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-playtonics remove a minor npc with maybe like, two or four lines because its connected to a controversial internet celebrity, not because of his political opinions, but because of the controversy surrounding him- gamerbros: "what a bunch of fucking cucks, im not getting the game any more kekekekekek. sjw babbys"

i will never cease to be amazed by how relevant this image remains


January 22nd 1973: Roe v. Wade

On this day in 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled in Roe v. Wade that women have the right to an abortion, thus legalising abortion in the United States. The case was brought to federal court by a Texas woman under the alias of Jane Roe, against Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade, who represented the state. After a decision was made in the district court, the case was referred up through the court system, eventually reaching the nation’s highest court in 1970. The all-male Supreme Court, led by Warren Burger as Chief Justice, ruled 7-2 that a right to privacy under the 14th Amendment covers a woman’s right to an abortion. The majority opinion was written by Justice Harry Blackmun, with Justices Bryon White and William Rehnquist penning dissents. The Roe decision was issued the same day as a related case called Doe v. Bolton which overturned Georgia’s anti-abortion laws. Roe v. Wade was immediately controversial, sparking celebrations in the pro-choice camp and protests from anti-abortion activists. It is still a divisive issue today, with its supporters arguing the decision forms a vital part of a woman’s right over her own body, and those opposed to abortion calling for the decision’s repeal. The Court’s 1973 decision has since been challenged, and abortion rights have been gradually eroded in subsequent rulings, but the fundamental right to an abortion remains.


The internet just slammed Zayn Malik for his tweet about police brutality

On Friday morning, Zayn Malik responded to a tweet that accused him, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian West and Taylor Swift of benefitting from black culture, but being unwilling to speak out against police brutality. His response was problematic to say the least, and the internet dragged him — including one controversial celebrity.


Pink and Gray trailer looks intense and dramatic! I know the spotlight is on Yuto Nakajima, since he’s from Johnny’s but take a look at his co-stars - Cannes Best Actor Yuya Yagira and recipient of many local acting awards - Masaki Suda.

The movie is about young people becoming movie stars and celebrities, with much controversy regarding one of the characters reportedly murdered or is it suicide? 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is wonderful — of that, there is little doubt. The show is mind-blowingly, astonishingly diverse, with a regular cast composed exclusively of men of color and women, and a recurring Asian cast member who serves as a love interest for the female lead. Such diversity is cause for celebration — and, naturally, controversy, with plenty of writers calling creator Tina Fey and her team to the carpet for mishandling race in the new series.

And while some of their concerns are warranted — the Native American storyline is not one of them.


Se7en apologizes for military scandal + officially discharged from the army!

On the morning of December 28, singer Se7en was finally released from the army, 10 days after his originally scheduled discharge date. Following his 21-month military service at Pocheon’s 8th Infantry Division located in Gyeonggi Province, the singer greeted his fans and the media at his discharge ceremony on this day.

Se7en’s return to civilian life has received much attention due to a controversy surrounding celebrity soldiers in which he was involved, three months after enlisting. The discharge ceremony was the very first time that the singer stood before reporters in a public setting following the scandal in June of 2013.

In front of the reporters and fans, Se7en started by saying, “Hello, this is sergeant Choi Dong Wook. Thank you for coming despite the cold weather.

The singer then expressed, “I want to thank all of the fans who believed in me and supported me until the end in the midst of such a difficult situation.” He also shared his thankful heart toward his family and friends.

He continued, “I’m sorry for causing disappointment during my military service and I am reflecting over my wrongdoings. I served in the 8th division for a year and a half. After facing a big obstacle, it wasn’t always easy. I am able to be discharged in a healthy condition thanks to the unit executive officers who believed in me until the end. I am thankful to everyone and I will work hard and live diligently day by day from now on. I apologize for having been discharged following a shameful incident. These are all things I will have to carry with me in the future,” bowing his head in apology.

Source: SSTV

Translated by: soompi