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Earn Your Trust

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request: Maybe you could write something about enemies to lovers? or y/n and H used to be together but y/n had done something really bad and he makes it hard for her to earn his trust/love back?

thanks for requesting this and sorry it took me so long to write it, i hope you like it (:

“So the media dug up yours and Harry’s past and are having a field day with it?” My stylist, Jeana, said as she finished curling my hair.

I sighed. “Apparently so, but I don’t get why what happened when we were kids is even relevant now.”

“You aren’t stressing over it, are you?” She asked me, looking at me in the mirror.

I shook my head. “Not really. I haven’t even spoken to him in years. The only time I’ve seen him in person is when we’re at the same events, and he hasn’t been to any big ones since his break started.”

“He’s back now though,” Jeana’s assistant stylist, Nicolette, spoke up. “And I’m pretty sure he’s going to be at the charity event tonight.”

My eyes got wide. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

She chuckled. “Nope. You’re both celebrity ambassadors for the charity, I’m surprised you didn’t know he was coming.”

I went to rub my face out of stress and Jeana swatted my hand away. “I did not spend almost half an hour on your makeup for you to screw it up because you’re nervous about seeing your little boyfriend tonight.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I raised my voice, immediately regretting it. I sighed again. “Sorry, Jean, I-I just… I don’t think he wants to be anywhere near me.”

“What happened between you two anyways?” Nicolette questioned.

Just then, Helen, my manager, and my security guard named Harris came in.

“Time to go!” Helen clapped her hands together excitedly. She noticed that I wasn’t nearly as excited as she was and her smile dropped. “What’s wrong, y/n?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll explain in the car.”

The charity event was in full swing, the charity’s founder had already spoken and she announced that both Harry and I were here, so I knew that he had shown up. I hadn’t seen him yet, though. And the fact that I could run into him made me more anxious by the second, but not for a reason most people would think.

“You look like you’re going to puke,” Helen joked. “Just calm down, you guys will probably just ignore each other or something.”

“What if I don’t want him to ignore me?” I said, surprising her. “What if I want things to be okay between us again?”

She examined my face, making sure I was being serious. I definitely was.

Helen exhaled. “Y/n, if you want to talk to him, then do it. The worst that can happen is that he ignores you, or walks away. And yeah, that would really suck, but you’ll survive.”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me good advice?” I jibed.

She playfully shoved me, and I set off to find him. Harry would be over what happened by now, right? I mean, it happened while we were in middle school and high school, there was no way he was still holding a grudge against me. Right?

As I was looking around for him, I accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” We both said in unison, then looked at each other in shock.

There, standing in front of me, was Harry. Though he looked older that he did the last time I saw him, he still looked like the guy I’d known back in our school years. His look of shock turned to one of extreme distaste, and mine turned into a frown.

“Um, how have you been?” I tried, hoping it would make him not look like he hated me.

He laughed sarcastically. “So now you want to talk to me?”

“What are you talking about?” I said, confused.

He looked at me as if I was the biggest idiot he had ever met. “Don’t play stupid, y/n, you know what happened. And yes, it may have happened when we were younger, but you know that once people lose my trust it’s hard for them to earn it back. Much less my respect,”

All I could do was stand there, dumbfounded. He chuckled, shaking his head and walking away. He actually, genuinely hated me. I’ll admit, what I did wasn’t right, but we’re adults now. And at one point, we were best friends. How could he just treat me as if we didn’t once care about each other?

I walked back to Helen, her smile falling once she saw how disappointed I looked.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” She said as she hugged me. “Maybe you could try again? I could get his number for you, and you can talk to him and ma–”

“No, it’s fine,” I interrupted, pulling away. “He looked at me as if he hated me, I doubt he ever wants to talk to me again.”

She pulled her phone out. “Well, I’ll get it anyways and whether or not you use it is up to you.”

It had been a week since the charity event, and of course all that was on my mind was Harry. I just wanted to make things right, but how could I do that when he so obviously wanted nothing to do with me? I lay in bed, staring at his contact on my phone. Maybe I should try texting him, and if he really doesn’t want to talk then I’ll leave him alone.

