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Hayden Christensen on his lightsaber training

Arc-V but with more mythos from the previous series.

Fusion Dimension would often have festivals celebrating Duel Spirits and had a lot of respect for them before Leo came and fucked it up. As such Fusion users are more in tuned with their monsters.

Synchro Dimension like worships dragon type monstera and often see them as saviors. Also adults would tell stories to their kids about EarthBound Immortals eating them to scary them into behaving.

Xyz Dimension once the war came along with wearing a red scarf the resistance would have the number 39 some where on their clothes to remind them not to give up.

Awareness is key

Context- So we were playing pathfinder, it was roughly every players first time. The group was a Catfolk ranged Fighter, a teifling Barbarian, teifling Rogue, and a Oread Paladin (me). We were in this town attending a right of passage celebration, there was a dueling ring which I immediately went to so that I could experience the fighting system. Now for a lvl 1 paladin I had 21 ac and the first person to fight me was the rogue.

Rogue: Alright I roll to hit.

Rolls a 16 misses*

Rogue: Wow really?

Me: I’m the tank, it’s not gonna be easy.

Proceeds to smack him with a hammer.

Rogue: What are you talking about, you’re a wizard.

Everyone looks at him.

GM: No, he’s a paladin. He’s practically untouchable at this point of the game because of his AC.

Rogue: oh, shit. Then I stealthily retreat.

At this point everyone cracked up a bit because we’re in the middle of a dueling stage and everyone is watching, but then he actually rolled for it. 

GM: Okay? You turn around and start to tip toe away in front of everyone, the crowd boos and people pass money around as you “stealthily retreat” from the fight.

To this day he hasn’t lived that event among others down.

So you miss the Habs...

Here’s a few things to make the off-season a bit less boring 

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here’s one - Killian takes Emma on an anniversary date (cause it’s my anniversary today!)

Oooh, happy anniversary! :D I hope you have {insert sweet/savory/tasty thing of your choosing} and lots of fun!!

“Okay, first off, we don’t have an anniversary,” Emma protested as Killian guided her up the gangplank of the Jolly Roger. “And second off, who told you about anniversaries?”

She could practically hear him roll his eyes. “Darling, we have celebrations where I come from as well. And we have plenty to celebrate – first beanstalk, first duel –”

“First time I threatened you in a hospital?”

“Which you have only done twice since.”

Emma laughed, then fell silent as she took in the slight transformation of the deck. There were lights strung up around the rail, a home-cooked meal on a small table set up near the mast, candles casting light on the food. “Did you – Oh, Killian.”

He led her to her seat with a flourish and poured her a glass of wine. “Your mother helped with the cooking, seemed to have all sorts of ideas on what you would prefer to dine on tonight.”

Emma lifted her glass and lightly toasted it against his. “Well, remind me to thank her. This looks great.”

“I thought you’d prefer something simple.”

The food was delicious and they kept their conversation light – Henry, the relative quiet of the town, how Killian had taken over more responsibilities at the library as Belle’s pregnancy forced her off her feet more. Finally, Emma sat back, her plate clean of all but the crumbs. “You never said what this anniversary was of,” she said, her voice teasing from all the wine.

Killian grinned but she saw a flash of shyness in his eyes. “My favorite anniversary of all,” he said quietly. “The day I found you again in New York. And I wanted to ask you something.”

I’m so serious that the timer went off just as I was finishing that sentence WHOOPS