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I Forgot

Pairing: Jason Todd x Reader

Requested by anon

Person A: I’m thinking a spring wedding, or maybe fall, I don’t want it to be to cold though. Person B: Babe we aren’t even engaged Person A: sO THAT’S WHAT I FORGOT TO DO LAST NIGHT With Jason as A?

Your day was off to a terrible start as you were forced to cover for your friend at the coffee shop. The blazing sun made work unbearable as you had to constantly go in and out of the shop for the customers in the outdoor cafe. As the sun began to set, you were finally able to go home to your shared apartment with your boyfriend, Jason. When you arrived to your apartment, you were mentally preparing yourself for a quiet night in as Jason would most likely be out for his night activities, but you were shocked to find him sprawled out on the couch as you entered the apartment.

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‘—Kuroo on the armrest of Tsukki’s armchair—’
i drew this while rereading @sturlsons’ jaywalkers series for the 3rd time + wiping tears ,,, no lie dudes i’m in too deep i can’t even see daylight anymore help
Jakob  Chychrun Imagine - “Day Off”

Request : Could I request a cute Jakob Chychrun one where you guys have a cute lazy day, take cute pics, maybe he makes fun of your shortness and like you compare your hand sizes? and have your first kiss together :) 

this was really fun to write!! keep sending in requests:))

Originally posted by ryanhartman

my eyes opened and a killer headache made its appearance. i let lot a loud groan and looked over to my left at the night stand. the clock shined brightly showing the time as 10:30, jakob should be at practice right now, the apartment is quiet. 

i snuggled closer into the blankets of the bed that jakob let me sleep in and he being the gentleman he is took the couch. after celebrating a big 6-3 win against the capitals we all got carried away with the drinks and that’s how i ended up here with a mega hangover.

the door creaked open and some light came in making my headache worse. “here’s some water and advil for when your ready to get up” jakob gave a shy smile and put the two things on the bed stand next to me. 

“thank you” i said my throat dry which made my voice sound strained. i grabbed the waters and quickly took the pill hoping the headache pain would go away quickly.

“hows your head?” he gave me a small smile and took a seat next to me on the bed. jakob and i have only been dating for a month but it has been pretty great and i enjoy being with him. 

“ive had better days” i did my best to smile but flinched at the pain that was going on around my head. 

“come here” he gave me a smile that made me melt and wrapped his arms around me pulling me close. i slid over so we were more towards the middle of the bed. 

“dont you have practice today?” i asked placing my head lightly on his chest, i could hear his heartbeat it was steady and relaxing.

“what your already tired of me?” he joked. a small laughed escaped my lips but a great deal of pain went through my head. 

“we have a few days off so coach said to take this day to ourselfs, you know?” jakob pulled me closer his big arms were comfortable and his messy morning hair was adorable. i looked up at his beautiful blue eyes and nodded admiring there colour. 

i laid my head back on his chest. i could already feel my eyes begin to close and soon enough i was sleeping again. after a while i could hear a clicking noise, my eyes fluttered open quickly.

“what was that noise?” i asked my eyes adjusting to light, he must have gotten up and opened the windows. i noticed the headache wasnt there anymore. i saw him looking at his phone screen smiling. 

“your super cute you know that right?” jakob asked placing a light kiss on my forehead. i felt a blush rise to my cheek. 

“common get up lazy butt” he laughed attempting to get me up but i just grabbed on to him tighter, my height and size was no match for his hockey player body but i still tried to weight him down so he wouldn’t get up.

“my ass isnt lazy” i tried to sound offended but it ended with me smiling. 

“maybe it isnt lazy but it sure is cute” he laughed and picked me up like it was nothing carrying me out of the bedroom and brought me to the couch. i smacked his back laughing. 

“yours so tiny” he laughed giving me a small squeeze as he placed me on the couch. i huffed and pretended to be offended, crossing my arms i turned the other way and looked out the window.

“baby are you mad?” jakob asked coming closer and placing a kiss on my cheek, then on my forehead, then on my temple, and lastly on my nose. i nodded pouting as he was sitting a kneeling position infront of me and our heights practically matched. 

“im sorry” he tried to hide his smile but it didnt work, he ended up laughing and i eventually joined in. i went to stand up but he pulled me on the ground and began laughing like and idiot. 

i leaned closer to him so my head was in the crook of his neck. “your so beautiful, i dont know how i landed myself a girl as amazing as you y/n i really dont” i gave him a smile and leaned closer hoping he was at the same place i was at. 

jakob leaned closer to me placing his lips on mine for a sweet and slow kiss that made time stop. the zoo in my stomach was out of control. we pulled away out of breath and smiling. 

“those lips” he mumbled a small smile on his red lips.

i returned the smile as i pulled him up and dragged him to the fridge. “lets make breakfast!” i said excitedly. he shook his head laughing. 

“its noon” my mouth dropped which made jakob laugh like a third grader. 

“then we make mac and cheese, i dont care what your macho hockey player diet says today you are going to eat mac and cheese.” jakob let out a loud laugh.

“i guess my macho hockey player diet can be paused for one day” he smiled mimicking my words. i suck my tongue out at him laughing. 

“oh so you wanna go there?” he said chasing after me laughing as i was running, he was about to catch me but i ran as fast as i could jumping over the couch making it flop backward.

“y/n!” he playfully yelled laughing, he looked at it for a moment then chased after me again. i screamed and laughed while trying to run faster he eventually gained more speed and caught up to me wrapping both arms around me. 

“busted” he whispered in my ear. i let out a small chuckle and went to help him lift the couch back up. after the couch was back in its rightful spot we were both laying on it. i was laying between his legs my back placed on his chest. his arms rested around me and he peeked over my shoulder so he could see his phone.

 “whats that?” i asked as he was scrolling through some photos on Instagram he flashed me a goofy smile the began scrolling back up to a picture that was taken in the morning when i was asleep on him and he was placing a kiss on my forehead with his eyes closed. 

“this is cute” i smiled. 