I exhaled, then sent him a text.

hey it’s y/n

I locked my phone, deciding to watch tv and not get my hopes up that he’s even answer. About fifteen minutes later, my phone went off. I unlocked it and saw that he did answer me.

Great, now i have to get my number changed.

I scoffed. Was he serious? I took a deep breath, chalking his fowl mood up to him just holding his grudge still.

look harry ik i messed up and everything but that was so long ago and i’m willing to make it up to you

Hm… I don’t think I saw an apology in that.

omg stop being such a pretentious prick and let me apologize in person, i at least owe you that much

Wow, I had no idea you actually had a backbone.

But I don’t know about that, you could just be trying to mess with me.

why would i do that to you? why would i be basically begging for you to give me a chance to apologize just to screw with you? just let me try to earn your trust

I guess you wouldn’t go that far…

Fine, we can get lunch or something.

thank you, i promise all i want to do is make things right

I walked into the place we agreed to have lunch at, looking around until I found Harry sitting in a booth towards the back. I sat down in front of him, nervously looking at my nails.

“I believe you had something to say to me?” He said expectingly.

I gave him a look. “I’m not saying anything until you drop this dickhead act. This is so unlike you, and we both know that.”

He looked at me for a second, then sighed, his harsh expression softening. “Fine,”

“Anyways, I’m sincerely sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have abandoned you like I did, and I apologize.”

He waited, as if he expected more. When I didn’t say anything else, he rolled his eyes. “That’s it? You only apologize for leaving me alone?”

“Is that not what I did?” I questioned.

“That’s not even half of what you did.” He said firmly. “I had moved to America and started seventh grade in the middle of the school year. I had no one, until you and I became friends. And towards the end of our freshman year of high school, you left me for these kids who everyone wished they were. Everyone but me, of course. They treated me like shit, y/n. And you left me for them.”

“I get that I left you, but I didn’t treat you like shit. So why do you hate me more that you hate them?” I asked.

He laughed sadly. “Don’t you get it? Not only did you abandon me, you being my only friend, you just stood there as they bullied me day in and day out, all because I was a little different. And you never once stood up for me, y/n. Not even once.”

I sat there, dumbfounded yet again. He was completely right. I didn’t stop them when they treated him awfully. I was such a shitty friend.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched one roll down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, Harry. I’d give anything to go back and change it.”

He shook his head as he wiped his tears away. “And on top of all of that, I had feelings for you. I still did, even after what happened. I hated that they wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.”

I looked at him in shock. “You did? Harry, I had feelings for you too. Holy shit, I was such an awful person.”

“Yeah, you were,” He chuckled. “But so was I, and I’m sorry for treating you like that.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off. “The way you acted towards me wasn’t unwarranted. I kind of deserved it.”

Harry looked at me for a moment, then said, “Can we start where we left off? You, know, before all the drama?”

“You want us to act like we did when we were fifteen and sixteen?” I gave him a questioning look, though I was obviously joking.

He chuckled. “No, I just meant can we be super close again? Or maybe even more than super close?

I beamed at him. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

if you have any ideas for other imagines you’d like me to write feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Why Naya Rivera Regrets Dyeing Her Hair a Month After Giving Birth: ‘Don’t Buy Into the Mommy Makeover!’
The new Nioxin celebrity ambassador’s taking a hands-off approach to her hair after suffering from postpartum hair loss

When former Glee actress Naya Rivera became pregnant with her first son, 18-month-old Josey, she expected “to grow the best mane of hair” from the pregnancy hormones. But for her – and tons of other new moms – just the opposite happened.

“That did not happen at all. After breastfeeding, what I was left with was breakage in certain areas from the drop in hormones,” says Rivera, who just partnered with the haircare brand Nioxin as its celebrity ambassador. “It was definitely thin on the ends and certain places like my widow’s peak would be a little more up in my face.”

Just a month after giving birth, the actress decided to get bright blonde highlights in her hair to give herself a boost of confidence from the hair thinning — but warns other moms not to do the same.

“I did probably the worst thing you could do in that situation, which is then go dye it,” she told us. “I made the problem worse and paid the price for that. I’d tell new moms, ‘Don’t dye it yet!’ Don’t buy into the whole mommy makeover thing, because you will regret it.”

