celebrity birthdays 8th may


It’s the end of the month, so we’re looking back at what’s happened and forward to what will be happening!

May Birthdays!

It was Himaruya’s own birthday on May 8th! Norway’s birthday was celebrated on the 17th, and Cuba and Cameroon shared the 20th, though Cuba’s was the only canon date!

The Hetalia Fandom Hub was created!

This very blog started up on May 15th, and we hope you like it so far! You’ve all been wonderful and given us lots of support, so thank you!

HetaliaPrompt opened for business!

@hetaliaprompt, a blog that provides daily prompts for creators, was made to help out the fandom! If you haven’t already, go follow them and get involved! 

Hetalia Gen Exchange Returned!

@aphgenficexchange came back for another secret santa-esque celebration of platonic Hetalia relationships! If you’re an artist or writer with time to spare during summer, then consider signing up and making someone’s day! The application deadline is June 20th!

June Birthdays!

We’ve got a ton of birthdays coming in June! There’s Denmark (non-canon) on the 5th, with Sweden’s canon birthday immediately after on the 6th! Hungary (canon) has her birthday on the 8th, and then Portugal (non-canon) has his two days later on the 10th! Then, we’ve got a week’s wait until Iceland’s canon birthday on the 17th! Finally, the month finishes with Luxembourg’s non-canon birthday on the 23rd and Seychelles’ canon birthday on the 29th! Mark your calendars!