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kylo/poe –“ben solo isn’t here to rescue you…“

kylo’s reconditioning can be cruel….<3 part of the slave princess poe series (x)

//draw every day 2017!!!  thank you for all of the requests! take it easy on him, kylo! beg harder, poe. pull him back to the light!

(Newt Scamander x Reader) Submissive Dominator [SMUT]

Title : Submissive Dominator

Request : Yes - by @radicalmeghan -  request: newt being asked to be more dom in bed and is lowkey rlly good at it

Smut/Warning : Yeah duh - eating out, blowjob, slight dom/sub, jealous fucking lmao

Word Count :1,875

A/N : aaah finally I finished a request! I don’t think this fits the request, but yo this is a dom Newt. It’s really a new territory for me because I’ve always portrayed Newt as a sub. Anyway! Enjoy this one and requests are open for fbawtft, hp, etc. Send me asks about it.


“You’re mine aren’t you?”

“You’re going to get f-fucked tonight,”

“T-Think you c-can- Oh Merlin, no, no, not like this…”

Newt has been talking to himself in the bathroom, the moment the two of you entered your shared apartment after attending a ball held by the MACUSA. The ball was held to celebrate the capture of Gellert Grindelwald. The MACUSA doesn’t usually do this kind of thing, but you suppose it’s a grand achievement and worth celebrating.

You try to eavesdrop the conversation he’s having with himself, but it seems that he has put a charm in the bathroom so that you can’t hear anything he says but some muffled sounds.

“Newt?” you knock the bathroom door. “Are you okay in there?”

“Y-Yes [Name], I’m fine,” he replies.

You didn’t know what you did wrong, but he also seems to be more nervous than usual after the ball. He keeps squeezing your hand, he stuttered, and he bumped into several people. Newt kept saying he was alright after you asked though.

You decide to change from your formal dress to your nightgown. You walk to your bedroom as you think, ‘I suppose I can calm him down a little bit by doing something…’ You pick his favorite nightgown of yours, and put it on. Twirling in front of the closet mirror, you smile to yourself. ‘Newt is going to love this.’

As if on cue, the bathroom door creaks open, revealing Newt already undressed except for his trousers. Newt’s hair is messy, and his face is blushing red with beads of sweat on his face. The sweat also trickles down his bare chest, making you want to run your hands up his body.

He pauses when he looks at you, mouth slightly open. You giggle and say, “I think we’re thinking the same thing, love.”

He gulps, before throwing the bundle of his shirt on the side. Newt takes a few strides towards you, chin up, looking down at you. He then takes your chin in his hand, and kisses you roughly.

You squeal at the sudden touch, before melting into his arms. You grip his biceps, constantly squeezing it lightly, while he holds your waist, holding you firmly. The kisses aren’t like his usual kisses; it’s more demanding and needing. He’s about to push his tongue inside your mouth before you gently push him back, looking into his eyes, a little bit worried.

“Newt, darling? What’s wrong? What’s with the sudden-“

“You’re going to get fucked tonight,” he cuts you sternly.

You feel the heat in your core getting hotter as he says that sentence. But still, you’re wondering what’s with his sudden change of demeanor.

“I- W-Well, I will, but I want you to explain yourself first,” you challenge him.

He sighs and takes your hand, guiding you to lie down on your bed. You lie on your back, and he immediately goes on top of you, his hands on each side of your head, trapping you from escaping.

Newt looks at you with adoration, yet also with something he lacks before. Confidence.

“Do you think… That Abernathy can please you more? Hm?” he asks.

At the ball, even though you’re hand in hand with Newt all the time, you did drag him to socialize with other people. One of them being Abernathy. He teased the two of you by talking about some sensitive subject, which is about how Newt does it in bed. Newt’s face went beet red, and you replied with a laugh, saying that he satisfies you. “Although not the most dominant in bed,” you also added.

You didn’t realize that Newt listened intently when you flirted with Abernathy. “Oh really? I bet you prefer dominant men, no?” Abernathy asked. “Well, probably. Want to show me?” you reply. Abernathy just laughed, and you excused yourself, to talk to other people.