She attempted to treat her hair breakage and thinning with anything she could think of. “I was trying everything from carrot seed oil on a hairbrush to full-blown coconut oil treatments every single day. I even went back on my prenatals [vitamins] long after I had stopped breastfeeding to try to get back whatever juices were flowing out of my body,” Rivera said.

But it wasn’t until her friend introduced her to Nioxin’s thickening shampoo that she started to see a difference. “I started to see results and experimenting with a bunch of their other products,” the star said, which is why her partnership with the brand seemed like a natural, organic fit.

Now, almost two years after Josey was born, Rivera said she finally feels like she’s getting back into her “hair groove” and embracing her natural color instead of using extensions and dying it so often.

“I just feel like it’s healthy again. I stopped dyeing it and cutting it and experimenting with all these different things,” she said. “I sort of went back to my roots if you will, and I am happier that way.”

Time to tell the world

Especially for @madilayn, just for you being you and all the support you have been.  And also to let you know I’ve still got the odd story or two left in me.  A Penandink.

Penny looked across the busy venue.  Virtually every conceivable celebrity was there, plus ambassadors and representatives of every rich nation and the odd Duchess or two, the upper echelons of major fundraising, all under one roof and the watchful eye of the world’s press.

She put both hands up to her face in sudden uncontrollable terror.   Oh was she really ready to proclaim to the world that she and Gordon were a couple?



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After her first dragon hunt, the Inquisitor returns in Skyhold, but not everybody is ready to celebrate.

PART I/II (Part II here)

Demetra Trevelyan, Cullen Rutherford, Josephine Montyliet, Leliana, Dorian

Pre relationship

Ao3 here

“Commander ?” Leliana’s scout seemed sincerly worried “Ser? Are you alright?”

“Yes. You can go.” Cullen growled, the sound deep in his throat “I’ll contact the Spymaster when… when I’ll finish here, thanks.”. The scout nodded, leaving his office as fast as he could.  Cullen let himself falling in his chair, breathing heavily. His hands were shaking horribly and the words written on the report danced before his eyes “High Dragon… Inquisitor… wounded, but alive… victory…”

High Dragon


The Inquisitor had fought against a fucking dragon, he roared in his mind, crampling the paper in his hand. He forced himself to read again everything, admitting at least with himself that he was searching for more informations about the Inquisitor -  her - health.
“Alive” was good, but not good enough, Maker! Dorian was there, but did they have proper healers too? How badly was she hurt? 

The Commander started to walk back and forth, he couldn’t stay sat, thinking that Demetra had put her life in danger. More than usual. They had talked about the possibility to fight against a dragon, during a meeting in the War Room, and she had promised to be cautious. And she had repeated her promises during one of their chess match, laughing gently that he was worrying too much. She had promised. And she had broken that promise.

And now she was wounded. 

When Demetra arrived in Skyhold, there was a quite a crowd to cheer at her. Common people, some Templars, a lot of nobles and also a couple of Mages. Everyone seemed eager to congratulate with her, speak with her, shake her hand. When Josephine finally reached the Inquisitor in the middle of that turmoil, Demetra was quite relieved to be dragged away, leaving the glory to Bull, Dorian and Sera. 

“Inquisitor, it’s good to see you here again and… in one piece.” Josephine smiled “We received news you were wounded.”. Demetra sighed, walking slowly near her friend. In one piece, yes, but not completely healed, she admitted with herself “We were all wounded, frankly. But it wasn’t so bad, after all. Dorian did a great job and Bull put us in one piece again, when the magic couldn’t work fast enough,”.

For a moment, while they were entering in the Main Hall, the Ambassador seemed hesitant “Ah, well, here the… here we were all worried, my lady.”

“I’m alright, Josephine, as you can see. There’s no need to worry. By the way… where is the Commander? I expected to find him in the courtyard. And Leliana too.” she added quickly. The Ambassador face didn’t change from her usual serene expression “Commander Cullen and Leliana had some matters to discuss. They’re waiting for us in the War Room.”.

Demetra walked a little faster, despite her body reminded her that it would have been necessary more time to recover fully.

