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-playtonics remove a minor npc with maybe like, two or four lines because its connected to a controversial internet celebrity, not because of his political opinions, but because of the controversy surrounding him- gamerbros: "what a bunch of fucking cucks, im not getting the game any more kekekekekek. sjw babbys"

i will never cease to be amazed by how relevant this image remains

  • Baby: M..M-Ma..
  • Mother: aw are you trying to say Mama?
  • Baby: Marilyn Manson was born Brian Hugh Warner on January 5, 1969 in Canton, Ohio, to Barbara Jo (Wyer) and Hugh Angus Warner. He has German and English ancestry. During his childhood, one of his neighbors molested him several times until the young Brian broke down one day and told his mother what happened. As an only child, he would often get into mischievous activities such as adventure through his grandfather Jack Warner's sex toys, shoot his BB gun with his cousin Chad, and create sex magazines to sell to his classmates. His parents raised him as an Episcopalian, and he attended the religious private Heritage Christian School. It was there that he became fueled with hate towards Christanity. During his tenth grade year, he convinced his parents to let him attend a public school.After he graduated from high school, he and his parents moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida because his father got a better job there. He studied journalism and theater at the local community college called Broward, and being some place new and feeling lonely, he wrote poems and short stories. After being fired from his last job at a record store, he became entertainment journalist for a local magazine. He interviewed several famous musicians including Trent Reznor from the band "Nine Inch Nails". Along with his job and writing, he would also frequently go to rock clubs. He soon decided to create his own band. With musical influences from Ozzy Osbourne and KISS, he recruited other musicians with the same interests and started the band called "Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids". He got the name Marilyn Manson as a combination from the names of the movie star Marilyn Monroe and the psycho killer Charles Manson. The band's name would later officially change to just Mariyn Manson, and most of the original band members would leave and be replaced, too. Manson reunited with Trent Reznor and had his band tour with "Nine Inch Nails". Reznor would also produce Marilyn Manson's first three albums (Portriat of an American Family, AntiChrist Superstar, and Mechanical Animals) and an E.P. (Smells like Children). "Mechanical Animals" is Marilyn Manson's most successful album to date. With the success, Manson became a controversial celebrity, because the anti-Christian message in his songs, and Satanist 'Anton Szandor LaVey' deemed Manson a Reverend for the Church of Satan. Also with fame, Manson started to mingle with other celebrities, and began a romantic relationship with the actress Rose McGowan. They became engaged, but broke off the relationship in 2001.He then fell in love with the burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, and soon became engaged. They had a fairytale, non-denominational wedding in a castle in Ireland. Meanwhile, Manson came out with two more albums (Holy Wood, and the Golden Age of Grotesque), and a best of album (Lest We Forget: The Best Of...). He also dabbled into acting by being in such movies as Jawbreaker (1999), Party Monster (1998) and The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things (2004). He continues to make music and act in movies.

January 22nd 1973: Roe v. Wade

On this day in 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that women have the right to an abortion, thus legalising abortion in the United States. The case was brought to federal court by a Texas woman under the alias of Jane Roe, against Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade, who represented the state. After a decision was made in the district court, the case was referred up through the court system, eventually reaching the nation’s highest court in 1970. The all-male Supreme Court, led by Warren Burger as Chief Justice, ruled 7-2 that a right to privacy under the 14th Amendment covers a woman’s right to an abortion. The majority opinion was written by Justice Harry Blackmun, with Justices Bryon White and William Rehnquist penning dissents. The Roe decision was issued the same day as a related case called Doe v. Bolton which overturned Georgia’s anti-abortion laws. Roe v. Wade was immediately controversial, sparking celebrations in the pro-choice camp and protests from anti-abortion activists. It is still a divisive issue today, with its supporters arguing the decision forms a vital part of a woman’s right over her own body, and those opposed to abortion calling for the decision’s repeal. The Court’s 1973 decision has since been challenged, and abortion rights have been gradually eroded in subsequent rulings, but the fundamental right to an abortion remains.


