celebrity ghost

“It was a simple story, about a boy who was lost, and a girl who was broken. They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight. I led them into battle against an evil so terrible, it tried to black out the stars. We fought for each other. We fought for those who could not. But we never imagined it would end like this.”

~Hera Syndulla

I was so excited to see Natalie Robinson and her dad after the Rebels panel at SWCO! I had been following their Sabine build for a while over and Twitter, and it was just as amazing in real life. I wasn’t proud, I was impressed!

Natalie won first place in the 13 and under Cosplay Competition!

In honour of Star Wars Rebels’ final season, I will be wearing Hera for another day tomorrow at SWCO. If you know the contact of this Kanan, link me up!

Update! This fantastic Kanan is one half of @astonmartinivictorvoyeurcosplay!


Haha! I died again!

Lynne, that’s not something to joke about…

While Lynne takes a crack at jokes on the side, what we have in store for you is no laughing matter! Welcome to Rewind - A Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective fan zine!!

Artist applications are currently open! Applications will be open from now, February 10, 10:00 PM EST, to February 19, 10:00 PM EST. We are looking to accept around 20-25 artists for this zine. We are looking for artists who are skilled in the following: portraying atmosphere, facial expressions and body language, character interaction, and have a unique and dynamic style. Imitations of the Ghost Trick art style are not allowed. !!!!!Please read the FAQ before you apply!!!!!

You MUST have played Ghost Trick in full before applying. It is a fairly short game (10-20 hours). The reasoning for this is because the twist at the very end completely changes your view of the entire game! Of course we can’t demand for proof that you played it, but we encourage you to finish the game before you apply.

The zine is hosted by alice and heidi, two artists who love mystery puzzle games. If you have any questions, please direct them to the Ghost Trick zine related twitter (DM/ or via mention) or tumblr (tumblr asks are preferred). We will be publicizing our replies in case anyone has the same questions. If you do not want your question to be public, please indicate so.

The zine aims to be done production by June 19, to celebrate Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s seven year anniversary.

Thank you kindly for reading, and good luck!!

I’ve a feeling The Pulitzer Price
will find me post mortem ( : I bet
my ghost will celebrate with my mother’s ghost,
and belle- époque artists and golden skinned angels
will levitate among old school wizards
drunk like hobo thieves on Merlin’s bastardized liquor
and God’s favorite tenant
will pop up continually magic sheep blood
in goblets embroidered with childish scribblings,
all creatures above peekaboo mountains,
celestial or doomed
including serpentine monsters aka seraphim skeletons
will monitories the rebellion in God’s cinematic blood.
Speechless moments. Deathless moments. Gangsta moments.
All you can do is prepare profoundly for the last moment arrival, always too soon to forget about your battered poems, or maybe even much deserved laurels.
I’m completely in love with you unrecognized
talented internet poet.

You seriously have no idea how excited I am to meet the Ghost Crew/Space Family next week in Orlando! The best part about this - I will be meeting the Ghost Crew/Space Family with my best friend, @ffdemon!