“Ah, Inquisitor,” Leliana bowed slightly, when the two woman entered in the giant room “forgive us for not being with the others to greet you, at your arrival. We had… some matters to discuss.” she added, glancing at Cullen. 

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Victoria's Secret Model Talks Being an ''IVF Kid, Gay Parents
The 22-year-old native of Denmark made her comments to I-D magazine

The model was recently made a celebrity ambassador for the Family Equality Council and it’s Outspoken Generation Program, which aims to raise awareness about LGBTQ families.

“I just hope that one day the concept of ‘family’ will mean a lot more than the traditional straight couple, with two kids and a house with a white picket fence,” she told i-D. “For me, family is a group of people bound by love! Love is what makes a family!”


Cullen has hard times trying to apologize, especially with a party thrown between him and the Inquisitor.

Pre - Relationship, Cullen Rutherford, Demetra Trevelyan

Part II/II (part I here)

(Reblogged because for no reasons the link of the Part II didn’t work anymore. Special thanks to the precious @elenstar who informed me!)

“Fifteen.” he counted in his mind, the thud made by his sword one of the only few sounds in Skyhold’ courtyard. It was too early even to find Ser Barris and his men in the training ring after the morning service in the Chapel, but Cullen couldn’t lay in his bed a minute more.

Despite the crisp air, the Commander was sweating and his throat was dry, but he didn’t stop.
He wanted to be exhausted.
He wanted to stop to see fragments of her, defenceless and in pain, in his mind.
He wanted to forget the nightmare.

She was screaming.

And was covered in blood, calling for an help which wouldn’t come, a dark, giant shadow behind her. And he wasn’t fast enough.

“Maker’s breath!” he panted, weeping the sweat from his brow, but not stopping. He had dreamt about Demetra, before. Illecit, sensual dreams which had forced him on his knees, asking the Maker forgiveness for his weakness.

The one during the last night had him on his knees, thanking the Maker for letting her coming back to him - to them all.
The Inquisitor didn’t return to him, the Commander scolded himself, twirling his sword.
She wasn’t interested in him as nothing more than a colleague, a friend at best, he reminded to himself, balacing better the shield.

And he had failed her.

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Fifth Harmony's Normani Kordei to Serve as Celebrity Ambassador for Stars & Strikes Charity Bowling Event
The event, which is in its 11th year and benefits LA-based charity A Place Called Home, will be held at PINZ Bowling and Entertainment Center in Studio City, Calif., on March 9, with Kordei leading the festivities as host.

Looks like another member of Fifth Harmony is expanding outside the group – but don’t worry, Harmonizers, this solo project doesn’t involve music. Normani Kordei signed on to be the celebrity ambassador for the Stars & Strikes Celebrity Bowling Event & Tournament, hosted by Los Angeles charity A Place Called Home, in March.

The event, which is in its 11th year, will be held at PINZ Bowling and Entertainment Center in Studio City, Calif., on March 9, with Kordei leading the festivities as host. According to a press release, “During the event, APCH members and attendees will have the opportunity to bowl with some of today’s biggest names – while raising funds and awareness for APCH’s free programs in education, the arts, athletics and vocational preparation for youth in South Central Los Angeles.”

“I am so honored to be working with A Place Called Home as their ambassador to bring awareness to the incredible services and programs which benefits kids in the Los Angeles community,“ Kordei said in a statement to Billboard. "It is a great day anytime I can bring a smile to a girl or boy, knowing that I am helping to inspire them to always dream big.”

Past APCH celebrity supporters include Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Hailee Steinfeld, Jason Derulo, Keke Palmer, Nick Cannon and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz. For more information on the Stars & Strikes tournament, you can visit the event’s official website.

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"Jake Gardiner... is more Canadian than American." Could you, please, elaborate?

he’s originally American, but he’s behaving like he’s full Canadian. he signs O Canada, he spends a big time of his offseason in Canada and lot more stuff I can’t really think of right now, but for example, he is an Honorary National Games Coach and High 5 Club Celebrity Ambassador for Canadian Special Olympics. true sweetheart!