The internet just slammed Zayn Malik for his tweet about police brutality

On Friday morning, Zayn Malik responded to a tweet that accused him, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift of benefitting from black culture, but being unwilling to speak out against police brutality. His response was problematic to say the least, and the internet dragged him — including one controversial celebrity.

Full name: Peter Lewis Kingston  Wentz

Date of birth: 5 June 1979 (age 36)

Place of birth: Wilmette, Illinois, USA

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: German-English (father), Afro-Jamaican (mother). 

Sign of the zodiac: Gemini

The sign of the zodiac on the Eastern zodiac: Goat

Height: 170-173 cm (his words).

Weight: kg 60-77 (different sources report different).

Eye color: light brown.

Hair color: dark brown.

Parents: Peter II Wentz Gail Lewis Wentz

Sister and brother: Hilary Scott Wentz in Andrew Norberry Wentz. 

Marital status: divorced from ashlee Simpson Ross (2008-2011), from August 2011 Dating Meagan Camper.

Children: Bronx Mowgli Wentz , Saint Laszlo Wentz .

Career: 1993 - present. 

Autograph Pete

  • The Pete a was born on 5 June 1979 in Wilmette, Illinois, USA. Is a member of the band “Fall Out Boy”. Acts as backup vocalist, guitarist and songwriter. 
  • Full name Ventra Pete Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz  in the Third. He was born and raised in a small American town, not far from Chicago. At the time of studying at school, he was a leading player in the local football team. Field schools he continued his education at the University, where he studied politics and law. In the course of a semester he regularly went to lectures, but realizing that it’s not his ability I decided not to drive myself annoying ranting about the political situation in the country.
  • Pete the press decided it’s time to devote to music. In that era he was one of the brightest representatives of the Chicago punk. The musician was a member of such collectives as “ARMA Angelus”, “7 Angels of the Apocalypse / Culture of violence”, “extinction”, “forever ended today, Baxter, and yellow road priest.”
  • In addition to his musical activities, Pete the press is the author of a book called “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side”. This work describes about the nightmares and the fears experienced by adolescents, in particular the author of the book. Pete was pretty candid in their presentations, in the end he got a pretty good story. His second work was the book “Gray”.
  • Pete Wentz is a company “Clandestine Industries”, the focus of which is the spread of different inexpensive items such as books and clothing. Also at some point a musician has had his own recording Studio “Decaydance Records”. He recorded their albums bands like “Panic! At The Disco”, “October Fall”, “Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime”.
  • The life of Pete Wentz  was muddled and unstable. In February 2005 he tried to commit suicide Dorm. The musician took a strong dose of antidepressants, but the doctors had time before to provide him with proper medical care.
  • Pete’s world with his band “fall out boy” recorded the albums: “liked”, “take it to the grave”, “from under the cork tree” and “infinite height”, “Folie à-DEUX”.
  • Pete the press is one of the most controversial celebrities of America. in addition to noisy scandals about his photos with a naked body, his unflagging accused of various crimes, up to the use of illicit drugs.
  • Pete Wentz  is a company “Clandestine Industries”, the focus of which is the spread of different inexpensive items such as books and clothing. So at the moment the musician got his own recording Studio “Decaydance Records”. He recorded their albums bands like “Panic! At The Disco”, “October Fall”, “Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime”.
  • May 17, 2008 took place the wedding with ashlee Simpson. The ceremony took place in the mansion of Ashley’s parents in Encino, California, and passed without great pomp: the ceremony was attended by just 150 people – friends and relatives of the spouses. Among others, at a wedding attended sister Ashley, actress and singer Jessica Simpson, and Good Charlotte vocalist Joel Madden and his wife Nicole Richie. Interestingly, the guardian wedding rings made… favorite bulldog Pete - Hemingway
  • November 20, 2008, ashlee Simpson gave birth to Pete’s son.The boy was named Bronx Mowgli Wentz . Delivery in Los andzhelesskom the medical center Cedars-Sinai
  • In March 2010, Pete has created a new group, Black Cards, plays in the genres of pop, electro, dancehall, experimental. The band: Pete the press, Bibi Rickshaw, Nate Patterson Spencer Peterson.
  • February 9, 2011 the world learned that the family of a has filed for divorce. According to official data, the cause became insurmountable odds.
  • Since August 2011 Pete is Dating model Meagan Camper.


