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“Loid took a deep breath.  “Once upon a time there was a small city of magical creatures, far away from a human world. Despite the distance between these two worlds, the life and the people in that magical city were very similar to humans. Everyone knew how to use magic and everyone was taught equally how to use the powers of their body for different spell casting. Life was fine and life was good,” Loid started, his voice clear and playful. 

“But then something happened?” Elena smirked at Loid over her shoulder and the man chuckled.

“Laney, you’re getting ahead of the story.” He shook his head. “The city had a legend that one day a boy with pale blue eyes would be born and on his 20th birthday he would lead the city to a new era. Every man in that tribe had brown eyes and every woman had green eyes, so pale blue eyes were very unusual. What a glorious day it was when finally, the legend came true and a pale blue-eyed boy was born to a regular couple. Everyone was rejoicing, a big party was held and the boy was showered with love from the very first moment he took his first breath. Anything he wanted, he got it, except for one thing; freedom.”

Elena’s eyebrows knit together.

“Did they treat him like some celebrity?” she asked over her shoulder. Loid cocked his chin.

“Like a god. He was destined to take the city and the local tribe to a new era. It was his story. He was the hero everyone had anticipated. He got everything he wanted, but couldn’t run away from his fate, no matter how hard he tried,” Loid continued, drawing a wide arch in the air with his hands animating the story.

“…I feel him… Not to get to choose but to live forced to something…” Elena sighed. She didn’t wish her destiny to anyone else.

Loid pulled a twig out from a nearby push and played around with it, the twig dancing on his fingers.

“Shit, ain’t it? I thought you’d like this story,” he grinned from ear to ear. “Anyhow, the story goes the boy was frustrated and resisted his destiny. Told everyone he didn’t want to do it, that he was just an ordinary guy and there was no way he could be special in any way. He asked from the priestesses how did they know he was the fated protagonist of the city, what if someone else with pale blue eyes was born after him, but the priestesses assured that the legends never lied. They were sure that he was the one the legend had foretold. They advised him to be happy about his role. Happy about his destiny to take the whole city and the tribe to a new era. What a privilege!” Loid almost yelled, his grin widening.  “To ensure he would be prepared to his role when the 20th birthday day would arise, priestesses made the boy study magic and how to take all advances of his natural energies extra hard”.

“At least he was prepared for his role. For me, I just tried to ignore it. I got no education, no one was there to guide me. I was just thrown into the deep end, head first,” Elena muttered bitterly. 

“Everything tends to have at least two sides, if not more. The boy’s life wasn’t all miserable you see, but it wasn’t very happy one either,” Loid reasoned.  

“If he resisted so much his fate, do I dare to ask what he did on his 20th birthday?” Elena asked, not really sure did she want to hear the rest of the story anymore. 

“Nothing. He did nothing.” Loid jumped the twig up to air with perfect circles. “He went out for a very, very long walk, hoping he could avoid the inevitable. His heart wasn’t in the role, and he hated how someone or something had enforced his future. He had ever only wanted to be free, be who he really was. Not The Pale Blue Eyed Boy, The God like Leader everyone looked up to with high hopes, but his own self. It was said the boy didn’t even know what his true self was like.” Loid stopped, looking far into the distance with a small smile. “When he came back home at the evening of his 20th birthday, everything was ruined. The whole city had crumbled down, people lied around dead, the rest who were alive tried to escape that hellish nightmare. The boy, now a young man, didn’t know what was going on or what had happened, but the furious people with the lead of their survived priestesses cursed the young man. ‘This is your fault!’ they screamed, as he tried to enter the city to find his family, ‘You resisted your destiny! You denied your role as the protagonist! If only you had followed the given path this wouldn’t have happened!” they cried and wailed and yelled at his face, and he barely understood them.” 

“And the young man?” Elena asked when Loid was just before her face, looking into the horizon.

 “He ran,” he simply stated and made his way slowly down the mound, the twig swinging in his hand. “Like said, he knew he had screwed up things so badly he could never return to his role as a protagonist. He thought that if he became an antagonist, maybe he could salvage something and redeem himself. So he did.”

Elena looked at Loid’s back. Suddenly her heart started to beat fiercely.

“Loid?” she called him. “What was his name? That boy’s, who turned into an antagonist?”

A sly grin, with something forlorn in it, appeared on Loid’s corner of a mouth.

“How should I know?” He snorted with a chuckle.


As my ARE Novel, where the above snippet is,  is coming together very slowly I thought it would be nice to tell you something about Loid and his past. 

Would you want other things to be told, things which I have planned for the novel, about ARE’s characters?

At The End of the Day (RebelCaptain Appreciation Week Day 2)

Happy RebelCaptain Appreciation Week! (Now I’m on the correct day.) Thank you again to @therebelcaptainnetwork and @rebelcaptainprompts for this :)

Day 2 Prompt: Comfort

Summary: The Battle of Endor is finished, and the Death Star II is destroyed; all Cassian Andor wants to do is find Jyn Erso among the chaos. 

Words: 1268

AO3 /  Below the Cut!

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ACOWAR when Nesta and Cassian admit their feelings.


