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Oncers Unite - pretty please

Please just for one episode. OUAT’S 100th Episode can we try agree and enjoy it for what it is- a huge milsetone in the shows history.

This is a show that way back in 2011 was a huge risk, no one had ever changed the classic disney movies so much, no one had thought you know what let’s make all the characters strong, but still make them human, vulnerable.  Let’s celebrate the familal ties. Let’s have this constant battle not just between good and evil, right and wrong, but about inner conflicts, about morals, about sacrifice, about how that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you, about how many other people believe things can only change when you believe in yourself.

So for 5x12 can we please try and forget about ships. Forget about favourite characters. Forget about the ship wars. Forget about the sometimes questionable writing. Laugh at Hades Hair and enjoy the show.

Thank you and once again sorry to everyone who is just excited but I keep seeing people complaining and whilst i understand that people have different opinions it’s just getting a bit frustrating.