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Hey guy!! As you already know Voltron new season is here!! And to celebrate our fandom diversity and the new season we decide to make a coloring book!!

The coloring book would be completely fan-made and free to download, in a way to honor VOLTRON.

The book will consist on a lineart of each artist, and will not allow for unsuitable fanart for younger audiences (i.e: nsfw, graphic violence, etc.)

  • The book will be published in the course of JANUARY 25.

Confirmed artist: @vinnie-cha@pumpkin-arts@clankclunk@violet-skullies@unicorlasercat@prinzcake@cecispencil@lexxicona@yu-nyx@percyinpanties@littlestpersimmon@joker-ace@deeee@polarspaz@calilee@cookiecreation@simple-nd-teal@thequeen117@bunbunsie@ackerchou@salamandraimoral@nuuky@baconator4ever@joleanart@oll1vian@desude@cata-strophes@kahazel@wakatoshiu@wickedalbion@duckydrawsart@elentori-art@joodlepot@geton-myboat@vanienne@maskenjager@pining-keith@iknut@cherryandsisters@xnighten@themidnight-paladin

No confirmed artist:

@ehlihr@legendary-defenders @legendarydesvender


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I ALMOST FORGOT. Today is a very special day in my life. Exactly one year ago I saw my friend reblog a poké rap post. It inspired me to watch that rap, then I started watching other poke related videos and one thing led to another and here I am now. In other words, it’s my one year Pokemon anniversary. 

impossiblyhardprincess  asked:

I just wanna say I think you're really swell. Like, this is definitely the kind of attitude I feel like we should all have in this fandom. Celebrating, or at least not getting down on others, for sharing the ships they like. While I don't agree with Rarijack as a romantic thing, I think they are great and close friends. But I also feel like its ok for others to ship them together if it makes themselves happy, I feel like you understand this well. <3 Appledash, n thx for b-ing awesome

Yeees, totally agree with you! I think it is the more natural thing to do, or at least, we should do. We can dislike something without being a jerk about it, right? Where even is the need to be so mean sometimes?? This fandom sadly seems to have a problem with this, soo it’s really great when we find people with a nice attitude

Anyway, I’m just glad you feel comfortable with me, even if we don’t like the same ships. I want my blog to be safe and nice with every ship, and things like this ensure me I’m doing a good job, so thanks for such a kind message ♥

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Are you a niffler? Because I think you stole my heart… ❤️

🎉 we made it, folks! kylux fandom is one year old! 🎂

yeah, you read it right, we have an anniversary here. 

shout out to the lovely @imperialremnant and their friend @miserylullabies who drew up the shipname “kylux” exactly one year ago, on 20/11/2015! how cool is that? we’re a one year old baby ship! 

🎈 happy fandom-birthday to every shipper! 🎈

Noise Complaint

Summary: Y/N has her own hotel room for the first time in month’s, what better way to celebrate than having loud sex with your angel boyfriend?

 Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader 

 Pairing: Castiel X Reader 

 Warnings: NSFW, a ton of smutty goodness 

 Word Count: 878

 Prompt:  Congrats! I’m new to asking for requests, so I don’t want to seem too forward, but could you do 26, 28, or 48? NSFW with Cas- @icantthinkofaname-oops

 A/N: Loud sex? Uh hell fucking yeah. Loud sex with a blue eyed angel of the lord? Sign me the fuck up!

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Never Have I Ever

Summary: In a heated gave of Never Have I Ever, Dean discovers Y/N has never been eaten out. He finds this unacceptable and volunteers to make it right.  

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader

Warnings: NSFW, language, oral sex (female receiving)

Word Count: 931

Prompt:  Congratulations on every single one of your follows. You are hands down one of my favorite blogs on tumblr! May I please as for: 26. “Wait, so you’re telling me that you’ve never had someone go down on you? With Dean and fluff 28. “I wanna fuck you so hard we get a noise complaint.” With Misha and NSFW. 43. “No matter what you want to do, I’ll be there backing you up one hundred percent.” with Misha and fluff. Congratulations again!!!- @letsdisneythings

A/N: Here we go, I hope you enjoy, feedback is always welcomed!

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so far because of my exams I had no time to post anything so now we wish you all Happy New Year and all the Holydays ^_^

star_to_fall &  cannolibektass 

A year of ML fic

Guys. I’ve been WRITING MIRACULOUS LADYBUG FANFIC FOR A YEAR. And I just?????????? Wow? When I first wrote my first drabble I didn’t think it was going to be like this.

This is very important to me because Miraculous Ladybug is the first fandom in a really really really long while that I actively participated and created for. Before ML, I was a quiet consumer in my other fandoms. But Miraculous Ladybug sparked something in me that actually made me write character analyses and connect with community and create fan fiction. I know that might be normal for others but for me, it’s been 84 years. (But, literally: 10 years.)

And now I apparently have almost forty pieces of work, including multi-chapters, one-shots, series, bullet point fics, and drabbles of various lengths. I did not realize how long this list has gotten.

As a celebration, I’ll be revisiting my fics and giving them some love– and some edits, too! (Goodness knows it’s terribly needed.) I’ll be resharing my babies all month. I hope you can join me! (If you don’t want to, I’ll be tagging my reblogs as #SarahCadaFicAnniv, so you can block that. No hard feelings.)

I’m accepting prompts, as always. Just send them in my askbox and I’ll see what I can whip up for you this month!

A HUGE HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all my followers and regular reviewers. I wouldn’t still be here without you. A shoutout to my original marvelous sounding boards @chassecroise @brettanomycroft @runningoutofink who are magnificent writers as well. My new partners in crime creating @qookyquiche @kwamikwami @portentous-offerings, you guys are spectacular. To my enablers @miraculousturtle@megatraven @soundofez @amynchan @panda013​ your neverending support floors me. Cheers to @kryallaorchid @clairelutra@bullysquadess @pozolegirl @hchano–  my friends, you inspire me. Dearest @kasumiafkgod @mimosaeyes @miraculousandcute​ your input is invaluable. There’s so much more who have joined me on this journey at one point or another. If I have ever talked/whined/screeched to you about writing, if you ever reblogged or reviewed or keysmashed at my work, consider yourself tagged and thanked.

Here’s to more feels, tears, and shenanigans.

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