celebrity baby name

  • *Molly's flat*
  • -knocking-
  • Molly: *mock gasps* I wonder who that could be...
  • Baby Hooper: *grinning* Sherlock! *runs to the door; pulls it open*
  • Sherlock: *smiles* Hello, Wi-
  • Baby Hooper: *pulls him inside* Sherlock! Look what I can do *attempts the Vulcan salute*
  • Sherlock: *nods* Brilliant. You must take after your father *looks up at Molly standing in the doorway; smirks* whomever he may be.
  • Molly: *shrugs* A git.
  • Sherlock: *ruffles Will's hair* A handsome git.
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* An arrogant git.
  • Sherlock: *looking at Will* All of those things. He has to be.
  • Baby Hooper: ...
  • Baby Hooper: *sighs dramatically* For God's sake, Sherlock, I KNOW you're my Dad.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Baby Hooper: *blinks innocently* When's dinner?
What's in a name

You know how people will name their kids after celebrities? Well, I was thinking about that happening in the context of the Harry Potter verse. What if his name spiked in popularity right after he first got famous? Only, since Harry became famous when he was like one, the kids being named after him would be part of his generation. Imagine:
Harry’s second year there is an influx of children also named some variant of Harry, both boys and girls.
Harry ’s third year there are even more Harrys, as well as a few Potters and one unfortunate Harrypotter who insists people call him Phil.
Harry’s fourth year almost all the new students are named Harry, Potter, James, or Lily. There is also a Harryjamespotter and Harrypotter Jr.
Harry’s fifth year, the majority of Hogwarts is named after him. The sorting ceremony is a mess. Each house is filled with Harrys. Taking or giving points to Harry Potter is a chore and a half. Smack talking any of the Harrys runs the risk of offending one of the other ones. The ministry is looking into making a law placing a limit on the number of people that can have a name at any given time.

i mean i know it’s common to mock/play around with unusual celebrity baby names but i have NEVER seen it done to this degree or in this manner before the kid even has a name??? am i missing something