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Like the World is Watching: Chapter 1

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Summary: After a frustrating start to her music career in L.A., Beca convinces her label boss to let her produce an acapella album with her fellow former Bellas - and though nobody expects much to come of it, a surprising celebrity Twitter endorsement turns the group into overnight pop stars.  Meanwhile, roommates Chloe and Beca have begun a friends-with-benefits arrangement and are not prepared for all the ways this will change what they mean to each other, or for how much industry pressure they’ll face to keep the relationship secret.  Can America’s hottest new girl group maintain friendships and cope with falling in love while navigating the chaotic world of Hollywood life?  Bechloe love story/Bellas friendship.  Canon, post-Pitch Perfect 2.

Rating: M

Pairing: Beca/Chloe

Status: In-progress

Words: 26,000+

Link to Soundtrack and Playlists (This page is sort of like my version of a theatrical trailer, some of the songs have little preview snippets from upcoming chapters, but it’s nothing too spoilery that’s not already in the plot summary, the passages mostly just hint at the set-ups for certain storylines!)

Personal Note:

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When you’re running an Artist Alley table, it’s important to advertise! Many find it wise to advertise by getting endorsement from celebrity figures. But you should always consider who you get endorsement from very carefully…


Cons: Might hoard your buttons to himself, making them hard to actually sell.
Pros: Is very cute.


Cons: Doesn’t actually care whether people buy your artwork or not.
Pros: ?????? Lapis you’re not very good at advertising… 

In any case, LAST CHANCE TO STOP BY TABLE 145: DAZLIOUS DESIGN for commissions, prints, and buttons! (… If you can get them away from Trico.)

typical-doggo  asked:

I'm excited for if/when they go get pizza and everyone learns about Korean pizza

Oh my god, Korean pizza. They don’t even need to wait, let me tell you about Korean pizza. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Polite Company, allow me to introduce you to the disastrous glory that is Korean pizza. 

Here are some screenshots from the current Korean Pizza Hut website:

Behold the burger bite crust. It has jalapeno, broccoli, and yes those are french fries on it and burgers baked into the crust. There’s your sneakpeek. More below the cut.

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The super excited liberal ideology surrounding voting, as personified in the archetypical celebrity endorsement, is really gross. When you have actual scientist Bill Nye acting like voting for Democrats will put an end to climate change, an actual scientist who realizes how deeply fucked we are if we don’t get our shit together, you know that capitalist ideology is a powerful powerful thing.

speaking of which, why is yuzu still tagging along yuya? 

i know she says its a matter of pride and that getting a celebrity fugitive endorsement is gonna help their school (somehow) but is it really worth all the trouble, yuzu? 

you’d think she wouldve drawn the line when her dad got kidnapped but nope

yuzu was an ass to yuya. yuya doesnt give a shit about yuzu (so weird. writing that sentence.) or their school and told her to fuck off numerous times so its not like she has any emotional ties to stay with him


Indiana state senator Jack E. Sandlin says he didn’t make Facebook post mocking “fat women”

  • Indiana state Senator Jack E. Sandlin found himself in hot water on Sunday after he shared and then deleted a post on his Facebook page that mocked women who attended the Women’s March. (Above)
  • The post came from a conservative meme-sharing page called Mike’s Corner, which is full of misogynist memes mocking women’s rights as well as female celebrities who endorsed the march.
  • After Sandlin removed the posts from his page, he issued apologies — which he then removed, as well. He claimed he didn’t know how the post got on his page. Read more

Pagan Min’s Calls: A Comprehensive List (In Progress)

I love getting those calls from Pagan Min while playing Far Cry 4, but I haven’t been able to find any kind of comprehensive list or videos. So I’ve decided to make one. I made up the titles pretty much. Anything title in italics needs the full transcript. I’ve linked clips I’ve found where possible because obviously you need to hear him say these things. Please send any transcripts and/or clips you have found!

It would also be really interesting to learn if there’s any specific order they typically come up in. I personally have heard each one up through “Yuma’s First Impressions”, in this order.

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2015, 6:00pm EST

“Again with the Crab Rangoon”

…I had him killed. Or was it his family? Either way, the spread will be better next time…That’s the last time I’m kidnapping a fucking TV celebrity chef…

“That’s It. That’s the Call.”

“Ajay? Ajay? Aaaaaaaaajaaaaay?”

“Uh? Yes?”