“well yeah, its because im in it” he smirked.

“yeah totally” i said sarcastically.

“are you sassing me bec-” jakob had begun talking but i placed my finger on his lips shushing him. i gave him a small smile then kissed him lightly, i could feel him smile into the kiss then grab my hand. he pulled away and looked down at my hand.

“your hand are so small, how have i never noticed this” he laughed analyzing my hands. i pulled my hand away playfully smacking him in the head. 

“dont worry, they”re cute” he smiled trying to be adorable. 

“kinda like a smurf” he let out a loud bark of laughter at that comment. 

“your such an asshole chychrun” i hit his shoulder. 

“you love me” he laughed kissing my head, trying to hug me.

You Love Me ft. Gabriel Landeskog

I have never truly fallen in love before.Sure, I had relationships in high school where we casually exchanged I love you’s, but looking back now, Ididn’t understand the weight of those words at 15. Telling someone you love them is not at all casual, it’s quite the opposite really. Three little words are filled with such vulnerability and admitting them out loud can be daunting. It’s not some flippant comment, I love you has a weight like no other.

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You Goofy

Scenario: Jay is on a variety show and meets a quirky girl and Jay becomes interested in her.


Jay’s P.O.V.

Another day of interviews and variety shows. How fun! I know, I know. You might say “Jay you are your own boss. You don’t have to do this.” Well I do. That doesn’t mean I want to though. I gotta promote my company somehow.

This show sucks anyways. They try way too hard to be funny. I just pretend I’m having a great time, but on the inside I’m dying. I don’t think I can handle another half an hour.

Can something excited please happen!?

“Now we would like to introduce you to the new RnB artist who just made her debut two days ago, (Y/N)!” Yelled the MC.

Oh that girl with that catchy song! I’ve never seen her face before. I know that theres an MV but I’ve been to busy to watch it. What if she’s really pretty? No, no Jay! Your smooth you got this. You can get any girl. Oh no! She’s really pretty! Ahh what to do!? STOP STAY CALM! Does everyone else notice how much I’m freaking out? Does it show? Okay I need to put my gangsta face on.

“Hello everyone! My names is (Y/N). I hope you enjoy my music.”

She turns her head and looks at me. Oh god! Were making eye contact! Her eyes are gorgeous.

(Y/N) P.O.V

I’m standing backstage totally nervous. My manager is giving me a whole lecture on how I need to be polite and use my manners and how I need to hide my weirdness. How am I suppose to do that? I can’t control myself. I’m just weird. My mom always calls me Goofy after the big dog from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Thanks mom. I hope that doesn’t get leaked out.

I released my first single two days ago along with an MV. I’ve already gotten so much positive feed back. Of course some negative but I don’t pay attention to that.

I really hope I make a good impression since this is my first variety show. This isn’t my favorite show. Honestly, it sucks, but it’s a start. At least the love of my life is here. Jay Park! Awww his name gives me chills. Thats the main reason why I’m nervous. What if he thinks I am too weird? I would die! But he looks so nice. And he is so handsome!

“Right?” Said my manager.

“What? Oh yeah right.”

“Good! Now go out there and remember tame the urge to act weird.” She said as I walked away.

“I doubt thats possible,” I called back.

“Now we would like to introduce you to the new RnB artist who just made her debut two days ago, (Y/N)!” Yelled the MC.

I walk on stage walking and smiling. I try to not look at him because if I do, I might have a heart attack.

“Hello everyone! My names is (Y/N). I hope you enjoy my music.”

I turn my head and look at Jay in the eyes. Why did I look!? Why is his mouth open and his eyes wide? Either he thinks I’m super hot or super ugly.

“It’s nice to meet you. You are so talented and beautiful. Please sit down next to Jay.”

I take my seat next to Jay and try to look natural. In the corner of my eye I can see he is staring at me. I look at him again and flash smile.

“Jay are you okay? Ever since she came out her you have been staring,” the MC laughed at Jay.

“Oh sorry. I can’t help it. She’s just so beautiful,” he says while looking in my eyes the whole time.

Oh what do I do? Oh bow, I have to bow. Manners, my manager would be proud.

Jay P.O.V.

The show is almost done and every second I like (Y/N) more and more. She is so funny and quirky. She is perfect! She’s beautiful, talented, and funny. I need to ask her out. If I don’t I will regret it forever.

10 minutes later

We all walk off stage saying our thanks and congrats and all that jazz. Then I see (Y/N) heading towards her dressing room.

“Hey wait (Y/N)!”

“Yeah? Whats up?”

“Uh um. Haha,” I nervously chuckle.“ Well I um. Uh gosh”

“ Is Jay Park at a lost for words?” She said jokingly shocked.

“Well of course. Any man at the presence of beautiful women like yourself would be.”

That did it. Shes blushing like crazy!

“Would you like to go to dinner with me sometime?”

“Me? Really? You want m- I mean yeah sure.”

“Haha. Cool heres my number and text me when your free. Ill see you around. ”

“Yeah, see you,” She said shyly as she walked into her dressing room and closed her door.

“Yessss!” I whispered to myself so no one could hear.

(Y/N) P.O.V.

I close the door behind me and flop against the couch.

“My celebrity crush just asked me out on a date. Hm. Maybe I like this variety show after all”

You Can Learn to Mambo, but It Takes Two to Tango

Throw me in the recycling because I keep coming back as trash. I’m on a papyton kick and this would get out of my head. ^_^’ (RE-UPLOAD: My spelling sucks. XD)

The kitchen smelled of decent cooking and the skeleton within was as happy as his permanent smile would indicate. Papyrus hummed softly (or as softly as he could) as he gleefully smashed tomatoes into oblivion. His hips swayed to the beat of a fast song. Skeletal legs moved in minute steps to a rather complicated mambo. A timer went off somewhere and one dramatic kneel later, some slightly overcooked noodles were off the burner. Magically propelled brows crinkled in frustration as he made a mental note to cook them a bit less next time. He chose not to dwell and continued stirring the sauce that had been scraped from the wall. Everything was golden when a certain robotic star burst through the door and struck a magnificent pose, raising a proud leg just to add a little something extra. Glitter burst from nowhere as it was declared,

“Papyrus darling, I have arrived.”