I saw this post a while ago by @modernacotar asking how people thought Nesta and Cassian admitting their feeling for each other would go aaaand being me, I got totally swept up with this idea and so here it is… my 3395 word summary of how Nesta and Cassian admit that they love each other (are mates).

UPDATE: link to my mood board for Nesta’s outfit is here now, but despite spending way too long on it, I couldn’t find THE dress so I just put together the different elements as I visualise it.

Nesta POV

The war was over, my sister was back and this celebration was well deserved. Feyre told me not to dress up to fancy and to wear practical footwear.

We were going to a place called Rita’s. Feyre, who seemed surprisingly unfazed by the fact that she had just returned from her creepy ex-fiancés court, had told me about it. Apparently, it was their usually place as it catered to Amren’s taste, I didn’t know what that meant as she never ate with us, always leaving just before the meal. Rita’s also had a spacious dining area, I knew that that was to cater to Az and even Cass’s wings, which were almost fully healed, though still damaged enough that he kept them tucked close, away from what he deemed to be “judging eyes.”

I found it hard to believe that they were all inclined to celebrate so soon after Feyre’s return. Even without him kidnapping her, to seduce her and break a 49-year-old curse, it had to have been awkward between her and Tamlin back at the Spring Court since she broke off the engagement and was secretly mated with another High Lord.

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Cold Case

AN: AU! in which Hinata is a hardworking lawyer and Sasuke is a promiscuous detective. 


He pulled at the cigarette and allowed the smoke to free itself between thin lips. His wrist was quickly clasped and the cigarette was confiscated. The man looked back at the half naked woman in his bed, she put it out using his nightstand and threw it in the trash. She proceeded to fan the air around their heads.

“Good morning to you too,” grumbled the Uchiha. He bent down to grab his boxers and place one leg in at a time before pulling them up to his waist.

“You know I hate the smell of smoke,” she leaned forward, latching her bra back on.

He ran a hand through his hair and shrugged. “Must have slipped my mind.” Her eyes narrowed at him before they started getting dressed. Things were quiet as they were whenever she mistakenly stayed the night. Sasuke buttoned his shirt up in the mirror while watching the woman wiggle into the pants that he had no problem pulling off. A smirk lifted to his lips. “Oh, Detective,” he had easily forgotten her name again. “Mind keeping this quiet? I don’t want the office to know about us, Tomei.”

She put her hair in a ponytail with a frustrated grunt. “First of all, my name isn’t Tomei. Second, you are such a fucking pig, Uchiha.”

Sasuke watch her storm out and closed his eyes against the slam of his front door. He pulled out another cigarette. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Her weapon were her eyes. Endless opal orbs. All seeing Hyuuga eyes. Hinata leaned forward with a sympathetic smile. “You have to help me help you,” she started. Her client shifted in his seat and looked at the window behind her. Hinata shook her head. “Please, you have to understand…I need the truth.”

“I-I told you the truth.”

“The entire truth,” She told him. “Nobody is going to hurt you if you just tell me what happened. I’m your lawyer. I want you to be free, do you understand that?”

He looked everywhere but her eyes and she knew it was just a matter of time before he cracked. She noticed his shaking leg and weak nod. “Okay,” he looked into lilac eyes and licked cracked lip. “I saw-”

The knock on the door made both of them wince. Hinata looked up with high irritation as Uchiha Sasuke walked in. “We found her fingerprints.”

“What?” Hinata clenched her fist.

“We already found her fingerprints,” He placed a file down and shoved his hands in his pocket. “Only thing this idiot is guilty of is not knowing when people are using him.”

Hinata opened the file and looked at the shaken man. He couldn’t be mad at the detective. He was right. She was using him right under his nose. Hinata leaned back in her seat. “He was about to confess something.”

“Well, now he doesn’t.” Sasuke shifted on his hip.

“I need to know everything because if she has anything to use against him – she will.” Hinata looked back her client. “If you have any wishes to go to prison, then stay silent. If you want to start your life over, tell me the truth.”


Hinata smiled victoriously as the young man and his mother shared a hug. “And Hyuuga Hinata wins another case,” Sasuke pulled out a cigarette. “This should be celebrated.”

Hinata looked over her shoulder at her unofficial partner. “I have someone to celebrate with,” explained Hinata. “Aren’t there new interns for you to play with?”

“You know, I like my women seasoned.” He smirked.

Hinata patted his shoulder. “The old woman that works at the front desk will love to hear that one, Uchiha. Matter of fact, isn’t Tuesday? Shouldn’t you be on the way for your weekly check-up to the clinic?”

“It pleases me that you care about my health.”

Hinata nodded sarcastically. “Yeah, yeah. I have to go.”

“Kiss my son goodnight.”

“Sasuke!” She frowned, looking around. “You can’t keep saying that out loud. People will start to believe we have a child together.”

He shrugged. “Better me than that dead-beat douchebag, right?”

Hinata shook her head. “I actually rather accept the latter.”

“That’s cold,” grumbled Sasuke. She walked away, and of course, he watched. Sasuke took a deep breath. “One day, Hyuuga.”  He was convinced that when he decided to finally settle down that Hinata would be his soulmate. He would raise her son as his own and have two kids before retiring from law and growing old with each other. One day…

And then he saw the new interns. “Excuse me, ladies. I will need to ask you a few questions.” He showed off his badge with a smirk.