“Awesome! Oh, just making sure you’ve been listening.”

Our Little Family

I wish you could remember what it was like back then, Ajay. Your mother and I, with you on her hip, oh those were the days. She was never happier than she was back then, and I should say the same for myself. We had such plans, not just for our little family, but for Kyrat. It wasn’t always like this, I long for those days but then it’s too late. I tried, I really really did, this place is ruinous. Try not to let them drag you down, Ajay. Ishwari didn’t send you back here for that.


I’ve been thinking about my image, on the world stage, and I think what I lack is a celebrity endorsement, you know, a visit from Dennis Rodman type. Perhaps I could get Beckham to bring the Galaxy over for a game against my best 11? A bit cliché now I suppose. A pop star? If the dictator of Turkmenistan can get J-Lo to sing him “Happy Birthday” then who’s to say I can’t get my fading star of yesteryear? I wonder how much Kanye is going for. Do you follow him on Twitter? It is gold. I would love to shoot the breeze with that young man.

“No Homo” (7:57-8:32)

Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favorite nephew. So tell me, Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own, that’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumption some may make about my appearance. I am indeed batting for the other team. You, more than most, should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.

“Always Money in the Banana Stand Temples” (8:32-9:31)

Oh, I’d love to give you a tour of my vaults one day. Right now, I’m looking at all the wealth of Kyrat. Gold medallions, ivory statues, jade carvings, such delightful trinkets! The Golden Path says I stole its wealth, but I did no such thing! They robbed themselves for centuries instead of putting it to good use! I, on the other hand, have been selling off whatever I can to the West, and whatever I can’t, I melt it down and make something a little more…contemporary. There’s a lesson for you, Ajay. People are hypocrites, and they all want someone to blame for their shit-filled lives, they never want to accept their share of the responsibility. The next time they’re whining about building schools or clinics, remember they’ve been hiding away their fortune in dusty old monasteries for centuries!

“Fucking Candles”

Ajay, you’ve been out and about exploring Kyrat for a while now. Tell me who lights all of those fucking candles? The country is in the grips of a civil war, an apparently monstrous dictator has the country on it’s knees, and yet some industrious fool has put it upon himself to wake up every morning and go around lighting hundreds, and hundreds of candles. Oh I’m tempted to employ someone to blow them all out again. Actually I have a better idea—Gary. GARY! Put it down this is important. Listen, candles are now illegal. What? Yes all of them! Treason punishable by death, thank you—and thank you Ajay, you just made my week.

“Zippered Meat Pockets”

Ajay, I hope you don’t mind, but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you. If you are to lead Kyrat when this is all over, you’re going to need a sharper look than denims and fucking sneakers, my boy. And that jacket. Oh, don’t get me started. Why on Earth do you need so many zippered pockets? What do you keep in them all? Handfuls of meat? Huh, I suppose you do. I’ll make a note for my tailor: “Ajay’s jacket, zippered meat pockets.” Perfect. Well, don’t let me slow you down.


Did I ever tell you about Noore? This is one of my favorites. She used to be a doctor, quite a benevolent soul. She came to Kyrat on some aid mission in the early days of my reign. She had the audacity to write a report on the human right abuses perpetrated by my regime! So I reached out to her, invited her to come back, to see the improvements, how we’d acted on her recommendations. I extended the invite to her family. So she came, husband and kids. I put them up in the palace, I even put on a little meeting for her, made a PowerPoint, “A 12-Step Action Plan” to address Kyrat’s human rights violations *chuckles* Except each slide was about how I was going to ruin Noore’s life. *laughs* So Paul “De Pleur” kept her family hostage while I forced the great humanitarian, Dr. Najjar, to run the most terrible parts of my Kyrati empire. Oh, between you and I, I think she actually enjoys it now.

“Lancing Boils” (9:32-10:14)

A word to the wise, Ajay. The next time you need something lanced, employ the services of a professional, as scarce as those services may be around here. Did you know because of your mother I sponsored an entire class of students to study medicine in Singapore? And they never came back! Can you believe the depth of that ingratitude? Paul dealt with their families here in Kyrat, and I had my contacts in Singapore track them down and find a fitting end for each of them, yes. Oh, as satisfying as that was, I now find myself lancing my own boils. Gary! Bring me some gauze and some fucking antiseptic ointment!