Now she can add one more responsibility to her roster: serving as the new celebrity global brand ambassador for Crest and Oral-B 3D White. The campaign is all about the power of a smile, and Yahoo Shine had the opportunity to speak with Shakira in Barcelona last week about her newest gig. We also got the scoop on her beauty tips, her must-have fashion items, and why she feels a smile is the ultimate accessory.

Yahoo Shine: Something people may not know is that you always do your own makeup. With access to so many experts and artists, why do you do it yourself?

Shakira: Because I’m good. [Laughs]

I’m cheap. I’m fast. [Laughs]

What’s something special you do before a red carpet appearance?

Sometimes if I’m dehydrated from flying, I put vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy on my skin. They’ll make you glow. And not too much makeup. Sometimes I look at pictures from when I was 10 years younger and I look older in those pictures. I was wearing way too much makeup ‘cause I had a makeup artist then. [Laughs.] More on Yahoo Shine: Shakira’s Style Evolution

Speaking of the past, is there one outfit you look back on and really regret wearing?

Usually I remember performances, but I don’t remember the clothes. But I do remember stuff that I should have never worn! [Laughs.] Red shorts with black leather fringes that I wore when I was 14 or 15 for this TV show, and a studded red jacket with fringes too? Uh-uh. Not a pretty picture… Obviously that happens to every one of us with fashion. You see pictures of yourself and think, “Why did I decide to wear that that day?” I’m a little more cautious with my decisions [so I don’t] wear something too risqué.

What are your go-to fashion items and designers?

I’m a jeans girl. I love being in my old pair of jeans. I love Alaia. He’s one of my favorite designers and people in the world. He’s a good friend. I love Helmet Lang and Versace. My Helmet Lang T-shirts are like a faithful dog. Something that’s always there and you can rely on.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?

Wear sunscreen. That’s the best advice. I don’t fry under the sun. Yeah, it gives you the cool look like you’ve been on vacation all the time, but it lasts, what, a week? And then you have to live with the damage it does to your skin.

What is your typical beauty routine when traveling?

It’s very important to keep it simple, so I try not to use too much, just to keep my skin clean, and remove my makeup at night… I discovered that vitamin C does wonders, so I apply vitamin C every morning before I put my makeup on. Or even if I don’t put makeup on. For my hair, I try not to use products with too much alcohol because they dry your hair, so I use more natural oils. Blondes really need it and with specially treated hair, you need a lot of nutrition. I’ve had every bad colorist in the world do my color and burn my hair. [Laughs.] My hair has a history of tears and sweat. But you overcome it eventually, and you have to take care of it.

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with our readers?

I sometimes scrub with natural sugar and moisturizing cream, and I rub it on once in a while to get rid of dead skin.

Why is having a great smile so important, and what is the secret to a great smile?

The secret to a great smile is being uninhibited and open and sincere. I think that people who smile ear to ear aren’t hiding anything, they are genuine, and I think that’s appreciated by others. My mother-in-law—well, she’s not my mother-in-law, but Gerard’s mother—she smiles from here to here [points to her cheeks]. And it’s such a beautiful, honest, and inviting smile that makes her so approachable. I realize that people who have that kind of smile are very friendly and project that image.

More on Yahoo: Shakira’s Amazing Body Secrets

What truly makes you smile?

Seeing my own son smile is an instant incentive. Seeing Gerard smile. Witnessing when [Gerard’s team] Barça wins. [Laughs.] Being onstage and performing for a big audience and seeing them sing along to my tunes. That’s an incredible feeling that usually makes me smile. Good news in general makes me smile. I’m a smiler—I’ve done it my entire life. Sometimes in an annoying way for some people. For example, photographers sometimes when I’m in a photo session, they’re like, “Can you stop smiling for a second, please?” and I’m like, “I can’t help it!” Because they want the sexy picture, the Angelina Jolie, and I always go back to my smile. I’m thrilled to be part of a campaign that promotes smiling. There’s no better makeup than a smile.

Young girls are under so much pressure to achieve unrealistic beauty ideals. How do you define beauty, and what advice do you have for young women struggling with their own self-confidence?