  • Pete wrote a book called “The Boy With The Thorn In His Side”, based on his nightmares. His next book was called “Rainy Day Kids”, the release was scheduled for 14 February 2006 but was postponed because Pete was not pleased with some of the chapters. In addition, Pete has written another book along with James Montgomery, editor in chief of MTV News “Grey”. 

  • Pete also has his own company Clandestine Industries, which distributes books, clothes and other goods. Besides, he has his own recording Studio Decaydance Records, on which were written the albums of groups such as Panic! At The Disco, October Fall, Gym Class Heroes, The Hush Sound, and Lifetime. He also collaborated with on the film Bartskull Films, and released their DVD “Release the Bats”. 

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The creative director of La Perla unfollowed Kendall and she was supposed be the face of the brand. Estée Lauder has been shooting without her recently. I can already see the affect the backlashes of this year had on Kendall. I don't think she'll be able to get people back on her side she's officially become another member of her family NAC

I knew about La Perla but is Estée Lauder really not working with Kendall anymore? Kendall isn’t someone like Kate Moss who can survive and still be on top after controversies (obviously Kate did way worse things than Kendall but no brand wants a controversial celebrity to endorse their products). -D

No Estée Lauder is still working with Kendall. - M

Pink and Gray trailer looks intense and dramatic! I know the spotlight is on Yuto Nakajima, since he’s from Johnny’s but take a look at his co-stars - Cannes Best Actor Yuya Yagira and recipient of many local acting awards - Masaki Suda.

The movie is about young people becoming movie stars and celebrities, with much controversy regarding one of the characters reportedly murdered or is it suicide? 

Richard Sherman's Movie Corner

Wherein former Stanford scholar and current Seattle Seahawks All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman offers up capsule reviews of the movies he’s been thinking about lately…

First of all, thanks to the entire BW/DR team for having me do this, it’s a little bit of a dream come true. While there is no doubt that I’m a once-in-a-generation shutdown corner, very few people know that I’m actually quite a cineaste as well. I’ve studied all the great masters, the great auteurs both here and abroad, past and present, and my blu-ray collection is well-stocked with no fewer than five different copies of Terry Gilliam’s Brazil, the complete collected works of Satyajit Ray (Pather Panchali remains a particular favorite, and one I return to often), Wes Anderson, Spike Lee, and Howard Hawks, as well as a signed Criterion Collection first edition of Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense. So this is a bit of a thrill for me.

As you have probably heard by now, last night was a rather big night for me, my team, and the city of Seattle. By midnight I was worn out beyond all belief, beat up from the grueling physical nature of our showdown with the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship game itself and the emotional rollercoaster of the post-game celebration, festivities, and controversy (you might have heard something about that as well). Still, when the time came to sleep, I found I was too amped up to do so, and so I put on a couple of different screeners the team provides us with and immersed myself in the magic of cinema, hoping it might guide me toward a more peaceful slumber. Truly transportive medium that it is, I instead found myself, several hours later, watching the early morning sun as it started to peak out through the fog of another beautiful Seattle dawn, pondering the deeper mysteries of the silver screen. Here, then, are some of those reflections…


Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit - DO NOT COME AT ME WITH THIS MEDIOCRE FILM. DO NOT OPEN YOUR MOUTH ABOUT THE BEST IN THE GAME BECAUSE I WILL SHUT IT. Also, Chris Pine handled the Jack Ryan role with admirable aplomb. A tough assignment, but one he seems particularly built for.


Her - A surprisingly meditative and innovative look at what it means to be a human being, alive and in love, in our modern digitocracy. Writer/director Spike Jonze seems to be both pointing out the isolation inherent in any society that turns first and most quickly to its screens and machines as well as commenting on the inevitable allure of those same screens–how we tell them all about ourselves, and then turn to bask in the warm glow of feeling fully known. It’s a remarkable achievement, at its best almost sublime, and I offer a tip of the hat to all involved.

