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“It’s my party, and I’ll eat people if I want to.”

A little dish to celebrate the 4th birthday of our beloved Hannibal, paying tribute to the delectable food stylings of Janice Poon. Prints of this piece were used as menus at the NYC Hanniversary dinner, and I have a spare that I may include in a giveaway soon. Raise a glass of people-beer to our favorite cannibal, and as you blow out the candles on the people-cake, wish for the gift we’d all love to unwrap the most. Here’s to Season 4, and many more.

The Aftermath Addendums

Friday. March 24

Okay, do you know what’s not cool? This whole, entire week!!!

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ethandarke316  asked:

Do you know any traditional Celtic dishes for yule? Everything I found so far is just generic Christmas-y treats and someone adding a star or something and calling it Celtic.

Indeed I do, my friend! I have three lovely cookbooks in my collection which I highly recommend on the subject:

  • Celtic Folklore Cooking (Joanne Asala)
  • Witch in the Kitchen (Cait Johnson)
  • The Food and Cooking of Ireland (Biddy White Lennon & Georgina Campbell)

Celtic Folklore Cooking includes an entire section in the index on dishes for Yule. The Food and Cooking of Ireland has a number of feast-worthy recipes, and a very informative foreword which describes the holiday traditions celebrated in Ireland today. Witch in the Kitchen has a lot of tasty vegetarian options for any occasion year-round.

Dishes for Yule include:

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting the recipes for all of these throughout the day!

anonymous asked:

Could I get tetsutetsu for The Who did it first special? ^^

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu

Who asked who out first?

Tetsutetsu asked you out first. He had marched up to you with his chest puffed out, clearly trying to look as cool as possible to impress you. When he finds your sufficiently impressed with him he decides to ask you on a date, whooping loudly when you accept. 

Who initiated the first kiss?

You did. You could tell he was a bit nervous about the first date, a little on edge, and bit quiet (compared to how he is normally). You know he’s probably over-analyzing every response you give and how you act to the point he’s psyching himself out, so to give him his confidence back, you lean over to give him a quick kiss on the cheek to reassure him everything is going great. You give him even more reassurance later.

Who said I love you first?

He did. He looks at you like you’re the brightest star in the sky, completely overwhelmed by the positive feelings you give him when you’re around. The two of you had just been casually laughing over a silly joke he had said when he lets it slip out, casual, but with a gleam in his eye that told you his love was completely genuine.

Who would have the others picture as their phone background?

You both have different silly pictures of each other as your backgrounds. His filters through multiple ones that change every time he opens his phone, to remind him of all the happy memories you’ve made together.

Who proposes?

He does. He was worried about making it perfect, and was torn between needing it to go absolutely right to accepting that as long as you said yes, it’d all be fine. He has a cutesy date set up for just the two of you when he finally pops the question, nearly stumbling when he went down on one knee. He gets a little teary-eyed (which could be from his victory yell being so loud) and swings you around his arms in celebration.

Who does the dishes?

He doesn’t always have a delicate touch so unless the dishes are extra sturdy, he can end up breaking them until he learns to truly control his own strength. He doesn’t mind doing household chores for you, though sometimes you’ll have to ask him since he won’t always do them on his own.

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning?

God, he hates waking up in the morning, but he’ll do it out of sheer willpower. He knows he has to get up and get used to it if he wants to be a great hero like all those he admires, but on the weekends when he’s free, you better believe he’s sleeping in until his mother forcibly shakes him awake. 

Who gets to pick the movie type on movie nights?

Tetsutetsu likes high tension movies, ranging from adventure to horror to romance. As long as there’s a thrilling story-line he’ll get into it, so you both share the movie nights, competing to see who can find the most interesting movie of the night.

Who lavishes the other one in gifts?

There’s a lot of little knick knacks and specifically posters that he’s into (mostly of heroes, but he likes other things too). It’s easy to give him gifts and he acts like he doesn’t deserve your kindness, but he always seems to be glowing when you give him something new.

Who worries more about the other?

You worry about each other equally. He’s worried about the normal things, wondering if he’s treating you right, hoping that you’re happy with him, etc. He also makes sure you take care of yourself, running over with a home cooked meal in hand if you admit you didn’t have dinner that night. 

Never Not Fantastic

Never Not Fantastic
by thestoryinsideme
Rating: M
Word Count: 76,400
Summary: When television star Dean Winchester makes a stop at the Rogue Wave Cafe, owner Castiel Novak initially takes notice - and exception to - the celebrity’s presence in the all-but-forgotten beachside town where the age of the average resident is sixty-five. 
This is a story about love and love, about family, friends, and more than friends, about learning when to hold on and when to let go, and about maybe, finding some turtles along the way. 

As I started this fic, I was settling in for a nice beachside romance with a side dish of celebrity. Instead, I was immersed in an emotional coming out story told from a lover’s perspective. Well, I’m not complaining! When Cas meets Dean Winchester, the famous and very straight star of a long running TV show, The Unnatural, he is duly unimpressed. However, things change very quickly. I could say that the mutual attraction between the two of them develops a little bit too fast, but then again, this is not a story about falling in love. This is a story about building a new relationship while dealing with past hurt; about finding a balance between your own needs and happiness, and those of others. 

I loved that Dean’s coming out story is told from Cas’ perspective and we get to see just how much the celebrity PR spectacle is hurting him (pining Cas is all I ask for in a fic!). At the same time, Dean’s side of the story is revealed little by little, and there’s more to it than meets the eye. Overall, this is a heartfelt story about self acceptance and trust. Dean and Cas bonding over Salinger quotes and watching that show about monster hunting brothers is just a cherry on top. ;) 

  • Black Person: Im proud of my heritage and my ancestors and my rich culture!
  • Tumblr: Yeah! You go and embrace it!
  • Hispanic Person: Im proud of my culture and where I came from and I love celebrating my roots and traditions!
  • Tumblr: Good for you!!!! You go girl! You're awesome.
  • Chinese Person: I love my heritage and I enjoy celebrating by making traditional dishes and celebrating!
  • Tumblr: Hell yeah! You're an inspiration.
  • White Person: I love my culture and roots and my ancestors were pretty okay people!!!
  • Tumblr: Uhm???? Excuse you?!?! What culture lmao. You mean clapping when airplanes land? Stupid mayonnaise stale cracker bitch. You should be ashamed, stop appropriating others or else ill be forced to doxx you uwu

title: they didn’t call your dad the ‘unstoppable ace’ for nothing

summary: — in which Daiki and his son talk about Satsuki’s cooking. Family AU. Aomomo.

notes: based on a little headcanon of mine that popped into my head today when I was cooking dinner. I’m not sure if another author had chosen this name for aomomo’s first child and, if so, it’s entirely a coincidence



His son winces when he peeks into his bento box.

“That bad, huh?” Daiki sighs sympathetically, no surprise to be found in his voice. His eyes flicker back to glance at his own lunch box sitting in the backseat. His stomach gurgles in protest when he considers what Satsuki could have cooked for them this time and he immediately halts that train of thought.

Next to him, Daichi exhales a long breath. With a dejected look on his face, he clasps the lid back into place and shoves the box into his backpack.

“It’s mom,” the boy replies in a dry tone, as if that statement alone could explain for everything.  

Which, in this case, it actually does.

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