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cas is a model for a suit designer and there’s an ad of him smoldering in a suit all over the city, on bus stops, billboards, etc. dean sees this ad all over the place and may be just a little bit in love with the hot guy from the suit ad. imagine his shock when he meets cas (the guy from the ad) at the bus stop, standing right next to that photo of himself

2000 Follower Celebration!

Ah! I have 2000 followers???? That’s just, like, absolutely crazy to me and I gush about it all the time tbh and I love you all and thank you for following me!

To celebrate the milestone, I’m gonna do something similar to what I did for 1000 followers and let you all vote for what series I should write next. 

The options are…. *drumroll*

  1. Manorian - Beauty and the Beast au (Manon is the beast)
  2. Nessian - Aladdin au
  3. Fenrys - Origin story/boyo needs a mate because he deserves it
  4. Tog x Acotar crossover - Hogwarts au

Go ahead and message me, send me your vote, or comment which series I should write next. Again, thank you to all of you for following me, I love you all!

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anonymous asked:

In the celebrity fake relationship au I think you've mentioned Cassian having a dog but not any details about it? So I was wondering whether if it's a rescue or bought from a breeder, and what its name is, etc.

I’m coming up on having to write out the dog part scene for the linear version of the celebrity AU, so I have actually been thinking about it.

Cassian’s dog is a rescue dog, a pit/lab mix puppy with gray coloring that he named Cesar. 

Cesar was hit by a car when he was very young and has “slippy knees,” so he has some trouble going up and down stairs at first, but with a little love the little pup gets better (Cassian also buys Ceasar a little step stool so that the puppy can climb onto his sofa to sit next to him; onto his bed to snuggle at night). 

Cesar is still a puppy during the events of the Celebrity AU. When Cassian goes on location to shoot, Kay volunteers to watch the dog (”I am very good at teaching discipline,” he tells Cassian.)

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In the arranged marriage AU did any of Cassian's real feelings seep out during the wedding? Like did he tear up when he saw her walking down the aisle or did he manage to keep it together? Also did I imagine it or did you say that Chirrut conducted their wedding ceremony? If he did he figure out that Cassian was in love with Jyn for real? And why was Chirrut the one to call for the paper for a retraction after the Antsy Andor incident? Sorry for so many questions, love your writing!

By the wedding, Cassian isn’t really in love with Jyn yet. He likes her a lot, and feelings are have been growing steadily, but they don’t know each other well enough for him to categorize it as love. But it’s definitely heart eyes at that point. But it isn’t long after that he does fall totally in, but it happens in the hallways of the palace and on long car rides together, at dinner and when Jyn is trying to get Stormy to come to her but her dog refuses to leave Cassian’s side.

As for Chirrut, I think I later head canoned him as basically the archbishop of whatever fake country Jyn is princess of, but I had forgotten that he had helped Cassian with the letter and the press…but let’s do this–if the newspapers get a letter from an archbishop scolding them on inpinging on the sanctity of the royal marriage, then maybe the newspapers listen before it gets to legal proceedings? (And also, Chirrut gets up in everyone’s business, so this seems on par for him, no?) And yeah, of course Chirrut knows that Cassian is in love (or is falling in love) with Jyn before anyone else does, including Cassian. He sees the look on his face at the altar, he’s been around enough people in real love and not to know the real deal when it stands before him. He’s blind but he can see. That’s our Chirrut!