Elysium - WTF, Neill Blomkamp. Neill Blomkamp I’m gonna crush you on here, in front of everybody. EVERYBODY WILL SEE IT. You’re better than that. Whenever you refer to me, whenever you speak to me, whenever you address me, address me as All-Pro Stanford graduate because those are some accomplishments you will aspire to but never accomplish.

So I guess that’s my time for this first installment. Thanks again to Bright Wall/Dark Room for offering me this opportunity. I’d love to do it again soon, but I’ll be a bit busy the next couple of weeks. You know, the whole Super Bowl thing and all. ;)

Be good to each other,



On September 1, Madonna attended a press conference for her directorial debut W.E. at the 2011 Venice Film Festival. Just prior to the beginning of the conference, Madonna was handed a hydrangea by a fan. Although she accepted the flowers with a smile and told the fan “thank you,” she immediately turned to her costar, and with a hot mic, said,“I absolutely loathe hydrangeas. He obviously doesn’t know that.” Madonna’s dubious remark quickly became a subject of controversy in celebrity news, leading to much online gossips and commentaries criticizing her fuss over flowers.

Hahaha remember when Robin Williams made lots of jokes about rape and incest and pedophilia and making fun of Muslim women but when he died it was all OH MY GOD I LOVED ALADDIN, MY CHILDHOOD, RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD, TRULY A SAINT FOREVER

Hahaha remember when Joan Rivers died and every two-bit SJW decided that now was the time when the sisterhood of women was fully irrelevant and that she was a cunt witch bitch fucking hag skank of death who deserved to rot in hell forever

Why do we forgive in death male celebrities when we do not do the same for female celebrities? Why did people pop bottles of champagne in the streets and sing “ding-dong the witch is dead” for the death of Margaret Thatcher… But left the death day of her BFF Ronald fucking Reagan bone-dry and champagne free? 

Oh, I see.

By all means, celebrate the deaths of anyone if you’re so inclined. They’re not around to see it anyway. But if you only celebrate when controversial women die (and you rush to spit your venom, call them bitches, cunts, witches, whores, evil monsters, devil women, demon women) then double fucking newsflash, sunshine: you’re probably a misogynist. 

And you know what’s worse? No woman is exempt. People will dance on the grave of Temple Grandin for supporting industrial meat production, despite her being one of the most accomplished agriculturalists and autistic people of the 21st century. People will dance on the grave of Nicki Minaj because they will allege that her sexuality ruined America’s youth. People will dance on the grave of Dilma Roussef, the first female president of Brazil, because they don’t agree with her stance on abortion. And if you’re a successful woman who speaks her mind and holds strong views, they’ll dance on your grave too.

If you only support successful women when they’re dancing to your tune– telling your jokes, preaching your politics, singing your songs, supporting your causes– then you’re not a supporter of women, you’re a supporter of yourself. We do not need to agree with all of the controversial (and sometimes racist, homophobic, transphobic, and otherwise wretched) things that people say to agree that they should rest peacefully. Which is all to say: all of your “SISTERHOOD FOR ALL” buttons, all your rallies, all your Facebook statuses and fliers about feminism, all your “activism”… It’s all wholly and completely irrelevant if you actively curse the souls of dead women who said shit you don’t like.

In conclusion: rest in peace Joan Rivers. You were a semi-frequent cunt, but aren’t we all?

Why Normal People Don’t Trust Data Journalism

For a start, this kind of reporting doesn’t obey any of the four golden rules of attention-seeking: novelty, controversy, celebrity and sex. Another way of putting it is: they’re boring, written by boring people and they cover boring subjects.

Let’s be honest: this stuff is written for other journalists. If you’ve signed up to a life of crafting explainer tabs for Vox, or landed a gig at the Guardian writing for its datablog, good for you. But know that your work will only ever be read by dorks.

Look at the three big explainer sites. Vox, FiveThirtyEight, The Upshot. What do they all have in common? All of them originate from one side of the divide. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying they’re bad because they’re liberal. I’m just saying they have editorial priorities that ignore 50 per cent of the population. You know, the “ordinary” people, who don’t stay up until 2.00 a.m. rage-commenting on Jezebel.