You raise an eyebrow. “Oh, so this is what this is all about? About me flirting with Abernathy? You know it’s all a joke, Newt.”

“Yes, but you did say that- um, you prefer dominant men,” he says, almost losing his confident composure.

“Well… I don’t mind with submissive men, but I prefer dominant men better,” you say. He looks hurt for a second, before quickly going back with his act again.

“Then I’ll show you that I can be dominant too.”

Before you can say anything, he kisses you again, this time biting down your lower lip, then pushing his tongue inside your mouth. Your hands go to the back of his head, trying to deepen the kiss. But he objects. One by one, he removes your hands from his head, and pins them to the side of your head.

He breaks the kiss and whisper to your ear huskily, “You are going to stay in bed and do as I say.”

You shudder as his hot breath hits your ear, and you nod in understanding. He smirks, and proceeds to leave butterfly kisses from your earlobe down to your neck, and your collarbone. He sucks and bites a one spot on your neck, over and over until leaves a red mark. You moan and whimper at his touch, and you’re sure it’ll be purple tomorrow.

“[Name],” he says onto your skin.

You reply with a moan. “If you want to come, try not to make any sounds.”

He slides the nightgown from your shoulder, before tearing it into two and tossing it aside. You gasp; not expecting Newt to rip your nightgown, or even has the strength to do that. “We can use magic to patch it up,” Newts says quickly.

He swiftly leaves a wet trail, continuing from your neck, to your chest, barely brushing the nipple, down lower to your core, his hands freeing your wrists. He gives an experimental lick, and you arch your back, bucking up to his mouth. You’re about to moan before your own hand flies to your mouth, shutting yourself.

“Good girl.”

He trails a finger down your clit, his fingers brushing against the wet, sensitive folds. You desperately pants, holding in the sounds you’re making.

“So wet [Name]… All for me?” He presses a finger inside you, and you breathily answer, “Y-Yes! For you only…”

“Not for Abernathy?”

“N-No… All for you- Ah!” you scream out when he adds another finger.

“I’ll forgive you this time. But for this, I don’t want to hear any sounds, got it?”

You only nod as he starts pumping in and out of you, and with each thrust, his fingers goes deeper, to another angle, until it hits your g-spot. You gasp when his finger does, and he quickens the pace until you come onto his hands.

He brings his fingers to his lips, greedily licking them off clean. The sight turns you on again, even though your heat is still throbbing from the sensation. He gets out of bed, and hastily takes his trousers off, along with his boxers. His manhood stands in its glory, with precum leaking on top of it.

“Come,” he says, extending his hands towards you.

You stand and take his hand and he presses yours and his naked body together. His member is pushed up onto your stomach, and you can feel it twitch when it comes to contact with your skin.

“Feel it [Name]?”

He trails his fingers from your upper back, slowly down to your lower back.

“Feel it what you do to me?”

He squeezes your bum and you hum in response.

“I want you to pleasure me, but without your hands.”

He gives you a slap on your butt and says, “Now kneel.”

You kneel in front of him, and take his member in your mouth, your hands behind your back. You start to suck his head gently, slowly moving your head so it enters deeper. He lets out a long moan, continued by his hand going to the back of your head.


You suck him hard, and he cries out your name, not expecting the sudden movement. As you suck, you bob your head, and lick the tip of his member. It twitches in your mouth, and with one last long suck, he comes inside your mouth. You swallow everything, making sure none of them spills out of your mouth.

“Such a good girl. I should reward you for that, now. Should I?”

“I’d love you to, darling.”

“Alright. Lie down.”

You do as he says, and he goes on top of you, immediately positioning himself on your entrance.

“Newt! Stop!”

His eyes flashes worry, and he stops. “W-What? D-Did I do something w-wrong? Did- Did I hurt you?”

His confidence is fading, and you giggle, before kissing his nose.

“No, silly. Don’t forget the condom.”

“O-Oh, right.”

He takes out a condom out of the dresser, before ripping it with his teeth and putting it on his slightly raised cock. You notice, and give his manhood a slight stroke, making it fully erect again. Newt’s confidence comes back again, and he seems more assured now.

“Scream my name, love.”