Silence hung heavily in the air, and the question on Mettaton’s mind was almost audible. Where was his sugar skull on this wasted, fabulous entry? He made his way over to the kitchen where he smelled pasta before he saw it (there was no way to tell if that was a good sign, or if there was a need to get the fire department… again). He poked his head around the corner to the kitchen where Papyrus was still dancing and humming away. A tender smile streched across Mettaton’s lips as he watched his boyfriend bounce happily to his own music. Bony hands drifted to plates of the same pristine white shade and portions of pasta soon covered their surfaces. Rythmic steps brought them to the table in the next room where they were placed with a neat flourish. Papyrus finished his subconcious number with arms raised and chin to the sky.

Mettaton couldn’t possibly hold in an applause for a performance that fabulous. He clapped enthusiastically and bouced on his heels. The robot loved seeing his favorite skeleton let loose like that and it was nice to him so happy (not like he wasn’t already, but it was still nice). The skeleton’s eye sockets snapped open when he heard the sudden noise (and was that squealing?). A magically fuelled blush crept it’s bright orange way over Papyrus’ cheekbones and he came out of his pose rather embarrassed.

“OH. NYEH-HEHEeehhh… HELLO METTATON. I DID NOT EXPECT YOU THERE. BY WHICH I MEAN I COMPLETELY EXPECTED YOU THERE BECAUSE I OBVIOUSLY KNEW AND NYEH-HEEEEeeeehhh…” The tall skeleton trailed off and rubbed the back of his skull in embarrassment.

“Oh Sugar Skull! Don’t be so nervous, that was beautiful! You seized your personal spotlight perfectly darling!” Mettaton made his way over to his blushing boyfriend and stretched his arms around him in a bone-crushing hug.

“R-REALLY? YOU THOUGHT THAT WAS GOOD?” Papyrus questioned, smile broadening if it were at all possible. The celebrity was currently burying him in kisses and decided not to stop as he spoke.

“That…was…marvelous.” Mettaton stated, finally setting the skeleton back on the floor.

“OF COURSE IT WAS! EVERYTHING I DO IS QUITE MARVELOUS FOR YOU SEE, I AM THE GREAT PAPYRUS!” He shouted, hand proudly on his chest. A mysterious wind came from nowhere and flapped his scarlet cape behind him. A few moments passed in a semi-awkward silence.

“I COULD TEACH YOU YOU KNOW. SANS TOLD ME I’M GOOD AT THAT! TEACHING AND MAMBO-ING I MEAN!” He burst out suddenly, grabbing Mettaton’s hands and shaking them in excitement. The metal man raised a questioning eyebrow.


“Wait dear.” The robot cut him off. “You can really…” A nod. “…teach me…” an even bigger nod. “…how to mambo?” a vigerous nod that looked like it hurt a bit. “ And tango?”

“YES!” Papyrus whooped. “YES YES YES! IT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN METTA! AND BESIDES…” The skelton twirled away and struck his signature pose, looking directly into Mettaton’s eyes. “…YOU WOULD PULL IT OFF QUITE WELL, I SHOULD THINK.”

Internal fans whirred to life as Mettaton found himself on one of those rare situations (becoming less rare thanks to Papyrus; was that a smirk?!) where he was absolutely dumbstruck. He closed his mouth that had fallen slightly ajar of its own accord. He dusted something imaginary off his spotless casing and straightened his already impeccable hair.

“Alright then beautiful, where do we start?”

An excited squeel left from between the skeleton’s teeth as he once again grabbed his boyfriend’s hands and half-dragged him into the living room. The floor seemed open enough for dancing (besides one, lone, Post-it note ridden sock).

“FOLLOW MY FOOTSTEPS AND WE CAN MAKE A SPLENEDID PAIR! THEN MINE SHALL NOT BE BONELY…” Papyrus cut off, suddenly realizing what he just said. His eyes narrowed in annoyance. “I BLAME SANS FOR THIS CONUNDRUM. BUT NO MATTER! AS YOU ALWAYS SAY, THE SHOW MUST GO ON!” Mettaton had to stifle a laugh at the other’s freudian slip. Papyrus gave a little “ahem” and the robot was back to paying attention like it was his job; and sometimes, it was.


Papyrus stepped right and gave two quick shakes of his hips before sliding back to standing; he repeated the same move towards his left. Mettaton followed the steady counting and almost had it his first try. This wasn’t too different from his usual, but it was a nice change of pace. Papyrus stopped counting and clapped a little bit, seemingly happy with how the celebrity was doing so far.


Mettaton quirked an eyebrow and smiled mischievously. “Sorry I was a bit distracted by your beautiful legs, sugar skull.”

Red-orange magic flowed into Papyrus’ cheekbones and gave him light blush.“NYEH! THAT IS A PROBLEM AS I CANNOT MAKE MY LEGS ANY LESS BEAUTIFUL!”

“It will be difficult, but I’m sure I can manage.” The starlet said with a little smile. “Shall we continue?”



An hour and a half later, Mettaton knew most of the basic moves and had even come up with a little routine he could do in his next show. Papyrus was impressed.


The smiling robot drew his boyfriend close and nuzzled the side of his skull. “Of course I’m having fun, this is amazing! How could I not have fun with you darling?”


“I haven’t the faintest sugar skull. Although,” The celebrity drawled, pulling away to face the skeleton. “…how great are you sugar skull? I want to see you best dancing. Solo. Spin your favorite track and let loose for me darling!”

