celebrity grills

I just went to a Hibachi Grill for the first time so obviously I'm gonna make this about OMGCP somehow

After rehab Jack goes to Samwell but he *doesn’t* join the hockey team. He’s decided a hockey career just isn’t for him.

He *is* president of one of the queer clubs at Samwell (maybe something about history? Sports? Youth mentoring? Drug/Alcohol abuse? Philanthropy? Take your pick fam)

The queer club goes to a Hibachi Grill to celebrate someone’s birthday or engagement or a successful event or fundraiser or smth

When they get there they’re sat with Samwell Men’s Hockey Team who are celebrating a birthday or win or smth.

Jack is *not* happy. He tries to avoid the hockey team for many reasons - at least 5 of those reasons relate to how loud and unruly the team is.

But Jack sits next to a small, cute blond boy who introduces himself with a polite handshake and a southern drawl.

“Hi, you can call me Bitty, hockey nickname. I’ve never been to a place like this before but the boys say it’s like dinner and a show!”

Jack is entranced. He doesn’t watch the chef he watched Bitty watch the chef. And then Bitty takes his first bite of fried rice and


And Jack is Done.

They eat and Bitty won’t stop moaning throwing in an occasional “Sweet Lord that’s good!” And “I am in heaven y'all I swear.”

And then the chef says “Okay who wants to catch shrimp in their mouth?”

Bitty volunteers to go first.

“You want a small fish or a big fish?”

Bitty considers a moment. “I prefer large” he says with a wink. The whole table laughs.

Jack is helpless. After everyone pays he just, he can’t help but tap Bitty’s shoulder. “So if you’re going back to Samwell I can give you a ride. In my car. It’s a nice car and we could get dessert on the way back.” (Because Jack is 100% and doesn’t do subtle)

Bitty goes pink “I don’t even know you’re name”

“I don’t know yours either. I doubt Bitty is what your parents named you.”

“Well then why don’t we drive back to campus in the cars we came in but you drop by my dorm for dessert? I make a mean apple pie. And we can exchange names and… all that stuff.”

All that stuff


Feast Report!

What I cooked for the Bottomless Pit’s family for their New Year/ Christmas celebrations: (from top left)

Grilled Aigamo Garnished with Green Sauce (Shokugeki No Souma)

Roast Beef Don (Shokugeki no Souma) - the garlic fried rice was plated separately.

Charcoal Grilled Ribs with Chestnut Coffee Sauce (Shokugeki No Souma) - because I couldn’t have too many beef dishes, I changed the grilled steak to ribs glazed with a brown sugar and butter. It caramelized pretty well, and the bitterness went really well with the Chestnut Coffee Sauce! 

I also had a simple Salmon baked with Dill and Lemon (just line the baking tray with olive oil first), as well as a Egg-stuffed pepper that I did in this bento here.

The Bottomless Pit’s Mum also made a vegetarian version of the Potato Salad from Wakako Zake that you can find here. (Yes, eggs with potatoes mmmmmmm).

It took me so much energy cooking this that I haven’t recovered yet - I had to take a nap at 10pm and woke up just in time for the countdown.

This is how the feast looked like (there were more dishes, including a cheese board):