So-called “actually” journalism doesn’t speak to these people because it doesn’t use the language of emotion or common sense, as most of us do in most of our lives.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is wonderful — of that, there is little doubt. The show is mind-blowingly, astonishingly diverse, with a regular cast composed exclusively of men of color and women, and a recurring Asian cast member who serves as a love interest for the female lead. Such diversity is cause for celebration — and, naturally, controversy, with plenty of writers calling creator Tina Fey and her team to the carpet for mishandling race in the new series.

And while some of their concerns are warranted — the Native American storyline is not one of them.

but seriously guys can we just stop for a minute and discuss the importance of matt healy because not only is he hella talented in both songwriting and singing but he is also very intelligent and intellectual about both practical and sensual things like i bet you could sit down and talk to him about how the media is scandalizing everything one day and about how white tigers are going extinct the next and both conversations would be equally interesting and he is so genuine and honest and nice and he isn’t crude and he doesn’t think he’s above anyone and he’s genuinely in it for the music he’s so creative and honest and intelligent and talented and he isn’t afraid to call interviewers and/or the media out when they’re wrong about something but he does it in the best way possible and he isn’t rude at all and yeah he goes out and gets high and drunk and yeah he smokes and he openly admits he sleeps around etc etc but no one makes a massive deal out it because he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not and nothing is expected of him like everyone is talking about the controversy between celebrities in this century (miley cyrus, justin bieber etc) because they’re doing all of these things but the reason matt is respected for it is because he doesn’t even try to disguise it and i just think he’s so important and under appreciated okay he is a very special person he means very much a lot to me


Se7en apologizes for military scandal + officially discharged from the army!

On the morning of December 28, singer Se7en was finally released from the army, 10 days after his originally scheduled discharge date. Following his 21-month military service at Pocheon’s 8th Infantry Division located in Gyeonggi Province, the singer greeted his fans and the media at his discharge ceremony on this day.

Se7en’s return to civilian life has received much attention due to a controversy surrounding celebrity soldiers in which he was involved, three months after enlisting. The discharge ceremony was the very first time that the singer stood before reporters in a public setting following the scandal in June of 2013.

In front of the reporters and fans, Se7en started by saying, “Hello, this is sergeant Choi Dong Wook. Thank you for coming despite the cold weather.

The singer then expressed, “I want to thank all of the fans who believed in me and supported me until the end in the midst of such a difficult situation.” He also shared his thankful heart toward his family and friends.

He continued, “I’m sorry for causing disappointment during my military service and I am reflecting over my wrongdoings. I served in the 8th division for a year and a half. After facing a big obstacle, it wasn’t always easy. I am able to be discharged in a healthy condition thanks to the unit executive officers who believed in me until the end. I am thankful to everyone and I will work hard and live diligently day by day from now on. I apologize for having been discharged following a shameful incident. These are all things I will have to carry with me in the future,” bowing his head in apology.

Source: SSTV

Translated by: soompi

No Regrets Chapter 14 Sneak Peek:

Café Du Monde had been filled to the brim when they’d arrived just after ten o’clock.  The line moved quickly though, and soon enough they were seated outside the famous café enjoying their iced au laits and beignets.  They caught a few amused glances as Fitz, true to form, had moved Olivia’s chair to his side of the small table so they could sit next to each other.  He’d used the excuse that the place was loud and they’d be able to hear each other better.  His arm was slung loosely across the back of her chair as they talked.

“I wouldn’t‘ve minded spending a few more hours locked in our room” Fitz was saying as he absentmindedly stroked her arm. 

“I know” Olivia said teasingly.  “But I want to talk and it’s best that we do it in a public place surrounded by lots and lots of people.” 

“Okay, shoot” Fitz encouraged her.  “What do you want to know?”

Olivia shifted, not sure how to approach the question.  “Well, we’ve talked at length about our families and work and all that, but I never pried about your marriage because it wasn’t any of my business.”  She looked at him shyly.  “I guess I just wonder what happened.  You were married for fifteen years?”

“Almost sixteen” Fitz said helpfully.  He’d known this conversation would come, and he welcomed it, but he also sensed that it would be one of many they would have on the subject and wanted to broach it carefully.