The skeleton brother tensed up for a second and put his hands together nervously. “NYEH-HEHEEEeeee…ARE YOU SURE? I MEAN, I MIGHT BE TOO INCREDIBLE O-OR…SOMETHING OF THAT SORT…”

A tender smile graced a magical metal face. “Darling, it’s just me. You just taught me some of the best moves I’ve seen and you do it with such confidence. I want to see how you dance without someone like moi holding you back. Show off your moves and seize that spotlight. I know you can sugar skull!”

Papyrus’ smile became genuine (and broader if it was possible). He struck a triumphant pose, one hand raised and a fist at his side. “NYEH HEH HEH! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, HAVE BEEN PERSUADED TO DANCE FOR YOU! DO NOT SPARE MY FEELINGS WITH YOUR CRITICISMS, I CAN TAKE IT.” He put a dramatic hand on his chest. Mettaton’s face scruchned up with a smile as he tried not to giggle.

“I’ll try my best dear.”


Papyrus set the music to play and stood in the middle of the room, lights either off or dimmed to a rich shade of gold. The music started and the sound of a quickly descending trumpet filled the room. The resident skeleton rolled his neck slowly to the music while Mettaton watched intrigued. Slow chords of a violin choir began to play and slowly picked up speed. Papyrus stepped delicately to the beat and picked up a rose from the vase on a forgotten dinner table. He threw the plant into the air and caught it with his teeth. Rhythmic steps brought him back in front of his boyfriend where he knelt and held out a hand. The starlet looked at him surprise for a moment then leaned back, putting his hands behind his head and smirking.

“No sweetie, I want to see you solo.”

Papyrus shook his head. His voice was suddenly very soft and tender. “I can’t dance without a partner, Metta. After all, it takes two to tango, does it not?”

Internal fans kicked into overdrive as Mettaton sat in shock for the second time that evening. Pink magic crept across metal cheeks, making him appear to blush. He gingerly stretched out a hand which Papyrus took and pulled him off the couch. The celebrity was spun against the skeleton’s chest and despite being slightly shorter, the boney brother took the lead.

The tempo was as fast as it was going to get when the robot was spun so his back was to his boyfriend, his steps mirroring those of the skeleton behind him. Papyrus spun him so they were facing each other and dipped them in an almost-kiss. Internal fans struggled to keep up with this much activity, magic, and emotion all at once. They switched so that suddenly Papyrus had knelt to one knee and his skull hovered above Mettaton’s arm and traveled slowly upward. A dramatic chord struck and he stood, pulling away and throwing his arms down. Mettaton’s head snapped back and his hand clapped to his forehead as if about to faint. The skeleton stalked back to Mettaton, taking his hand and spinning him slowly. The starlet hitched a leg around the other’s skeletal body and pulled himself up, giving the other time to catch the celebrity and hold him bridal style. They spun slowly as the music slowed dramatically. Mettaton looked into his boyfriend’s eye sockets and saw nothing but love (and well… nothing) there. It made him just a bit tingly and his blush returned at full force. Pink light from the robot’s soul casing illuminated them both. Papyrus brushed away the bangs that covered the semi-finished side of Mettaton’s head and looked at the black, dimly lit material there.

“You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, known, or had the honor of being around. I’d gladly give up dreams of valor, because as great as I am, you mean more to me.” Papyrus said with a smile as tender as his voice.

Mettaton just about short circuited when heard that. Black oil began to seep from his widened eyes in place of tears.

“I think you’re the only person who has ever said something so genuine to me… sugar skull your fabulousness rivals my own in every way and then some.”

Mettaton gave a watery smile as oil tears continued streaming down his face. Metallic hands traced along the sides of Papyrus’ skull until one finger remained beneath his chin. The music had long since stopped when the celebrity pressed his black-stained lips to skeletal teeth. The skeleton tried his best to kiss back despite having no lips and his boyfriend appreciated the effort. It felt way too short yet lasted for hours. Mettaton shivered as his circuts made static dance between the two.

When they pulled away, Papyrus put the starlet down and stepped away, blushing an orange hue. Mettaton strutted back to the couch and fell on it, back-first with one leg raised.

“Darling, can we sit? You must be tired, yes?”

“O-OF COURSE!” Papyrus said, his voice back to normal volume. He scurried over to the couch where the other had already sat up and was waiting for him. He slumped against the arm of the couch with Mettaton draped onto his lap. A robotic arm extended to give him the remote, which he gladly took and turned on a cooking show. The celebrity had seen it before and knew it was probably his own, but he didn’t want to ruin his boyfriends fun and his lap was comfy (for a skeleton…somehow) so he wasn’t going to complain. They stayed there until Papyrus began falling asleep, Mettaton’s battery was low, and it was well into the night. The duo made their way upstairs where the robot lay down and bid his boyfriend goodnight and fabulous dreams. He plugged himself in and shut down for the night, soul casing still faintly glowing. Papyrus put on his best pajamas and crawled in next to him, snuggling up to the warm metal of his boyfriend’s body. Soon he too, slept soundly. Dinner was completely forgotten on the table downstairs.


Chris Evans x Reader
Genre: fluff, angst
Request: Can i request a chris evans imagine where him and the reader are in a relationship and reader’s ex flirts w/ her and so chris got jealous and they get into a fight? You can choose how it ends :-) thank you bby 😘💜

A/N: so I know that it’s suuuper fuckin short but I just wanted to write without staying up all night.


