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Loira muito linda de Saia curta branca

 Vejam essa imagem dessa linda mulher loira. adorei essa foto e você, não gostou ? Se sim curti essa foto, dessa mulher loira com saia curta branca.

I loved this Chibi bit so much

Horny // Cole Sprouse

15 with Cole from the prompts + Can you write 15 with Cole ?

Prompt: “Are you seriously horny right now?”

Warnings: Swearing, mention of smut, Half-assed smut

Word Count: 740

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Matthew Sprouse (mentioned)

Authors Note: So, this isn’t even really bad smut, it’s just the first ‘sexual’ scene I have written and I’m so sorry if it’s crap. But I intend to get better. ;)

—- —-

You were currently seated at the breakfast bar in Cole’s parent’s house, your chin resting in your hand as you watched Cole prepare some cupcakes for the celebration of Cole’s dad’s birthday. Dylan was originally supposed to prepare it all, but he stated to Cole he just wanted to lounge around and play Pokémon, so Cole was pushed into the kitchen and here you were, watching the beauty that was in front on you, and quite frankly, turning you on.

He wasn’t even doing anything to turn you on, really. He was just being him, and that honestly made you so flustered. You didn’t know what to do about it, you just had to sit there and deal with it. Maybe it was the way his hair fell over his face. His brown shirt hugging his figure, the sleeves pushed up, showing his forearms.

“What are you staring at?” Cole looked at you, the electric mixer still in his hands as he whisked the batter, looking at you with a smile on his lips. You sat up straight, shaking your head. “Nothing. You’re just really pretty.” You grinned, hopping off the stool and making your way around the counter, your shoulder brushing against his as you opened the refrigerator, pulling out a can of diet Coke and grabbing a glass. You opened the can, pouring half of the drink into the glass and sliding Cole the can, your hand brushing against his bum as you walked back to wear you were sitting.

“You’re a bit cheeky, aren’t you?” Cole laughed a little, adding some chocolate chips to the cake mixture and mixed them in. He pulled out the cupcake tin and some cupcake wrappers. After organising the tin, he looked up at you, seeing you playing with your bralette strap, and he finally worked it out.

“Are you seriously horny right now?” He quietly exclaimed, looking at you with slightly wide eyes. “It’s not my fault!” You whined, a pout on your lips. “I can’t help that you’re gorgeous and my body reacts in a way that is completely inappropriate in this situation!” You huffed, taking a sip of the Coke and running your fingers through your hair.

Cole sighed, pouring the mixture into the wrappers. He was silent the whole time, chewing on his lip. As soon as he had put the several cupcake tins in the oven and set the timer, he looked at you, his eyes grazing over your body. “What am I going to do with you?” He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. You could almost see the cogs working in his brain.

“How are the cakes coming along?” Cole heard his twin brother barge into the kitchen, his hand resting on Cole’s shoulder as he looked between the two of you. “You two in the midst of an argument?” Dylan wondered, chewing on the toothpick that was between his teeth.

“She’s fucking horny, Dyl!” Cole blurted out and your jaw dropped.

“Cole!” You had exclaimed, looking between the twins. You had covered your face, letting out a quiet groan as you heard Dylan laugh. “Just take her upstairs and I don’t know, have a quickie or something.” Dylan suggested before grabbing your glass of Coke, throwing the pair of you a wink.


“I can’t believe you told Dylan I was horny.” You gasped as Cole’s hands worked his way to your bra clasp, lips on your neck as he undid your bra, lips on your jawline. “I’m sorry,” he murmured. “I didn’t know he was going to cover for us though.” Cole’s hand made its way under your shirt and his fingers gently pinched your nipple, rolling the bud between his index finger and thumb.

You let out a quiet moan, hands tugging at his hair as he pulled your shirt over your head, throwing it to the ground, along with your bra. Cole was quick to work on unbuttoning your skinny jeans, but was interrupted by a continuous knock on the door. “What!?”

“You might wanna check on your cupcakes, buddy. And Nonna is looking for you and (Y/N) so you might wanna finish whatever you two are doing.” Dylan laughed as you let out a whine, pulling on your bra and shirt, buttoning your jeans back up.

“This is all your fault.” Cole pointed at you, a smirk on his lips.

“And I will 100% make it up to you.”

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Linda loira dando autografo Ísis Gomes

 Vejam essa imagem dessa linda mulher loira que se chama Ísis Gomes. adorei essa foto e você, não gostou ? Se sim curti essa foto, dessa mulher loira com vestido preto.