Olivia could see that he was gathering his thoughts, so she dusted a bit of the mountain of powdered sugar off one of the still-warm pockets of fried dough and took a bite.  “Mmmm” she hummed appreciatively, licking stray sugar from her lips.  “Oh, Abby would love these!”

Fitz looked at her beautiful, shining eyes and smiled.  “Abby, the infamous baker?  I’m sure she could make her own” Fitz said thoughtfully. 

“She could” Olivia agreed.  “But I don’t think she’s made any since culinary school.  I think I know what her souvenir will be” she said with a suggestive waggle of her brows.

“Culinary school?”  Fitz frowned.  Didn’t she go to business school with you?”

“Mmhmm.  And when I continued to graduate school, she started at Le Cordon Bleu.  Then she abandoned me for two years cooking in places I was dying to visit while I slaved away eating garbage.”

Fitz chuckled.  He loved how easy it was to talk to her.  Her sense of humor and her tolerance for his teasing endeared her to him even more.  “But she’s been making it up to you.  Those pastries you ate during one of our chats looked amazing, almost too good to eat.”

“Canelés!  My favorite.  I’ve never had any as good as hers” she said with a smile.  “One day you can visit me and help me eat an entire box instead of me finishing them all myself.” 

The mention of Fitz visiting her in New York made his heart drop to his stomach and his expression turned somber.  Olivia felt it too and fell quiet.  Fitz cleared his throat to answer her question about his marriage.

“Mellie and I had known each other for years and had the same mutual friends” he began.  “She was ambitious and driven and those things impressed me about her.  She was always encouraging me, telling me I could be whatever I wanted to be.  When things got hairy between my demanding course load in grad school and my drunkard of a father, she was right there to support me.  When I didn’t have anyone else, she was there.” 

Fitz licked his lips, looking at Olivia to gauge her reaction to his words.  Her expression didn’t seem cautious or hesitant.  She was rapt, taking in everything he had to say.  So he continued.

“Neither of us knew exactly when our friendship became something—more.  I mean, we had been intimate a few times.  We’d become close friends and neither of us was seeing other people so it just happened naturally.  Falling in love seemed inevitable, and we did.  We got married while we were still in school.  When it became clear that I didn’t want to become a surgeon, it’s like something between us shifted.  I still don’t quite know what happened—“

Fitz looked at Olivia ruefully.  “She wouldn’t speak of it again after that, but I knew I’d disappointed her.  Talk of kids, hopes and dreams for the future–the kinds of things people in love talk about—stopped.  We still cared for each other as individuals, but the spark was snuffed out early on and we were both too proud to acknowledge it.”

“But all that time” Olivia said pensively. 

“Pride” Fitz said sadly.  “I felt that I owed something to her for being the only semblance of family I could remember.  I couldn’t humiliate her with a divorce after that.  When people started asking about kids, we’d blame our careers, timing, anything to placate them for a while.  Eventually, they stopped asking.  Two years before we divorced, during one of our worst fights, she finally admitted that she’d never wanted any.”

“Oh” Olivia’s brows rose.  “That had to be shocking for you.  I know how much you want kids.  Three, right?”  She remembered very well how many children he wanted from one of their many late-night conversations, but she saw the pain in his eyes and suddenly wanted to lighten the mood.

He smiled.  “My lucky number.”

The air between them grew heavy as they both fleetingly imagined a future together but neither was ready to voice it aloud.  It just wasn’t the time.

“So, by the time you met me” Olivia prodded gently.

“By the time I met you, I knew my marriage was over.  I thought everything was over quite frankly; my marriage, my career and any hope that all those years had been worth something.  It isn’t a reflection on Mellie.  We both made mistakes.  We should have been more cognizant of what we wanted before we made vows to each other.”

“But what did she want?” Olivia asked, curious.  “What does she do?”

“She’s a defense lawyer.  She wants to make it to the big time.  She idolized Gloria Allred, mostly famous for high-profile stuff like celebrities and really controversial cases.  But there isn’t much in the way of sensationalism in Seattle and she hasn’t had her big break.  I think she must feel a lot like I felt when I was trying to get this project off the ground, but she can’t see the similarities.”