The loud music filled the building, people were dancing dancing on each other left and right. This wasn’t exactly your scene but It was your friends birthday, so you and Chris dragged yourselves off your couch to celebrate. You had dolled up (since you were clubbing) wearing a tight burgundy coloured lace dress that went down to slightly above your knees paired with black wedges and a leather clutch. Chris wore a black dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of dark jeans, and damn he looked good. You make your way to the bar following behind Chris with his hand in yours. You see Y/F/N wish her a happy birthday then comes the first round of shots. Then the second and you move on to a rum and coke. A few drinks later Chris excuses himself to the bathroom so you decide to dance with your friend. You see Y/F/N look behind you and you instinctively turn around. Your eyes widen as you see Mark, the ex that broke your heart. He walks toward you through the sea of people “Y/N hey, can I buy you a drink?”
“No thanks, I have one”
“C'mon just let me buy you one.” As he says this he wraps an unwanted arm around your waist, you don’t know how to react. You try to shrug out of his grip but he has a hold on you. You give in, admitting to only talk to him and attempt to be civil. You sit at the bar sipping on your drink as he stares at you intensely. “How’ve you been?” He asks
“I’ve been good” you don’t say anything else
“It’s been a while”
“Yeah. Luckily”
“Oh c'mon, don’t be like that. I know we ended on a not so good note but that doesn’t mean we can’t try again.”
“Yeah that’s true. But having boyfriend does” you can see that he’s about to get angry but Chris came to the rescue. “Hey man, didn’t you hear her? She has a boyfriend”
“Oh? What are you gonna do about it pretty boy?”
“I’m going to ask you to leave Y/N alone”
“And I’m gonna stay here”
“Look, I said back off” Chris shoved Mark off his seat. This started something. Mark shot up “why don’t we take this outside?” And with that Chris said he’d be right back and walked out the door, you followed him trying to stop him. You ran out to see cameras flashing and people recording. “Chris no!” He threw a punch and hit Mark square in the face. Mark tried to throw a hit but thanks to Chris’s Cap training he dodged it, just to be able to punch Mark again. You didn’t know what to do, you felt frozen. Once Mark got up he successfully hit Chris in the face making him fall back “Chris!!” You run over to him. “Fuck off Mark! Just get out of here” you yell. “Fine then, you’re not worth it anyway” Mark mumbles, stumbling away. “Chris are you ok? C'mon get up, we have to get out of here” Chris stood up and you shielded him from the paparazzi and slowly growing crowd. You hailed a cab and ushered Chris in. After you settled you told the cabbie your address you pulled out your phone and texted Y/F/N saying that your sorry you had to leave so early.

When you get back to your apartment you kick your heels off. “Y/N I’m so sorry about that. I just didn’t like the way he was talking to you. Well, I didn’t like that he was talking to you in the first place”
“Chris I get it, you were jealous. But there was nothing to be jealous about. I was just talking to him because I knew he wouldn’t leave me alone if i didn’t. But did you really have to fight him? I mean all those people, the paparazzi, it’s gonna be everywhere tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Fuck I know” he puts his head down and let’s out and exasperated sigh.
“But hey. You were my hero. You saved me back there” you get Chris an ice pack. You hold it to the side of his face where a bruise is starting to form “You saved me” you said smirking, looking into his eyes. He leans down and presses a kiss to your lips. “I love you Y/N”
“I love you too Chris. It’s just a drag about your face. It’s all bruised up. It was the money maker” you say in a teasing tone.
“You don’t think it’s hot?”
“Well I never said that” you say going on your tippy toes to attach your lips back to his. And let’s just say that you both forgot about Chris’s bruise that night.


Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: “ “the fuck? who are you?” w/ eVERYONE’S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN!!” - @saving-my-legacy

Prompt: “The fuck? Who are you?” (five word prompts)

Trigger: Swearing tw, alcohol use tw 

W/C: 1108

You set the last box on the floor of your room and smiled, wiping sweat off your forehead. That was the last one, you thought to yourself as relief washed over you for the first time in hours.Hercules popped his head around the corner, handing you a slice of pizza.

“Great timing,” he happily chewed, “pizza’s here but they didn’t get your side of toppings right” He teased. Part of you suspected that he had given them the wrong order on purpose, but your stomach didn’t care. You sighed and followed him into the living room. You took a slice anyways, even though you weren’t satisfied. “What now?” you asked while taking a bite. Hercules shrugged his broad shoulders, kicking off his shoes and turning on his tv in response. You silently agreed and sunk into the couch. Your roommate grabbed two pieces of pizza with one hand, sitting next to you on the couch.

“Let’s celebrate - we’re adults now!” He offered.

You smirked, “Yeah adults who don’t have cable or electricity after 10”

“Ohhh don’t be such a downer, Y/N” Hercules beamed, “My smile will shine through the darkness” He promised while gesturing towards the nearly empty apartment.

Gagging, you hit him in the shoulder, “If I hadn’t known you since kindergarten I would’ve hit you” you admitted. He nodding in understanding. You sighed and looked around at your new home. Empty walls, empty tables and empty a half full pizza box. Hercules had moved in before you did, but he wasn’t much for decorating. The only thing that felt like home was your best friend.

“We can go out to the bar tonight” He suggested while texting on his phone.

You winced, muttering “That’s not really my crowd.”

“My friend’s back in town, so I’ll be heading out tonight.You should come, sis” he insisted. Thinking back at your last experience in a bar, you shook your head. The last time you had went a tall curly haired narcissist had hit on you all night, bragging about his land in virginia. Needless to say he left the bar with his friend disappointed and tipsy.

“Go have fun, I can unpack and make this place prettier” you smiled. Hercules sighed and patted your leg, going to his room with the rest of the pizza. You happily took the tv remote from his side of the couch and began flipping through the limited channels. Eventually you settled on the news and slowly drifted to sleep.


Thud. Thud. Thud. You slowly became alert as more noises disturbed your sleep. The chatter of the tv became clearer as you found yourself more and more awake. What time is it? You asked yourself as you slowly climbed out of your subconscious. You noticed banging and whispering in addition to the tv. Why do I feel like I’m floating? You slowly opened your eyes to find yourself off the couch and in a shadow’s arms.

“THE FUCK?!” You shouted while shoving the shadow away and falling to the ground.

Multiple voices started shouting at the same time. Your heart started racing as you rushed to the wall to find a light switch, momentarily forgetting that your electricity didn’t work anyway.

“Mademoiselle! Please!” The shadow pleaded with his hands up. You grabbed your phone from the table and turned on your flashlight to find a complete stranger with Hercules at his feet. Your eyes widened.

“WHO ARE YOU?!” You shouted.

