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David Tennant and Russell T Davies spotted in Cardiff

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies and Tenth Doctor David Tennant were spotted in Cardiff earlier today.

Cardiff has been home to Doctor Who production since the 2005 revival, so speculation has began on if the two are to be involved with the show again. Now, as for what that involvement may be, we have a few ideas:

  1. Filming a flashback: Peter Capaldi recently revealed that his character from 2008′s The Fires of Pompeii would make an appearance in the upcoming series of Doctor Who. Perhaps Tennant and Capaldi are filming a flashback scene to that adventure.
  2. Celebrating a decade: The new series of Doctor Who celebrated its 10th birthday in March with little fanfare, so it’s possible that the pair are in town to film a multi-Doctor mini-episode.
  3. Visiting Bad Wolf: Former Doctor Who executives Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter recently launched a new production company called Bad Wolf in South Wales, and it would make sense if the pair were visiting their old colleagues in their new offices.

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