Artists also sometimes feel under that pressure ourselves. We have to struggle with the fact that you are not perfect and there are so many expectations of being perfect and achieving those impossible beauty standards. I love my work, but sometimes it has disadvantages where you can’t go out on the street because you just woke up. You can, but you won’t like the pictures you’re going to find the next morning, especially with the paparazzi. We preoccupy too much with finding the right accessories and the right dresses and the right products and makeup and all that, and yeah, they do help, but what’s really vital for us is to work on our self-confidence and trust ourselves. I think there’s nothing sexier than loving yourself and not trying too hard. When you are yourself and you show that self-respect, people tend to do the same to you. I would say all those accessories and products out there are great to help us improve, but the most important thing is that we believe in our inner beauty and project it.

Rupert Grint is our King

In 2002 Rupert visited Tony Chapman, a Harry Potter fan who lived near Rupert and had been diagnosed with leukemia. “I saw it in the paper when I came back from school one day and seeing that he was a big fan of Harry Potter I wondered if there was anything I could do” said Rupert. The two engrossed themselves in the latest Harry Potter game that Tony had been perfecting all week. As they played on the computer console they talked about the scariest parts of the new film. Rupert’ s mum, Jo, drove him from their home in Hertford and was obviously touched, often having to hold back tears as she spoke with Tony’ s mum and dad. She explained: “They live in the same area, they are the same age and hearing that Tony wanted to see the film so badly, he just wanted to see if he could do anything. Just to see him, talk to him on the phone, just to be his friend, really.” Tony, who was diagnosed with the disease at five, died in the early hours of Tuesday morning.The Friday before, Rupert paid a visit to Tony, spending the afternoon talking, joking and playing computer games with him.

Rupert  has become an Ambassador for Starlight Children’ s Foundation which grants wishes for seriously and terminally ill children and provides entertainment in hospitals and hospices across the UK. In 2014 Rupert was able to attend Starlight’ s annual Children’ s Christmas Party at No 11 Downing Street, which was hosted for the charity by Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon George Osborne MP. During the party, Rupert helped to make the dearest wish of one of his young fans, 9 year old Callum Wilson, come true. Callum, who comes from Falkirk, suffers from a serious condition called neurofibromatosis, which causes tumours to grow along his nerves. As a result of his illness, Callum has to spend lots of time in hospital but his love of Harry Potter and his favourite character, Ron Weasley, helps to cheer him up during the long months of treatment. Meeting Rupert was truly a dream come true for Callum. The actor made sure that he had come prepared for the special meeting with Callum, bringing chocolate frogs, a broomstick, Gryffindor robes and mounds of Bertie Bott’ s Every Flavour Beans for the brave Harry Potter fan! After spending some time with Callum chatting about Harry Potter, Rupert then met some of the other young guests at the party and their families.

In 2015 Rupert gave spontaneously a signed broomstick to Sohana Collins who has a very severe genetic skin condition called Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB).

During the weekend from 10 to 12 November 2011, Rupert joined his Harry Potter co-stars at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando to celebrate the release of the DVD and BluRay for the final film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. While he was there, he took a family on a tour of the park who had lost their mother during childbirth, sharing butterbeer and joining them on the coaster rides as part of Noel Edmund’ s Noel’ s Christmas Presents.

In 2016 Rupert supported “Give Kids The World” (79-acre, nonprofit “storybook” resort located near Central Florida’ s most beloved attractions). As an ambassador for Starlight Children’ s Foundation, it already meant so much to him knowing that children with life-threatening illnesses were coming to the Village and experiencing The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Orlando Resort). And so, he stopped by. He saw the smiles, the laughter, the piles of ice cream and the beauty of families enjoying much-needed time with one another.

On 16 December 2008, Rupert and his Harry-Potter co-star Tom Felton visited Great Ormond Street Hospital’ s Christmas Spectacular Party along with other celebrities to greet and play games with the young patients.

“Rupert was lovely enough to meet with my son a few years back through the Starlight charity. He is in remission from a cancerous brain tumour and still doing well! He needs lots of rehab but we are so lucky to have him still with us after 2 years in hospital…it’ s a memory we will treasure forever and something for Owen to boast to his friends about (he is now 8).”