The tallest shadow walked in front of your flashlight with his hands up. Whoa, you thought to yourself with delight. You shook those thoughts out of your head, reminding yourself that this was a robber or kidnapper - no matter how attractive. Grabbing the biggest thing near you (which just so happened to be Hercules’ shoe), you warned the stranger to stay back.

“Mademoiselle you do not understand! I’m simply trying to bring home my friend Hercules, he says he lives here!” He pleaded while gesturing to a familiar drunk shape that was laying on the ground. You shined your flashlight over to the floor and found Hercules’ quietly humming to himself with another person next to him.

“Who’s the other guy?” You questioned.

The frenchman looked over at the second body singing in harmony with your roommate, both with bottles in their hands. “That’s our friend John” you raised an eyebrow and put your flashlight back on him. He smiled happily while saying something about fairies.

“Laurens you grew your hair out” you commented.

He wagged his ponytail around, “Fuck society!” Hercules laughed and pulled the freckled boy’s ponytail. You sighed and put your phone facedown on the table, letting it illuminate the entire room. The sober stranger helped you drag Hercules onto the couch and told John to stay on the floor. Suddenly embarrassed, you offered your hand.

“I’m Y/N” you told him with a shy smile.

He happily accepted it, “Marie Joesph Paul Yves Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette”

You were surprised he didn’t run out of breath.

“WOOO!!!” Hercules hooted.

“Raise a glass to Y/N and Laf!!!” John added as they clanged their bottles together.

Keeping a smile on your face, you thanked him for bringing Hercules home safely. “He wasn’t too much trouble was he?” you asked, feeling like a concerned mother. Lafayette shook his head, “No, rather than his excessive drinking, inappropriate jokes and attempts to start rap battles - he was fine” You couldn’t help but laugh.

“That sounds exactly like him” you admitted.


They clanged their bottles together.

Lafayette chuckled a bit, “Although…  it IS unlike him to mention that he lives with such a beautiful lady like yourself” he smirked.

You caught your breath in the back of your throat. Was this a dream? You wondered. He bit as lip while waiting for an answer, his eyes looking both nervous and charming. Words stumbled out of your mouth but they weren’t comprehensible, less so to a native frenchman.

“Y-yes.” You managed out with a shaking smile, “Yes absolutely yes”

Lafayette exhaled in relief. Hercules and John started cheering. You hit your roommate on the shoulder, “Hercules Mulligan you know you shouldn’t be drinking this much!” you scowled. He opened his mouth to respond, but quickly closed it and clutched his stomach.

“Actually you may be right about that…” he muttered before running to the bathroom.

John scoffed, “Raise a glass to alcohol poisoning!”

Kyungsoo and the early Christmas

You see him hard at work on the couch, a ball of yarn on his lap and his needles already working at a pattern. He looks up when you walk in. He’s got one of those thick turtleneck sweaters on that you envy but the snow outside makes it the perfect scene. “What are you doing?” You ask as you settle in beside him, tucking your feet in under you and leaning your head on his shoulder.

“It’s a surprise.” You catch a faint smile on his lips and you take a second to admire how soft they look. For a moment you think of kissing him but you’re afraid you’ll break his concentration and mess up his project. You watch him knit instead and sometime later as he’s winding down he turns to kiss the top of your head. 

A month later

You finally have another day off together. He’s fussing in the bedroom and you let him have space, waiting in the living room with a book. You won’t be able to spend Christmas together and you’ve been waiting to give him his present today.

He comes out of the room with his arms behind his back. “Okay, close your eyes.” He’s smiling, wide and bright, in the way that makes you want laugh. 

You close your eyes and feel his hands brush yours as he sets a box down in your lap.

“Okay, open them.”

You look down at the gift and it’s a prewrapped box with a bow that he clearly tied himself. You look up and find him still smiling at you. Kyungsoo nods for you to open the box and you pry open the lid, tearing at the red tissue paper in your way.

Inside is a scarf. It’s cream colored and the softest yarn you’ve ever felt. It’s surprisingly well-made, like he worked at it meticulously. “I’ve been working on it little by little. Whenever I had a break between shows or on a plane, I worked on it.”

You take it out and clutch it your chest. “I love it, Kyungsoo. It’s perfect, thank you so much.” You reach out a hand and bring his face down to yours, giving him the gentlest of kisses. He smiles into your lips, his hand cradling your face and his thumb brushing your cheek.

You pull away. “I have something for you too.” You take the gift bag from where you’d hid it behind the couch and hand it to him.

He reaches in and pulls out the apron. “I embroidered it for you.” He looks at the pattern you’d embroidered. Each letter had taken forever, but in the end you’d gotten it to say “Kyungsoo: singer, actor, and world’s greatest chef” in cute pastel letters that you’d–through painstaking hours of work–gotten to look even.

“It’s perfect.” He kisses you again, slower this time, and you cuddle on the couch celebrating your early Christmas.

You Aren’t Alone

Warning: Major Character Death

Relationships: Gavin Free/Ryan Haywood/Michael Jones/Ray Narvaez Jr./Jack Pattillo/Geoff Ramsey, Michael Jones/Geoff Ramsey

Additional Tags: ghost au, ghost!michael, Car Accident, Character Death, like really fucking sad???, but kind of a happy ending?, i mean its a ghost au so so take “happy” with a grain of salt, RIP,kind of michael/geoff centric at times

Words: 3k

Chapters: 1/1


For glackedandmullered’s Michael Jones fic challenge

“Fuck. Are you kidding me?” Jack hissed as he searched through the kitchen cabinets.

“What’s wrong?”Geoff asked from the stove, where he was stirring spaghetti noodles.

“We forgot to buy pasta sauce again; we’re completely out.”

“No way, I just bought a jar last week,” Geoff walked over to his boyfriend and tried looking behind everything in the cabinet to find it.

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mizjoely  asked:

Prompt: Sherlock actually shows up for a party, everyone is surprised, but of course he's going for Molly!

