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It’s a Sign of the Times - Social Media #5



harrystyles: Sweet Creature.

harryfan45: MY HEART 😍

gemmastyles: It was less gross when you two were just friends 

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Celebrity Crush

Hi! Hello! I was tagged by @dacresprincess to divulge my secret top five celebrity crush list. So here I go:

Zendaya - she’s just so amazing and funny and I just love her

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Dacre Montgomery - he’s literally the love of my life (even though I just, y’know, found my love for him about three months ago)

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Jesse Williams - his eyes just look right through me (been in love with him for so long, I can’t even)

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Demi Lovato - she’s my Goddess

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Harry Styles - his voice soothes my body and soul (don’t even get me started on those curls of his, I’m a sucker for curls)

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I have a major thing for dorky smiles and curls.

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Someone: You’re too obsessed with your celebrity crushes. You need to find someone who makes you happy.

Me: They make me happy so fuck you