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Celebrating William Morris’s Birthday Anniversary on Fine Press Friday!

The celebrated designer, writer, artist, designer, leader of the Arts & Crafts movement, and founder of the Kelmscott Press, William Morris, was born on this day March 24, 1834. While there are several Kelmscott imprints we could use to mark this day, we’ve decided to demonstrate his continuing influence by showcasing Neil Shaver’s 1989 Yellow Barn Press printing of Frank Colebrook’s lecture William Morris: Master-Printer, printed at Council Bluffs, Iowa, with original wood engravings by the legendary John DePol, in 13 pt. Poliphilus and Blado Italic on Rives Heavy paper in an edition of 155 copies.

Frank Colebrook, editor of The Printing Times and Lithographer, delivered this lecture on November 27, 1896 – two months after Morris’s death – to the students of the Printing School of the St. Bride Foundation Institute in London. Shaver’s printing of the lecture is the first since 1897. Morris scholar William S. Peterson provided the introduction for this edition.

Our copy belonged to the distinguished librarian, author, book collector, Morris scholar, and UW graduate Jack Walsdorf, and bears signed presentation inscriptions to him from Shaver, DePol, and Peterson, and also includes a signed note to Walsdorf from John DePol.

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under appreciated films challenge - favourite film
the last unicorn 

There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever. We are as old as the sky, as old as the moon! We can be hunted, trapped, we can even be killed if we leave our forests. But we do not  v a n i s h


There is an alternative to watching Donald Trump get inaugurated as President.

On Facebook Live that same Friday, celebrities are holding a fundraiser for the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and Earthjustice. 

They’re calling it a Love-a-Thon:  

Join us for a three-hour Facebook Live broadcast with music, entertainment and stories about causes that matter. It’s time to take a stand.

Artists, musicians, and actors including Judd Apatow, Jane Fonda, Jamie Lee Curtis, Patricia Arquette, Christopher Guest, Tim Robbins and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco are coming together live on Inauguration Day to bring you a broadcast packed with music, comedy and surprises you don’t want to miss. Of course, without you, we won’t be able to support the causes that need us.

The ACLU, EarthJustice and Planned Parenthood need you to tune in. This is urgent.


On 13th January 2017 Alexander K. of Sosnovka (first picture, on the right) decided to celebrate Friday the 13th by slaughtering his sister Victoria (second picture), his father Victor (first and second picture) and his grandmother. The murder weapon was an ax. The grandmother was decapitated, and Victoria’s head was split. After killing his family Alexander went to a neighbor and said what he did. The neighbor called the police and Alexander was apprehended.

queen--valeskaxx  asked:

Hey J! Can i request something? Steve x Reader about the song Relapse by Divided by Friday? I think the song explains it all. i think this is going to be like angsty kind of story cause of the song hehe thank you J! Its okay too if you cant,, just trying my luck ^^

Hi Gale! Thanks a lot for taking part to this celebration!

I wasn’t sure if you meant the song as the Reader’s or Steve’s internal monologue, and after listening to the song a couple of times I had a story for both the possibility… so I’ve written both. They aren’t the same story from two different point of view but two completely different stories.

These are the first time I write an imagine about a song… so I’m not sure that they are what you were expecting but I hope you’ll like them anyway.

Here the link to the song: Relapse by Divided by Friday (I suggest to everybody to go listen to it before reading if you don’t know it already.)

Pairing: Steve x reader

Warnings: angst, sadness, end of a relationship.

Reader’s story

Word count: 436

Originally posted by naih-reedus

The Sakovia Accords hasn’t been only the fallout of the Avengers, they have been your and Steve’s fallout.

You are back to the Avengers’ facility with Tony, Rhodey and Vision; but walking through the empty hallways there’s only one face you can see: Steve’s face. You can see him smiling from behind every corner, and jogging in the first lights of the day, right under your window.

His shiny smile keeps you awake every night, when laying on your bed you can’t stop yourself from remembering all the times the both of you have been entangled in those sheets. Your head resting on his heart, his arms wrapped around you. You looking up to him when a satisfied sigh escaped his lips. Those same velvety lips that just a second later were on yours, charming you with tender kisses. His ocean-horizon irises hypnotizing you as he said:

“I’m never gonna leave you, always gonna keep you right here next to me.”

Your heart and tongue repeated back to him those same words countless times: before a mission, after a mission, and simply out of the blue.

You are sitting are the kitchen table for breakfast with what has remained of what you had learned and loved to call your family, and as you are drowning your cereals in milk you can’t pretend to be fine. Your mind miles away, hoping that Steve would change his mind. The milk overflows from your bowl forming a little puddle on the table. You let go the milk carton. Tears join the milk on the table, as you choke on regrets.