He slams into you without a warning, and you gasp, and let out a throaty moan. He begins moving, slow at first, before escalating the pace faster. The headboard makes a sound every time he slams into you, banging with the wall. You’ll be sure to receive complaints from your neighbor, but you can care less.

He thrusts like there’s no tomorrow, all the while holding in his cum, making sure you savor the feeling fully. He wants to make sure that you see him and him only.

You on the other hand, feel so close to coming, as you see Newt pounding your insides, sucking the energy out of you.

“Newt!! Ah!! I- I-“

“That’s it love, let it all out. Come onto me.”

With a scream of his name, you come for the second time, coating his condom covered cock with your juices. He gives a few more thrusts before coming himself, filling the condom. He collapses on top of you, the sweat covered skin meeting yours.

The two of you breathe peacefully, until he lifts himself off you, to discard the condom. You scoot a little, making space for him to cuddle with you. He joins you under the bedcover.

“S-So, do tell me… How did I do…?”

“Hmmm, well… Newton… I’d have to say… It’s a secret!” you exclaim as you turn your body, your back facing him.

“W-What? [Name], tell me!”

“Oh shut up and cuddle me, Newt,” you say as you pull his hands to hug you.

He pouts and you peck him on the lips, whispering a brief goodnight, before drifting to sleep.

Before drifting to sleep though, you think to yourself that you do enjoy a dominant Newt. Very much so, despite his true nature. But you’re not going to tell him that. It would certainly stroke his ego even more. And you’ve been enjoying your role as the dominant one in bed.

It seems that it will take a few more practices to explore your interests even more.

Handsome Devil Review

“You spend your whole lives being someone else, who’s gonna be you?”

Handsome Devil is the film I wish had been played in my school assembly.  

It’s tender and sincere in its message: being yourself is something to be embraced and celebrated. It captures the frightening suffocating atmosphere of some schools, and the challenge that comes with breaking down boundaries. Here the fact that people don’t fit into boxes is an uncomfortable truth to some- even something as simple as a rugby player liking music is seen as impossible.

Despite tackling some heavy subject matter of homophobia and bullying, Handsome Devil remains uplifting. The whole film has a charming quirky feel as main character Ned (Finn O’Shea) narrates his mishaps and adventures. Nicholas Galitzine plays rugby lad Conor, and beautifully expresses both his insecurities and growing confidence throughout the film. The two have brilliant chemistry and masterfully portray their blossoming friendship and the shy beginnings of a teen romance. 

Andrew Scott is a wonder as encouraging English teacher Dan Sherry. Whether it’s jokingly egging the boys on in their ambitions, or giving some heartfelt advice ( “It gets better”), he is the teacher we all probably wished for.

Handsome Devil is a beautifully important film- particularly for young LGBT pupils. It acknowledges the painful isolation you can experience just by being ‘different’ but ultimately is hopeful: being yourself can be a blessing, and make you the happiest you ever will be.

John Butler, thank you for writing this wee gem of a film. <3

La promenade. Victor Guerrier (French, 1893-1968). Oil on canvas.

Clearly inspired by the work of Impressionist masters such Manet and Toulouse-Lautrec his work captures and celebrates the diversity of life in Paris at the turn of the century; from the nightclubs of Montmartre to the cafés of the Champs-Élysées, Guerrier depicts French high society in its pomp.

Valentine's Gala (Barry Allen x reader) (Part 1)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! I’m so sorry for not updating for so Long. Exams and all that shit. Anyway, here is the Valentine’s Day special for Barry Allen x reader like I promised. It’s shitty, as usual. I’m already done with part 2 so I’m working on part 3. Prepare for drama! Also, lots of explaining.

Description: The CCPD is holding a gala to celebrate Valentine’s Day and to commemorate the capture of a criminal gang. Every officer has to bring a date so Barry brings you, his Best Friend/crush. Both of you arrive at the gala only to end up as… Well, more than friends.

Reader Gender: Female

Reader’s Power: Super speed

Characters/Ships: Barry Allen x reader

Rating: PG

Warnings: one curse word if ‘screwed’ is considered as a bad word, crappy writing

“Please, Y/N!” Barry clasped his hands together, squeezing them tightly to his chest as if he was praying, and pleading with you.