“Do you speak to her?  Now that it’s been some months since the—since you parted ways, I mean” Olivia said cautiously.

“We spoke right after, back in January, for something—maybe closure.  Things were still pretty tense between us, so I let her know I was meeting with someone about my project and that it would be the end of the line for me.  She wished me the best, I reciprocated and we haven’t spoken since.”

“Wow” Olivia said, not sure what to make of what she’d just heard.  “You don’t think we’re jumping into anything too soon?  Maybe you need some time to—“

“I don’t need time, Olivia.”  Fitz looked at her face earnestly.  He could see her gaze wavering, the uncertainty creeping back into her eyes and he wouldn’t stand for it.  “I’ve taken so much time from someone else and so much time was taken from me.  It can’t be returned or exchanged.  I won’t waste anymore of it feeling regret or chasing after meaningless things.  I’ve forgiven myself.  I’ve opened myself up for whatever there is ahead and for me it’s you.  This project meant everything to me until I met you.”

“Do you mean–?” Olivia blushed, not wanting to bring up their hot and hasty union in Chicago but needing to know everything.

“Our encounter almost a year ago was the first step in finding my courage.  So in that way, yes, meeting you got the ball rolling.  And then after I discovered it was you I’d be working with, I couldn’t believe my luck!  There are coincidences and then there is fate” he smiled as his ears reddened. 

“I didn’t know you believed in such things, Doctor Grant” Olivia teased in wonder. 

Fitz’s brow cocked at her use of formality and his gaze burned into hers.  “I don’t think I did” he admitted.  “But then we met again and after that night in your hotel, suddenly the thing that had been consuming my life for so much time seemed almost inconsequential compared to you.  I thought about you all the time.”  His voice deepened, “I think about you all the time.”

Olivia’s breath caught in her throat.  Her lips, her entire mouth, felt dry.  She took a sip of her iced au lait.


She felt her face heat so quickly she was sure he could see it burning, and her eyes lowered.  “It’s all so overwhelming, isn’t it?  Sometimes I can’t even breathe.”

He didn’t care that they were seated under a crowded tent or that a few people had already been pretending not to stare at them for their different hues.  In that moment, he only worried about her.  He took her face in his hand to drive it home.  “It gets to me sometimes too, but it just lets me know that I have the capacity to care about someone in a way I’ve never felt before.  The only time I want is right here, right now.  Whatever you give me, for however long.”

Olivia looked at him, unshed tears in her beautiful eyes, and swallowed.  “Just—shut up and kiss me, okay?”

And he did.  Fitz bent to press his lips to hers, gently but firmly.  It only lasted a few seconds, but the seconds were theirs.  It felt like a promise; a promise that there would be infinitely more seconds to share because the time had been reset now that they’d bared all to each other. 

Unnoticed by either of them, Priestess Felicie was about to enter a building across the street when her surprised countenance fell on the couple.  A knowing smile graced her handsome face and she nodded once, seeming to bless the pair before walking into the restaurant.

Naya Rivera is becoming that controversial celebrity that does things for “shock value” and to get the public talking about her. Which is great if you believe that all press is good press.

Everything she’s done this year has been for attention from the random quickie wedding with selling pictures to People Magazine but not telling friends and only having a few family members there. To the tweet about Big Sean stealing her Rolex, to deleting her Twitter account, to the Halloween costume, to now the Kim K picture situation.

She’s sort of becoming a household name, great? Not so great when it’s only known for her doing ooc things. Why not post covers on your YouTube channel so people can hear your voice and praise that? You love animals and dogs, why not post Instagram videos of you playing with your dogs more. You love to cook, why not post a video of you cooking or a tutorial on how you make your favorite dishes on your website.

This is a lot of press she can garner with her TALENT rather than her focus or maybe it’s her managements focus, on making her stir the pot to get talked about.

More people are identifying her as Big Sean’s ex, the actress that had the revenge wedding, the IDFWU girl, and the Kim Kardashian wanna be, and not enough people recognize her as the talented actress from Glee with the amazing voice.