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Clichè AU’s you should avoid.

A/N: Honestly, I did that not only for you but also for myself. So that we don’t overuse clichés, even if we like some of them. Also, sorry for being snarky and sassy.


  • Nerd/Bad Boy.
  • Nerd/Cheerleader.
  • Unpopular girl / The player.
  • Student/Teacher.
    • Ya’ll need therapy. DM me and I give you the mobile number of my psychologist.
  • Alpha/Beta/Omega.
    • After reading a A/B/O story I can’t look into my dogs eyes anymore. 
  • That School Work fanfiction where the partners hate each other.
    • Every forced together story. 
  • Kidnapped by a celebrity.
    • Looking at the 1D Fandom.
  • That babysitting stories, where the OC/Reader babysitts celebrities who are indeed at the same age as the OC/Reader. 
    • Again, the 1 D fandom.
  • Unpopular girl/boy gets popular over summer or after someone gives them a ‘make-over’.
  • Fake dating stories.
    • “I need a boyfriend to impress my parents or to show that I’m not a spinster.”
  • Suddenly moving away stories.
    • Main character finding out they’re moving away 2 seconds before they move away.
  • Really tragic ophran story.
  • Rich boy/girl and poor boy/girl story.
  • That Werewolf story where the Alpha is an asshole and finally meets his soulmate. 
    • Him being so possesive.
    • Wants her to have his puppies.
    • She’s the Luna.
    • She’s an Omega or human. 
    • Mate gets kidnapped because the rival pack is worse and the Alpha has to free them.
    • Alpha is the strongest Alpha in America. He is feared by everyone but that one asshole. 
    • Soulmate is a rogue wolf.
    • He’s a black and she’s a white wolf.
  • Soulmate stories.
    • Being colour blind until they touch each other.
    • Looking into each others eyes.
    • Touching each other for at least 3 seconds.
    • That soulmate tattoo.
  • Mom is marrying suddenly and the guy has a son who is surprisingly the hottest player in High School, but OC/Reader never knew about that.
  • Arranged marriage stories.
  • Boy/Girl gets dared to date the unpoular girl/boy.
  • Girl goes to a ‘all boys’ school.
  • Model goes undercover in a high school.
  • Girl surrounded by 65563 hot guys.
  • The new girl/boy in High School.
  • Love Triangles.
    • “I love you, but I love Geraldo Fuckero. I’m so confused and… it’s always you… but Geraldo and me against the world 5 eva.” *pulls off Elena Gilbert*
  • The chosen one story.
    • The main (16 y/o) character being the only one who can save the world.
  • Girl falling in love with her brother’s best friend.
  • Falling in love with childhood friend.
    • To make that tragic, they didn’t see each other for 20 years.
  • Main lead falling in love with the villain, who is actually an antihero, or who is actually misunderstood and fluffy but also 100% BDSM.
    • Redemption story.
    • Main lead changes him to be good again.
    • Villain never changing the main lead because the good and unrealistic ever wins.
  • That one creepy stalker story.
  • Not a cliché, but the weird rape and incest love stories.
  • He shows her all the BDSM things. 
    • I’m looking at you 50 Shades of fake bdsm and abuse.
  • Bodyswap.
    • Of course, they hate each other. 
  • Genderswap.
  • The story where the main lead thinks they are human, but guess what, they are quarter fish, quarter pile of shit and half tomato and two drops of Tom Hiddleston’s tears.
  • Virgin Sacrifice Stories. 
    • Bruh.
    • The hero saves them 0000.1 seconds before they’re killed.
  • Dystopia Stories. 
    • The goverment is the villain. 
    • The army is the villain.
    • Main lead rebels.
    • Main lead is special.
    • Someone gets bitten by a zombie and hides it.
    • “You smell that?”
    • “Do you hear that?”
    • The hero who wants to safe everyone and everything and does not want to kill and is all puppy.
    • The ‘asshole’ who is right.
    • Asshole wants to be the leader but the hero steps in and tells the asshole he should have more faith in whatever and blah.
    • Hero turns into asshole and kills people later. 
      • Looking at Clarke from The 100. 
    • Finding keys in random cars.

Bunnies and Babysitters: Celebration Kidfic

“Alright, Jo. What will it be tonight?” You asked, picking up the pile of her current favorite bedtime stories. Normally, you weren’t here so late, but Len had had a surgery that was going late so your babysitting duties were extended a few hours. You didn’t mind much; Joanna was a well-behaved girl and you’d make a little extra money. It’s not like you had any big social plans anyway.

Joanna pointed to the light yellow book in the middle of the stack.

“Rabbit Hill!” She proclaimed. “I want to hear where Little Georgie went!”

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