He widened those enchanting green eyes of his, his sides of his mouth tugging downwards to form a pout.

He knew this was your one weakness that got you to do things he wanted you to do. You always thought he looked so cute and innocent while doing his ‘pleading face’, well, more than usual.

His soft milk chocolate brown hair was slicked back as usual. You knew it wasn’t due to gel but due to his lightning fast speed.

Both of you were in his lab the night the machine created by S.T.A.R Labs, also known as the particle accelerator, exploded, transforming both of you into metahumans.

He became the Flash and you became the Bolt, both having the powers to be lightning fast which proved to be useful since you were the only one who could keep up with Barry and vice versa.

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captive audience

Her aunt knew everything. Told nothing. Her aunt knew, for instance, instantly of her conception. Her aunt departed then, to complete her own training and return in time, for the birth. 

The zen training camp, the secular monastery, was located on a planet where captivity was toxic. Any and all captivity was a toxin to everything in its vicinity. Immediately. Pervasively. A fact made so by the quality and make up of the air there and all the other nutrients. Any thing that was held captive against its own will caused everything and everyone in its immediate vicinity to become immediately sick and poisoned to the point of total incapacitation. 

Nothing or no one could tolerate, nor allow tolerance for, capture or captivity. Neither captive nor captor could continue to function in that context. The act of capture and imprisonment destroyed both the enslaved and the enslaver and ground all action to a useless halt. 

On that planet, even attention could not be captured. {Sometimes celebrities travelled there to learn how to live. Those who did, never returned to Earth.) Advertising was… impossible and thus non-existent. There was little need for laws and less for enforcement. Breaches were healed collectively, responsibility shared and embraced. 

The most important skill for survival – the one honed and taught and practiced by every single individual present on the planet from the moment of their arrival, whether by birth or interplanetary travel, was how to exercise one’s own will – purely, honestly, constantly and without any intrusion on the will of others. How to attend and be present in a context of complete tolerance and utter curiosity. 

This is the place her aunt went to train. From the time beginning three days after her conception and for the next six months. She returned to be present on Earth for the final trimester of her sister’s pregnancy, and forever after to attend and raise her niece. 

This auntie who knew everything. Told nothing. She knew what was coming. She welcomed it. 


  Chihuly Glass - Pomegranate Persian   Top Image  

The Pomegranate Persian, a 2015 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition, is a classic example of this series. Two tonal body wraps combine to create concentric bands of rich red, deepening to ruby on the sculpture. The sapphire blue lip wrap articulates the expressive lines recurrent in Chihuly’s classic Persian form.     

The Persians, one of Dale Chihuly’s most celebrated series, eloquently captures the artist’s love of colour and the medium’s transmission of light in their daring and energetic forms. Art historian Tina Oldknow observes that “the Persians are only one expression of the underlying, purely abstract and formal objective of his work: the exploration of form and the glass itself as a vehicle for colour, and the orchestration of colour to create transformational environments.”

PROOF OF ALIENS? Staggering pictures of UFOs seen in Vienna go viral

THESE staggering pictures of UFOs seen in Austria could be the proof scientists need that alien-life does exist.

It was not the first time Austrians have been spooked by a mysterious flying object this year.

During New Year’s celebrations, a student captured footage of a UFO apparently being struck by lightning in the Mostviertel area of Lower Austria.

The video, which was never propeller explained, showed students dancing as the camera pans upwards to follow some fireworks when it spotted the bright orb in the sky.


CLC and CHESHIRE 1st fan celebration, can CLC capture ‘Knowing Unnie’? [Hashtag Cube #CUBE] Episode 51

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Quick doodle because ARGHHasdkjsad! I just watched part one of the season finale! I honestly think what Commander Lexa did was one of the hardest decisions she’s ever had to make, mainly because of the fact that she loves Clarke. There was this post on tumblr I came across from @letsaskthebroodygay that pretty much sums up what I believe: “You know who’s probably the angriest at Lexa? Lexa”. I bet she can’t even really celebrate the captured grounders’ safe return knowing what she traded for it.