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You know what my favourite thing is? If you don’t already, you’re about to find out! Harry Styles with nail polish on his fingers. Especially the red that shows up on his index fingers from time to time. Like he painted his whole hand but they told him he couldn’t go out with it on so he removed most of it but left two fingers as an open act of defiance. That’s my favourite thing in the whole world. So here’s a masterpost of times Harry Styles wore nail polish.

Broken - Part 2

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Summary: Jensen and the reader had an amazing night…until the condom broke. Not happy with the way things went down, Jensen surprises the reader when he shows up at her house.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,597

Part 1

“The shit I get myself into.” Jensen grumbles to himself, absentmindedly grabbing the brim of his hat and spinning it around.

Tired and annoyed, Jensen’s at a standstill in the ice cream isle at Whole Foods. His greenish hazel eyes have been darting back and forth, trying to decide which brand of ice cream would be best for breakfast.

Inwardly groaning, the actor snaps his eyes shut realizing just how ridiculous that sounds. A fact like that should maybe deter him from pursuing a girl like you. Something perceived as cute and quirky could easily be a red flag in disguise. With his luck, you probably entertain some sick habit like collecting human teeth in the back of your closet.

Jensen’s ridiculous train of thought is interrupted by a text from Gen, thankfully she’s an early riser. He breathes a sigh of relief once your address is in his hands. It’s quickly chased away when a shit ton of nerves overtake him.

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(x) Ah Larrie bargaining. They’re not being misogynistic; it’s the people behind the stunt who are duh. Before I get in the details, can I just say this is the perfect example of Larries thinking the world revolves around them and that this entire thing is a “story” meant to captivate and entertain them. Ofc they think they’re right because they think this is a piece of fiction playing out in real life and therefore they can interpret it in any way they like. 

“pitting B & D against each other is misogynistic” Yeah that’s why Danielle was speaking so kindly of Briana in her latest interview; she was really trying to go after Briana then. “The attempt at getting a sex tape spread through the fanbase as a way to tear down B is misogynistic.” Yeah if that’s the case, why did you take the bait (x)(x)(x)? (Albeit, no one else other than Larries tried claiming it was Briana in the sex-tape.) “Rich, white men” didn’t divide the fandom in half; [predominately female] Larries did that all by themselves. No one other than Larries reduce Briana and Danielle to being nothing more than a mom and a girlfriend respectively while diminishing who they are as individuals. And I’m still waiting for an example of where Briana has “trolled” the fanbase. 

“Shouting from the rooftops that D should not give up her day job (acting, promo like conventions & M&Gs) to play girlfriend at Louis’ side is not misogynistic – it’s calling out the misogyny baked into the stunt.”

Shouting from the rooftops that Danielle can’t have both a career and a relationship at the same time while saying her career is being Louis’ gf/fake gf is misogynistic. If Louis and Harry can meet secretly and jump through an infinite amount of loops to see each other without being seen publicly while still having a career, surely Danielle can manage both.

“Louis getting a women pregnant and having that woman disappear from the media because she & Louis actually wanted privacy and safety for their kid is a boring story because there is no story.  

This whole stunt is a story meant to captivate an audience and is therefore based on interesting plotlines that generally make women look bad, because it’s created by men who are looking out for their best interest, not the best interest of the women hired to carry out the stunt.”

Ah yes because in their mind, Briana should have been the one to stay silent to avoid harassment. In their mind either you shun social media all together or you reveal every detail about your life; there’s no in-between. And no one even thinks these women look bad except Larries. Paps were interested because celebrity baby stories/pictures sell well and because Larries paradoxically demand silence from Briana while generating a demand for her in the media.  

“Creating this stunt in the first place is misogyny.” 

In other words, Louis and Briana having a child is misogynistic. I’ll leave it at that.