Steve’s last words to you play in your mind as a broken record:

“I love you, but I don’t think I can be the one.”

And you find yourself saying: “Please don’t come back.”

Nevertheless, your heart still believes that together you could have been happy, if only… if only Steve would have believed in you as much he believes in his friends. You would like to be able to let go of him, but, every time his smile flashes in your mind, you feel just half of what you should be and you don’t really want this to be a closure.

Steve has sent a letter to Tony, but neither a line for you.

This is it; you can’t keep on hoping that he would change his mind. You won’t be anymore the one falling into relapse at the memory of what has been and what could have been.

“I love you, but I don’t think you can be the one.” Your lips close your and Steve’s story.

Steve’s story

Word count: 406

Originally posted by lobo-de-luna

It has been almost six months, but it still stings. Steve has tried to forget, to erase all the time spent with you, but your face is indelibly painted in his mind. He could draw your portrait with eyes closed. He has loved you from the first instant his eyes have landed on your warm and joyful smile. Now he can’t even get out of his house without falling for you once again, because you work in a shop just on the other side of the street and whenever he opens his front door he can see you smile to a costumer.

He tries to forget, and when he fails, at least he tries to conceal the way he feels, he tries to get over you. He really believed that you could have been happy together; he wanted your smile to be the first thing his eyes would have seen in the morning for the rest of his life. Now he can’t stop thinking to when you broke his heart. He was on one knee holding a ring in front of you, his heart running like crazy, his breath caught in his throat waiting for your answer.

“I love you, but I don’t think I can be the one.” You said, and his world fell in pieces.

And now every day is just trying to avoid falling into relapse every time he sees you smile, while regret chocks him at your sight. He remembers the long evening walks, when in the chilling wind you would shake in your multicolor dresses and he would hold you close to him whispering “I’m never gonna leave you, always gonna keep you right here next to me.” He remembers the picnics by the beach, when laying one next to the other pointing out the most weirdly shaped clouds you would repeat those same words to him holding tightly his hand.

But now his walks are lonely and the only ones to share a picnic with him are the seagulls. So now every time he thinks of you he ends up saying “Please don’t come back.” Because the truth is that even if you could have been happy together, you had never believed in him. He can’t pretend to be fine but he will not keep hoping that you would change your mind.

Now he is the one saying: “I love you, but I don’t think you can be the one.”

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University Prompts

- pretty sure the professor only passed me because they felt bad for me

- I don’t know anyone in this class but you’ve got a rainbow patch on your backpack and I’m [LGBT] too so do you want to work together?

- it turns out a kid in my class got you home Saturday night and now they’re asking me how you are and wait how do you know each other???

- I think I just saw my TA drunk???

- we’re both struggling to finish this paper on time but I talked to the professor and got an extension whereas you’ll be pulling (yet another) all nighter

- I’m in a psychology experiment and I majorly fucked up and you’re running it but you can’t help me and oh god this is going downhill fast

- “no I won’t sit with you in class, (mutual friend) keeps falling asleep on me”

- I have to watch this scary movie for class please sit with me and tell me it’s all okay

- I saw you trying to recruit people for your club on roller blades and I have no idea how that’s related please don’t hurt yourself

- I’m pretty sure our professor is actually insane let’s take another class with them

- I’m like 99% sure your dorm building is haunted

- you’re studying abroad for the semester and it’s our last night before you leave

- you’re political science and I’m international studies and we keep getting into arguments about which is better even though our friends can’t tell the difference

- a serial killer once lived in your building when he was in college and I heard they don’t let people sleep in that room anymore is that true?… do you think we can find the room?


- stop distracting me in the middle of class the professor’s already yelled at us once

- we somehow always end up showering at the same time in shower stalls next to each other

- it’s 7 in the morning where is that Disney soundtrack coming from?

- I kind of have a crush on you and I walked into the communal bathroom and you were there wet and only in a towel and I’ll come back later

- the professor forgot to tell us we didn’t have class so everyone showed up and it’s really weird being here with you with nothing to say

- you’re a grad student who taught a course I took and I see you around everywhere and you always wave to me

- I was extremely early to class but thought I was late so I ran in and now everyone in the class will see me every day and you’re in that class and you’re so cute and I don’t think I could be anymore embarrassed

- I have a path I always take to class because it takes me past the room you’re in

- you start talking to me as we’re walking to class and we’re walking to different buildings but I don’t want to end this conversation yet so I’m just going to run when you’re not looking

- we’re in class together and you read the wrong book and I have to whisper the plot of the one we were supposed to read to you