Special Ficlet Friday - 200 Follower Celebration (Part 1): Empty Words

A/N: *a tad sheepish* I really hoped to post all of my special celebration fics at once (and a few weeks ago at that) but life interfered. So here’s the first. I hope to get the rest out next week.

The Prompts were on the theme “Weddings, Parties, Everything”.

And apologies for my unfair characterisation of what married women with kids are like on a girls’ night out. Just call me jealous – I haven’t had a girls’ night out in a long time!!

Molly hadn’t planned on going to Meena’s birthday drinks. For one, Meena’s other friends were just like her: all married, all with kids. And as such, when these women had a night out, not only could they not handle their drink (with embarrassing results), but more often than not, they’d all peel off, one by one, as each received a panicked text about an ear infection, or a sore tummy, or a missing toy – and that was just the husbands.

More than that, as much as Meena’s friends tried to make Molly feel included, their attempts always did more to draw attention to Molly’s singleness than to diffuse any potential awkwardness.

 Sarah leaned in, conspiratorially before sharing with the group “…and then I said to him, ‘of course it’s not going to feel the same after having Jamie, he was over 11 pounds, you know.’”

 The table exploded in uproarious laughter. Molly smiled a tight smile and nodded.

 Sarah lent over and patted Molly on the arm. “Well, that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about, Moll.” She sighed, “I wish I could have pre-baby sex again.”

 All the other women nodded, sharing jealous glances at Molly who just wanted them to stop thinking about her vagina – and talking about their own.

 As she sipped her third martini, Molly tried to remember what had made her come out in the first place.

 Of course, it was him. Striding into the lab, barking orders, refusing to look directly at her, but still somehow being able to deduce anything he wanted based on tiniest change in her habits and clothing. There was no way to hide her new shoes from him. The dress, however, was an old favourite, just one she hadn’t worn to work before. She was dressed well enough to head to the pub straight from work, but hadn’t gone to too much effort either.

 And he could read her as well as any crime scene.

 “You don’t have a date tonight,” he said, pausing at the door before leaving.

 Molly self-consciously tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear. “Um, no, I don’t.”

 “Hmmm…” He smirked. She hated it when he smirked.

 “Hmmm what?” She clenched her fingers around the file she was holding. He was playing games again and she was in no mood for them.

 “Meena will be disappointed when you choose a night on the couch over celebrating her Birthday.”

 He didn’t give her a chance to retort, sweeping out of the lab before she could even process what he had said.

 So of course, Molly had to prove him wrong. She just wished that proving the point didn’t come complete with such vivid detail about cracked nipples, teething toddlers and diminished libidos.

 “…he’s just not up for it as much as he used to be, if you get my meaning.” The table erupted into giggles the likes of which Molly hadn’t heard since graduating high school.

 “What about you, Molly?” Cathy asked as she refilled Molly’s glass from the communal jug.

 Molly took a sip, and then another. Playing dumb seemed the best option. “What about me?”

 Undeterred, Cathy continued her line of questioning. “Do you find the men you date are more…” she rolled her hand around, searching for the best way to phrase it.

 Molly grew impatient, and decided to put Cathy out of her misery. “Do I tend to date men who can’t get enough of me? Who want to throw a leg over any time, day or night?”

 Maybe she had had enough to drink.

 The eyes of all of the women around the table went wide. Molly had never seen Meena so shocked. Surely she hadn’t said anything too risqué. She didn’t tell them about Jonathan’s very generous bedroom habits, or Mitchell’s nightly sexting sessions.

 It took Molly a moment to realise the women weren’t looking at her, but rather at a figure slightly above and behind her. A figure who was just about to speak.

 “Oh, do go on Molly.” Sherlock said, “I for one am very interested about the sexual appetites of the men you date.”

 Molly swore at him under her breath, before turning towards him and plastering her brightest, fakest smile on her face.

 “Sherlock! What are you doing here?” Her eyes shot him daggers while her tone remained as bright as her smile.

 “I’m sorry ladies,” he said in his most charming tone, one Molly knew he reserved only for cases where he had to play entirely against his natural type. Molly took a deep sip of her drink while he continued. “When Molly told me she was going to Meena’s party, I just assumed that boyfriends were invited, too.”

 Molly almost choked on her drink. “Boyfriends… Not invited… No,” she said between coughs.

 Sherlock rubbed her back to help with the cough, then pulled her tightly against himself, and addressed her as if the other women weren’t there.

 “I just finished the case. It was only a four.” He smiled at the rest of the table, “Turns out sometimes the butler really did do it.”

 All of the ladies laughed. He really could charm people when he felt like it. The question was, why did he feel like charming Meena’s friends tonight? What on earth was he thinking?

 “Sherlock, is there something you need?” Molly said, hoping to give him a chance to extricate both of them from the party.

 “Not at all,” he said, placing a not-entirely unwelcome hand on hers. “That is, if Meena doesn’t mind me gate-crashing?” he asked, deferring to the birthday girl.

 “The more the merrier,” Meena said, and the other ladies cheered, taking a drink.

 While they were all distracted with their drinks, Molly turned to Sherlock, standing on her toes to whisper in his ear, “what the hell are you doing?”

 Sherlock didn’t answer. Instead, he placed a small peck on her lips, to the cheers and sounds of awe from all the ladies present.

 “Molly didn’t tell me you two were together,” Meena was unable to hide a note of hurt.

 “Sorry, Mee.” Molly leaned across the table to take her friend’s hand in a sign of contrition, “It’s all really quite new, isn’t it Sherlock?”

 “Yes, very new.” He nodded, then grinned wickedly. “We’re really rather in the honeymoon stage, aren’t we?” As if to prove it, he fixed Molly with such a look of wild desire like he would tear her clothes off right there in the pub if he could.

 Molly wasn’t the only one who caught it. Meena coughed, startled. “Well, if you need to leave, you know, it’s fine…”

 Sherlock smirked. What Molly wouldn’t give to wipe it off his face. “Well if you don’t mind us ducking off, Meena, Molly’s been on quite a few night shifts lately and, as she said, she does tend to date men who…” he turned to her, pretending to have forgotten the words, “what was it you said again, Molly?”