- Lauretta (Owen’ s mum)


Rise of the Tomb Raider on the Great Wall 

We’ve just returned from China, where we showed off Rise of the Tomb Raider to fans at the very first Xbox Fanfest in Beijing. As part of the celebration, Xbox took cosplay ambassador Jenn Croft to two historical locations for some truly stunning photos. 

The team visited both Ming Tombs and The Great Wall, capturing photos to show the many Tomb Raider fans in China that Lara and Tomb Raider are closer than they think. 


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But all those women are true leaders. They have all overcome struggles like house arrest and female gential mutilation. Besides being influential. Sorry but emma is just a popular bad actresses. While I agree that she should be allowed to speak and not get this much hate. It's not fair for the un to put ms watson along the lines of these incredible women. They weren't just chosen because they are women of color. Just look at them and look at emma Watson. Why will anyone not criticize the choice

…Because we are picking UN Ambassadors, not Nobel laureates. And the entire purpose of a UN Ambassador is to DRAW attention to an issue. Meaning- people who are famous, who have a large following, influence, well-respected. or a major amount of soft-power. Emma being influential is the POINT, whether or not you think she’s a good actress.  

HP was and still is a global phenomenon. MILLIONS of the dollars was earned in overseas markets. Many of us grew up watching Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. You need to realise that for those of us who aren’t white, or for people in the developing world- we don’t have the luxury to hold an Oppression Olympics to pick the most marginalised, most “real” woman leader who has suffered and say ONLY she can speak about feminism, without thinking of the practical realities. we need to get our message out. Thinking, “But who can we get who many people will listen to? Who has an enormous following and influence?”- just as you’d put an ad in a newspaper with high readership. And Emma Watson is exactly like a newspaper with enormous readership.

This is Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, head of UN Women- and here’s what she said about why Emma was chosen: 

“Why have we asked Emma to be our champion for HeForShe?

Because this young lady believes in equality between men and women and wants to talk about it. 

This young lady has a following of 14 and a half million people. 

She crashed our web site.

These are the young people that we can’t always reach in our conventional approaches and who we want to talk to.

Through her we can hear from the many women whose voices are not being heard.”

Also, there is a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of UN Ambassadors- which is to bring attention to issues, not to be the “most oppressed”- because, as I have said before- this is the way our world works- some people have wider reach than others. Many don’t pay attention unless someone they know and respect talks about it And the UN does what it can to make the best of that reality:

UN Ambassadors have ALWAYS been a mix of famous political activists and celebrities. Because what matters is not being the most oppressed, the most marginalised, though yes, someone like Waris Dirie who actually underwent genital mutilation can advocate well. But here’s the thing- Waris is educated and also a supermodel. She has name recognition- what matters is that they can attract attention to an issue. In their job, they are meant to regularly come in contact with the people they’re advocating for- and serve as a bridge to the global audience. Some other celebrity UN Goodwill ambassadors:

Angelina Jolie, UN High Commissioner for Refugees ambassador 

Chinese actress Yao Chen, UNHCR ambassador too. Like Emma, she has millions of twitter followers.

Brazilian footballer, David Luiz, UNAIDS ambassador.

Tom Hiddleston, UNICEF ambassador.

Lewis Hamilton, also an UNICEF ambassador

Her job- and the job of UN Ambassadors, is to talk to the people they help on the ground- people who can’t travel to the UN, people not as famous, people who can’t speak as fluent English- and take that to speak to our unequal world that so often doesn’t pay attention unless a famous person says it. 

Emma is not the only person working on women’s issues at the UN.  Like, I’m sure Malala Yousoufzai is a much stronger symbol for girls in developing countries because she IS one of them.  But Emma has her strengths- she can speak to young people who are her fans because Harry Potter really was a global phenomenon and like hundreds of millions of dollars was raked in from FOREIGN ticket sales. She can speak to other privileged women by showing, “yeah, we’re more fortunate but that DOESN’T mean we don’t need feminism.” She can help garner support in the developed world and encourage people to start learning more about feminism.Our movement has to be diverse, to combat the diverse problems facing women around the globe. What Emma brings to the table is her popularity and youth- and ability to get people in the developed world to pay attention to women’s issues. 

Criticise the limitations of Emma’s speech, sure. But to say she’s too privileged to speak on feminism kind of completely misses the entire point about why she was chosen.