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Riverhead Table: Food Book Fair Edition!

We’ve had some fantastic Riverhead Tables over the past year. From taking over Ruffian Wine Bar & Chef’s Table for a Pakistani feast with Mohsin Hamid to cooking an Eat, Pray, Love inspired meal with Elizabeth Gilbert in her home kitchen, we consistently found new and creative ways to celebrate our authors and their books through food. 

Earlier this month we took things up yet another notch with our very first public event at the 2017 Food Book Fair, which was held at the famous Ace Hotel in Manhattan. If you’ve somehow never heard of the Fair, it’s the one weekend a year when famous chefs, food + drinks writers and restaurateurs come together to celebrate food in print. There are book signings, panels, cooking demos…the works! To be included on the same event schedule as, oh, Food52, Cherry Bombe, Mario Batali, April Bloomfield, Melissa Clark and so many others was MIND BLOWING. 

We invited Riverhead authors Emma Straub and Katie Kitamura to help us host a boozy Greece-Meets-Brooklyn brunch party inspired by their novels MODERN LOVERS (representing Brooklyn) and A SEPARATION (representing Greece). We served small bites of sausage, spanakopita, parfaits, mimosas and more to a room full of book lovers, foodies, and friends. Even April Bloomfield stopped by to check us out! It’s an overused expression but we believe it’s a fitting one to use in this case: 

We. Couldn’t. Even. 

Since we weren’t able to cook the food as we normally would, we decided that the next best plan of action would be to ask some of our favorite Brooklyn based food businesses to help us out by donating some of the main ingredients. And, girl, did they deliver. We want to give an enormous THANK YOU to The White Moustache, The Meat Hook and to our dynamite friends at Jones of Boerum Hill for helping us make the event a success! And we wouldn’t have been there at all if the Food Book Fair organizers hadn’t invited us to participate in the first place, so THANK YOU to Kimberly, Amanda and the #FBF2017 team for everything.   

Thanks to everyone who decided to spend their Food Book Fair experience with us. For those who didn’t, check out our photo recap below! 

The Menu

A Do-It-Yourself Mediterranean “Avocado” Toast Bar


Breakfast Sausages

Toasted Fennel & Garlic Sausages

Greek Yogurt with Fresh Berries, Honey and Granola

A special tasting of The White Moustache’s new line of probiotic tonics in various flavors (yum!)


April Bloomfield and Emma Straub. 

Sentences about breakfast from Modern Lovers and A Separation.

Breakfast sausages from The Meat Hook! We also served their Toasted Fennel & Garlic sausages. 

Fruit parfaits featuring Greek yogurt from The White Moustache! They’re based in Red Hook, Brooklyn but you can find their delicious products in a store near you. 

The White Moustache also just launched a new line of refreshing probiotic tonics in different flavors. Guests at our event were able to try honey lime (our favorite!), passion fruit, honey lime and fresh ginger. 

What food item is more “Brooklyn” than avocado toast? We wanted to put a Riverhead Table twist on the concept, so we created a DIY Mediterranean toast bar packed with hummus, tzatziki, figs, olives, cheese, eggplant and more for people to use to create their own personal toast masterpieces. 

The spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) was a hit, too! 

Emma and Katie posing with each other’s books. 


The first rough sketches for my ginormous montage piece I’m working on to celebrate ACOWAR! I finished the book earlier in the week and after exhausting all the tears in my body, I’m ready for some ART.

I wanted to work on a montage rather than a scene so there’s no spoilers! There are some small ‘nods’ going in this but I don’t think they give anything away unless you’ve read the book ;)

I got sooooo many old movie vibes whilst reading this: The Black Cauldron, Princess Bride, Legend etc etc etc and I really wanted to make a movie poster montage type thing :) It’s a lot of fun… although really, talk me down off the ledge next time cause 10 characters jesus christ (although it is really nice to include some of the long requested characters: Nesta, Elain, Lucien & Tamlin)

Oh and you can all thank @blackbeak for Cassian donning his man-bun. I promised I’d draw him with one, just for her <3

I’ll keep sharing WIP’s over on my instagram


6-year-old Vanae James-Bey has created a book celebrating black indigenous cultures across the globe

  • Even a 6-year-old understands that representation matters. Vanae James-Bey and her mother, Veronica Bey, teamed up to create a coloring book celebrating the black indigenous cultures around the world.
  • The coloring book, The Indigenous Adventures of Princess Vanae, has already been given high praise since going on sale on March 31. 
  • The book lets readers in on a journey learning about the history and culture of the native-born black people in Africa and the Americas, the Root reported.
  • “We’ve received tons of positive feedback, with orders from Australia to Amsterdam,” Bey told the Atlanta Black Star. “Parents asking for one for boys are as negative as the feedback gets.”
  • The book was a family project. Johnathan Ellerbee, Vanae’s uncle, provided the illustrations for the book in April 2016. 
  • Vanae, who is homeschooled, researched all kinds of indigenous cultures with her mother. Ellerbee then drew illustrations of the 6-year-old wearing their traditional dress and jewelry. Read more (4/27/17)

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Finding out Lucien not Berons son but Helions AKA High Lord of The Day Court

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The relationship between misogyny and romance: a SJM study

Why female desire* isn’t problematic, but A Court of Thorns and Roses is.

In which I wade into an issue in depth, praying that the flame war gods do not strike me down.

**Please note that this essay discusses only the misogynist elements of SJM’s writing in the ACOTAR series. There are obviously other problematic elements that require acknowledgement, but this is the one I feel confident in addressing. I haven’t read any of ACOWAR yet.** 

*also, female desire in this instance refers to the desire of the presumed female reader of romance. The reading of romance and YA is obviously not exclusive to women, although a lot of the assumptions of SJM’s work ascribe to the concept of a binary gender.

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