 If Molly had the power to kill with only a glare, this would have been the perfect time to use it. Without changing her expression, which was hidden from the others as she bore intensely into his eyes, Molly repeated, “the men I date can’t get enough of me. They like to throw a leg over any chance they get.”

 “Indeed.” He confirmed before guiding Molly out of the pub.

 She walked with him for two blocks before she was sure her screams wouldn’t be heard over the loud jukebox playing hits from the nineties back in the pub.

 “What the fuck are you playing at, Sherlock?” She demanded.

 “What do you mean?”

 She tilted her head at him to show her disbelief. “That display. Showing up. Pretending we’re… together.”

 “Oh. That. Well…”

 “Do you have any idea how humiliating it’s going to be for me to call Meena and explain that-”

 He cut her off with his lips on hers. So overcome by alcohol and confusion and the feel of his tongue boldly seeking entrance, she let him, even though everything about his behaviour so far that evening should have seen her slapping him on that gloriously soft yet powerfully uncompromising mouth.

 He broke the kiss.

 “What if you didn’t have to explain anything to Meena?” He asked, slightly short of breath.

 “Well,” Molly smiled, “I will have to see if you’re up to my standard.”

 Sherlock knew exactly what she was referring to. His already deep baritone dropped an octave as he spoke, “Dr Hooper, I can assure you that without a doubt I will, unreservedly and with much effort and repetition, prove that I definitely cannot and will not ever get enough of you.”

 That night at Molly’s flat, Sherlock set straight to work to showing Molly his promise wasn’t mere empty words.

Magcon Preference: He forgets your birthday

Nash Grier: He started to feel guilty, and knowing how much you love Skylynn, he decides to use that in his advantage.

Cameron Dallas: You and Cam got into a fight because he admitted he forgot your birthday. But Cameron can’t stay mad at you for a long time, and neither do you. You heard a car arriving and you got out of the couch to see who it was. When you arrived at the porch, Cameron was waiting for you inside his car.

Jack Gilinsky: Jack would do anything to make you forgive him, so while he was filming a video with Jack Johnson, he tries to apologize the best way he could, wishing you a Happy Birthday and finally telling the fans that he has “someone special” in his life.

Jack Johnson: Jack is too proud to say “I’m sorry”, but when him and Jack G. decide to do a live broadcast, Jack G. decides to spill everything out and tell you that Johnson is sorry, he’s just “too big of an asshole to admit it”.

Taylor Caniff: You and Taylor start arguing because he never forgot your birthday before. You left your house and when you came back, you had a nice birthday surprise waiting for you in your bedroom.

Shawn Mendes: You were waiting for Shawn to tell you what you were going to do for your birthday. He took so long to talk to you about it, that you decide to go there yourself and ask him. You asked “What are we going to do tonight?” and he answered "Why? Is there anything special tonight, babe?“. You got so angry that you couldn’t even talk to him, so you left the house. A few hours later you came back and he was in the living room, with some of your friends, holding his guitar and singing to you on your suprise party.

Matt Espinosa: You were so mad at Matt because he forgot your birthday that you didn’t talk to him the whole day, even though he apologized many times. You decided you were gonna celebrate your birthday with your friends and as you were gonna leave your house, Matt comes closer and says "Can I go with you babe?”, you didn’t reply and opened the door. He stops the door with his hand and looks at you, saying:

Aaron Carpenter: When you touched the birthday subject, he immediately said “I’m sorry”. You didn’t understand at first why he was saying sorry, but after a few seconds, you realized he had forgotten your birthday. You got mad at him, saying you never forgot his birthdays. After a few minutes, he looks at you and says “Go upstairs and put on a fancy dress. We’re going out”. You put on your best dress and when you get downstairs, Aaron was already wearing his best suit and ready to leave. He looked at you and asked:

Sammy Wilkinson: You and Sammy were talking via sms and he haven’t mentioned  your birthday yet. You knew he forgot about it so you asked “You know what day is today?”, he replied: “Yeah, it’s Saturday”. You loved your birthday, so you got mad and didn’t reply back. After a few hours, he sends you a video.

Jacob Whitesides: Jacob is one of those people who you can’t stay mad at for a long time, but you were definitely trying this time. He kept apologizing and you were giving him the silent treatment. It took you so long to forgive him, that he was getting desperate.


Hayes Grier: Hayes had some childish behaviours from time to time. And even though he knew he was wrong, he never apologized. You were in bed and Hayes walked in: “Some of my friends are coming, but it’s not for your birthday party though”, and after saying that, he left. You thought he was being stupid and after a few minutes, you got out of bed and went to the living room to see who was there. As you arrived to the living room, you saw that Hayes had been decorating the room, and even put some signs saying “Happy Birthday y/n”, You returned to your room, and a few minutes later you heard someone knock on the door. You opened it and everyone said “Surprise!”. But it was no surprise for you, you already knew everything!


Nate Maloley: Nate knew how much you loved your birthday, but, since he was busy with work, he had forgotten. You were mad at him and the both of you were sitting on the couch, not even talking to each other. He had some tricks up his sleeve to make you not be mad at him, and he knew how much you loved dogs, so he went to grab your dog and sat on the couch again. He kept playing with your dog and you couldn’t stay mad for too long. After a few minutes, you two were already cuddling on the couch and celebrating your birthday with cuddles and movies all night long.

Carter Reynolds: You didn’t stay mad at Carter for forgetting your birthday. You knew he was really busy and understood that. He couldn’t be present on your birthday, so instead of going out to celebrate, you decided to Facetime with him so he could be with you on your special day.

Note: All the gifs belong to their owners, not me. I just wrote some stuff on the gifs. 

Note 2: It was supposed to be “He forgets your 16th birthday”, ‘cause this was a request, but since not everyone is 16, I decided to make it this way. Hope you like it!