me everytime
  • me:*watches movie / Tv show*
  • me:*have a new celebrity crush*
  • me:*look up for them on google*
  • me:*ignore the fact that they are already married or dating someone*
  • me:*find their age*
  • me:*Start calculating the difference between my age and them*
  • me:yep theres a chance , i could definitely date him

"There will always be people that don’t think you can do it and don’t think you’re good enough. Whether it’s personal or professional, you are going to have setbacks and negativity around you. The world is a fucking weird place and you learn as you go along. You can be on the floor crawling and that’s when you learn that it’s possible to get back up and survive. It’s always a good thing to remember, when you’re down on the floor."