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Pocket Usatama - Disney Releasing Easter Celebration Virtual Pet

No, its not a Tamagotchi but it has definitely created a bit of a buzz in the Tamagotchi community. Usatama, which translates to “rabbit egg” is a special mascot for Disney Tokyo’s 2017 Easter celebration. The “Pocket Usatama” is an all-new virtual pet Disney Tokyo is releasing for the 2017 Easter Celebration.

The Pocket Usatama is the virtual pet that will feature 8 characters, all of which look like the Usatama Disney character, but each one features a different shell design and/or accessory. There are two characters that Disney is keeping secret until fans get their hands on them. 

The shell of the Pocket Usatama features different easter eggs, and flowers with the “Disney’s Easter 2017” decal above the display. The virtual pet features a similar design of a P1 or P2 Tamagotchi with its smaller shape, iconic three button design, and keychain. It definitely resembles the Bandai Tamagotchi, which may be a little too close for comfort.

The virtual pet is a limited edition item for the 2017 Disney Tokyo Easter Celebration. It’ll be available at the Tokyo Disney Resort starting April 3rd, it will sell for ¥1,900 (Yen) and the case which is available in white, green, and pink will sell for ¥1,000 (Yen). You can also find these online from select retailers.

What do you think of this new virtual pet? Will you be getting one?