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600 Followers Celebration!

Let me start by saying thank you! I can’t even believe how quickly this happened. When I started writing, I never imagined I’d find this many people who actually enjoyed the crazy things my brain wanted to happen.

I wish there was a way for me to reach out and give you all a giant hug, but since this is tumblr, I’ll settle for a gif.

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For this milestone, I’m going with prompts. Below the cut are the rules, song choices, and prompts.

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anonymous asked:

I read a fic on ao3 where bellamy is a celebrity and he meets up with clarke and there's pics of them on tumblr it's kind of similar to chash's fic where the memories meet. any celebrity fic recs would be good thanks :). thank you for running this account x

No One Can Lift the Damn Thing

Celebrity!Bellamy and/or Celebrity!Clarke

Headcanon for Sam’s reaction to you saving his life:

  • At first he’ll resist; he’s a Winchester so he’s stubborn.
  • He’ll never forget what you did for him.
  • He won’t let you forget it either. Even if you insist it was no big deal.
  • He won’t go out of his way to “pay you back” because he’ll always have your back in return.
  • It’ll be one of his favorite stories to tell Cas or Dean.
  • He’ll have regards for you.
  • He’ll say thank you all the time. He’d probably come into your room late at night just to say thank you.

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