celebrity baby name

Fill out your own fictional family by answering the questions.


Are you in school?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
What is your favorite color?
Blue: water name
Green: plant name
Purple: gem stone name
Red: astronomy name
Orange: season name
Yellow: nautical name
Pink: unisex name
Black: science related name

Middle Name
How many siblings do you have?
0: one syllable, three letter name
1: name from the scrolling “names searched now” list
2: your favorite middle name
3: name starting with “a”
4: name that makes you feel calm
5: name related to winter
6+: “hippy” name

Have you been out of your country?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
What is the last thing you drank?
Water: name from US Top 100
Pop: name outside Top 1000
Wine/beer: misspelled “youneek” name
Milk: name related to a family member
Juice: guilty pleasure name
Other: name ending in -er

Middle Name
What time is it?
0000-0400: name with a special character (x,z,v,q)
0401-0800: name of the last baby you met
0801-1200: name related to an animal
1201-1600: name starting with an F
1601-2000: four syllable name
2001-2359: name related to food

Do you have a significant other?
Yes: girl
No: boy
It’s complicated: twins of your choosing

First Name
Who is the last person you talked to?
Co-worker: name from a movie
Friend: name from a TV show
Parent: name from music
Sibling: name of a cartoon character
Teacher: name related to literature
Acquaintance: name of a bird

Middle Name
What exotic place would you like to visit?
Bora Bora: greek mythology name
Morocco: western/cowboy name
Madagascar: old norse name
Nepal: Irish surname
Chile: Shakespeare name
Hawaii: Biblical name
Fiji: Sci-fi/fantasty name

Are you wearing any jewelry?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
What genre is the last movie you watched?
Action: calendar based name
Comedy: color name
Drama: virtue name
Sci-fi: fruit name
Romance: vintage name
Documentary: occupational name
Horror: violent name
Animation: word name

Middle Name
What is your mood?
Happy: name of kings or queens
Sad: grandma or grandpa name
Mad: name that reminds you of someone with freckles
Excited: place name
Tired: name starting with Z
Nervous: Disney name
Combination of above: name to honor your parents
None of above: one syllable name with 4 letters

Have you rode in a car today?
Yes: girl
No: boy

First Name
How many letters are in your first and last name combined?
1-5: trendy name
5-8: name starting and ending with the same letter
9-12: name related to fashion
13-16: names related to the month of July
17-20: classic name
20+: nickname name

Middle Name
What do you consider your naming style?
Classic: a name from your top ten list
Trendy: celebrity baby name
Nature-y: name to honor your best childhood friend
Vintage: name ending in O
Eclectic: name with a repeating sound
Hipster: virtue name
Nerdy: bad girl or bad girl name


1. Hudson Arthur
2. Cassia Saffron
3. Elizabeth Cheyenne
4. Paget Zara
5. Victoria Josephine

  • *Molly's flat*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly: *mock gasps* I wonder who that could be...
  • Baby Hooper: *grinning* Sherlock! *runs to the door; pulls it open*
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Hello, Wi-
  • Baby Hooper: *pulls him inside* Sherlock! Look what I can do *attempts the Vulcan salute*
  • Sherlock: *nods* Brilliant. You must take after your father *looks up at Molly standing in the doorway; smirks* whomever he may be.
  • Molly: *shrugs* A git.
  • Sherlock: *ruffles Will's hair* A handsome git.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* An arrogant git.
  • Sherlock: *looking at Will* All of those things. He has to be.
  • Baby Hooper: ...
  • Baby Hooper: *sighs dramatically* For God's sake, Sherlock, I KNOW you're my Dad.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Baby Hooper: *blinks innocently* When's dinner?
A post about Beyoncé’s Baby Names Before the Twins are Born

I just know the names are going to be extra. There’s no way it’s going to be Blue Ivy, Bob and Bert. So when these babies are born and Beyoncé gives them the next two iconic celebrity baby names, before you let your basic instincts get to you and start complaining about how ridiculous they are and how this child has to grow up with an unconventional name and whatever other points you’ll grasp at for the enjoyment of bringing down a happy moment, don’t forget that these children will probably be richer than you ever will, even if they don’t work a day in their lives. They don’t need resumé names, they don’t need to fit in with society so that their lives are easier not having to explain themselves. They’ll never truly fit in with society anyway, they’re the twins of Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Their names will be engrained in the public consciousness, no one will be questioning how to spell them or thinking they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

And even if they were some normal people, have we stopped to realize how silly the practise of naming humans is? Choosing names that someone will have for the rest of their lives, and on top of that, choosing it based on a limited database of names that society has accepted and then judging people for not conforming to that list as if it even matters?

It’s just a name.

my-random-fandoms  asked:

Do you think if Jack and Bitty ever had a baby that they'd name it Faber? Whether it was a boy or a girl, they'd name it Faber.

Holy mother of all cows, you have unlocked Jack and Bitty’s celebrity baby name!

It’s weird/unique enough that the likelihood of having heard it before is pretty low, without being over the top.

And you know Shitty and Lardo are gonna get competitive, because they can’t let Jack and Bitty win at school spirit, so they name their kid Samuel!

Get it? Sam-uel, Sam-well.

(My puns continue to be hilarious and on point.)

i mean i know it’s common to mock/play around with unusual celebrity baby names but i have NEVER seen it done to this degree or in this manner before the kid even has a name??? am i missing something

anonymous asked:

Most big larries claim there is no baby and most are taking the piss out of the baby's name. Verily i say has been particularly dismissive of the possibility of a baby. There is a masterpost of other celebrities showing B cannot possibly be pregnant. no one thought Katie Holmes was pregnant. How old is Suri now?

I think the name is another case of 1DHQ being all like…

…and blessing us with another fail by attempting to mimic celebrity hipster baby names. If they’d come up with something like Tokyo Tsunami I would have actually given them props for swinging for the fences. But Sydney Rain is so tepid. Meh. If that were a real baby, I stand by my headcanon that a boy would be named James Javadd. LOL Let me have this.

Based on timelines, the behavior of Brinothankya’s family, the fact that her bare baby bump pix have the head conveniently chopped off and her other baby bump pix look like 1DHQ was too cheap to spring for a good fake one, I’d say there’s an excellent chance that there is no baby. That’s not to say a baby won’t be presented to the fandom at some point. But this is a Hollywood production. They can get a baby pretty easily just like any movie or tv show.

There’s tons of rumors about Katie Holmes and Beyonce faking pregnancies. There’s tons of rumors about celebs like Kelly Preston having real babies for stuntin’/closeting purposes. There’s tons of rumors about Jeremy Renner, Cristiano Ronaldo and again Beyonce going to great lengths to cover-up the use of a surrogate. There’s been rumors of celebs hiding a kid (Janet Jackson). One of the Real Housewives initially tried to pass off a daughter she had in her teens as a “family friend”. There’s been previous celebrity paternity scandals (Loretta Young, Diana Ross, Jack Nicholson, John Edwards, Chris Brown,). People are hesitant to believe because it’s so distasteful to bring a child into any kind of fakery. But it happens. It’s been happening forever. Not just in showbiz. That’s an unfortunate part of a lot of people’s lives. This fandom needs to make their peace with the ugliness in this world. The struggle is real and understandable. However, we can’t be living with our heads in the sand.