay celebrities just to show up. That’s how valuable a celebrity ho stroll can be. 

And that’s why this happens over and over:

It’s I’m not trying to be mean. But this has been explained ad nauseam by so many bloggers. Ho strolls AKA pap walks at hot spots whose names are guaranteed to be dropped (like Starbucks, The Grove and Nobu for example) are a common part of the Celebrity Industrial Complex™. 1D has been around long enough for fans to have earned a Master’s degree in fandom. These things should be understood by now.

Understanding this is a promotional photo op takes nothing away from Niall and Luke. It just demonstrates an understanding of how showbiz works. We’re only seeing it because they want us to. They’re IDing the location because they have to. 

From Daily Mail:

“While arriving at The Nice Guy in a car driven by the Irish-lad, Luke suddenly became all shy and hid his face under his baseball-styled cap.”

From Sugarscape:

“Niall was later spotted leaving The Nice Guy in LA…” 

They can both do things without millions of eyes on them, believe or not. When they publicly resurface with paps and/or fans in tow, it’s for a reason. Whether or not they’re friends is irrelevant.