Yuma’s First Impressions

I’ve spent a lot of my life apologizing for Yuma’s first impressions. She has a remarkable ability to make consistently terrible introductions. I’d love for you two to meet on better terms, she really has been the driving force behind most of my successes. She forges deals with my international buyers, she polices Noore and De Pleur, she even finds time to run my army. Well, that is until her recent obsession with Kyrati superstition took a hold of her. She thinks I don’t know about the expeditions she’s been sending up the mountains looking for magical paintings or whatever it is. I’m as open as the next fellow about negligible losses for the sake of employee morale, but only so many pens can go missing from the stationary cupboard before someone has to lose a hand!

“Piano Recital”

I was in America not so long ago. I looked up Ishwari, but I couldn’t bring myself to see her, not after all these years. You always regret those decisions when they die, don’t you? Anyway, I was there with De Pleur, or rather “Paul Harmon”. He invited me to his home to meet his family, to see the other side of him. It was incredible to see the man behind the man. Paul, the loving father and husband. I was as jealous as I was happy for him. We went to his daughter’s school to see a recital. There was his darling Ashley, the light of his life. I could see the tears welling up in his eyes, so proud, so much love. It really made me think, what if I had followed Ishwari? What if that were you clumsily stumbling through a piano recital as I looked on teary-eyed through a viewfinder, capturing every precious moment. It always hits you when it’s too late, Ajay, always when they’ve gone.

“Cocaine and Yak’s Blood”

After Ishwari left it was a very dark time for me. Oh I was a cruel and angry young man. It’s this time more than any that gives me the reputation I have today. Yes, yes, I murdered countless innocents, yes I outlawed religion, yes I changed the currency so everyone’s savings were meaningless. And yes, I may have gone through a period of bathing in yaks’ blood and slamming rails of coke. But…I’m reformed now, look at me, getting this country back on it’s feet again. Top shape, Ajay. *snorts a rail of coke* Top shape.

“Pàng Xióng”

Ajay, did I ever tell you about my first body double? Not the one you wiped off the map, he’s number three or four now perhaps. Anyway, the first one, Jeong was his name, started brilliantly. He looked the part, diligent in his duty, but back then I didn’t realize what becoming me could do to a man. He went completely berserk! And it wasn’t the random beheadings or the blood-drinking that did him in in the end, no! It was a particularly embarrassing incident where in full costume, he was caught trying to sneak into Disneyland! Using a forged Dominican Republic passport–this is the best part–under a Chinese name that meant “Fat Bear”. Fucking imbecile!

Story-Relevant (spoilers!)

“Poor Eric” (15:06-15:53)

“Hello Ajay, did you miss me? Oh wait, yes, you did!”

“Pagan? I just killed you!”

“No, no, you just ruined a perfectly good body double with hair loss. Do you know how expensive he was to make? He wasn’t even Asian, for Christ’s sake, he was from Melbourne, I think. His only crime was being born with fabulous cheekbones. Whose picture do you think’s on the money? No matter, what’s done is done, I suppose next time it’ll just be you and me.

"Choices” (18:35-19:46)

“Oh Ajay, I can almost see your furrowed brow from here.”

“Pagan, what do you want.”

*tutting* "Tone! I’m merely calling to check up on you! I hear your little friends are having a bit of a spat. It must be hard, what with you in the middle of it all. Choices are difficult. Trust me, I’ve been there. In fact, you should be grateful for the choices I’ve made. Choices like Yuma. I went on live television to serve her up to you, and I loathe television. Radio is so much more my thing. And you, you jumped on the opportunity. Poor Yuma, she will be missed. It was a tough call to make, picking you over her. But it was the right call. You’ll see. Of course, you’re in a hurry. Places to go, shit to tear up. I’ll let you get back to it. But don’t forget, Ajay, choices have consequences.“

"Something More Contemporary” (20:07-20:37)

Really, Ajay? What do you have against my likeness? All those posters, Eric my double, and now this. Am I missing a hint? Should I start taking this personally? That statue was solid fucking gold. Literally! I’m not being metaphorical. Do you know how many artifacts I had to melt down to get it made? And poor Eric standing there for God knows how long just to pose for it! Well, what’s done is done. And dinner’s nearly ready.

