People have the right to read and consider whatever theorists they want or feel comfortable with, but the whole idea that you can only respect or utilize authors whose works are not only politically clean and not -problematic- and that you should also only use works by authors whose politics themselves were perfect, is so silly and absurd to me. It also troubles me to see disliking this approach to politics presented as “privileged white kids ignoring issues with theorists uwu” when that’s so blatantly not the way any marginalized person has the option of working if they want to do anything remotely useful or serious, and the more forms of marginalization you tack on, the more limited the body of work from wick your could pull. If you want to only use theorists you think would be very nice and respectful of you, go ahead, but if I’m restricting myself that way (no racists, no misogynists, no homophobes, nobody who hates fat people, etc) then I guess I’ll just twiddle my thumbs and sit on my ass all day, waiting for the right writer to come along.

I mean extending this view to media and to any and all personal relationships (worse, to acquaintances of acquaintances) is also wild to me but at least I understand that relationships should sometimes just be a nice safe haven, and sometimes you wanna pop on a TV show without looking at someone you think hates you- although it is always interesting just which forms of bigotry are too much and which aren’t, because still nobody yells at someone for watching tv shows with male celebritues whive been proven to be domestic abusers or rapists, etc. So that I get. But politics aren’t supposed to make you feel good or comfortable or confirm what you already know. The goals of political development are finding the truth and creating useful political change. Theory isn’t just happy fun time.