Farewell Address

If you’re listening to this, I am no longer with you. At the time of this recording, Ajay Ghale has just ditched me at a dinner party, and I am admittedly a little ???. I have a plan for what should happen next, but the future is a fickle mistress. Regardless, I hope I leave Kyrat in better hands than my own. And to the Golden Path, oh ho! Fuck you. I’ve always hated the lot of you. Sincerely, Pagan Min.

Escape from Durgesh DLC

“That’s My Boy”

Well I had something important to say, but I suppose you just want to get out there and start shooting things. *chuckle* That’s my boy.


You know what I hate? Typos. You pay good money for propaganda posters, you expect them to be properly proofread! Ajay, be a good little errand boy and destroy the less than perfect propaganda in that center. While you’re at it, teach the people there a lesson. We’ll see if they’ll ever spell Pagan with an ‘e’ again! I’ll bet this is Yuma’s doing. She knows just how to piss me off.


I feel so much better knowing those terrible posters will never see the light of day. I’m giving you elephants. That’s right, elephants! I call the big one Hurley. He’s clumsy, but oh-so-adorable.

“Boom Boom”

Well, Daddy’s tower didn’t go boom-boom, so that means you must have succeeded. Excellent work, Ajay. You are, er, let’s see here, “capable and valued”, yes, those were the words for the day. I’m a believer in positive reinforcement in case you haven’t figured that out. Your reward! It will be made available to you when you head to your little landing zone. Thank you so much!

“Positive Reinforcement”

I still believe in you, and I still value you, Ajay. I’m a believer in positive reinforcement. I’m in control of my temper, even if you did just fuck up royally!



Said some half-addled retard on this backwards-ass fuckstorm of a hellsite.

I do not support legitimate Nazis/Neo-Nazis, but nor do I call everyone that I disagree with at a political level a fucking nazi!

“Bu-bu-but…So-and-So’s a white supremacist!” Doesn’t make them Nazis, it just makes them fucking ignorant.

“B-b-but they said something offensive!”  Good for them, let them be a twat.  People can see they’re a twat, and they’ll likely try not to be affiliated with said twat.

“We should Punch-” Let me finish that for you…

”We should only punch those who are an immediate physical threat to ourselves, loved ones, or the public as a whole if we are left with no alternative.  We should not punch people because they said things we don’t like or agree with.”

Physical violence is oftentimes seen as an absolute last resort.
Despite what the Dumblr dipshits may spew, and the ill-informed “Celebrities” try to endorse (which is disgusting, I might add), punching people for having views opposed to your own is not, and never will be “Okay”.

And if someone tells you anything akin to the above…perhaps it’s time for you to reconsider your position before you wind up in a cell, at best, or in a pine box after someone decided to defend themselves against the maniac that decided to haul off and attack them.

‘Powerless: Green Furious’ Review

Warning     -     May Contain Spoilers    -     Read At Your Own Risk

After last weeks somewhat shaky introduction of Green Fury (Natalie Morales) in a particularly sexist episode, I was a bit concerned when the show was going to take on sexism directly for this episode.  Fortunately, the episode manages to highlight the problems of being a woman in the workplace without coming across degrading or pandering (well, maybe a bit pandering at the end, but I’ll let it slide by one time.) 

Emily saves Green Fury from a stray fire bolt from Jack ‘o’ Lantern.  Green Fury gives Emily a way to contact her if she ever finds herself in an emergency.   Of course, Emily immediately misuses this contact - it wouldn’t be a sitcom if she didn’t - and has Green Fury come help with a marketing problem at work.  Emily has suggested an ad campaign to make a Wayne Security product sell better by having a celebrity endorsement.  Everyone loves the idea and Green Fury finally agrees to do it because it will help her gain some respect.  The male-driven marketing department comes in and changes Emily’s campaign, recasting Fury as a naked sex symbol.  Emily tries to pitch it but in the end, Fury and she agree it’s terrible.  They flip the table and recast Fury’s ex, The Olympian, in the sex symbol part.  A commercial made, everyone loves it, sexism lesson kind of learned.

Of course, it would have been nice to see the company bending to make the original vision, but that might be expecting a lot from a prime time network sitcom.  This episode seems to be a good start toward this show finding its voice. Emily works better as a character given an equal to bounce off of, in this case, Green Fury.  Both are smart people who just haven’t found the respect they deserve, but neither is stopping to wallow in that either.  And it’s nice to see that the episode didn’t fall to the over-used trope of having Van Wayne somehow end up with the credit for the idea.  Let’s have more episodes like this please!